Nobody's Business is a swingin' rockabilly/roots rock trio from Detroit, MI formed in 1995 by singer, songwriter, guitarist Bill Giorgio.

The band has three CDs out "Waykool Rock & Roll" (produced by Stray Cat bassist Lee Rocker) their second release "Good To Go" and their new release "Oh Yeah!" which contains 13 songs featuring 10 originals by Bill Giorgio including "Yeah Boy" a tribute to Carl Perkins. "Oh Yeah" sets out to be a fair representation of material and attitude that the band exhibits during their live shows.

These recordings feature almost all original material which reflect the deep rockabilly roots that draw upon swing, blues, rock and country and give Nobody's Business it's own explosive and smoldering unique roots rock sound.

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Bill Giorgio Vocals/Guitar
As singer, songwriter, guitarist, and manager for Nobody's Business, Bill is certainly paying his rockabilly dues. His singing style is as authentic as it is original. While sporting a Gibson 335 hollow body guitar, his style and sound are clean, mean and straight to the point. Bill's no nonsense attitude and cool stage demeanor can only be described as Nobody's Business.

Steve Waundless Drums/Vocals
His name is Steve Waundless but you can call him Steve Sundown. Keepin' the beat for Nobody's Business is his business and he takes it seriously. From rocking out, to finesse playing with brushes or "rim-clicking" on the snare, Steve does it all on his bright yellow vintage Gretsch kit. Aside from looking good, Steve has the chops, intensity and meter that truly "talk the talk" but most importantly "walk the walk."

Dave Roof - Upright Bass/Vocals
Whether he's spinnin' that doghouse (bass) on its tailpiece or groovin' along like rollin' thunder, Dave is "the man" when it comes to holdin' down the bottom for this rockin' trio. As an added treat, Dave also sings pitch perfect harmony vocals. Dave's impressive background includes stints with the Starlight Drifters the Tom Maxwell band.

Bill Giorgio

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