Story of Merle and
Rainbow Gardens

When Merle was 16 he and his childhood friend Bob Teague attended a Lefty Frizzell concert at the Rainbow Gardens. Lefty was Merle's hero and Merle could mimmick Lefty's  voice.

During the intermission Bob talked to Lefty while Lefty was getting a refreshment. He told Lefty "I got a friend that can sing as good as you". Lefty agreed to hear Merle in the dressing room. With some coercing by Bob ... Merle agreed to sing a tune for Lefty using Lefty's guitar.

When the show was about to start after the intermission Joe Sneed the promoter told Lefty to get ready to on stage. Lefty told Joe he wanted Merle to go out and sing a couple of tunes for the audience. Joe said "I don't want no local kid singing" and Lefty said I'll go on after this kid sings or I won't go on if you don't agree and Joe relented.

Merle got out and sang and got a rousing response from the audience. Merle was hooked after such a boisterous accepting reaction from the audience.

The Rainbow Gardens still stands on South Union and is a facility at last count used by the Basque folks. Here are pictures I took about 10 yrs. ago ..................