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DiMaggio Bros. CD Released
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These talented brothers from Florence, Italy have the key to bringing rockabilly to the forefront. Their unique blend of vocals, harmonies, playing, and song selection make them instantly appealing to all genres...from blue grass to pop and everything in between. Record promoters who have heard their demos are very impressed. They are already set to be the only unknown artists to appear on a major country/rockabilly star's tribute album this fall. Their initial 16-track CD titled "The DiMaggio Bros.: Rockabilly from the Boots Up" has been released on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame label and available in the USA now from the Rockabilly HOF for $15 including shipping (toll free: 877-RAB-HALL). The DiMAGGIO BROS: Marco DiMaggio, lead guitar/vocals and Massimo DiMaggio, acoustic rhythm guitar/vocals. Download this DiMaggio Bros. 60-Second Wave Sound File for a partial 3-song sample

The DiMaggio Brothers are an Italian popular hillbilly-rockabilly group composed of expert musicians. They range from Rockabilly, Country and Western to pure Rock 'n' Roll.

The line-up consists of:

Marco DiMaggio: lead guitar and vocals
Massimo DiMaggio: acoustic rhythm and vocals

MARCO visits Nashville's RCA Studio B, May 1999.

Marco Di Maggio, the bandleader, is an excellent guitar player with several stage experiences begun at the age of 13 in different local bands. His brilliant musical background covers many styles ranging from Rockabilly, Western Swing, Country Fingerstyle and Rock 'n' Roll. He started playing professionally in all the major clubs and open spaces all over Italy and also abroad with his band, "Eddie & The Houserockers" appearing in top meetings such as: "Mr. Rock 'n Roll in the mid 90's (Forli-Italy) and playing on the same Bill as: Man, Jack Scott, Dave Taylor, Ray Gelato, Kid Rocker, Willie Murphy and many other famous Italian artists.

In 1995 during his British tour he formed a band called "The Italian Lovegods" with Terry Williams (Dire Straits Drummer) and Martin Ace (Man) Rocking; London, Pontypridd, Croydon, Bristol, Swansea and appeared a couple of times on Welsh television. He has also appeared on some national TV shows such as: Roxy Bar (Videomusic) Help (TMC2) RA12 & RA13. In the same year his first CD was released titled "Tele Rock And Roll", by Eddie and The Houserockers, distributed by Rockhouse Records.

Marco toured extensively in Italy with The Italian Lovegods in 1996. The following year, Giovanni Unterberger asked Marco to give guitar lessons on various stages and school seminars for Lizard, one of the most renowned guitar accademys.

His experiences led to a didactic video concerning Rockabilly guitar techniques titled: "La Chitarra Elettrica Rockabilly" (Rockabilly Electric Guitar). In this video he shows how to play the style of: Scotty Moore, Paul Burlison, Cliff Gallup, Chet Atkins, Eddie Cochran and many more.

Marco is publishing a book about Rockabilly history and techniques. In August, 1998, his band The Di Maggio Brothers recorded the album "Rockabilly From The Boots Up". The album pictured above is a mix of early Rockabilly, Country & Western, inspired by the sound of the "Sun Records" and by the Everly Brother's style. The CD has received rave reviews from the American press.

The Di Maggio Brothers have begun working on other projects, releasing tracks such as: "Hey Porter" for "Cash On Delivery" CMH Records. This Johnny Cash Tribute CD will be issued in August of 1999. Other releases include 2 songs "King Creole" and "The Cream of the Crop" on "Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. #2 (USA) CD; Hepcat Compilation (USA) with the song: "Little Cabin on The Hill". They have also begun collaboration with the German label Whampire for production of a European version of the CD "Rockabilly From The Boots UP". Also recently released CD titled: Thank You Eddie" the Tribute to Eddie Cochran, features Marco performing all songs and all instruments. The Di Maggio Brothers also have songs on the following albums: "Swing Your Hips" with the song "I Love You Because'; "Buddy Holly Tribute" with the song: "It Doesn't Matter Anymore".

On May 23, 1999, Marco made his debut USA appearance at the annual AppleSock Show in Combined Locks, Wisconsin. The audience had no idea of the superb talent and pure genius they were about to enjoy as Marco performed Elvis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and his own original songs. Marco's exciting and flawless singing and guitar picking was followed by a standing ovation with the audience clapping and shouting for more. Marco also accompanied the veteran headliner, Narvel Felts with professional showmanship and just the right amount of accompaniment, giving the overall limelight to Narvel's talents.

Because of his remarkable experience in rockabilly music, Marco's name is included in this Rockabilly Hall Of Fame U.S.A. web site:

Quotes From Original Artists And Magazines:

  • "I played with the greatest: (Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, BB King) and I can say that Marco Di Maggio is one of them", Terry Williams - Dire Straits.

  • "High Speed Pickin', a manic pickin' instro just to show the guitarist can play even better than he has done so far", Marc Fenech - Southern & Rockin' Music Magazine.

  • "The most pure refreshing rockabilly trio I've heard in a long time". Bob Timmers, Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

  • "This is some high speed stuff, no doubt about it. I haven't been wrong lately and I predict this will be the CD of 1998! Why aren't American groups this good?" (Joe Waigel - Las Vegas)

  • "The CD of the Di Maggio Brothers, is a killer! These cats from Florence, Italy, really know how to shake that shack. But beyond the good rockin' beat we have an astoundingly guitar virtuoso through out this superb record with extremely strong harmonies." (Ronnie Weiser) Rollin' Rock - USA.

  • "They're all great musicians and have fantastic voices. They had a good start and I think they are going to do something really important." (Billy Swan) Songwriter for Elvis Presley.

  • Great album, great voices, super recording quality and he is a hell of a guitar player" (Bob "Git It" Kelly) songwriter for Gene Vincent.

  • "An incredible Italian rockabilly band with a great feeling, guided by an authentic guitar virtuoso." (Martin Ace - Man).

  • Very good album with strong vocals and some of the best guitar work I've heard in a long time" (Steve Aynsley) "Now Dig This" magazine, U.K.

  • "Great album, great musicians" (Bob McCarver) Jerry Lee Lewis Manager.


  • November 1994 - Roxy Bar Videomusic
  • March 1995 - Roxy Bar Videomusic
  • April 1995 - Roxy Bar Videomusic
  • May 1995 - Roxy Bar Videomusic
  • June 1995 - Heno Television - United Kingdom (twice)
  • November 1995 - Roxy Bar Videomusic
  • April 1997 - Help TMC2
  • August 1997 0 TG2 and TG3 RAITV
  • October 1998 Amsterdam TV

  • From January to June 1998, Marco Di Maggio presented a TV Show called "The History Of Rock", programmed on 60 local television channels.


  • "Tele Rock'n'Roll" CD - Eddie & The Houserockers - Rockhouse Records 1995
  • "Via Fabroni E Dintorni" CD compiliation with the song "If You Don't Come Around - Eddie & The Houserockers
  • -Parsifal Records 1995
  • "La Chitarra Elettrica Rockabilly" video - Playgame Music (Marco Di Maggio) 1998.
  • "Rockabilly From The Boots Up" CD - Rockabilly Hall of Fame USA (Di Maggio Bros.) 1998
  • "Hepcat Compilation" CD compilation with the song "Little Cabin On The Hill" USA (Di Maggio Bros.) 1998
  • "Cash On Delivery" CD compilation - CMH Records USA 1999 with the song "Hey Porter" (Di Maggio Bros.)
  • "Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 2" CD compilation (RAB HOF) USA 1999 with the songs: "King Creole" and
  • "The Cream Of The Crop" (Di Maggio Bros.)
  • "Thank You Eddie" (The Tribute To Eddie cochran) CD Whampire Records, Germany - 1999 Marco Di Maggio
  • "Swing Your Hips" CD compilation - Whampire Records - Germany 1999 with the song "I Love You Because" Di Maggio Bros.
  • "Buddy Holly Tribute" CD compilation - Whampire Records 1999 with the song "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" Marco Di Maggio
  • "La Chitarra Elettrica Rockabilly (history & techniques) Book - Playgame 1999 Marco Di Maggio

    The band is available to play all over the world.
    For more information...

    Bob Timmers
    Rockabilly Hall of Fame
    P.O. Box 70
    Kimberly, WI 54136
    Ph. 920-739-2503
    Fax. 920-793-9443

    Mailing Address:
    Marco Di Maggio
    Via. V. Emanuele II, 11
    50134 Florence, Italy
    personal Email address:
    Phone and Fax: (0039) 055-482245
    Studio Email address:
    Real Audio Internet:


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