Where legends played in the late 1950s and early 1960s

Call them: bars, watering holes, dance halls, ballrooms, joints, saloons, taverns, pubs, honky tonks, whatever ... they all allowed our favorite artists to perform live.

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Here's a kick for some old-time D.C. Rockabilly fans. I have photos of two places in Maryland, some of you may rememer. Many of you may be too young (like myself) to have caught the "legalized gambling era" of Rte.301 in Waldorf, Md. where countless rockabilly, country, R&B acts played throughout the 50's and 60s' from Patsy Cline, Janis Martin, Roy Clark and Buck Owens to the Platters

Featured here are places mentioned in Billy Poore's Rockabilly book such as the Stardust (now abandoned in a sorry state and for sale) and the Wigwam (no longer a nightspot where he mentioned GeneVincent once played but still the "World's Most Unusual Bakery" as it was then). Thanks, Jerry Beauchesne, Jr. (NHERENT@aol.com) Feb., 1999

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