Milt Trenier was born on January 19, 1930.

In 1947 he made his debut at the Streamline Cafe. From 1953 to 1954 he made his great recordings for RCA. These include "You're Killing Me", "Flip Our Wig", "Day Old Bread", "Squeeze Me", and "Rock Bottom". From 1954 he joined his brothers Cliff and Claude, and became a member of the Treniers.

During this time he appeared with them on many variety shows including "The Ed Sullivan Show", "The Paul Whiteman Show", "the Steve Allen show", and "the Colgate Comedy Hour with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis". In 1959 Milt went solo, making appearances in Las Vegas, The Catskills, and Atlantic city. In 1977, Milt bought his first nightclub in Chicago called Milt Trenier's Lounge. This nightclub featured many great Jazz and R&B artists. It was also the hangout of Dennis Farina before he got famous. Bernie Mac got his start here. In 1997, Milt sold the nightclub and since then he has been performing at various clubs around Chicago, including Liquids, The hideout, and the Note. All these clubs feature Rockabilly acts at various times.
At the present Milt has an open run at Yvette's at 1206 N. State St. His current band includes Lloyd Wilson on piano, Tony Vitalli on drums and Dave "Bubba" Mitchell on saxophone. The rockabilly crowd has given this group the unofficial name "Milt Trenier and his Trio of Terror. Other musicians from the past include Joel Burt on the piano, and George Hughes on Drums.

Posted May, 2000

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