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rockabilly news rockabilly news
rockabilly newsrockabilly newsrockabilly newsrockabilly newsrockabilly newsrockabilly newsrockabilly news

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Weekenders and Recommended Shows:
  • Viva Las Vegas, April 17-20, 2014
  • Blue Monday - Good Rockin' Tonight #12 - (Attignat, France) 24-27 April 2014
  • Atomic Festival - (Northants, England) 3-4 May 2014
  • Hemsby 52 - (Hemsby, Norfolk, England) 9-12 May 2014
  • Screamin' 50s Rock & Rhythm Festival #16 (Calella, Spain) 3-9 June 2014
  • Rockabilly Rave (Camber Sands, England) 12-16 June 2014
  • Wildest Cats In Town (Lowestoft, England) 3-7 July 2014
  • Americana International #34 (Loughborough, England) 10-13 July 2014

    Current Featured Video

    Fats & Ricky - "I'm Walkin'"

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  • RHOF Message Page Updated

  • Imelda May - the rockabilly queen returns

  • Paul McCartney will headline a concert in Lubbock Saturday, June 14

  • Sioux City drummer still rockin' out at 73

  • Chuck Mead has Kansas on his mind

  • New Photos of Ricky and James

  • The Man who brought rock 'n' roll to Canada

  • New Johnny Cash Album Debuts at No. 1

  • Ace Cannon featured

  • Remembering Buddy Holly: Interview with Larry Welborn

  • Slim Jim Phantom Australian tour

  • Rock and Roll leaves an impression

  • Johnny Cash has 'four or five more' albums' worth of songs, says son

  • Dion DiMucci

  • Johnny Burnette featured

  • Courtney Cash found dead

  • Bill Black: The Combo, Hi Records and Lyn-Lou

  • Previously unreleased Johnny Cash video for "She Used to Love Me a Lot"

  • Fernwood Records

  • Terry Dahlgren played guitar in Buddy Holly's band

  • Marco Di Maggio Tour Dates

  • Imelda May at the helm of new Irish music show

  • The Place Where Elvis Played Amory's "Old Armory" Reborn

  • New Graceland exhibit gives glimpse into life of young Elvis

  • Peter Guralnick

  • Johnny Vallis featured

  • Fats Domino Turns 86

  • Rockabilly on the Route extended to four days of events

  • On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 the Ameripolitan Music Awards held in Austin, Texas honored WS Holland (drummer) with their Founders of the Sound Award recognizing his contributions to American music while keeping the beat for iconic artists Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and numerous others.

  • Viva Las Vegas

  • Elvis Presley postage stamp to be reissued

  • The 10 Best Female Rockabilly Singers of All Time

  • Cliff Richard is Brooklyn bound

  • Imelda May rocks up for a walk on the 'Wild' side

  • Folsom hears construction a comin' on Johnny Cash Trail

  • Scotty Moore: Interview at Sun for the BBC

  • Rosanne Cash returns to her Memphis roots on new album

  • Album Review: Sun Rock Box

  • Man's support for Imelda May is inked in

  • Buster Fayte: Rhythm Sophie

  • In-depth look at Johnny Cash boyhood home in Dyess, Arkansas

  • A Winter Dance Party report

  • Bobby Vee braves Alzheimer's to record once more

  • Barry Dixon's Photo Gallery updated

  • Viva Las Vegas 2014

  • For Eddy, the "twang's the thang"

  • Lisa Marie Presley facing major health issues

  • Update: Little Richard's boyhood home to be moved

  • James Burton / Rick Nelson featured

  • Freddie Fingers Lee R.I.P.

  • Time takes away our musical memories

  • The Best Moments of Chuck Berry's 200 Shows at Blueberry Hill, as Told By His Bandmates

  • Chuck Berry hopes for 200 more Duck Room concerts

  • Albert Lee celebrates 70th

  • Vince is Eager to please in Ripley show

  • Narvel Felts featured

  • Daughter of 1950s guitar hero tends father's legacy from a home in Carrollton

  • New Marco Di Maggio CD
    Marco's RHOF page updated

    Sideline Archives Here

  • Americana, UK
  • Australian Festival Page
  • Autographs
  • Recommended: Rockabilly Book, The Twang Heard 'Round the World
  • Barry Dixon's Photo Gallery
  • Barry Klein's Reviews
  • Bear Family Essentials (archived)
  • Blue Suede News Magazine
  • Cracker Jack On-Line Magazine
  • Bo Diddley News Updates (archived)
  • Dynamite Magazine
  • Country History Calendar
  • Extra! Bill Haley & The Comets
  • Clocks Around the Rock
  • Golly Gee Records
  • Green Bay's Oneida Casino Entertainment Schedule
  • Hemsby weekenders
  • Jeff's Retro Music
  • Joe Bennett's Column
  • Kardboard Kid's Posters
  • Looking Back: David Loehr's Indianapolis "Rockabilly Rebel Weekenders" Archives
  • Marshall Lytle's (Comets) Crazy Lytle Page
  • Rock and Roll Revue (France) Contact>
  • Now Dig This Magazine
  • Off Topic Links
  • Other Online Museums
  • Over 130 Artists on a YouTube Video
  • Pumpin' Piano Players
  • Scotty Moore Venues, large list of venues Scotty performed in with Elvis, Bill and eventually DJ and the Jordanaires.
  • Rockabilly Heaven
  • Rock-it Radio Archives
  • Rockin' Ronny's Feature Columns Archives
  • Rockabilleville Shaun Mather
  • Rockabilly Chapel
  • Rockabilly Gals
  • Rockabilly on YouTube
  • Rockabilly Rave USA
  • "Saturday Night Jamboree"
  • Search Blogs for "Rockabilly"
  • Scrapbook (large)
  • Sun Studio
  • That Bakersield Sound
  • The Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association
  • The Penthouse
  • The Phil & Shaun Show archives
  • The Sun 45's
  • "This Is My Story"
  • Traditional Country Hall of Fame
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Johnny Vallis Presents:
          Bear Family "Essentials"
          Rave On Reviews
          Johnny Vallis' Scrapbook

  • Rockabilly Hall of Fame
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    iTunes US Tommy Riddle - Poppa Poppa Da Da
    iTunes US Dr. Tom Butt - Rockin With The Doc

    Rockabilly Hall of Fame
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    Current Featured Artist

    "Ain't That a Shame"

    Past covers 1 - Past covers 2

    Pictured here are Donna Harrell (wife of Gene Vincent's Blue Caps drummer Dickie Harrell), Bonnie Creef (Cliff's daughter), Dickie and "Mr. Gretsch Guitar" Joe Carducci discussing the details. Posted April 16, 2014

    Super guitarists Chris Casello and Marco Di Maggio at Roberts Night Club, Nashville, April 8, 2014

  • Franny Beecher & the Comets by Ritchie Gee

  • Ritchie Gee on Freddie Fingers Lee

  • Larry Collins, Deke Dickerson & Reverend Horton Heat

  • Rockabilly Scene column updated

  • Rock Around the Clock tribute page updated

  • Sonny Burgess and Legendary Pacers Update
    During a show they played recently in Jonesboro, Arkansas at the ASU college Rockabilly Boogie Fest, Sonny was honored with the title God Father of Rockabilly. Their book will be out in Sept. titled "We Wanna Boogie." The group is coming to Nashville on June 14th for a show at the Nashville Palace. It is a Dukes of Hazard Reunion put on by Cooter Jones and he is honoring Sun Records. Sleepy Labeef will also be there along with Cooters Garage band and some of the cast from the show.

  • March 21, 2014, The Rockabilly Hall of Fame web site turned 17.

  • CARL MANN BENEFIT SHOW. Held at the Civic Center in Lexington, TN. on March 29th, 2014, from 2-7 pm. Scheduled to perform are Little David Wilkins, Tracy K. Houston. the W.S. Holland band, Double Edge, the Bo Jack band, Larry Manuel, the Bobby Stewart band and many more. Carl and his son Richard will also perform. Proceeds will go toward the enormous health care bills for Carl's wife. She is seriously ill.

  • Franny Beecher R.I.P., Comets

  • Rusty York R.I.P. January 26, 2014 - Obit

  • Barry Dixon photo page: Art Adams

  • Phil Everly R.I.P.

  • Art Adams Previously Unissued 1950s Recordings

  • W.S. "Fluke" Holland featured

  • Little Richard turns 81

  • Lee Cole RHOF Inductee #392. Song: "Cool Baby"

  • Clyde Stacy killed in Oklahoma car crash - Follow up Article

  • Ray Condo inspires crowdfunding campaign

  • Col. Robert Morris R.I.P.

  • The legendary Roland Janes passed away on Friday, October 18, 2013
    Recalling Roland

  • Jerry Lee awarded diploma

  • Little Richard heart attack

  • Big Sandy marks 25 years

  • Marvin Rainwater died September 17th at age 88 - More on Marvin

  • Mac Curtis R.I.P. - Another Obit - Mac's RHOF Page

  • BurL Boykin R.I.P. (9-7-13)

  • Rockabilly Scene column updated

  • Little Richard Contemplates Retirement At 80

  • Big Bopper Jr. R.I.P.

  • Jim Teachenor

  • Cowboy Jack Clement R.I.P.

  • Alvis Wayne R.I.P.

  • The first new Jack Scott studio album in almost 50 years released on Bluelight Records in January 2014

  • Archived Tidbits Here ...

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  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #1 Rockabilly Hall of Fame
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #2 Rockabilly Hall of Fame
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #3 Rockabilly Hall of Fame
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #4 Rockabilly Hall of Fame
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. #5 Rockabilly Hall of Fame

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