Information Provided by Sherri Wilson
"Hi, my name is Sherri Wilson. I am one of the daughters of James Carter Wilson. I was born in 1958 and my first home was above the Sun Studio Cafe. James Carter Wilson had many children and I have had the honor of being in contact with two of my half sibblings. James (from myself) has two Grandchildren, and a Great Grandson who is now a year old. If you have anything to add add to the information on my father, please e-mail me. Thank you." Sherri Wilson


James Carter Wilson in 1945. He was adopted by the Wilsons through a broker in Tennessee, who was later found guilty of selling the children afterthey had been removed from their families through kidnapping. James' birthname was Sonny Lewis, so his claims of being related to Jerry Lee Lewis may have been true. He is the second child from the left (bottom row).

James Carter Wilson at age 4 or 5. The Lewis Family was not sure about his age in this picture. He left when Sherri was around 4 years old and until about a year and a half ago she did not know where he was or even if he was still alive. Sherri's husband located members of old bands he had played with and Sherri has been able to find out a few things about him. Sadly he died in 1985 so she was not able to find him before his death.

This is Jim's Grandson Jason. He, like his Grandfather, plays piano by ear as does Sherri. Jason and Sherri also play guitar and sing. Jason looks like a clone of his Grandfather.

Jim's Grandaughter Rachel. She like her Grandfather was and still is a wild child. Her love for music is endless. She is 19 and has a son named William.

This is Jim's GreatGrandson, William. He turned a year old on Nov. 21st of this year (2003). He is already showing a lovefor music.

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    Recordings James is featured these albums:

  • Sings Ballads Of The True West - Johnny Cash
    Track 4 - The Ballad of Boot Hill 3:49
    C. Perkins
    Recorded 8/14/59 Nashville, TN
    Johnny Cash - vocal, guitar
    Marshall Grant - bass
    Michael Kazak - drums
    Bob Johnson - mando-lute
    The Anita Kerr Singers - vocals
    Luther Perkins - electric guitar
    James Carter Wilson - piano

    (CBS S 63521) Produced by Don Law&Frank Jones
    1959-1960, Bradley Film & Recording Studio, Nashville
    1964-1967, Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville
    Luther Perkins, Johnny Western - guitar
    Bob Johnson - guitar/mandocello
    Norman Blake - guitar/dobro
    Marshall Grant - bass
    Buddy Harman, W.S. Holland, Fury Kazak - drums
    Floyd Cramer, Harold Bradley, James Wilson - piano
    Boots Randolph - sax
    Anita Kerr Singers, Carter Family - vocals

    Page posted November, 2003

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