I began my career in music in the early 1950s with neighborhood friends and garage bands with whom I shared a love of music. In 1956 I met Bobby Lowell who wanted to try his hand at making a record. He came up with a song titled "Um Baby Baby" which we recorded with a group called the Rock-A-Boogie Boys. Bobby Lowell did vocals, I played lead guitar, Billy Vanover played rhythm guitar, Vern Boesinger played bass. There were no drums on this recording. We needed a tune for the flip side so Bobby, Dick Ude and I came up with a tune called "What You Do To Me." Having recorded these two songs at the Ash Williams Studio in Lincoln under the Roto Record Label, we sent the master tape to Burbank, California and had 1,000 45RPM discs pressed. Before this operation was over, our song "Um Baby Baby" B/W "What You Do To Me" made it to number 11 on the top 40 charts in Lincoln.

Harold Maudlin, Arnold Reeves, Jimmy Akin, (Jerry Jacoby, sax)

A year or so later Bobby and I lost contact with each other for a short time. During that time I performed with several local groups including The Invaders with me on piano, Arnold Reeves on drums, Harold Maudlin on bass, Doug Campbell on lead guitar and Jerry Jacoby on saxophone.

One of the other groups that I worked with was called Spinning Wheel with me on lead guitar and bass, Rick Cowling on lead guitar and bass, and Arnold Reeves on drums. As a trio, we recorded the song "Picture In My Mind" B/W "Funky Alien" in about 1974. This group dissolved and I played with several other groups after that time. I travelled to the Seattle area to work with Rick Cowling in a group called Orchard Motor Company with Michael James on drums. At that time I recorded an Iranian folk song titled Gariba Ashana and translated that song into American Rock and Roll, the American translation being "Familiar Stranger." This was, to say the least, an interesting event in my life.

STORMY: Bruce, Larry King, Rex Calhoun, Jimmy Akin

From there I travelled back to Lincoln and worked with a group called Stormy. This group was comprised of me on lead guitar, Larry King on bass, and Rex Calhoun (now deceased) on drums. After this group, I moved on and formed a group called Brandy. This group started out with me on lead guitar, Joe Gray on bass, and Arnold Reeves on drums. This group dissolved and reformed as Brandy again, but with me on guitar and piano, Larry King on bass, Kevin Kroon on drums, and Roy Wagener on saxophone. We recorded an album called Brandy, Life at the Speakeasy Lounge. It was during this era that I was voted best local male vocalist of the year by the Lincoln Journal-Star Music Poll. After 10 years as the Speakeasy's house band, I went into semi retirement in 1994.

I still perform occasionally at local lounges and clubs, and I have recently reacquainted with Bobby Lowell to do some studio work. At this time, we have one record soon to be released. The name of the songs are Cadillac Man on the "A" side, and I Miss You on the "B" side.

ORCHARD MOTOR CO.: Michael James, Jimmy Akin, Rick Cowling

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