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Glen Glenn

           Glen Glenn is one of my favorite Rockabilly artists. He has met everyone in the business through the years, so it's no surprise that we have met. The photos are from two different shows I was on the same bill with Glen. He really gets the crowd excited with his stage show. On the shows with Glen was Alan Clark. Alan is Glen's biggest supporter and a great guitar player and has released alot of great books on Rock and Roll. Both Glen and Alan are close friends.

L to R: Alan Clark, Sandy Nelson, Johnny Vallis and Glen Glenn live on stage in Las Vegas

L to R: Alan Clark, Johnny Vallis, Glen Glenn

Johnny Vallis, Glen Glenn, Dickie Harrell (Gene Vincent's Drummer), Alan Clark

Sanford Clark

           Sanford Clark has an amazing voice. His recordings are highly regarded in my collection of music. In 1998 I was wondering where Sanford was and if he was performing. My search paid off when Al Casey passed my message on to Sanford and his wife Marsha. Receiving the call from both of them was the start of an on-going friendship.
           Next step was to get Sanford to perform again. Once Sanford let people know he was interested in performing again the calls started to come in. Then I asked Sanford to join the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame stage at Viva Las Vegas in 2002. We shared a set together. What a thrill to sing with Sanford Clark!
           Both Sanford and his wife Marsha are very dear friends to us. Check out the story on Sanford

Sanford, Glen Glenn and Johnny

Buddy Knox

"If Only Buddy Knox Would Sing My Song" mp3

Buddy's Rockabilly Hall of Fame's Page

Ronnie Hawkins

           Ronnie Hawkins is a Rock and Roll Legend! He knocked doors down in Canada during the late 1950's and early 1960's paving the way for many artists after him. Ronnie has an amazing sense of humour, big personality and can rock the house down with his music. Be sure to visit his site:

Tommy Roe

Hanging out backstage with Tommy Roe. He puts on a great show and sounds as good as ever. - Tell him Johnny sent ya!

Gene Summers

Johnny and Gene

           Being a big fan of great Texas Rock and Roll it was great meeting Gene Summers. We had been in touch prior to doing the show together. He has tons of energy and works the crowd like the pro that he is. Excellent music and songwriter.

Gene's RHOF Web Page

Paul Burlison

Johnny and Paul

           Paul Burlison was a member of "The Johnny Burnette Rock and Roll Trio". His guitar playing influenced many musicians including The Beatles. I was quite nervous meeting Paul, but he put me at ease right away. Those who were lucky enough to spend some time with Paul know that he was a very kind man.

Rocky Burnette

Rocky and Johnny

           Rocky Burnette is the Son of Johnny Burnette. Rocky is an excellent performer in his own write. He was alot of fun to be around. Rocky brought the house down!

Rocky's Web Site

Donnie Brooks

Donnie and Johnny

           Donnie Brooks has a very interesting career. I nicknamed him "The Gentle Giant". He is such a geniune person and full of a thousand one-liners. I'm proud to call Donnie a dear friend.

Left to Right: Jewel Akens (Birds and The Bee's) Johnny and Donnie Brooks

Tommy Sands

           Johnny relaxing backstage with the great Tommy Sands. Tommy is maybe best known for his role in movies such as "Babe's In Toyland", "Ensign Pulver", "The Longest Day" and "None But The Brave". He also recorded many successful albums for Capitol. Tommy is truly a great guy. Be sure to check out a fan site on Tommy for more info:

Diamond Dave Somerville

           Meeting fellow Canadian Dave Somerville was a real blast. He was an original member of the classic group 'The Diamonds' which such hits as 'Little Darlin', 'The Stroll', 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love', 'The Church Bells May Ring' and my personal favorite (other then the hits) 'Zip Zip'. Then he went on to record with 'The Four Preps'. When I had the pleasure of working on the same concert with Dave I watched his show. He came out looking and sounding excellent and he really entertained the audience with his polished act. Be sure to visit David's web site:

Carolyn Arends

           Carolyn's music is refreshing and uniquely her own. She has released a number of albums and written two books. Fifteen of her songs have been on the top 10 on the Canadian pop and US Christian charts. Carolyn also has 2 Dove Awards, 2 Juno Nominations, and was the West Coast Music Awards’ Songwriter of the Year in 2002. In 2003, Arends won 2 Vibe Awards and a Covenant Award. Carolyn and her husband Mark have two children. Always great to see the whole family when we met up. Be sure to check out Carolyn's show when she comes to your town.
Also on Carolyn's show is Spencer Capier:

Ronnie Spector

           Ronnie Spector was the lead singer of the 60's girl group "The Ronettes". My favorite memory is watching her performance from stage left. Ronnie has her own unique vocal style and I was lucky to watch her work so close. Her and her husband Jon were so kind to me. One night in her dressing room she handed a copy of her autobiography signed to me "To Johnny - I will never forget you - Ronnie xox". So many fond memories of that production, I feel the same too.

Gary Fjellgaard

I've known Gary and his wife Lynne since 1990. They have always been so kind and supportive.
           Raised on the Canadian prairies, Juno Award winner Gary Fjellgaard is a champion of vanishing values and the frontier spirit. Cattle drives, wagon treks, windswept prairies, rushing rivers and those working folks with ties to the land have all been a source of inspiration for his Western Roots style music . To quote Gary, "The romance and adventure of the west has been a part of me since I was a kid riding bareback across the prairies yodeling up a storm". Gary has been a featured performer at Cowboy gatherings from Calgary to Tucson as well as countless festivals and concerts coast to coast.
           Gary and his wife, Lynne, make their home on Gabriola Island on Canada's west coast. As one writer put it, "He is a poet of the extravagantly good side of the human spirit; breathtakingly sane and compassionate."

Here is a clip of Gary's song "Perfect World".
Johnny Vallis - Vocal
Gary Fjellgaard - Guitar
Gerry Plant - Bass
(Song used with kind permission of Slim Creek Music)

Gary and Valdy - "As individual artists, these men are amazing.
Together, they are phenomenal!"
Two true Canadian Legends!

Ted Neely

           Ted was in the original 1973 film verison of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. For full details of the movie check out:
(Unfortunately Ted Neely does not have an official web site)

Kay Wheeler

           Kay Wheeler formed the very first documented National Elvis Presley Fan Club in the world. She was a teen-leader in the early rock & roll movement who stepped out in the media and dared to represent Elvis and the scandalous new rock & roll to the adults in the mid-50s. Kay was also a girlfriend and a promoter of Elvis Presley in his early career. Kay Wheeler, had a starring role of the cult 1957 rock movie called "ROCK BABY, ROCK IT."

           I met Kay in Las Vegas and the crowd went wild when she did her dance from the movie.  Kay told me after my show how much she enjoyed my set and she signed me a really cool photo.  Be sure to check out Kay's Web Site:

Long John Baldry
January 12, 1941 - July 21, 2005
Blue's Legend Long John Baldry passed away in Vancouver.

Johnny opened for him a few times in Victoria. This picture was taken November 1996. for more information.

Buddy Ebsen visits a Johnny Vallis (Age 16) performance in 1988.
"He was very polite and got up to do a soft-shoe shuffle.
I was thrilled when he signed an autograph that said 'You Have Great Talent'.
A real true showman."


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