I was born in Wayne, West Virginia in 1940. My dad played in a family band. He played all over Wayne at parties. There were six of us kids, three sisters, two brothers and myself. My dad passed away in March and I turned two in April.

My family and I moved to the Toledo, Ohio area when I was eight years old. I started playing at the age of fifteen.

I have played with a lot of musicians that became famous; such as Johnny and the Hurricanes, Freddy Boom Boom Cannon and Brenda Lee, in the early 60's. I also played with Connie Little, Known as ruby Jones, Raul Donner, Jack Scott, Larry Vernon, Little Walters and Denny and the Torkays just to name a few.

I recorded my forty-five, "Yea Pretty Baby" / "Darling Be Mine", in 1960 with my band the Playboys. I had a girlfriend named Joyce, she wanted me to record her a song. She even paid for me to record it. I recorded under the name Joe the Shaker and the Playboys.

I learned to play a lot of different instruments, guitar, bass, drums, piano, and dobro. I have also played a lot of different kinds of music, Rock-A-Billy, Rock and Roll, Country, Bluegrass and Blues.

In the 70's I played with Doyle Fountain and the Generations, we played country music, after our manager died I stopped playing for a period of 15 years. I returned to playing in 1995.

In 2000 I played Bluegrass music at reenactment camps traveling around North Central Ohio. I played Dobro. I recorded a gospel CD and some Civil War songs.

My newest CD is "Joe The Shaker & Lance Haulsey" - "Chicken Shack".



Posted May 21, 2002 - You'll find something on Joe in #51 issue of Guitar World Acoustic, page 87 - and in Guitar World's recent issue, an advert in the back of the magazine.

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