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Clay Glover ScrapBook Vol. 1 CD

Due to the nature of this first limited edition, Clay Glover ScrapBook Vol. 1, a very heavy demand is expected. Record Collectors are advised to order one or maybe two. The CDs 8-page booklet is worth the price, loaded with rare photos, each CD is signed and numbered. If you get a cartoon printed on the inside of the tray card, (there are 11 of them), send back to me a copy of the cartoon with the number of the CD and I will send you a free Clay Glover Scrap Book - Book when it is released in the year 2001.

Good Luck and lets Rock'n'Roll. Send $15.00 plus $2.00 postage. Make Money Order or Check payable to Clay Glover. All pictures and stories on this site are Copyrighted.

Clay Glover ScrapBook
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HANOVER, MI 49241-0301

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