Patt Cupp's

A photo that depicts the time Pat had his radio show on KVMA in Magnolia Arkansas. We was 13 years old and had won a talent contest. Pat was awarded a radio show for 6 months which was extended for more than a year. Left to right: Pat's oldest Brother who was in the Air Force at the time, Skippy Cupp; sister, Bea; Mother, Ruth; Pat's Dad, Burton; Pat's Brother Mickey at the Piano

BAND DURING THE AIR FORCE DAYS. Back row, left to right: Max Dickerson, bass; "Fitz: Fitzgerald, drums; Dave Holder, piano. Front row: Pat Cupp, lead guitar and vocals; Joe Procopio, rhythm guitar and vocals.

THE VARIABLES. Jimmy Allen, bass and trumpet; Bob Carile, piano and bass trumpet, trombone; Bill Manning, drums; Pat Cupp, Guitar, bass, vocals, harmonia, tenor sax.


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