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Bobby Lollar was born July 25th, 1941 in Trenton Tennessee (Gibson County, West Tennessee) and according to his mother Lois Lollar of Trenton, was singing before he could talk(?) It all started in church and then in the 1st grade in the cafeteria. He would sing "Mansion Over The Hilltop" while standing on a table. In the 4th and 5th grade he would regularly sing before the class and in P.T.A. programs. This continued through the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades although the songs had changed by now.

Bobby Recalls ...

Rock A Billy was born and I (Bobby Lollar) jumped on it. I would "sit in" with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Carl Mann, Sonny Burgess, Warren Smith, "Little Jimmy Dickens", Elvis' cousin Travis Smith and others. Carl Perkins was my man back then and I used to "hang out" at his house at 308 Park Ave. in Jackson Tn. He was the kindest man in the industry that I ever knew. Anywhere he played he called me up to play and sing. In 1958 I recorded a 45 RPM called "Bad Bad Boy" B/W "If It Wasn't For You".

Then I created for myself a drinking problem which would lead me into thirty-six years of ruining my career and start running from God and my original "calling" to sing and play for Him using the talent He had given me. These years and my choices brought such sorrow, pain, and shame that carried me through the heartaches of losing a first born son (5 months) to pneumonia and then losing three more children and a wife over the next 6 years. I did not see the baby girl for twenty-five years.

I found myself in a "shootout" (I will not describe) with an outlaw motorcycle club. I am writing a book to go into deeper depths concerning my experiences from going into drug addiction and rebellion for there's not enough room here to tell it all.

In 1985 I finally fell on my knees and repented to God. "Instantly" He delivered me from these drugs (everything that was sold on the streets of Los Angeles.) I had been doing for twenty-five years. He also took my cravings and healed my body or I would have been dead twenty-two years ago. I was walking death.

I am now an ordained minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In a little over three years, God has given me 500 songs. I do two new songs in church each week. My music hasn't changed, although my lyrics have changed.

Homemade tapes and CD's can be obtained by contacting me at e-mail address at bottom of page. Also tapes or CD's of "Bad Bad By/lfft Wasn't For You" recorded in 1958 can also be ordered.

I have truly come a long way since Sam Phillips, then owner of Sun Records, offered me, then a 16 year old boy a contract. The man who had people under contract like Carl Mann, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, BB King, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and many more.

Thanks to Bob Timmers of the Rock A Billy Hall of Fame for his help and thank you for your interest.

Bobby Lollar's 1958 recording of "Bad Bad Boy"/ "If It Wasn't For You" on new CD or tape entitled "Rock A Billy Church" can be ordered from direct from Bobby, the original artist and copyright owner.

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Bobby Lollar

"My friends from Arkansas"

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