iglu IR 001 CD

The Crazy Rhythm Daddies were formed in Montreal, in 1988, by members of Ray Condo & The Hardrock Goners, who wanted to satisfy their craving for pre-rockabilly music. When bassist Clive Jackson left for the West Coast in 1993, the remaining Daddies - Eric Sandmark (vocals & lead guitar) and brother Peter (vocals & rhythm guitar) - enrolled ex-Gruesomes' John Davis on stand up bass and drummer Rob Kraft to complete the lineup. Their debut CD is a wild'n wooly mixture of western swing, swing-era jazz, hillbilly, bluegrass and rock'n'roll, combined with their own very personal style of harmony to create a new and exciting style: rockin' hillbilly swing!

If ol' Bob Wills were still alive today, you can bet that he'd go for The Crazy Rhythm Daddies. Not just because they cover three of the songs he played (Bring It On Down To My House, Honey," "Who Walks In (When I Walk Out)" and "Get With It"), but because they love his kind of music. The Daddies dig jumpin' Western Swing like The Modern Mountaineers' "Everybody's Trucking" and "Getting That Lowdown Swing," or The Washboard Wonders' "It Ain't Right."

Just like Bob, they also have a fine appreciation for swing: things like The Cats and The Fiddle's "Killin' Jive" and "One Is Never Too Old To Swing," or the classic "Satan Takes A Holiday," which many bands recorded as an instrumental. As with the rest of their material, The Daddies take an original approach to this one, doing a vocal version, with lyrics that Peter found in an old sheet music book!

These talented and versatile musicians are just as comfortable with boppin' hillbilly tunes like Grandpa Jones' "Bip Bop Bip," or goosed up traditional songs like "Crawdad" and "Deep Ellum Blues," adding their own special touch to each and every one of them.

Their most recent source is a 1970s group called The Spirits of Bluegrass, from whom they got "When I Went Walking" and their reading of Lefty Frizzell's "She's Gone, Gone, Gone."

Guitarists Eric and Peter Sandmark even wrote a couple of original numbers for this collection: Travelling Shoes" and "Crazy Rhythm Boogie." Not that you would particularly notice, because they blend in so well. So pop the platter in the player and get ready for some red hot rhythm now!

Guest Musicians: Alex Kehler: fiddle on "When I Went Walking"; Michale Brown: fiddle on "Bring It On Down To My House, Honey" and "It's Rainin' Here This Morning"; R.D. Moyse: sax on It Ain't Right" and "Crazy Rhythm Boogie"; Ron Deckelbaum: banjo on "It Ain't Right" and "Crawdad."

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