DAVE CRIMMEN CD, "Big Daddy 'D'". In the this 10 track jumpin' CD, Dave satisifes a variety of music tastes: rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, country, cajun and blues. All songs written By Dave. The Jordanaires are featured on two cuts. For more information, contact: Burning Tyer, P.O. Box 2213, Daly City, CA 94017, 650-589-5852. www.davecrimmen.com

Slamming, Jamming, Revving, Sizzling ...
Crimmen's new CD lifts you up and takes you away on sweeping surge of rocking magic that literally leaves you breathless! But, with enough strength left to cry, "ONE MORE TIME!" I had to hit the replay button 5 times on "Let's Get Gone"-- a hot number that just plain takes over and makes you rock , ready or not! "Revved Up" is hot with a rockabilly edge. Believe me, there is "nothing not to like" on this new CD. Plus, the "shocker" is Crimmen's inclusion of 2 very traditional C&W tunes - sang in the "traditional style" to the max!! "Somewhere In My Mind" is unforgettable (takes you back to Hank Williams days). Also, the clean, crisp, top production quality of this CD complements the powerful song selection and seasoned musicians. This is an absolutely must have CD - it rocks, it sizzles, it takes you away! Get it on your CD player NOW! It will make you smile!
--By Kay Wheeler,
"Rock Baby Rock It", 1957 Rockabilly Classic

Dave Crimmen: VIVA LAS VEGAS 2002 PHOTOS

Dave Crimmen's VLV 2001 RHOF Photo Page




Posted Jan. 22, 2001
DAVE SEZ: Also please check out the feature article written about me in BLUE SUEDE NEWS Magazine. You can find it at news stands and record stores like Tower Records or write to them at P.O.Box 25, Duvall, Wa. 98019. It's the very first feature article written on me - and Marc and Dennis did a great job!!!

Update: February 14, 2000

"Rockin' Bop Baby"

"Keeping the dream alive" -- Dave Crimmen cuts loose in full blown rockabilly hurricane style -- sweeping you away with his new single, "Rockin' Bop Baby". Crimmen flat out delivers the goods in a 2000-shot mix of undiluted Gene Vincent with hints of Jerry Lee Lewis in this zooming dance tune. Dave Crimmen's powerful, rocker voice is smooth like Vincent and powerful like Elvis. Crimmen rocks with the purity of the originals and is backed up with a band with unstoppable grooves. The backside of the new single is "Been There, Done That" which is a rockabilly twist with a message that speaks for itself! This new single will be premiered live by Dave Crimmen and his band at the upcoming "Viva Las Vegas 2000" ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME STAGE at the Gold Coast Hotel. Don't miss it!

REVIEW: Dave Crimmen's "Where He Left Off"

    Dave Crimmen's C.D. "Where He Left Off" is an unexpected "tidal wave" of primal rockabilly. The first cut, "Take Me Baby" is an earth-shaker! Crimmen wrote all the tunes which are incredibly fresh including the amazing "She Can't Stop Dancing!". Every cut deserves repeat listening. And hey, the newness just won't wear off as Dave and his jamming band takes you on a music trip--the likes of which have not been heard since Scotty, Bill & DJ! (And I was there!) Dave Crimmen is a maximizer of R&R; and every true Rockabilly music fan who loves Vincent, Orbison, Elvis, etc...will flip over this eye-widening, "go Kat go" 90's version of rockabilly to perfection! I won't fail to mention the astounding producer, Michael Molenda, along with band members, Patrick Walker on wild drums, Harry Mello on radical piano, Mike Bazlamit on swinging sax and Bill Shaffer on real-gone bass. You guys brought the days of "rockabilly heaven" back "real good"! My personal thanks!
    --Kay Wheeler

  • Dave's CDs - "Where He Left Off" and "The Son of Sun" are availabe at Hep-Cat Records.


    Welcome to the musical world of Dave Crimmen. I'm a Rockabilly artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. My influences range from Elvis Presley to Little Richard along with the many great artists who recorded at Sun Records in memphis. These musical influences are evident in my new single "Let It Rock" B/W "Rockabilly Rave" featured on my latest CD "Where He Left Off".

    Popularity for my music is snowballing. Reviews for my albums "The son of sun" in RELIX MAGAZINE and "Just Call It Rock And Roll" in B.A.M. MAGAZINE are evidence of the critical acclaim I've received locally and nationally. On an International level, my contribution to the "Infinite Summer of Love" CD (Taxim Records, Germany), received praise in Relix as well. Play lists and charts from several radio stations prove that my music is worthy of air time.

    Several of my songs have been used in major motion pictures and network television shows. "Baby Shake It Up" from "The Son of Sun" was used in NBC's DATELINE. "A Girl Like You" from "Where He left Off" was placed in FOX's THE ZONE. Most recently, "Take Me Baby" also from "Where He Left Off" was utilized in the soundtrack of the film "The Game" staring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. "It was Love" will soon be featured on the ABC "Spin Cat" sitcom with Michael J. Fox.

    I'm here today because of my love for the good time feel of Rock 'n Roll from the '50's and plain old hard work. While playing every weekend, I've developed a live show worth noting. Combine that with strong song writing and releases of consistently good recordings, you have my trademark. Have a listen and phone or drop me a line.


    By Kimberlee Noll

    With a voice like Elvis Presley's and musical accompaniment resembling Little Richard's keyboards and Buddy Holly's guitar. Dave Crimmen and his band are taking the Peninsula music scene by storm. Crimmen's forte and first love is rockabilly music, with influences from Fats Domino, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Elvis Presley. My biggest influences come from '50s rock 'n' roll," Crimmen said in a recent interview. "All I've ever wanted to do is be a singer in a rock 'n' roll band. Its just what I love to do."

    According to a family yarn, Crimmen became hooked on rock 'n' roll at the age of 6 months when one of his three older sisters brought home an Elvis Presley album and played it for him. So I guess it's always been in my roots," he said. The seriousness of Crimmen's eye for '50s music grew as he got older. Crimmen, who was in kindergarten at the time, remembers bringing his first Elvis Presley album, "A Date With Elvis," to class and asking his teacher to play "Baby, Let's Play House." "She wouldn't play the song and she broke my heart," Crimmen said. "I went home in tears."

    While Crimmen is far beyond his kindergarten days, he draws from his past and present life experiences to write his songs. A song titled "Devil's Music" is based on Crimmen's kindergarten teacher refusing to play the Presley song and how that experience relates to sentiments that rock 'n' roll music negatively influences youth. Crimmen added he currently is working on a song entitled, "Your Records Are Staying." "This song goes back to when my older sisters got married, and I told them they could go but their records were staying," Crimmen said. "I try to bring out in my music aspects of real life," he added: "but the main purpose of my music is to help people have a good time and to dance."

    "The Son of Sun" is Crimmen's fourth album - two under the band name of Xtender and one previous album. "Just Call It Rock 'n' Roll," under the name Dave Crimmen. "The record labels weren't responding to us as Xtender," Crimmen said, "but they liked me and my singing, so we changed the name to Dave Crimmen. Then I turned around and hired Xtender as my backup band." As Crimmen prepared to take center stage as the band's main attraction, he had to work on developing his image. "Music isn't just music," he said. "You have to have a look. It's one more way to help people get a handle on who you are."

    Crimmen's look is now well-developed as he has grown long sideburns and wears black leather and plenty of silver and turquoise jewelry. The idea for the turquoise and silver rings emerged from a Fats Domino appearance on an old Steve Allen television show, and the 1950's period so often represented by the rough and tough James Dean role in "Rebel without a Cause." "Some say having an image makes the music secondary." Crimmen said. "But to me, an image is part of the job. Musicians needed it even before MTV and the business of making videos. We just can't stop playing, it would be like cutting off my right arm. Playing music is just something I have to do." For more on Dave Crimmen and his band, call the band's information line at 650-589-5852.

    KEEP IN MIND THAT DAVE has been featured in numerous publications: Relix, Blue Suede News, BootsTown Music Magazine, BAM, Hogtown News, Taxas Jamboree, NCSA's New Song, The Independent (S.F.). Electronic Musician, San Mateo County Times, Pacifica Tribune, plus play-listed on several radio stations ... now NOW spotlighted in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. A great talent indeed!

    "Where HE Left Off"
    THE BAND: Dave Crimmen, vocals/guitar; Mike Bazlamit, saxophone; Harry "the Skull" Mello, piano; Bill Shaffer, bass/backing vocals; Patrick Walker, drums/backing vocals. This album is dedicated to Elvis Presley, the man, but more important, the music.

    For more information contact:
    P.O. Box 2213
    Daly City, CA 94017
    e-mail: dave@davecrimmen.com

    "Dave is a real genuine guy, not at all like a lot of the slick poseurs who drift through the scene. He has EVERY SINGLE 78 RPM RECORD that Elvis ever released (except for the very first one - That's all Right, Mama) in his swingin' pad in San Mateo County, California, USA! He has a 78 jukebox with the deepest, craziest R&B and RAB records spinning all the time! He drives for UPS all day with nothin' on his mind but gettin' off work and ROCKIN'! He puts on a sincere, fun show. Check it out when you can!" -Frank (SloGinJoes)

    Rockabilly Hall of Fame