A Personal Look at Bobby Cochran When I was young I had to endure being pulled apart emotionally by my family. On one hand Eddie was a God to many. My dad wanted me to be him. All of Eddie's friends, that I remember, couldn't help noticing the similarities in us. Keep in mind, I was only 12 1/2 to 15. My Grandmother only saw me play three times in her life. Once when I was 12 1/2 at a talent show at school. I had been playing 2 weeks at that time. The next time, I was 14 in my living room. I played "Little Lou" one of my favorite Eddie tunes. She and I both started crying and I couldn't finish the tune. She seemed very touched by the similarities in Eddie & me. All of the early years after that, she Accused me of Copying Eddie. She Told people I knew that I was trying to ride on Eddies coat tails and that I based my whole career on Eddie. She said "there will never be another Eddie." That's one thing she was right about.

The next time she saw me, I was 24-ish. I played Royce Hall with Steppenwolf. After that show, her reaction was very peculiar. She said something to the effect of "You played a lot of Eddie's licks." It seemed that she was not comfortable with me. Some people who talked to her through the years, including my dad, Thought she was afraid I was going to out shine Eddie. That could never be the case. I was and still am so proud of what Eddie did. I did what any up and coming young talent does. Listen and learn from their idols and the people they admire. Especially Family.

I resented not being acknowledged for having the determination to do it on my own (so to speak). But if it wasn't Eddie, It wasn't good enough. What do you think it felt like being told what you like and admire doesn't matter? At that early age, I decided I had to do what I wanted. I had to live by my standards. As I've said many times, I wouldn't allow anyone to use Eddie's name in connection with me. I didn't want that to open the doors for me.

When I was 12 1/2, my dad showed me the first 12 or so open chords on the guitar (the same ones he showed Eddie). From that point on I was self taught. Except for the following rare insight into my private past. This may sound a little weird. When I first started playing guitar, I use to practice 8 to 12 hours a day. I made a promise to myself to practice hard every day. I remember waking one night at about 1:00 am. I realised I hadn't parcticed that day. I got out of bed, got my Gretsch 6120, and practiced till I fell asleep with the guitar in my hands. I use to pray that someday I would be as good as Eddie.

Shortly after I started playing, I was visited in a dream by Eddie. Actually it was many times. These dreams were more vivid than real life!! Anyway, as strange as this may sound, he use to teach me how to play. I still start crying when I remember these experiences. This is not something I've shared with many people!!! When I would awaken I could never remember the details of what he showed me. However it is clear to me and most people who knew me, that I progressed unusually fast. I've always been referred to as gifted by lots of people. I always honored Eddie and felt an uncommon bond with him. In a way I felt he was passing the torch to me and I was honor bound to carry it with pride and integrity. I've always tried to do that.

I have often wondered if fans of Eddie think he would have stayed static in his growth as a musician. I Remember Jerry Capehart saying, after he first really got to hear me, "it's almost as if you have carried on where Eddie left off and got to continue where Eddie would have gone musically and as a guitarist." I don't know how much truth there is to that however I did take it as a tremendous compliment. Jerry was probably closer to Eddie, during his career, than any other human being. Other Friends & associates such as Ronnie Ennis, Dave Shriver, Gene Riggio, Jimmy Stivers, Sharon Sheeley (depending on her mood), and many, many others have said the same or similar thing.

During the all the Chippenham weekends, The comments I had Were probably 100 to 1 about how they enjoyed it as opposed to wishing I had stayed closer to their roots. I usually try to accept their opinion and at the same time hope to open their acceptance of me as an individual with tastes of my own. If I only did songs Eddie did or Stayed only in one narrow genre, I'd be bored to death not true to the growth of my spirit. During the weekend, I wonder how many times the same song is played with the same arrangement? I try many times, to do my arrangement of a great song, so I can share some of me with the audience. I have had many people share how much they enjoyed my approach to some of the songs becauese it wasn't the same old thing. Hopefully whenever I perform, I can get to the essence of my spirit, My energy and aggressive (Cochran) exuberance. One of the things that separated Eddie from the pack was the hard driving approach he had to Rock & Roll. Thankfully, I was blessed with that same inherent drive. All my career it has made me stand out from the pack.

Eddie also brought a sophistication to his guitar work, lacking in many of his peers. Most guitarists don't display any sophistication, because they can't!>br>
My intention has always been to be me. I have always tried to expand and broaden the acceptance of Rockabilly, Blues, Country, R&B, Gospel and swing. In the process I've been blessed to bring some of those styles to millions of Grateful Dead, Steppenwolf, Flying Burrito Bros, Eddie Cochran, Elvis, Duane Eddy, Gene Vincent, Chuck berry, Little Richard ,Etc. fans. Maybe none of them got everything they wanted, But All of them got the best I could give.

If people want a clone of Eddie, they will have to wait several years till it can be done. If they Are interested in a Living Breathing Continuation of the Same Blood line & genetic heritage, in Music, I'm all that's left! Hopefully, I will continue to discover new plateaus and work hard to do the very best I am capable of doing. Sometimes that even includes being lost in a time warp! My own time warp and to each his own!

I wanted to share some of this with the fans, to give some insight into who I am and what my motivations are.


"Bobby Cochran is a guitarists guitarist, one of the absolute best that's out there. He deserves more recognition!"
"When I hear Bobby play, it makes me want to turn my own guitar into a coffee table and just listen to HIM !"
After hearing his CD "Private Edition": "Bobby is a virtuoso, The best guitarist East of ...of......Anywhere!!"
--Bob Welch
Former Guitarist with Fleetwood Mac.

A Peek in Bobby's E-Mail Bag

A brief word to thank you for your great show at the Chippenham weekend. It was a wonderful evening - I especially enjoyed the variety of songs you gave us, including that stompin' version of "What'd I Say". I was one of the many fans who had a brief word with you on Rowden Hill the next morning. I hope your finger injury has healed. I'm a regular contributor to the monthly mag. "Now Dig This" and a brief piece about the weekend should appear in the December issue. I also had the pleasure of playing a couple of tracks from your "Private Edition" CD on BBC Radio York when I guested on the Dr.Rock Show to do a report on Chippenham and pay our own tribute to Eddie. Finally I've pitched the idea of a celebratory weekend based on the Bristol Hippodrome to Bristol City Council for April 15th-16th 2000 - the fortieth anniversary of Eddie's last show. If it happens, I hope you can make it! Thanks again and best wishes,
Barry Holley

Hi Bobby,
I don't know if you will read and respond to this, but I couldn't let another day go by without writing and telling you how MUCH I enjoy listening to your Private Edition CD and that, IMO, YOU outshone the rest and stole the show at the Olympiad!!! Yes, I was in Chippenham for the Eddie Cochran Festival last month. I'm sure you won't remember me shaking your hand (in the hallway of the Angel Hotel) as I was leaving to go to the dedication and, by the look on your face, I don't think you expected to hear "Great show last night" being said in a NY accent. Anyway, I'm working on returning to Chippenham for next year's festival. I hope to make it and see you there, too!
All good things,

More from Bridget
What are my favorite tracks on the cd? As of yesterday (my preferences change, with my moods), they are (not necessarily in this order):
My Way
Milk Cow Blues
Somethin' Else
My Blues For Eddie
For The First Time
Show Me
Honky Tonk
This Moment Without You ******** Your description of this is PERFECT!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!! Over all, it's my favorite! I could (and do) listen to this song over and over again. As strange as this may sound, this song gets to me in the same way as when I hear Rhapsody In Blue. Tears well up in my eyes, every hair stands on end and every nerve in my body is working overtime. It's SOOOO filled with emotion. (Sitting here with tears running down my face, as I'm listening to it.> It is VERY rare that a song affects me in this manner but, "This Moment Without You" is at the top of my list. Between your phenomenal guitar playing and the piano, I'm a goner! (whew) :-)))
Rock on! Bridget

Okay Bobby,
You didn't ask, but, here it is. I listened to part of your CD at the Denver airport during a layover ... and the rest of it here in Las Vegas when we got here. Jimmy Greenspoon was hyping me ..."Listen to Bobby's shit. Nice. Really nice".
My Review: I LOVED IT.
As I knew it would be ...... HIDE AWAY was just great. Really great. You're a genius!! Damn, you smoked it. I couldn't agree with you more on your liner notes about Freddy King. Basically a WAY UNDER-SUNG guitar hero. You don't happen to remember other tunes of his called SEN SAY SHUN and San Jose, do you? I used to love those as well. I'm so glad you did HIDE AWAY. All us pickers deserved a chance to hear you play it.
FOR THE FIRST TIME Nice vocal, Bob. Nice tune. Sounds like a hit to me. Who knows?
HONKY TONK Now didn't you have fun with this one? Way cool, Way fun. Same lightnin' Bobby. Same old smoke. Only thing better than your arrangement and licks were your liner notes. Saxophone players and the key of F. Ain't it the truth? Had me laughing when I read it.
CRUISIN I-40 Great opening teenage Link Ray kinda Riff...... followed by an even greater descending guitar melody line that is absolutely infectious. Again: Your melodicness stands tall. Beautifully done .... way hummable melody on guitar. Cool!
THIS MOMENT WITHOUT YOU This was way different than I've heard you play before. Nice compression... and you really made use of it. Guitar sounds like a voice many times. Wonderful.
SHOW ME Right down Eddies alley, as I remember him. The lyrics would have been cutting edge controversial at the time. Really nice Rick Derringer type opening riff but being an old basic track man I really enjoyed your rhythm guitar work. The electric rhythm crunch put together with a sort of "power" acoustic rhythm (if there is such a thing). Cool. The big fat open chords on the acoustic gave the electric rhythm guitar a unique texture that it didn't have on it's own. Also, the entire feel of the open chording would have been Eddie's thing to the bone. He MAY IN FACT have had a hit with it had he lived. Maybe you can.
Well, that's it old buddy. Just want to share my genius with you on some of the stuff that stuck out. Whether you know it or not .... you've always been a rock icon to me throughout the years. It sure was fun having you come down to the gig the other night. Thanks for the CD. Makes it more special that you gave it to me personally. Keep the music going old friend.
Michael Allsup
Lead guitarist with "3 Dog Night"

Hi Bobby,
I hope you are well, I just like to say how much like your PRIVATE EDITION CD. You have got your own style of playing just like Eddie did back in the 50's. I like so much your version of Honky Tonk and the song, FOR THE FIRST TIME. Back in 92 and 94 I went to the Surf Ballroom to see the Eddie Cochran weekend,it was very good I was disappointed when you was not playing with the Kelly FOUR. I told a fruend you did the EDDIE weekend down at CHIPPENHAM, NR BRISTOL/BATH ... we went down to see you play and we enjoyed so much. You signed my EDDIE LP "MY WAY" and we talked for a while. It was nice to meet you and I hope they will another time when we can come and see you play. Take care keep well and hope to see you sometime. Warm Reagrds,

Good to see you last Friday night @ Peavey. I confess- I've only listened to the first 5 songs on the CD - and number 4 I've listened to 3 times - It's great! Tonight I'm going to take some time and enjoy the whole project. Thank you again and as always it was great to see you. --Bucky
Bucky Barrett is a well respected Nashville guitarist that played lead guitar for Roy Orbison for many years in addition to being one of the top Nashville studio guitarists.