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Clay Glover, drummer, releasing sounds and photos of artists he has worked with in the rocking fifties in the "Clay Glover ScrapBook". Starting with Vol. 1 to be released January 1, 2000 - be sure you order your copy before the lights go out in December.

In the 50's, Clay started his first scrap book of bands he worked with, taking pictures, collecting newspaper clipings, fan letters, compiling a record about their lives. Now, after 50 years, he will release Vol. 1, a CD from his early days. He is in the process of writing a novel of all these groups. You will witness fast action rocking 50's music, love life, rise and fall of Rock and Roller's in their quest for fame in music! Get it, read it and feel the happy times, but you'll cry your eyes out!
Clay Glover ScrapBook
PO Box 301
Hanover, MI 49241-0301

Clay Glover ScrapBook Vol. 1, release date, Y2K, January 1, 2000. The CD's 8-page booklet is a sample of things to come in the Clay Glover ScrapBook - Book - it will be released in the year 2001.

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