THE T.J.s, circa 1959. From left to right:
Bill Weigel, Jack Roubik, Tom Terry and Duane Schroeder.


The T-J's were LaCrosse, Wisconsin first Rock 'n' Roll band.

Originally they were a 3-piece group with Bill Wrigel, Tom Terry and Jack Roubik.

Duane Schroeder later filled out the band on bass.

"We always were in some kind of trouble" says Bill, Tom and Jack. So much that they almost didn't graduate from high school. Bill was once suspended by the Aquinas High School principal for wearing long hair and sideburns.

The power that be considered all that "rockin'" and "rollin'" indecent and immoral. But revenge is sweet. "Rock and roll, oh yeah! An they said it would never last." says Tom.

However, we had out fun times, too, recalls Duane. We ere on tour at the time, playing a high school sock hop somewhere in Minnesota. Anyway, our dressing room was actually the school's home economics room. We were in the process of changing when suddenly the home room door was ripped right off. It was a real stampede, I don't think the kids expected seeing us in such a state - we sure weren't expecting then (laughs).


When not out on tour in Wisconsin and the surrounding states that band's main stay was the Teen-A-Reena. At the time it was LaCrosse's most popular weekend hop hosted by Lindy Shannon.

Besides being the T-J's manager, Lindy, was also the area's first Rock 'n' Roll disc jockey (WKBH), promoter and record producer. He released many great records (3 by The T-J's) on his own Lindy label.

Thanks to Jack Roubik for supplying all the great pictures.

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