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Shaun Mather

February 1999.


Bob Luman US discography

Imperial 8311 A Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache

All Night Long

Imperial 8313 Red Hot

Whenever You’re Ready

Imperial 8315 Make Up Your Mind Baby

Your Love

Capitol 3972 Try Me

I Know My Baby Cares

Capitol 4059 Svengali


Warner Bros 5081 Class Of ’59

My Baby Walks All Over Me

Warner Bros 5105 Buttercup

Dreamy Doll

Warner Bros 5172 Let’s Think About Living

You’ve Got Everything

Warner Bros EP5006 Let’s Think About Living/Boston Rocker

Old Friends/Bad, Bad Day

Warner Bros 5184 Why Why Bye Bye

Oh Lonesome Me

Warner Bros 5204 The Great Snowman

The Pig Latin Song

Warner Bros 5233 Private Eye

You’ve Turned Down The Lights

Warner Bros 5506 Boston Rocker

Old Friends

Warner Bros 5255 Louisianna Man

Rocks Of Reno

Warner Bros 5272 Big River Rose

Belonging To You

Warner Bros 5299 The Fool

Hey Joe

Warner Bros 5321 You’re Everything


Hickory 1201 Interstate Forty

You’re Welcome

Hickory 1219 I’m Gonna Write A Song For You

Can’t Take The Country From The Boy

Hickory 1221 Too Hot To Dance (by Sue Thompson & Bob Luman)

I Like Your Kind Of Love (Sue Thompson & Bob Luman)

Hickory 1238 The File

Bigger Men Than I

Hickory 1266 (Empty Walls) A Lonely Room

Run Home Baby Brother

Hickory 1277 Fire Engine Red

Old George Dickle

Hickory 1289 Bad, Bad Day

Tears From Out Of Nowhere

Hickory 1307 Jealous Heart

Go On Home Boy

Hickory 1333 I Love You Because

Love Worked A Miracle

Hickory 1355 Five Miles From Home (Soon I’ll See Mary)

I Get So Sentimental

Hickory 1382 Poor Boy Blues

Can’t Get You Off My Mind

Hickory 1410 Come On And Sing

It’s A Sin

Hickory 1430 Freedom Of Living

Hardly Anymore

Hickory 1460 If You Don’t Love Me (Then Why Don’t You Leave Me Alone)

Throwin’ Kisses

Hickory 1481 The Best Years Of My Wife

Running Scared

Hickory 1536 It’s All Over But The Shoutin’

Bad, Bad Day

Hickory 1564 Meet Mr. Mud

Still Loving You

Epic 10312 Ain’t Got Time To Be Unhappy

I Can’t Remember To Forget

Epic 10381 World Of Unhappiness

I Like Trains

Epic 10416 Woman Without Love

I’m In This Town For Good

Epic 10439 Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy

Big, Big World

Epic 10480 Everyday I Have To Cry Some

Livin’ In A House Full Of Love

Epic 10535 Cleanin’ Up The Streets Of Memphis

The Gun

Epic 10581 Gettin’ Back To Norma


Epic 10631 Honky Tonk Man

I Ain’t Built That Way

Epic 10667 What About The Hurt

A Time To Remember

Epic 10699 Is It Any Wonder That I Love You

Give Us One More Chance

Epic 10755 I Got A Woman

One Hundred Songs On The Jukebox

Epic 10786 A Chain Don’t Take To Me

Don’t Let Me Pass You By

Epic 10823 Have A Little Faith

When You Say Love

Epic 10869 It Takes You

Let's Think About Livin'

Epic 10905 Lonely Women Make Good Lovers

Love Ought To Be A Happy Thing

Epic 10943 Neither One Of Us

Anything But Lonesome

Epic 10994 A Good Love Is Like A Good Song

Have You Ever Said "I Love You" To A Lady

Epic 11039 Still Loving You

I’m Gonna Write A Song

Epic 11087 Just Enough To Make Me Stay

Baby Make It Good

Epic 11138 Let Me Make The Bright Lights Shine For You

The Closest Thing To Heaven That I’ve Found

Epic 50065 Proud Of You Baby

Tonight My Baby’s Coming Home

Epic 50136 Shame On Me

How Do You Start Over

Epic 50183 Satisfied Mind

Cleanin' Up The Streets Of Memphis

Epic 50216 It’s Only Make Believe

The Man From Bowling Green

Epic 50247 How Do You Start Over

Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache

Epic 50297 Labor Of Love

Blond Haired Woman

Epic 50323 Here We Are Making Love Again

He’s Got A Way With Women

Polydor 14408 I’m A Honky Tonk Woman’s Man

Lonely Women (Don’t Need To Be Lonely)

Polydor 14431 The Pay Phone

He’ll Be The One

Polydor 14444 A Christmas Tribute

Give Someone You Love (A Little Bit Of Love This Year)

Polydor 14454 Proud Lady

Let Me Love Him Out Of You

The following Rollin’ Rock 45’s were recorded in 1955.

Rollin’ Rock 45-028 Stranger Than Fiction

You’re The Cause Of It All

Rollin’ Rock 45-034 That’s Allright/Hello Baby

In The Deep Dark Jungle/Let Her Go

Hickory EP 1504 Country & Western Showcase

I'm Gonna Write A Song About You

Your Welcome + 2 songs by Bobby Lord



1960 Let’s Think About Living Warner Brothers WS1396

1964? Can’t Take The Country From The Boys Hickory LPM 121

1965 Livin’ Lovin’ Sounds Hickory LPM 124

1968 Ain’t Got Time To Be Unhappy Epic BN-26393

1969 Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy Epic BN-26463

1970 Getting Back To Norma Epic BN-26541

1971 Is It Any Wonder That I Love You Epic E-30617

1971 A Chain Don’t Take To Me Epic E-30923

1972 When You Say Love Epic KE-31375

1972 Lonely Women Make Good Lovers Epic KE-31746

1973 Neither One Of Us Epic KE-32192

1973 Bob Luman Harmony KH-32006

1974 Red Cadillac And A Black Mousatche Epic KE-33177

1974 Greatest Hits Epic KE-32759

1974 Still Loving You Hickory

1975 When You Say Love/Lonely Women Epic BG-33755

1976 A Satisfied Mind Epic KE-33942

1977 Alive And Well Epic KE-34445

1977 Bob Luman Rocks DJM

1978 The Pay Phone Polydor PD-1-6135

1978 The Rocker Bear Family BFX 15039

1979 Mor OfThe Rocker Bear Family BFX 15037

1984 Still Rockin’ Bear Family BFX 15140

Wild Eyed Woman Bear Family BFX 15268

Carnival Rock Bear Family BFX 15345

1984 American Originals Columbia

Bob Luman UK discography 1960-69

60 Dreamy Doll/ Buttercup Warner Bros WB 12

60 Let`s Think About Livin`/ You`ve Got Everything WB 18

60 Why, Why, Bye, Bye/ Oh Lonesome Me WB 28

61 Great Snow Man/ Pig Latin Song WB 37

61 Private Eye/ You Turned Down The Lights WB 49

62 Louisiana Man/ Rocks Of Reno (Unissued) WB 60

62 Hey Joe/ The Fool WB 75

64 Bigger Man Than I/ File Hickory 45 1238

64 Run On Home Baby Brother/ Lonely Room Hickory 45 1266

64 Fire Engine Red/ Old George Dickel Hickory 45 1277

65 Bad Bad Day/ Tears From Out Of Nowhere Hickory 451289

65 Come On & Sing/ It`s A Sin Hickory 45 1410

68 Ain`t Got Time To Be Unhappy/ I Can`t Remember To Forget CBS 3602

63 With Sue Thompson- I Like Your Kind Of Love/ Too Hot To Dance Hickory 45 1221

also Polydor NH 66989)

Warner Bros EPS

61 Let`s Think About Living WEP 6046 (Stereo WSEP 2046)

Let`s Think About Living / Bad Bad Day

Why Why Bye Bye/ Throwing Kisses

62 Let`s Think About Living Vol 2 WEP 6046 (Stereo WSEP 2055)

Oh Lonesome Me/ Jealous Heart

Everytime The World / Goes Round/ Meet Mr Mud

62 Let`s Think About Living Vol 3 WEP 6102 (Stereo WSEP 2102)

You Win Again/ Dreamy Doll

I Love You So Much It Hurts/ I Love You Because

64 (With Bobby Lord) Hickory Showcase Vol 2 Hickory LPE1501

Interstate 40/ You Can`t Take The Country From The Boy

64 (With Bobby Lord) Hickory Showcase Vol 3 Hickory LPE1504

I`m Gonna Write A Song About You/ You`re Welcome


60 Let`s Think About Living WB WM4025 (Stereo WS8025)

Let`s Think About Living/I Love You Because/You Win Again

Meet Mr Mud/Why, Why, Bye Bye/Throwin` Kisses/Dreamy Doll

Bad Bad Day/Oh Lonesome Me/I Love You So Much It Hurts

Everytime The World Goes Around/Jealous Heart

64 Livin` Lovin Sounds Hickory LPM 124 (reissue London ZGE 115 1971)

Oh Lonesome Me/ Hey Joe/Louisiana Man/Go On Home Boy

The File and tracks off previous lp

64 Can`t Take The Country From The Boys Hickory LPM121

(1 side Bobby Lord) A Lonely Room/I`m Gonna Write A Song About You

The File/Old George Dickel/Interstate 40/Can`t Take The Country From The Boy











Let’s Think About Living

Warner 5172




The File

Hickory 1238




Five Miles From Home (Soon I’ll See Mary)

Hickory 1355




Poor Boy Blues

Hickory 1382




Ain’t Got Time To Be Unhappy

Epic 10312




Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy

Epic 10439




Every Day I Have To Cry Some

Epic 10480




Honky Tonk Man

Epic 10631




I Got A Woman

Epic 10755




A Chain Don’t Take To Me

Epic 10786




When You Say Love

Epic 10823




It Takes You

Epic 10869




Lonely Women Make Good Lovers

Epic 10905




Neither One Of Us

Epic 10943




A Good Love Is Like A Good Song

Epic 10994




Still Loving You

Epic 11039




Just Enough To Make Me Stay

Epic 11087




Let Me Make the Bright Lights Shine For You

Epic 11138




Proud Of You Baby

Epic 50065




I’m A Honky Tonk Woman’s Man

Polydor 14408




The Pay Phone

Polydor 14431










Let’s Think About Living

Warner 5172










Let’s Think About Living

Warner WB 18




Why Why Bye Bye

Warner WB 28




The Great Snowman

Warner WB 37


Prices in Pounds Sterling (£)


Warner Bros WB 12 Dreamy Doll/Buttercup 6

Warner Bros WB 18 Let’s Think About Livin’/You’ve Got Everything 5

Warner Bros WB 28 Why Why Bye Bye/Oh, Lonesome Me 6

Warner Bros WB 37 The Great Snowman/The Pig Latin Song 6

Warner Bros WB 49 Private Eye/You Turned Down The Lights 6

Warner Bros WB 60 Louisianna Man/Rocks Of Reno (unissued) 6

Warner Bros WB 75 Hey Joe/The Fool 6

Hickory 45-1238 The File/Bigger Men Than I 6

Hickory 45-1266 (Empty Walls) A Lonely Room/Run On Home Baby Brother 5

Hickory 45-1277 Old George Dickel/Fire Engine Red 6

Hickory 45-1289 Bad Bad Day/Tears From Out Of Nowhere 8

Hickory 45-1410 Come On And Sing/It’s A Sin 6

CBS 3602 Ain’t Got Time To Be Unhappy/I Can’t Remember To Forget 12

Warner Bros WEP6046 Let’s Think About Livin’(EP,also stereo WSEP2046) 35/45

Warner Bros WEP6055 Let’s Think About Livin’No.2 (EP,also stereo WSEP2055) 35/45

Warner Bros WEP6102 Let’s Think About Livin’No.3 (EP,also stereo WSEP2102) 35/45

Warner Bros WM 4025 Let’s Think About Livin’ (LP, also stereo WS 8-25) 50/60

Hickory LPM 124 Livin’ Lovin’ Sounds (LP) 20

London ZGE 115 Livin’ Lovin’ Sounds (LP, reissue) 10

DJM DJM 22057 Bob Luman Rocks (LP) 10


Hickory LPE 1501 Hickory Showcase Vol.2 (EP, 1 side each) 15

Hickory LPE 1504 Hickory Showcase Vol.3 (EP, 1 side each) 15

Hickory LPM 121 Can’t Take The Country From The Boys (LP, 1 side each) 15


Polydor NH 66989 I Like Your Kind Of Love/Too Hot To Dance 8

Hickory 45-1221 I Like Your Kind Of Love/Too Hot To Dance (reissue) 6

BOB LUMAN - Recommended listening

Until Bear Family release a rumoured box set things are scarce on cd front so vinyl freaks rule in the meantime.


1. Try Me - Rockstar RSR LP 1015

Red hot/ Wild eyed woman/Red cadillac & black moustache/Blue days, black nights/Whenever you`re ready/Your love/All night long/Amarillo blues/ Bring along your lovin**/make up your mind baby/Try me/Lovers prayer/Everybody`s talkin`/Precious/I know my baby cares/chain of love/Svengali/Your love alt/Make up your mind baby alt/Red cadillac alt

Sublime 20 tracker of Imperial / Capitol 50s sides with 7 unissued/ alt takes for good measure. Great cover and notes. Buy it. (** this track is Marshall Lyttle,see NDT 150)

This would make a fab cd (broad hint there to Tony Barrett rockstar label supremo). Rockstar have brilliant cds by Eddie Cochran, Burnettes ,Buddy Knox and Darrel Higham.

2. Bear family in late 70s and 80s issued five excellent Bob Luman lps.

a) The Rocker BFX 15037

b) More of That Rocker BFX 15039

Both these feature the WB/Hickory sides, great pop rock 59 -64

c) Still Rockin BFX 15140

Mainly later 60s country sides from Hickory


d) Wild Eyed Woman BFX 15268

Toss up between this and Rockstar lp. Selection of sides from Capitol /Imperial and the pre 56 cuts. Again this would make a great cd with additional tracks.

e) Carnival Rock BFX 15345

The latter has some 50s material, soundtrack from the movie Carnival Rock, a few of the Rockstar sides and later 60s country. This movie was doing the rounds on video a few years ago. A good write up on the movie appeared in Blue Suede Shoes mag a year or two ago.

All have excellent sound ,notes and pics, as you would expect from the world`s best reissue label.

check out availability as some are deleted

* Bob Luman`s recordings from 55 - 68 would make a fine box set, especially if compiled and annotated by Howard Cockburn who wrote a superb 2 part feature on ole Glynn in Now Dig This issues 58 & 59 (the worlds best rockin` read).

Earlier lps include Bob Luman Rocks DJM (WB sides) and original 61 WB lp Let`s Think About Living and three tasty stereo eps from the album. Various artist lp on White label More Rockabilly Rock (Bob Luman & friends) WLP8828 has some of pre 56 sides. Hickory released a shared lp with Bobby Lord, 60s country. 70s Imperial Rockabillies vol 3 lp featured Bob`s demo of Make up your mind baby. French 2lp RnR at Capitol tower vol 3 has Everybody`s talkin.

The later Epic country lps are less essential for rockabilly though there`s some great tracks there, look out for A Chain Don`t Take To Me, Getting back To Norma and Alive and Well lps. Someone could make a fine compilation up of the best uptempo cuts. Epic 2lp Rockabilly Stars Vol 1 has unissued Mystery train from 74.

DJM and Magnum/Sundown issued lps of 60s material.

There`s an interesting 1991 bootleg with gatefold sleeve, notes and pics called Dang Me on Flash records which consists of tracks from some of Bob`s live radio transcription recordings. concentrating on country songs by Foster & Rice, Waylon and Troy Shondell. Well worth the price of admission are 2 versions of Mystery Train and Red Cadillac, dedicated to his fan club in the audience. He was a rocker through and through.


Fairly sparse, there`s two 15(?) track cds on Castle in Germany, WB sides apparently( possibly same as lps lets Think About Livin and Livin Lovin Sounds). US cd Classic Country on Simitar, mainly later sides. there`s a similar one called American Legend but not good value, few tracks for your money.

There`s a European bootleg cd (surprise!) called Can`t Take The Country From The Boy claims to be Columbia CK 45096, gathers together 30 tracks from 62-69 Hickory. Well performed, stand outs being The Fool and Poor Boy Blues.

There`s a bootleg cd on Seeburg, called Red Hot which has some 50s cuts, haven`t heard it so can`t comment on sound quality or notes etc.

Bear Family feature Bob on various artist rockabilly series That`ll Flat Git It vol 3 (Capitol) and Vol 8 (Abbot Fabor). and vol12 (Imperial).

Stompertime feature live cuts on their Honky tonk Rockabillies series. (check out their RHOF page) Vol 1 has Maybellene/ Lets think etc and The Great Snowman. Whilst vol 2 has Oh Lonesome Me/ The File.

Country Routes features Bob live on 2 cds,firstly Rockin at the Town Hall cd RFD CD06 .Cuts are My Baby Walks All Over me/Milk Cow Blues/I Got a Woman/I`m Walkin` and

secondly CR RFD CD15 has Crazy Arms/Ready Teddy and Shake rattle and Roll.

The winner though by a country mile is Star Club Records Bob Luman Is Red Hot CD 506000. garish yellow card sleeve, gatefold with no detailed notes (pics and snippets from mags). Says Ltd. edition on cover.

However it is beautifully compiled and has good sound quality. Highly recommended, 25 56-61 sides.

Red Hot/ Try Me/ Let`s Think About The Living/ I Love You Because/ Red Cadillac & Black Moustache/ The Great Snowman/ I Know My Baby Cares/ You`ve Got Everything/ My Baby Walks All Over Me/ Oh Lonesome Me/ Everytime The World Goes Round/ Why Why, Bye Bye/ Class of 59/ Whenever You`re Ready/ Pig Latin Song/ Bad Bad Day/ Meet Mr Mud/ Throwin Kisses/ Buttercup/ Dreamy Doll/ You Win Again/ Your Love/ All Night Long/ Make Up Your Mind/ Jealous Heart.

Bearing in mind Bob`s long and successful recording career you`d think his former record companies would reissue his best material properly or licence it to someone who would. Many artists with much less commercial success have fine anthologies out, so to paraphrase his million seller


Phil Davies

Feb 1999

Phil and Shaun would like to acknowledge Now Dig This, Howard Cockburn,Bob Thomas, Shane Hughes,Henk Gorter and Tapiov Vaisanen.

( any additional info welcome,


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