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Posted September 30, 2004

Posted September 29, 2004
Hi, I just saw my name on this great website and decided to write! I am Denise Foster, "the teenaged sex symbol" of the '50's on the show. My grandchildren will be very surprised to know such a fun fact! I had a wonderful time singing professionally for many, many years. I appeared on the Lawrence Welk TV show twice, Arthur Godfrey¹s Talent Scouts, The Breakfast Club, in Chicago and with Pat Boone on a weekly TV show in Ft. Worth. I sang with big bands for years and after I moved to Chicago I did musical comedy revue, stage plays and club dates. I was married and had two beautiful children. I moved back to Dallas, after my divorce, and sang in the top supper and night clubs for 13 years, 6 nights a week, to raise my kids. I went into real estate, worked as a property tax appraiser, then as a paralegal, commercial appraiser, and closing agent. I am happily remarried, we live in a lovely new house in Arizona and I still sing in local productions. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me from Big D Jamboree. It¹s been a wonderful life, so far, and I am looking forward to the next 30 years! Thank you for including me on your site. Best always, Denise -

Posted September 27, 2004
I cannot find the song lyrics to Heart and Soul. I know the piano playing to it in about 20 different ways, but I can't find the real lyrics. I think that is goes like, "Heart and soul, I fell in love with you lost control." I know that isn't much, but it is all I think I know. The main part of the song is, C C C., C B A B C D E E E, E D C D E F G C, A G F E D C . If you can give me any info on this song, which was also in the 1988 movie Big. The movie with Tom Hanks. Please tell me you can help me. I can be reached at . Thank you very much.

Posted September 27, 2004
Hi! Read the cool new article on Count Smokula in the Phoenix New Times! Enjoy and crack up! Best Regards,Count Smokula -

Posted September 26, 2004
I recently went to a family reunion over by Poplar Bluff MO. We met my spouse's kin and a nephew named Jimmy Wallace. We didn't know much about his history but found out he and some military buddies had won a Navy Talent Show and appeared on AUG 27 1956 ED SULLIVAN SHOW "Toast Of The Town". The show was hosted by Kirk Douglas. The song was a song that was one that inspired me to perform many times throught the years ("HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHTS"). The combo called the "JUMPIN JACKS" consisted of Don Kahn...keyboard. Ray "Slim" Moore...bass Jimmy Guitar and vocal Gary Webb... Drums. Jim Pasquerelli who did some vocals had to stay behind in Japan and didn't make the show. NOW if anyone knows where any of these other guys are; please let me know and I'll pass it on to Jimmy Wallace. We did hear that Slim had died in July 2002 and that was posted by Don Kahn at but Don's e mail we couldn't find. Thanks Riverboat Banjo Bob

Posted September 24, 2004
Dear Sheree its all okay the people who know you wil love you the same. Whatever you did wrong nothings compare's with the good work you did and do. Love you Lady Love mom also ... your fans/friends, Nol&Wies - boppinnol&

Posted September 24, 2004
Wild Records have released the first 45rpm record by Omar and the Stringpoppers, Its got one song wrote by the band My Baby Dont breathe.and a cover of the R Taylor song Connie Lou There is no a side as both of the songs are killers,The other really cool thing about the 45 is the fact that the RECORD itself IS PINK AND BLACK ,Which is a first, check the record out on - So if you are not a lover of the CD format this should be something you find really cool, for more info contact - Omar and the Stringpoppers return to europe on Oct 8th to play a show in Milan Italy and then go to the UK to release there new record at the Metro club in London on oct 9th. Omar then spends 2 weeks in Germany.2005 is looking like the biggest year yet for the band there one of the Headliners at the May Hemsby they also play 2005 Viva Las Vages main stage (there second time) they will be playing in Spain and also Germany, with lots more stuff in the pipeline.

Posted September 23, 2004
It is nice to know that Sammy is still "alive and kicking". I first knew him when he appeared at Harmony Park Ballroom in Anaheim, CA (1950-51) and was later involved with his fan club. I still have an old record (78) from that era as well as fan club membership cards, etc. My best to Sammy and his family. Sincerely, Darlene (Thompson) Long, Formerly of Placentia, CA. Now living in Pine City, MN. My personal e-mail address is: - Thank you. Darlene Long

Posted September 23, 2004
Help!!!! I am searching for the vocal/piano sheet music for Brenda's song "Angel and the Little Blue Bell". My 12 year old daughter is a fan and was chosen to sing a solo at her Christmas concert and chose that one. 2 years ago she did "Blue Christmas". I have searched high and low with no success. Please help a.s.a.p. Marla up north -

Posted September 23, 2004
I want to apologize for the message I posted the other day. I never meant to say anything bad about any other festivals. I am sorry if some of you interrupted it wrong. I don't need to be on anyone's bad side. If that is what is going to happen, I might as throw in the towel now. I don't want to make enemies. I would like to keep the friends that I have. All rockabilly festivals are wonderful. They are actually making it happen, something I may never get accomplished. Please don't take what I am trying to do in the wrong way, and please don't think I am trying to ruin it for anyone else. We are a family, and I would like to keep it that way. Thanks. Sheree Homer -

Posted September 23, 2004
Can anyone help me find a song? recording? "The Boogie man" (I think it's called)!! or"BoogieMan". 1960's maybe?.... This really is a cool Rock N Roll song, though be it a holloween-teens-type song of the 50s or 60s with a Rock-a-billy/Beach/surfin'rock sound. I Don't know 100% or who sings it. Somebody once told me it was "Dodgers and Johnny Angel" 1958 but I don't think so. The label I saw of theirs doesn't match my memory of the 45! I saw the "Dodgers" single at the rockabilly site "rockin' coutry style" (cool site). Anyway... Back to my question about this oldie from the early 60s, possibly late 50s. It has a feel of those monster/scary/fun type songs of the era or "dead mans curve" type song. I'm sure it was a flip side to a single. It Goes Something like this...
(Singer)... My mama told me all about you!!
(the boogie mans voice says really scary echo).... SHE DID- DID SHE?
(Then the singer says) .....You'll throw us in a pot and make us stew!!
(Boogie Man Laughing loud and scary, like in a cave) ......Ha Ha HAH!.
(Singer) ......Get a-way!, Get a-way! etc. etc. Please if anybody can recall, e-mail me @ -

Posted September 23, 2004
Hi all... Good to see this site keeping Rock 'n' roll alive,im a singer/songwriter of Rock 'n' roll/country songs and currnetly have recorded about 5oo original trying also to take rock 'n' roll into the 21st century whilst keeping thta feel.Growing up with all those great songs,its time si wish we could all have again.Ive just done my new video which is for a single called "wild wild woman" it is of arather modern style that combines rock n roll with a more contemporary sound,to bring it to the forefriont again,im also releasing a song called "i travelled along" for usa a double a with more trad rockabilly number "anna marie"...all the vidoe are at these sites: "wild wild woman" "travelled along" "anna marie"
i hope you enijoy them,i'll be at a show on november 6th at the virginacreepers club in london uk so that should be always looking for promoters, anybody wnating to make rock n roll films featuring my music or any other projects,but mainly to keep that great music alive with new material... anwyay hope to hear and anyone wishing to drop a line if they like the videos or songs can, keep rockin, Shawn -

Posted September 22, 2004
Hello, I'm designing the 2005 Tennessee Visitor Guide and am looking for an image of Carl Perkins. Would you have one that you could email me? Look forward to hearing from you, Sincerely, Kim Hanrahan, Sr Designer, Miles Media Group -

Posted September 21, 2004
Hi all, I am in the beginning stages of putting a rockabilly documentary together. I have a film crew willing to work with me. They are affiliated with HBO and are currently working on a Charlie Gracie documentary. Anyway, they love my idea of recording and preserving the history of rockabilly. I have spoken to quite a few artists about this, and they are all for it. By the way, when the documentary is finished, the artists would split 25% of the profits. I made sure that was the case. Nothing against Green Bay. I love Marc and Phil and the shows they put on, but this event will be all rockabilly. The first step the crew wants to take is interview some of the prominent artists/people. I have asked quite a few and many have signed on. They are very excited about this idea as well as my film crew. The only problem I am having is money. I don't have money of my own to support this project because every dime I have made from Rockabilly Revue goes right back into the magazine. They want $10,000 to film the project. Does anyone know of sponsors or people who would be willing to donate money? The event would take place next November, hopefully at the Grand Casino. I talk to them again tomorrow. Tickets would be free. Thanks to anyone who has any ideas. I need to get started on this asap because the crew wants to start filming this fall/winter. Sheree Homer -

Posted September 21, 2004
  Great News Folks. The 2 hour Rock 'n' Roll show that we in the South West of the U.K tune into every Saturday Night is now being broadcast on the internet! Go to devon - Then find Geoff Barker (or Saturday Night Rock 'n' Roll party) and click on "listen". Show goes out at 6.00pm to 8.00pm G.M.T on Saturday nights. This weeks show will be live from the Eddie Cochran Weekend Festival in Chippenham so a good chance Geoff will get to interview some of the stars appearing. If you do get to listen I am sure that Geoff would love to get messages & requests from folk around the world. Mike Tobin -

Posted September 20, 2004
  Hi, my name is Paul Tighe, i live in Hull, East Yorkshire. I'm just starting up a rock'n'roll band called The Cyclones, and we were hoping to have some publicity photos taken with a 50's car, but unfortunatly we've not had much luck in finding one, i was just wondering if anyone out there knew of someone who could help? Also if anyone had any info on places we could get gigs, we'd be grateful. We play basicaaly rockin' country blues, and feel we have got a good set of mostly original songs, but also covers. Hoping someone can help, cheers. Paul -

Posted September 20, 2004
  hi there, just thought i would let you know that we have johnny earle + jive street playing at somerset hall portishead bristol on september 24th 2004, 7.30 to 12 entry £10.00 and on oct 22nd we have mark keeley's good rockin tonight also at somerset hall portishead bristol,7.30 to 12, entry £6.50. thanks very much. will bristol jive club. contact info: will tel 01179-380483 / 07818-813424-

Posted September 20, 2004
  Looking for some cd's of the sun demons. I remember this group being out in 1997, right now I can only remember one song they sang, "car trouble in cow town". If any one knows where I can find there cd's I would appreciate it. weasel -

Posted September 19, 2004
  Hello Friends! I want 2 Elvis Presley E.P.'s from the fifties: This E.P.'s are :Christmas with Elvis EPA-4340; A Touch of Gold EPA - 5141. Theese 2 E.P. shall have black label & dog in top. J¿rgen Poulsen, R¿nneb¾rvej 10 Mejdal, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark -

Posted September 19, 2004
  Phil Hummer will be at The Rodeo Bar in NYC on October 6 at 10pm. no cover. visit for free music, records, upcoming dates, and mailing list. Phil Hummer, The Michigan Hillbilly, -

Posted September 19, 2004
  I have a rockabilly radio show and being from right up the road from where Gene and the Blue Caps got their start I am really influenced by them. Today I am having Dickie "BeBop" Harrell and Tommy "Bubba" Facenda on my show (Sep. 19, 2004). I am nervous and excited to get to interview such legends who aren't concerned about making money any more but just keeping Gene's legacy alive! And that is why I am out there... To keep legacies like Gene's alive! TJ The DJ - Chesapeake, VA, USA

Posted September 17, 2004
  On Friday 24th Sep many of the world's greatest rock-n-roll performers will begin assembling in Chippenham Wiltshire for the 10th Anniversary Eddie Cochran Festival to be held from 24th - 26th September. The original Comets, The Crickets, Marty Wilde, Dave Edmunds, Charlie Gracie, Albert Lee & Hogans Heroes, Jet Harris, Matchbox, Terry Dene, Vince Eager, Chas Hodges Rock-n-Roll trio, Mike Berry, Bobby Cochran, Tommy Bruce, Rebel Dean, Ervin Travis & The Virginians, special guests Stan Perkins (son of Carl Perkins) with DJ Fontana and many other bands from Holland, Italy and the UK will join the legendary King of Rock-n-Roll "Little Richard" who will top the bill on this very special one off event. Little Richard, now in semi retirement agreed to play in Chippenham which will be his only UK performance this year. Visitors from around the world will begin arriving on Thursday 23rd September, with advanced tickets being sold to fans in the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Holland, the USA and all over Great Britain making the festival a truley international event.
           Daily and weekend tickets at the advanced price are still available and can be obtained by post or credit card. More information can be obtained from or, to buy on line see For general festival and ticket information call the festival organiser on 01249 656350 / 463303 also info available on Channel 4 Festivals Guide. For Credit Card bookings call 01249 706333 / 714660.
           The Eddie Cochran Appreciation Society was formed in 1995 in the town of Chippenham where Eddie Cochran was killed in April 1960. His popularity has grown from strength to strength with fans of all age groups visiting the town and memorial each year for this very special event which will have a line up this year that may never ever be repeated anywhere else worldwide.
John Knight, Festival Organiser

Posted September 17, 2004
  Loved the story Mister Kelly ... and I love your music! Keep up the spirit ... and keep on keepin' on. By the way I received the 5+1 cd box of the RHOF. Well fans, they are just fantastic. 147 jewels of songs for $30 usd ... I mean stay home at Saturday and get that box set. Have a great weekend you all. Nol&Wies -

Posted September 17, 2004
  Hi, I didn't even know that you had put the picture that I sent you on the cover page of the Rockabilly Hall until I got an e-mail today from a guy named "Imperial" from France. Thanks for putting it on the site - I appreciate it.
           Another unusual thing happened today. A few months ago, Rob Finnis, from Ace Records in England, got in touch with me and said that he had bought all the old demo's from Jack Rhodes Recording Studio in Mineola, Texas and that there was a version of "Git it" in the demos and wondered if I had ever recorded at Rhodes Motel studio. I had not and told him that I did not record there. He said that the demo sounded like a black R&B group. He wanted my permission to put the Demo on the record and I said that as long as he gave me the writers rights, that it was OK with me.
           Well, today, he sent me the CD that is entitled "Gene Vincent Cut Our Songs", and the demo is of ME as Bob Kelly and the Pikes. Not the version that is on my CD but the original demo that we made and we didn't record it at Rhodes Studio and I don't have any idea how it got into his collection.
           I did give this demo, (just guitar and background vocals and Me singing lead) to Ed Watts from the Big D Jamboree and he wanted it to sound more like a real demo so he said that he would pay for the demo if I would go into Sellers Rec. Studio in Dallas and record it with a band and give him the publishing on it for Big D Pub. He was going to get it to Gene Vincent since Big D (who Ed worked for at the time) had him under exclusive contract.
           I find it hard to believe that these old demo's can keep turning up after so many years and they are actually being released on a CD. This was not even considered good enough to use as a Demo in 1957 for Gene Vincent to listen to. Just Amazing and Astounding. Where were these people when I needed a recording contract back then - ha!!! This is just a little nostalgia for you. Bob "Git it" Kelly - -

Posted September 17, 2004
  Hi the name of my band is (THIS BITTER END) we are also a las vegas local band. We are a four piece band, we play alot of rock music with a little punk rock we do mostly originals we also can do some covers if we need to. I would like to know if you are booking any bands right now? and if so, do we need to bring pictures or demos? you can email us at this address - - Thanks, Donna

Posted September 16, 2004
  Dear Friends! Remember the great songwriter Sharon Sheeley died May 17 2002. J¿rgen Poulsen, President of the Danish Eddie Cochran Fan Club -

Posted September 15, 2004
  hello, my name is jean poiraud. i am a french elvis fan who used to live in england. back in 1986 i bought a record called elvis the beginning years, elvis live at the lousiana hayride. inside the the sleeve i found two contracts. one signed in            1954 by elvis and band his father, his mum? ... and the other one signed on sept 8th 1955 signed by elvis his parents and hl logan. both contracts were for performances at the hayride. could you please tell me if those contracts would have any value of any kind. i can tell you that the paper is not a european   size. they could be copies of course but how many copies of these contracts do exist in the world today? i hope you can help me. i love the usa, elvis, and maybe one day i will come and live in your country - in the meantime,i hope to hear from you real soon.

Posted September 15, 2004
Kindly inform me if ever Johnny Burnette sang "Good rocking tonight". Thanks in advance. Regards, Carlos -

Posted September 14, 2004
I have been trying to find the name given to Ricky Nelson's band on the show Ozzie & Harriet. I could be wrong, but I'm sure I remember that a name was given on the show. This is just one of those things that drives you crazy trying to remember! Marilyn -

Posted September 14, 2004
Hi, Just discovered your website - thought Gene Vincent fans would be interested in a new CD that just came out. The CD is called "Stray Cats Ball - No Dogs Allowed". It contains various remixes of great rockabilly songs by great artists, including Elvis and Gene. There's a remix of Be-Bop-A-Lula with Gene's vocals against newly recorded background music. It's great! Just thought you'd like to know. Jeff -

Posted September 12, 2004
Hey BO DIDDLEY fans, An exclusive interview recorded with BO DIDDLEY in London, England in August 2004 is due to be broadcast as part of a one-hour BO DIDDLEY special on the Paul Jones rhythm & blues show on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio 2 on Thursday September 16th 2004 commencing at 8.00pm BST. The Paul Jones show is available on-line to listeners around the world via the BBC Radio Player's "Listen Live" and "Listen Again" functions located at David Blakey, Webmaster, BO DIDDLEY-The Originator -

Posted September 11, 2004
Rock-a-billy guitar player wanting to pick. I was the last lead guitar player for BOB LUMAN. I play in the styles of James Burton - Scotty MOORE. No laying in the floor -just a solid lead man. I've still got the sideburns. RIP WILSON - in NASHVILLE,

Posted September 11, 2004
Hello! one simple question- have you heard about woody thorne and his song "TEENAGERS IN LOVE". I'M LOOKING FOR HIS PICTURE EVERY SINCE. yours Robi -

Posted September 10, 2004
Introducing The Blo-Weevils and/or Nervous Paulvis Eggsley's One-Mad-Man-Band
Hi There, I've just latched onto your website, it's most impressive. Let me introduce myself ... I am, so I've been told, the natural successor to Hasil Adkins!! I can hear you shudder, but it is done all in the best possible taste. I play what I call: NeoPsycho-PostUnreconstructedTed-SkiffleBillyBlues
           With exhausting energy and uncontrolled humour, playing at times up to seven different instruments at the same time. I am the only person to have truly perfected the art of playing String Bass and Guitar at the same time!!! With the addition of a bass drum, hi-hat, tambourine, leg-bells, shaky-egg and harmonica... I produce a sound (and sight) that is truly unforgettable!! OK, not musically brilliant, but that's not the point. Nobody does what I do and the very thought of coming up with these ideas, is, I think, truly deserving of a place in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame!!!
           My sound/style may be "weird" but it is also truly rockin' (I wouldn't like it if it wasn't - I've been 'on the scene' for 30 years and more) with a sound that keeps on evolving as I experiment more and more with the number of instruments I can play at the same time and or invent.
           I've just come up with the "T-Chest Stick" - which doesn't need a bass-box as it has it's own pick-up, I can now tie a string around my foot,attach it to the "Stick", plug into an amp and just play the string with the stick balancing on top of my other foot while I bop around the floor in time to the music. Rather exhausting, but quite entertaining!!
           "A fine line between genius and certifiable insanity" according to Professor Mark (Chicken Shack) Jamieson. However, I am, I know, more of a novelty comic support act, rather than a headliner. BUT NOW!! I have joined a band!! I now play my custom-designed String Bass with a really, really hot, Jump-Blues Trio called the BLO-WEEVILS!!
           We play mostly original but authentic sounding, rockin' blues tunes ("Raw-Jump Boogie" we call it) and are led by the 2003 UK harmonica champion, Matt Griffiths and backed up by the guitar of long time blues player Paul Renvoize. We love to play and are constantly looking for gigs (with or without Mr Eggsley as a support act). You can check out our sound by visiting our website - Rockin' Regards, Paulvi - - Nervous Paulvis Eggsley -

Posted September 8, 2004
My sincere thanks for posting the photo of the Starfires on the RHOF website. I sent the URL to a buncha folks, and wound up on a radio show in Berwick, PA., promoting the band and re-introducing the listeners to the 1960s sound of the Starfires, all because of the pic! The song, "You Done Me Wrong," really the only song of ours to chart, has now been added to the mix on WFBS-AM in Berwick! We are performing in Dallas, PA on the 18th, and the station owner and his wife are going to be our special guests for that evening. Holy Cow! Things are moving so fast! John Hall -

Posted September 7, 2004
Hello Music friends, about that Dollar bill (see below) with the autograph of Carl Perkins ... I guess the worth of the emotions are unpayble. I have Carl Perkins autograph on a peace of paper and its more worth to me than any money ... I met Carl Perkins overhere in the Netherlands in 1974 he played guitar in the Johnny Cash band ... Carl was a great guy. So treasure that dollar bill wich its still a dollar bill.
           Support your artists, so support Bob Timmers ... visit the merchandise page, lots of great music there. That way you show your love for your artist ... like Bob has been doing for years. Buy a dollar bill with the autograph of Bob for like 20-USD and the worth will be so much ... because all those great artists are there on the RHOF as a honor though them. Keep up the great spirit you all ... have a great day - Nol & Wies. -

Posted September 7, 2004
Jerry Hedges who played guitar with the Jiants and co-wrote Tornado and She's My Woman for Claudra Records with Andy Anderson, passed away on January 23, 2004 in Valparaiso, Indiana. Linda Lane Hedges -

Posted September 7, 2004
my father bootsie smith went rabbit hunting with carl perkins, my father bootsie raised and sold beagles in hayti mo. my fathers good friend martin ray is the one who introduced my father to carl ..carl perkins signed a dollar bill for my father and carl put on it  to kathy from carl perkins..martin ray is from hayti mo. also ... they went to tenn. and hunted alot with carl and visited his cabin also ... and carl would play guitar and sing...i was wondering what my dollar bill would be worth to anyone? ... please reply ... thanks, kathy in texas -

Posted September 6, 2004
Hey BO DIDDLEY fans, An interview with BO DIDDLEY is due to be broadcast on the Paul Jones rhythm & blues show on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio 2 on Thursday September 16th commencing at 8.00pm BST. The Paul Jones show is available on-line to listeners around the world via the BBC Radio Player's "Listen Live" and "Listen Again" functions located at - David Blakey, Webmaster, BO DIDDLEY-The Originator -

Posted September 5, 2004
for sale - our 1961 fender lefty strat that we bought new in 1961. - sunburst. - note - we are listed at this site in Links #1. any interest please contact us at the email address - regards - lew skinner - Posted September 5, 2004
Looking for information on Merdell Floyd's song (JUKEBOX MAMA). THANKS -

Posted September 5, 2004
Hello there! Please give a try to our new web site and let us know what you think; we are testing it now. Feel free to open new topics at the forum! Greetings from Barcelona, Carlos -

Posted September 5, 2004
Hello! I love your website! I was wondering if you can help me find a Marty Robbins 45 or album that has "Count Me Out" and "Private Wilson White" on it. I have been looking all over and I can't find it. I would like it to be a present for my sister-in-law. Thanks in advance if you can help me! Brenda Brown -

Posted September 5, 2004
Hi: I am looking for a fun New Orleans band that plays the classic rock songs that are great for parties. My friend and I are celebrating our 21st birthdays at the Columns Hotel on the evening of Thursday, September 16th, and we need a fun band! I have a recommendation from a close friend of mine for the Alley Catz (apparently they played for her father's company Christmas parties for several years in a row), and she said they were amazing. You can reach me at (504) 931-0398, or email me at Thank you for your time, Lindsey Douglas

Posted September 2, 2004
Carl Bradychok has been around for three years. He has been recording CD's alone, just with guitar, no bass, or drum. Bu now, he recorded a CD with a band. And he's only 13 years old! If you would like to hear samples off of his new CD, "Children At Play," (featuring Bill Alton, Kenny Bruce, and Steve Waundless) or his older material, go to his website, You will also find a News Page, Bio, Review Page, and more.

Posted September 2, 2004
I've been touring with Sleepy Labeef for over the past 6 years. Would appreciate any input. I play drums and harmonica at the same time, I'm his second lead plus I sing with him. Hope I can offer any insight or information that is helpful in some way. Jerry Cavanaugh -

Posted September 2, 2004
Hello, I am from Houston, Texas and wanted to know if there is a website with current touring rockabilly bands in Texas and Louisiana areas. If so, could you please advise names of some of the better known bands and how to purchase their music OR older rockabilly music. Thank you, JT Jernigan, Houston, Texas -

Posted September 2, 2004
Reminder: check out the Rockabilly Revue. The eighth issue was just released last month. The following artists have been featured so far:
September 2002- Dale Hawkins
December 2002- Paul Burlison and Rocky Burnette
March 2003- Billy Lee Riley and Rip Carson
May 2003- The Collins Kids and Lee Rocker
July 2003- Sanford Clark, Johnny Vallis, and Eddie Clendening
December 2003- The Crickets and John Mueller
March 2004- Wanda Jackson, Bernard Lansky, and Jesse Al Tuscan
July 2004- Pat Cupp and Nick Willett
Website at, or you can email for more information. It is available quarterly, and a subscription costs $19 in the US. Sheree Homer -

Posted September 1, 2004
I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone who took a video of Go Cat Go's performance this past April at the Viva Las Vegas weekender. I would love to have a copy. A friend of mine was supposed to go for me and take one, but something came up, and she had to cancel. I am a big fan of their music, and I know they won't be getting back together for any more shows, so this would be great to have. Thanks to anyone who can help. Sheree Homer -

Posted September 1, 2004
Hi: I noticed your listing of Eddy Bell. That is definately the correct picture of Eddy. He still lives in Chicago and is 62 years old. I became an Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones fan in 1968 when he played in Massachusetts for various Polka dances. Go to web page and check out the scrapbook. He has pictures of the Eddy Bell band. Very cool stuff. I'm a Polka dj on WMUA in Amherst, Mass. at U Mass and I've been on 25 years, so I know my music. I was recently inducted to the Polka Music Hall Of Fame in Chicago. Aug. 2004. Billy Belina -

Posted August 31, 2004
Hello from Georgia! I work closely with a young Elvis Tribute Entertainer who looks and sounds so close to the real thing I can hardly look at him half the time without squeezing my eyes shut and then rechecking. (this isn't just "fan talk" - the kid seriously HAS IT; right down to the shape of his TEETH) He's also about to branch into his own solo work, and has a beautifully soulful voice that takes you back through time. His name is Arik Christopher, and I'd really like to see him be included in your pages; but I'm sure there MUST be something we'd have to do besides just tell you guys there about him! LOL - Check out - Linda Milling -

Posted August 31, 2004
are braces rockabilly? the ones that hold your trousers up? will -

Posted August 31, 2004
Hi: How about doing an interview or getting more info on Eddy Bell and the Bel-Aires better known later as Eddie Blazonczyk and the Versatones. Eddie is still living in Chicago, at age 62. Billy B -

Posted August 31, 2004
Hi all. Jack Scott will be doing a 90 minute show at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on Sept 17, 2004 starting at 7:30 or 8:00 tickets on sale at ticket master.  Best regards Tony -

Posted August 31, 2004
After the passing of my mother in 2002, I have been in charge of the sorting and cleaning of the things she collected in the 80 yrs. of her life. I have recently found a small bag of programs, music books, and pictures, many of which have the autographs of most of the artists.    The National Hillbilly Jamboree/WLS Barn Dance programs are only 1 folded page. The show was produced and presented by Jack Andrews. The cost of the programs was .15c. Some of the acts listed; Blue Ridge Mountain Gang, Curley Carson, Woody Woodels Rangers, Mac and Bob, Wendell Hall, Grace Wilson, Pie Plant Pete, and many others. Both programs contain autographs of almost the full casts. I also have a picture of the 1942 WWVA Jamboree Good Will Tour cast. Some of the autographs I can make out are; Doc Williams, Lew Clawson, Little Shirley, Curly Miller, Sunflower, Brother Cy, and again many more. An issue of National Hillbilly News. May 1946. 8X10 pic of Carson Robison and the Buckaroos, and Brownie and Slim Carter's Anniversary Album No. 3. Songs and pictures of your favorite radio stars. I am not interested in getting rid of these right now but am curious if there is a value, both historically in regards to country music and radio and of course price wise. Any information or direction you could give me would be appreciated. jeff vargo -

Posted August 31, 2004
Howdy! A friend of mine is about to start his first rockabilly band and wants to be a stand up drummer.  He's a big fan of Slim Jim Phantom and was wondering what model of Zildjian cymbal he used back in the 80's when he was with the Stray Cats.  (he uses two now..) Any help would be greatly appreciated! GL - nezpierce -

Posted August 31, 2004
hi im 24 yrs old im a young elvis singer im having a hard time finding a 1950's floor mic stand its all chrome with a round chrome bottom, if you read the book elvis a life in pictures theres a pic of it on page 11. thank you for your time. nick -

Posted August 31, 2004
Hello, My name is Giuseppe Mercadante and I'm trying to contact Bill Lahman, Rusty York's guitarist. I need to ask him if his Gibson RD Artist bass is for sale. Thank you very much, Giuseppe.

Posted August 31, 2004
how can i get a schedual of jason d williams ... the man is a kick. viper -

Posted August 31, 2004
I know this is a lil off-topic, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share a very inspirational album with you all. It's called "American River" by composer Jonathan Elias and features several guest artists, such as Kris Kristofferson and the late Johnny Cash, reciting their own self-penned words to Elias' music pieces. In fact, the track featuring Cash, titled "Continuance," is known to be the last piece of work he recorded before he passed. He collaborated with his daughter, Roseanne, on the track, which was about the Cash family "coming to America as mariners and musicians - how they wove themselves into the fabric of the new American society." Wow, sure to be an amazing piece - as his work always is.
           You may not recognize Jonathan Elias' name... however, his work is extremely well-known. His credits include commercials, such as for Nike, Microsoft, and Lexus, as well as company sound marks for Apple, MTV, and Yahoo!, and also score music for movie trailers for "Back to the Future" and "Alien." His Nike commercial: - His new CD, "American River" just dropped this past Tuesday, the 24th, and is sure to be an unbelievable sequel to his first album, "Prayer Cycle." If you love Kris Kristofferson, Emmylou Harris, Marty Stuart, Johnny Cash, etc... "American River" is a sure bet. Beth -

Posted August 31, 2004
if elvis is alive where is he hideing and why did he fake his death?

Posted August 26, 2004
RICKY NELSON FANS ... This one's for you. A new book called Ricky Nelson Rockabilly: Day By Day set for immediate release. Only 500 copies being printed. All in chronological order, everything you wanted to know about Rick. Every t-v show listed with songs performed, every American/Canadian record release, every known show he played. This book began in 1959 and has taken 45 years of detailed work. See all family details, private moments, contracts, what made him tick, what was he really like. For details, contact: Paul MacPhail

Posted August 25, 2004
My name is Judah. Im the lead singer in a band named HEROD. We currently have a full lenght album out on LIFE FORCE RECORDS and were working on new material for the next album Im posting to maybe gain a few new fans. Our music is best deifned as the revival of rock and metal. The music is pure and clean. I hold high hopes that you will enjoy it and if you do please pass it along to friends. - thank you - Judah -

Posted August 25, 2004
I was just turned onto rockabilly not too long ago and loved it!! So far, my favorite rockabillies are Johnny Burnette/rock & roll Trio and Billy Barrix. Can you tell me about any more of those "wild men"? Dee Dee -

Posted August 23, 2004
Hello you all music lovers ... lets support Danny Dollar ... I can't if it goes about money but whatever I can do without it I will. Keep up the spirit Danny. We have you in our hearts and thoughts. Nol & Wies.

Posted August 23, 2004
FROM THE EDITOR: I just spoke to Danny Dollar. The recent Florida storms did a number on his herbal business. He needs a little support to get through these rough times. The good news is that Danny has decided to get back into recording and performing. Anyone who can help Danny, contact him: Danny Dollar
2404 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL 33952
Danny asked if we could ask ya'll to pass this message on. Thanks, Bob Timmers

Posted August 23, 2004
I would like to join all the cats in italy, is there anyone? Salvo -

Posted August 23, 2004
My dad and mum (Terry and Liz) were friends with Jody Gibson and Bobby, his wife, back in the 60's when he was in England and I came across the website the other day. We'd like to get in touch again. I don't suppose Jody checks this message board very often but if someone could pass on the message I'd really appreciate it. Coincidentally, I play American folk music too, but more bluegrass and old timey stuff. Nigel -

Posted August 22, 2004
Hi, Could you give me some more information on Al Barkle? I've heard his "Jumpin' From 6 to 6" and like it, but I have three more of his records on Frantic. I do see that he is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and there is a photo of him, but I can find no information about him. Can you help? Thanks, Judy -

Posted August 22, 2004
Somebody please tell us something about Joyce Green! We cannot find any info about her and we absolutely cannot stop listening to "Black Cadillac." Did she just have that one single? Someone must know something!!

Posted August 21, 2004
Uncle Bill, I bought the "Heat So Cold" on vinyl. The liner notes mention that you recorded the song "Rollerland" which was written by a member of the Ravens. But the liner notes say they never recorded the song. How did you know it? Jack O'Toole -

Posted August 21, 2004
I am doing some research and trying to find recordings made by my Grandfather, Bill Strickland in th 1940's and 1950's. He sang Rockabilly and I know that at least one of his songs was titled, "Hillbilly Wolf". If you have anything that may have been recorded by him,  any information or help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Kimberly Cook -

Posted August 21, 2004
I am looking into the origin of the Swingin' Medallions great frat rock song from the summer of 1966, Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love). Apparently this song was written by Don Smith and Cyril Vetter, and originally recorded by Dick Holler and the Holidays in the late 50's. It was recorded in the mid-60's by group called the K-Otics and also by the Swingin' Medallions out of South Carolina, who had a top twenty pop hit with it. Dick Holler apparently later wrote Abraham, Martin and John. I'm looking for more information on any of the people or artists mentioned here, but especially Dick Holler. Do you have anything, or know where I can get anything?

Posted August 21, 2004
I saw the Neverly Brothers last night (8/19) at the Milwaukee Ale House, a rather 'upscale' brewpub in Milwaukee's 'Third Ward'.
           I had some kind of idea what to expect, because I have one of their CD's and I saw them once on WGN TV on the news.
           However, I was blown away by the talent these two musicians have and their obvious love for the music. Their close harmonies did indeed remind me of the Everlys, and their songs really sounded good even though they didn't even have a rhythm section with them. No drums, no bass. no nothing. Just two guys with acoustic guitars.
           What surprised me was that when they started at 8 PM it was your basic bar crowd, not paying too much attention to anything but their beers. But, by the time Carolyn and I left at 10:30 to go home, they had the bar patrons up close to the stage and people dancing in front of the stage. Think about it... those of you who play festivals are kinda sorta 'preaching to the choir' as it were because everyone around you is into rockabilly too and they are 'easy to please'. It's like when you go to a comedy club, you are expecting big laughs. It's an entirely different story to take people who never heard of you before and basically see you only as background music for drinking and convert them into a dancing, partying crowd.
           I was talking to Carl, the one with the 'hair', and he says that for the last 21 days straight, they were doing 2 shows a day in different places. For example, yesterday AM. they were at Chicago's Navy Pier, and then they did their show at the Ale House. This weekend they have 2 different festivals booked. After seeing their show, I can see why.
           My advice is if you have a chance to see the Neverly Brothers locally, do it. Soon, I bet they'll be on Letterman or Leno.
           PS. They play all kinds of music too - Beatles, real early bluesy Stones, Buck Owens... -Ken,

Posted August 19, 2004
I am trying to locate a photo of an early cowboy singer, Edward L Crain (The Texas Cowboy) and I have attached a brief bio below about him and would greatly appreciate anyone that can help to locate a picture of this performer. I can be reached at or telephoned on +44 (0)207 625 4989
Edward L. Crain (The Texas Cowboy)
Song: "Bandit Cole Younger"
Recorded: New York, New York: Monday 17 August, 1931.
Performer: Edward L. Crain: vocal and guitar.
Cat No.:Columbia15710D
A true Texas Cowboy, and advertised as such, Edward L. Crain was born in Texas in 1901. He worked ranches as well as cattle drives during the 1920s and '30s, and also played guitar, fiddle, and mandolin. He performed on various radio programs in Dallas, and recorded several sides for Columbia during the early '30s (his version of "Bandit Cole Younger" was later released on Harry Smith's 1952 folksong collection Anthology of American Folk Music). He made a return to recording late in life, releasing another version of "Bandit Cole Younger" for the American Record Corporation in 1970, while he was living in Oregon where he is believed to have died.

Posted August 18, 2004
Hey BO DIDDLEY fans, Fans may be interested to know that British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio 2 begins a new 4-part weekly series of 30-minute programs this evening (Wednesday) commencing at 10.00pm BST. Titled "The 100 Club", this series tells the story of Britain's longest surviving live music venue, the 100 Club in London's Oxford Street.
           Next Wednesday evening's episode (August 25th) will recall the 1950s and 1960s, when the club made headlines as the center of the UK's traditional jazz scene then reinvented itself to showcase American blues artists like BO DIDDLEY and Muddy Waters followed by British blues and beat groups such as The Animals, The Kinks and The Who. BO DIDDLEY made his 100 Club debut in September 1965 during his second tour of the UK.
           "The 100 Club" programs will be available on-line to listeners around the world via the BBC Radio Player's "Listen Live" and "Listen Again" functions located at - 100 Club website:
David Blakey, Webmaster, Lynn Cameron, Technical Support, BO DIDDLEY-The Originator

Posted August 18, 2004
Hey Y'all - Short little Ad here to make your life easier if you're trying to pick up some of Golly Gee's Rockabilly or Surf releases. Try this page at CD Baby: Thanks, Mel@Golly Gee -

Posted August 18, 2004
Hi Everybody! Welcome to the re-opened site of the Russian rockabilly band THE STOCKMEN! - Rockin' regards!

Posted August 16, 2004
I am currently trying to contact Mitch Diamond regarding some posters, I was wondering whether you have an e-mail address for him. Jason Cornthwaite, TRACKS - PO Box 117, Chorley, Lancashire, ENGLAND, PR6 0UU, TEL: +44 (0) 1257 269726 - FAX: +44 (0) 1257 231340 - -

Posted August 14, 2004
I wanted to see if you had any history on Bill Sterling. He was playing in the seventies and was with Jed Records.

Posted August 14, 2004
Most Rockabilly stations play all traditional artists. At Rockabilly Radio we play the artists that are shaking the scene now! This is not your grandfather's Rockabilly! You will hear the lastest releases from the hottest Rockabilly artists on the planet. If you are a Rockabilly artist and think your music should be included on the Rockabilly Radio play list, send a CD to:
Rockabilly Radio, PO Box 5046, Baltimore, Md. 21220 USA
Don Freeman, Rockabilly Radio -

Posted August 14, 2004
Former members of the Hunters (and groupies) are looking for the handsome and talented Weyman Parham. Does anyone have contact information for him?

Posted August 13, 2004
Hello Rock-it Radio Listeners, Another 7 shows are in store for you this weekend here online at the Rock-it. They are shows #1033 to #1039 with the mix of 50's and early 60's Rock and Roll, Doo Wop, Rockabilly and R&B. We sadly report the passing of a DJ legend as well in this newsletter -- Hunter Hancock and we feature as a final encore performance -- The show he did for us here with Lane Quigley back in 2000. Also, for our East Coast listener's we have news of the upcoming Wildwood's Oldies Concert and our usual playlists of our latest shows. And these shows are there for your listening pleasure in our archives website at:
We also have a new Heebie Jeebies show as well. Out of the Netherlands. To get things started here are the latest playlists of our latest shows right here on Rock-it Radio.

Posted August 13, 2004
About bootlegging and copying is a lot to tell. Real music fans wil search for the original record or cd ... well write the artist ... friends. Discovered that also Roger "Roc" LaRue's album "One More Time" is all over Europe especially Russia and Poland. A friend of me brought one from Poznan ... a very bad copie and he paid 6 Euro for it. Dear fans we can change it if we are not buying copies or bootlegs. I've got a big collection and not one of it is a bootleg or copy. Its not fair, dear fans, protect and support your idol whenever you can ... that makes a real fan! Have a great day, Nol. (We must keep the Artrist going) -

Posted August 13, 2004
I just finished reading about Robin Luke thinking that he had dissapeared. Tks for the memories and by the way could u tell me what ever happened to Linda Scott. Tks a million, Chuck Boudreau -

Posted August 12, 2004
Hi all-The Hotel De Anza, San Jose, is proud to carry on the tradition of the Summer Ball. Some of you remember all the great times with the casino tables, swinging bands, and cocktails galore! This year on Friday, August 20th, 2004 - Doors open at 8pm 21&Up Featuring 3 bands in one night! The Pimpsticks, JP & The Rhythm Chasers ( and from San Francisco, Cari Lee & The Saddle-ites ( light up the Summer Ball with swinging tunes from the best decades of roots, vintage & western swing and killer on-stage performances. Dress to the nines and come try your luck at the casino tables, dance the night away and enjoy our spectacular featured cocktails! Room Packages available at Includes: 2 tickets ... deluxe overnight stay for two, free overnight valet, a welcome gift. General Info: 408.286.1000. Advance Tickets: 800.843.3700 ($15 advance/$20 door)
Jen Chen -

Posted August 11, 2004
I just finished reading an article on Wynn Stewart written by Jason Odd. Fabulous historical document. In the document he mentioned Chuck & Gene, two So. California musicians. I am looking for more information regarding their history. Can any one help. Maybe Mr. Odd can contact me. Thanks ... Greg MIlls,

Posted August 11, 2004
does anyone know about the veron car cruse 8-13-04 thru 8-15-04.

Posted August 11, 2004
Dates have now been announced for the forthcoming Dead Men Walking UK tour. Shake off those summertime blues and visit  to find out where you can see Jim this autumn. Faith -

Posted August 10, 2004
A true collectors item: Bobby Wayne's former House in Spokane, Washington ... Is For Sale! This is a true Rockabilly find! Bobby Wayne is a native son of Spokane an hounor shared with an other great son Bing Crosby.
           Bobby had and is still writing and sing many great songs and hits some are: 'Sally Ann', 'War Paint', 'Big Train', 'Tip Toes', 'Bobbys Boogie', 'Just for You', 'Appolusa'... His former home is in great shape to live in or rent out, it would be a great place for Fans also. As there is no place for fans to meet or for memoribila to be gathered for his music, Rockabilly history and Spokane's, music history! What a treat to be able to spend time in the home Bobby Wayne lived in with his family during an exciting time in his life and career! For more information contact subject: BW house or call 1-812-876-8044
           By the way, we spoke with Bobby Wayne he sounded great and still lives in Spokane! He gave permission to use his name in the sale of the home and seemed very proud of his Spokane roots and music he has shared with the world! He will have a book out soon! I for one look forward to getting a copy! He shared some of the info with us... :) It was a blessing to talk with him. It is someones destany to help Honor, his Spokane life, roots, time, music and efforts! Here is your chance! Is that someone you? by mob and tab -

Posted August 10, 2004
Yes you all music lovers we all got to keep on supporting The RHOF and so Bob Timmers. I know its hard for some people to bring up some sponsoring Valuta, I know because i'm just a poor music lover also. But I do what I can and sent Bob money which I get through a little project over here. And I wil keep on doing it. I'm busy with a new project ... we are fans and if we are true fans we must keep the music alive and support our Artist and Bob Timmers. Get some great music from the RHOF, I can tell you its all great music. Don't buy bootlegs but the real thing and support what you're love. Nol & Wies.

Posted August 9, 2004
I would enjoy being able to say hello to Joey Ambrose of The Jodimars. Joey was from Philadelphia and we were friends back in the 50's along with his cousin Al Cupo. Joey(D'Ambrosia) of course starred with the Bill Haley & The Comets in the 50"s. I believe they had been touring again but haven't seen them in the Philadelphia area. If anyone knows where I can reach Joey by email I would appreciate it. Please contact me at the address shown. Thank You. Bob Scampton -

Posted August 8, 2004
August marks one year since we temporarily closed the RHOF web site for two weeks to seek assistance and subsequently start the ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME FOUNDATION TEAM. We fell short of our 200 member goal, but over 100 fans and artists did step forward help us by signing up. Since then we've lost several of those members as they could not afford the monthly donation of $10 or lost interest. Two weeks ago we mailed out notices to 30 of our Foundation Team members who had opted for the annual payment of $120. To date, only 5 have replied with their continued commitment.
           True, we recently obtained non profit 501(c)(3) status that allows US residents to make contributions to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and deduct their donations from their taxes. Yes, the Foundation Team donations are US tax deductible. This Non Profit Status allows us to seek funds from individuals, corporations and the U.S. Government, but that is not an automatic and easy task, and may come in time. Your continued support is still urgently needed. So please consider helping us keep the music alive, by joining the FOUNDATION TEAM or through ROCKABILLY MUSIC PRESERVATION, INC. Many thanks to all that have already done so!! -Bob Timmers -

Posted August 8, 2004
I just got back from Denmark, where I saw latest Shakin Stevens concert at the Langeland festival. I must say that Shaky both looked and sounded great. And it was one of the best gigs he ever did. He completely dazzled the audience with his performance. We would love to see him more often, and especially here in the UK. Baroness of Cairu -

Posted August 8, 2004
Hello, my name is Everett Lee Byrd. I am 17 years old and live in eastern Georgia. Over the past few years I have discovered that I have a passion for old time music. And the more music I hear and things I read, the more the term rockabilly shows up. So after seeing it enough I was curious as in to its meaning. I have searched many places looking for a proper definition and have found nothing. I have heard the music and have heard the term used, but still I am not completely sure as to its meaning. Finally, my search had brought me to your website where I am hoping to can find some wisdom. Please email me back if you can help. Thank you kindly for your time sir. - E.L. Byrd -

Posted August 7, 2004
We are currently specializing in 50s wear, lingerie and shoes. Most of these rare finds are original and still contain the original tag from the 50s. We will also be selling original dresses from the 40s and 50s. Take a look at what we have to offer, you just might find exactly what you are looking for. We update our list a few times a week. we always have something new coming in. Our ebay link is: - Our ebay user I.D is: Arcadetrashgirl - If you have any questions or would like to know if we have anything specific you might be looking for feel free to email us at: we have ton of original vintage along with inspired vintage. Thanks! xoxo, Lola

Posted August 7, 2004
hi, i am nidger from the uk, i will be in callifornia, from dec 14.04 untill 5.1.05. can you tell me of any gigs during this time i will be there. thanks. nigel.

Posted August 4, 2004
Hello all my fellow Rockabilly lovers. I am working on some great interviews - so keep an eye out for them. Anyway, I have this song in my head & need help finding out the name of it and the band that did it. It's from the late 70's or early 80's.
The lyrics go;
Well ... You treat like this & you treat me like that
Doggone it ( or how come ) baby you driving me mad
Don't you know I love & all your wonderful charms ...
Anyway, It's been along time since I have heard it. But I'm sure it's a English group. Help me out here!! Thanks! Steve Kelemen -

Posted August 4, 2004
I am looking for a advertisment for Rockola Jukebox co from 1939-1940-1941. My Gramdmother was "Miss Rockola" and I would like to find the picture. From what she said many were sent over to the solders. Can someone please help, or provide info on where I can locate ant his ad? Thank you, Lisa Shelly -

Posted August 2, 2004
ROCK N ROLL EMBASSY are looking for a male lead vocalist, a drummer and 2 tenor saxophonists to join their professional authentic 1950s rock 'n' roll function band.
           Based in England, United Kingdom, ROCK N ROLL EMBASSY aim to recapture the true energy, spirit and fun of rock 'n' roll's golden era. Currently rehearsing at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford Surrey with a view to performing nationally at private, corporate and public functions, the EMBASSY needs enthusiastic and dedicated rockin' musicians to complete it's line-up.
           Male Lead Vocalist: This is not a cabaret act for Elvis Presley imitators! We are looking for someone with their own style in a 1950s vein to front the band with confidence and class.
           Drummer: You will need the skill to reproduce the performances laid down on the original 1950s recordings.
           2 x Tenor Saxophonists: You will need the skill to reproduce the performances laid down on the original 1950s recordings and the ability to improvise solos inkeeping with the 1950s genre.
           WE WANT YOU! ROCK N ROLL EMBASSY are looking to hold auditions later this month (August) at the ACM, Guildford so please contact us ASAP with your demo and photo and send to:
Faith Cowling
Rock 'n' Roll Embassy
PO Box 129 Boston
PE20 2ZD United Kingdom
or email details to:

Posted August 2, 2004
New DVD - 'LET'S BOP WITH THE POLECATS!' 'Let's Bop With The Polecats!' is the first ever DVD release from the most energetic and colourful band of the 1980's Rockabilly revival. The Polecats signed a major-label deal which led to international success and hits singles 'Rockabilly Guy', 'John I'm Only Dancing', 'Jeepster' and 'Make A Circuit With Me'. Their Dave Edmunds produced album 'Polecats Are Go!' is regarded as a classic of the genre. But the Polecats were are the wildest live on stage, as this 1981 performance shows.
           A storming 1988 show from guitarist Boz Boorer's post-Polecats project Boz & The Bozmen is included as a bonus programme. Boorer teams up with other well-known faces from the 80's Rockabilly scene to form the first Rockabilly Supergroup.
           Track listing: THE POLECATS: We Say Yeah - Jeepster - Let's Bop - Red Ready Amber - Running Back - Little Pig - I'll Cry Instead - Rockabilly Guy - Cotton Pickin' Rocker - Big Green Car - Bang Bang.
           BOZ & THE BOZMEN: Shake 'Em Up Rock - Midnight Shift - Red Ready Amber - Catch On - Rockin' Shoes - Run Run Rudolph - Everybody's Rockin' - Mars & Jupiter Stomp - Rock Billy Boogie.
Howard Raucous -

Posted August 1, 2004
i am looking for the country hit parade charts from the 1950's. would appreciate it if anyone can help me out with a website that would have this. cotton picker -

Posted August 1, 2004
Can someone send me a schedule of Bill's concerts for 2004/5! My son saw him in Ct. and wants me to see his show. Art Powers Sr. -

Posted July 30, 2004
I was amazed to stumble upon the Rockaround Festival last fall simply by going to the Double Down, which is much like a bar at home called the Mag Bar only the DD is on steriods in comparison. There was a band that was wrapping up their set when we got there, but what we did hear, i was thoroughly impressed. We spoke with some of the band members, got a couple c.d.'s (The Flame Trick Subs). We also got an invite to a much bigger scale of surf rock and rockabilly for the rest of the night and the next one as well. I would like to fly two of my friends out if it's going to go on this fall as well, and if so -- when? and how much are passes for the entire weekend?? Rian Morgan -

Posted July 30, 2004
To whom it may concern, i desperately need to find an old band member who played at the frontier club in 1964 in fridley minnesota he played with buddy knox if someone could contact me from anyone in that band at that time , the only names i know are a doug, or a terry b. please , it is very important please call me so we can talk thank you so much. 763-784-8418

Posted July 29, 2004
Thanks a lot Glen for the information about Don Warden. I have been watching Porter's show on my tv on the RFD network. I play a Fender triple neck Stringmaster and I really enjoy watching and hearing the traditional non pedal steel guitar players on those shows. Also, I am Don Helm's biggest fan here in Missouri. He plays a Gibson Console Grande. The same one he played with Hank Williams Sr. on so many great recordings. I play a Console Grande too, but Don is the true master of that instrument. Last time I saw him, he and Lloyd Green did a duet of Hank's songs at Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. They were awesome together! Both, incredible musicians. Thanks again for the information. Is Don Warden still around. I would like to contact him and get some more tips on non pedal steel guitar playing. David Dean White -

Posted July 29, 2004
Hello all rockabilly and Country Fans...just wanna tell y'all that some artist will not release cd albums anymore because of the copying thing. Why they should, they don't get anything of it anyway. Europe is on top when it comes to coping original cds and sell them cheap ... also bootlegging. I know many of you will say well if I can get it cheaper ... or sometimes there's only a few songs I like from a cd album ... think about this what did you do with a Vinyl 33 rpm album...? Some of the Artist who wil not release material anymore are Mister Billy Lee Riley and Ronnie Haig we wil miss a lotta great music . I hope they wil think about it again ... but I can Understand. We should love the Artist more because they make the music we like so much ... Keep them Artist going ... you all (its a differents of a few dollars) music fans.! Nol Voorst -

Posted July 29, 2004
My goal is to help turn Country Music back to Country Music. We are sick of the Nashville scene, in fact I have some Nashville boys who are on my side and working with me on my Texas Label.   Check out our website Hopefully the site will speak for itself. If you love Country Music, your gonna love us. Thanks Keith Mccoy, Astra Records15606 Avenue C, Channelview, Texas 77530 - - Hope you join us in our goal

Posted July 29, 2004
Blue Moon Rock'n'Roll Club in North Walsham (Norfolk U.K) (10 miles north of Norwich) is a proposed event idea for North Walsham Community Centre (new road, next to the library) on friday nights monthly next year.
A trial night is to be staged on sat 20 nov 2004 titled "50 years of Rock'N'Roll featuring Razzle Dazzle (Bill Haley And The Comets Tribute Band), The Turbos (Local Neo Rockabilly Band) and Sounds That Swing Record Hop. there's loads of top quality contemporay rockin' bands from around the u.k interested in playing here, we're also looking for norfolk rockin' bands as supports if you're in one or know any. If this night is a success the committe will allow us to go ahead with the club. please put this event on your calendar, forward this email to all u.k rock'n'roll fans and get as many people as you can to go! for tickets (£5.00 reserved on door or sent via post or £6.00 to pay at the door) contact: DOMINIQUE ON: 01692 403594 (mornings), 01263 721931 (evenings) or reply to this email.
the following temporary site will keep you updated: - (all info is on here and you can write whatever on it)
this is the community centre website:
and this site has info on accomodation etc here: - let's show these dudes rock'n'roll is alive and kicking!!

Posted July 29, 2004
Hey Gang: Get the 8/1 issue of TV Guide. I've just been notified that they printed a letter I'd written on the subject of Bill Haley and Elvis; in regard to the actual beginning of Rock & Roll!! The cover is the ones with the '25 Greatest Sci-Fi Programs.' This came as a total surprise! This is the second time a national-level major media publication printed a letter with my comments/opinions on this very subject! The first one was the August 5, 2002 issue of U.S. News & World Report. Sincerely, Bill Turner-

Posted July 28, 2004
Celebrate 50 years of the Bo Diddley beat!
David Blakey, Webmaster,
BO DIDDLEY-The Originator
A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.
1954-55 to 2004-05 - Celebrating 50 Years of The Bo Diddley Beat!

Posted July 28, 2004
STRAY CATS photos from 3 UK gigs here:
Also BR5-49 photos from June here:
Annushka -

Posted July 28, 2004
Finally a record company has released some of my old records, and they actually told me about it first. Dionysus Records in California, long know for it's off the wall releases of long lost rock music, as well as Rockabilly, Garage band and other assorted oddities has released a compilation of Upstate New York 60's bands on a CD called "HEART SO COLD." On it you can find My bands recording of "Shaken all Over" recorded live, Cliff Richard's "Move it," as well as "Rollerland" and Our cover of the Ronnie Hawkins hit, "Mary Lou." My one and only original called "The Girl from Liverpool," is also featured. For those of you who have ask about recordings, this is your opportunity to be both horrified and amazed at what we did back then. Go to this link: Bacchus Archives  It's the first CD on the list. BA1197. $12.00 US, plus $2.00 shipping. There should be instructions for overseas sales. Buy now, and buy often. If we sell 25 copyies, I get my own defibrillator machine. Uncle Bill ... - The Dionysus Empire!!

Posted July 28, 2004
The Bellfuries CD "Just plain lonesome" is selling well in the UK, although the band split up there is a rumour that they are getting back together again, do you know if this is true? Having seen Go Cat Go at Hemsby this year who were brilliant, it would be great if they were to get back in the studio to record some more material! Rockin regards, Tom Palmer (England, UK) -

Posted July 26, 2004
I hope someone can help me find a song that I have been searching for. It was a favorite for me and my husband when we were dating in the late 50's. I think Jack Scott may have recorded it but I'm not sure. These are the lyrics that I can remember.
All my life I'll love you so
There'll be times it may not show
That my love for you is true
That's my way of loving you.
Try to understand my love
Look into my heart
Can't you see I'd want to die
If we'd ever part.
My husband and I have now been married for 43 years and it would be very special for us if we could find a recording of that song. Thanks so much for your help. Christine Broadus -

Posted July 26, 2004
heyyo ebybody! dis is dimples, da human skunk talkin' at yas! have you all got dat NEW Sprague brothers CD? it's called "the savage Sprague Brothers" and you can get it at - BTW, also check out their offical website & don't forget to download there ultra cool FREE scratch'n'sniff screen saver!!! It's smell-o-riffic! & tell'em that Skunky Brewster sent ya! That lil' ol' stinker ... me! dimples, the human skunk -

Posted July 26, 2004
Howdy, We're the band "Spootniks" from St. Petersburg, Russia. We'd like to invite everybody on our gigs in Europe. In August-September we will be in Germany, Italy and Holland on a few festivals and also we will play in some local clubs. For the full list of our appearances please check our website: Hope to see you! Keep on rockin'!! Lotta -

Posted July 26, 2004
Hey Everybody ... My Dad played for Lamar Davis of LU Records. He also played for Curtis Hobock. We were just three blocks awys from the Hobocks. I've got several LU Records with Curtis Hobock and my dad........also have Cee Cee Records of the same. Some were not released? Not sure! My dad James "Howard" Bates also known by Hot Fingers by Curtis Hobock. I'm just interested in getting and giving some information on everyone that played with Curtis Hobock and my dad. Thanks, Curtis Bates -

Posted July 21, 2004
Hi all, just a quick post to tell you about a new website project of mine - It's in its very early days, but it'll be great for Rockabilly, and other niche music, as it will promote music to other people who are likely to enjoy it, but maybe haven't heard of acts etc. It's all about keepin' music live and getting people out to more gigs. Take a quick look and post on the forum... Andy -

Posted July 20, 2004
Hello. I run a new club night in North London:
Its the 4th Sunday of the month
Hillbilly Hop, A hillbilly Band followed by undiluted rockabilly record hop. With honest DJs playing old country and pure rockabilly.
Next one: 25th july - 8-12pm - £5
The Hightown Crows
+ DJ country Ma Andrea, Tracy Dick, Little Carl
Buffalo Bar
259 Upper Street, N1
Details / flyer
07974 226 380
Regards, Leo

Posted July 15, 2004
For all you fans of CPD, BBVD, or Brian Setzer, I thought maybe you'd like to know about this artist whose style is very similar to theirs. Before coming onto the jazz scene and performing on FOX's "The Casino," Matt Dusk actually made an appearance on a Kings of Swing album! How cool is that!? My PM at Universal gave me the tip. Anyway here's the link to it: --> definitely check it out! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Tell me what you think... And please feel free to recommend some music to me too! oldschooljazz -

Posted July 14, 2004
i think this site rocks! ryan -

Posted July 12, 2004
hey there im hoping you will be able to give me a few ideas i was looking at your website its fan blimmin tastic, however i am in a desprete hunt for images of Rockabilly style. My name is mary and i am a manager of a toni & guy salon in london and myself and a colleague are in the semi finals for the L'oreal hair ideal. we have to do a crazy scary presentation on stage the theme that we have chosen is two rockabilly models and two icons. We are not sadly in the scene however think it is a fantastic image and have less than two weeks to prepare. we despretley need some help with clothes possibly some more models and just a general insight to what you guys are all about the history the present the ladies the lads. im hoping you get the idea!! if you could be of any help from being able to send me pictures from crazy parties to ladies that fancy showing off there stuff to shops that would be able to help us!! sounds like a lot doesnt it. its even frying my brain we begging for assistance if you could give this some thought that would be fantastic. if your local ill give you a free haircut!! thanks again for your time mary x -

Posted July 12, 2004
Doc Ryan's 1st Annual Hootenanny, Salem, Mass., 07/10/04. See 'em here: All photos by Mike Byrne. -Jon J. -

Posted July 12, 2004
My name is billy callaway and i have an all-originals rockabilly band called zenbilly based in baton rouge, lousiana. several people have referred me to you as a possible source of rockabilly information. i am looking for a rockabilly artist/band that currently performs that we could possibly open for at some time in the future. do you know of any louisiana rockabilly acts currently playing? thanks, billy c. -

Posted July 12, 2004
El Vez Update! Hola Amigos! We're updating our mailing list and getting ready for the "El Vez 4 Prez - US Tour" coming this fall! Please help us out with these questions... Do you want to be on our email list? What city are you in? Just reply with the name of your city/state and we will be able to keep you updated on all the news, tour dates & events happening this fall.
Thanks! EV HQ - - Sun, 11 Jul 2004

Posted July 11, 2004
Anybody here from minnesota? As far as I can tell it's pretty much boresville around these parts. I'm from california and I'm used to having something to do so if anyones got advice on any good bars, clubs, local bands or events I'd really apreciate it. SheDevil -

Posted July 10, 2004
hejs! do somebody now the band who interpreted the song "sunny" in a rockabilly-way? the name starts with a m. i need to now it!!!! so please. kiss - jane -

Posted July 9, 2004
Greetings to All Rockabilly fans (or fanatics!)!!! This is my first post and I want to pass on to everybody what a rare thrill it was to see Roc LaRue perform at David Loehr's Rebel Rock 'N Roll Weekend last month. Do not miss the opportunity to see him perform at Green Bay next year. I'm heading to Tucson AZ, next month and if anybody can turn me on to the rockabilly scene in the area, I would appreciate it. Keep Rockin'!!! Joe "Jomama" Hadden -

Posted July 9, 2004
Dear Friends, Currently working on a book consists fans' reactions when they heard the news that Elvis Presley had died on August 16, 1977 - and what he meant to us while he was alive - are passed down to our children and our grandchildren. The book will be positive. To the fans, we'd like to have your memories in the book. Memories can be sent to me, Ron L. Collamore, at 1732 Ryons Street, Lincoln, NE 68502 U.S.A. or e - mailed to The deadline is November 1, 2004. Thank you! Ron L. Collamore

Posted July 9, 2004
Hello everyone, just wanna tell you about Henri Smeets a rockabilly lover from the Netherlands. He's promoting a lot of Artist on his radion program every Dunday evening . He's playing so many good rocking tunes of great artists like Ronnie Haig, Roy Cost, Kitty Houston, Roger "Roc" LaRue, Art Adams, Mike Vincent, Peter Hallock, Gene Maltais and many more artists like this ... also the so called big names. But you all know In my upinion these all are big names. It's so great radio shows like Henri is doing on Radio Meersen to support al those artists and lift them up. Also the RHOF - we did a show about Bob Timmers and his artists. Thanks Henri keep up the spirit your a great guy. Visit his own website guys/girls its a good one - - or write him a note on
We music fans got to take care of guys like Henri Smeets. Have a great weekend Y'all. .Nol & Wies from Maastricht -

Posted July 9, 2004
Hi, I'm trying to find the references and tracks on Moon Mullican's singles cut for Gulf records around 1944. I'm also trying to find the contents of the Omega LP CHAMPAGNE MUSIC. Can anyone help? Thanks, Bernard -

Posted July 8, 2004
I know somebody posted a message on NAT COUTY asking for information. Well, i´m looking for any info on NAT COUTY too!!! PLEASE, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Luis,
* I´ll see you on Wanda Jackson´s concert if you are going to be in Barcelona on July 17.

Posted July 8, 2004
Subject: WLS / National Barn dance. About 25 years ago I purchased a Guitar a Gibson ES-175 the was supposed to have belonged to Dolph Hewett. I have tried to contact his widow to see if they had any photo's of Dolph with his guitar. If you know of anyone that could provide any information I would appreciate it. Bill Stephens -

Posted July 7, 2004
hi. anybody know of a new website for jason d. williams? i want concert info and the keeps coming up as nonexistent. thanks. jan -

Posted July 7, 2004
Hello All, We have Updated our Grease Demon Entertainment Website. Now New and Improved.. Easier to Navigate! Complete with Direction Links to Venues, Calendar Page, Demon Pit Page, Contact and Booking Info Page! Please Sign Our Guest Book and Join the Grease Demon Groups Page! Anybody interested in Swapping Links go the Links Page. Thank You, Ruben -

Posted July 6, 2004
I just located the site featuring the WLS barn dance (Traditional Country Hall of Fame) and enjoyed reading about all of the performers. I didn't see anything listed concerning the two young sisters Dorothy and Bernice Silvey who sang as a duet under a sisters act. The sisters were the nieces of the bass player Jack Taylor. Do you know anything about these sisters and is there a photo of them available? I hope to hear from you because these sisters ended up being my Mother-in- law (Dorothy) and my Aunt by marriage. Somewhere in their collection they did have a large photo of all the performers gathered on stage that if I recollect right, included the likes of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers and George Gobel and many others that went on to fame. I remember seeing this photo years ago and I don't really recall everybody that was in it, but there was a whole flock of them. Raymond -

Posted July 6, 2004
I would truly be remiss if I didn't take the time to express my sincere gratitude to Dave Loehr on behalf of myself and my family.  I want to thank him for his kindness and graciousness he showed to me and my family at the Indy weekender. He made sure that everything was going OK for us. A true professional. I just recieved a call from Dave and he wanted to comment again about the show and how pleased he was that all went well. He mentioned that he is still getting phone calls and emails about the show. He said "It went very well Roc, and I hope we can have you up here again in the near future ..." Dave, it will be an honor ... and thanks again from me, my wife and my sons Roger and Chris. Roc LaRue -

Posted July 6, 2004
Hi, I have an original Brenda Lee 60's UK Concert Flyer and Programme for the Coventry Theatre dated Sunday 24th March. It does not give a year. But in the programme notes it says this is her second tour of Britain, aged just 18. So I make that around 1962. Do you have any interest in them. Please let me know. I live near London. Regards, Nigel -

Posted July 6, 2004
Hello! I have 1 (one) stray cats concert ticket to sell. London, 17th July) price: ?30 call me: +447963658810- kagylo.huatprimpostad-o-tcom

Posted July 6, 2004
Hi Cats & Kittens, I'm Rockin' Henri from The Netherlands, radio DJ and editor for Dutch rock & roll magazine Boppin' Around. I'm into rock & roll scene since 1981 and collect rock & roll from around the world (my collection contains rock & roll from over 50 countries). 2001 I wrote a 450 pages book in Dutch about the world wide rock & roll scene..... By now I'm also writing my own songs as hobby 'musician'. Just have a look at my tremendous website and enjoy rockabilly all around the globe! - rockin' henri -

Posted July 6, 2004

Posted July 3, 2004
Do you have any wally shoop records (i.e. billy rat and the finks, wally shoop and the zombies, etc, etc) ? I am his nephew and am looking for some of his records. He has lost or woreout the ones he had over the years. Any information would help. Thank you, victor shoop -

Posted July 2, 2004
What happened to Mattie Walker / Elvis Presley back in the Hayride days? Thanks, Lisa Diane -

Posted July 2, 2004
Hello, My name is Kirill Prasalov, I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia. I sing and play guitar in Neva River Rockets hillbilly trio. Check out our website at Recently we confirmed our participation at Green Bay 2005. As I suppose it will be the first time when hillbilly/rockabilly band from Russia comes to play in USA! So hope to meet you all there! Best regards, Kirill Prasalov, Neva River Rockets, The St. Petersburg hillbilly trio - -

Posted July 2, 2004
To whom it may concern: I have two items that would be very valuable at auction for rock and roll days on Monday or Elvis days in August. The first item is a framed and matted original picture of The Million Dollar Quartet, with original 45 pressed recordings from Sun Studios of The Million Dollar Quartet Artists. Each original of the four recordings have the sun label and dated with authenticity papers which are signed by Sun studios on their letterhead. Excellent, mint condition ready for display.
           The second item is an original picture of Elvis with his original autograph in gold on his picture, also a signed letter and calendar when he sang in Vegas. The items are framed and matted with a letter of authenticity which is signed as well. Excellent, mint condition. Ready for display.
           If you have an interest for these items for auction for the festivities on Monday or for Elvis days, we can bring them to Memphis. Or they can be sold to a business if the price is right. I will forward pictures of both items when I hear from you. These original items will fetch thousands of dollars. Please respond asap so that we may prepare to discuss this in more detail. Feel free to e-mail, call or fax any information that I may need to put these items in aution. Also any paperwork that I would need to fill out. Thank you, Joanne Monaco King, JMK Designs @ Safe Harbour Marina - - 305.296.7466 (Phone/Fax) Key West, FL

Posted July 1, 2004
hello all. i am looking for any and all info about the big dee jamboree. my grandfather (EL :Buck" Roberts) played there for years and we are compiling the information just to keep as a momentum. looking over all the old play lists and seeing just amazing me at all the talent that came from that little part of texas. please email or post with any info you may have .thanks, brendan boyd -

Posted July 1, 2004
I have met & have pictures of Rick Nelson when I lived in L.A., California in 1983. The first time I saw Rick was at Knott's Berry Farm performing at the "Good Time Theater" in Buena Park, California and then the next time I met Rick was when he was doing a benefit at the "Palomino Club" in North Hollywood California; the week of his birthday, May 1985 where I brought him a Baskin-Robbins ice cream, birthday cake with a picture of a person playing a guitar on it; which melted by the time I got to the "Palomino Club" cause I lived about one hour away from the club but when he was performing on stage I gave him a single red rose for his birthday and he gave me a kiss that I will never forget by the way I met a talked with his brother, David, in 1975 when he was doing a promotion for "Home Savings" bank in Fresno, California. I think I have a picture of David somewhere but not to sure cause I moved around a lot so you can understand what could of happeded to it.
           When I was living in L.A., California I listened to a Country & Western station which was the top "WINNER" of all times winning 45's & 78 albums and among my winnings the station sent me Rick Nelson's, 45 record of "Gypsy Woman" which is hanging up in my Coca Cola dinette room with 49 other recording stars ... most all of them are "DEMOS". I'd like to know if anyone would know if the "DEMOS" would be worth more then if they were not? G-D Bless & Shaalom, Shell Levy - bubbie1943@hotmail

Posted June 30, 2004
I'm looking for information about "M Records". We have a 45 by Webb Foley and The Jordanaires singing "Strange Little Girl" and would appreciate any information anyone has about it. Thanks. Michelle Klinger -

Posted June 30, 2004
Where can I purchase a DVD of the Hank Williams special that PBS aired on June 23, 2004? Thanks, Terri -

Posted June 30, 2004
David Dean White is an Americana/Country songwriter. LEWIS AND CLARK PART ONE: TO THE MISSOURI BREAKS, was released October 16, 2003. PART ONE is the first cd in a trilogy about Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. The story songs describe the adventure through the Western United States by the Corps of Discovery. PART TWO will be release November 2005 and PART THREE will be released September 2006. The songs are filled with the spirit of the American experience. To order the cd. Send $11.99 to David Dean White, 3451 State Rd. J, Fulton, Mo. 65251 or order online at - Thank you.

Posted June 30, 2004
Thank you from the bottom of my ROCKABILLY HEART.I've spent my life making my brand of ROCK AND ROLL with a country feel which has evolved into ROCK A BILLY. I will be a proud inductee of the greatest ROCKABILLY SITE ON EARTH. The RABHF. This is an honor I will cherishfor the rest of MY ROCKABILLY LIFE ... Joey Welz -

Posted June 30, 2004
Phil Hummer The Michigan Hillbilly performing LIVE at the Broken Spoke in Austin TX June 30th, and also at the Rodeo Bar in NYC on July 20th. For more info, to hear music, and buy records visit - Phil Hummer... coming soon to a bar near you. -

Posted June 29, 2004
Hello There! Just wondered if anyone aon this site could help me with my quest. I need to find who is the copyright owner of Lonesome Feeling by Johnny Bond. I have searched the net through hundreds of pages and am unable to find what I am looking for. I believe I have the right title and artiste but hey who knows I am blond. I would really appreciate any information. Linette -

Posted June 29, 2004
A friend of mine is writing a book called "Rock On TV." All his chapters have brief snippets of song lyrics that run under the chapter titles. He's looking for songs - no matter how obscure - that mention Elvis and the Beatles appearing on the old Ed Sullivan show. All I can come up with is George Carlin's routine off the album AM/FM and John Fogarty's "I Saw It On TV." Which is not exactly what he's looking for. Can you think of any songs that mentioned either Elvis or the Beatles on the Sullivan show? -

Posted June 28, 2004
I hope some of you were as fortunate as I was to be able to see Roc LaRue perform at the Rockabilly Rebel Weekender in Indianapolis this weekend. I had, of course, heard some of Roc's songs on various compilations, but I had NO IDEA what a great time we were in store for on Friday night. He is a brilliant showman, and his voice is as amazing now as it was in 1957, if not more so. He yodeled, he danced, he rocked the house. It was a privilege to be there to hear Roc perform for the first time in 35 years, accompanied by his sons and the rest of his great band. Friday was an unforgettable night, thanks to a very kind, talented, and generous man named Roc LaRue. Annette -

Posted June 28, 2004
I would like to find out where I can get information on Jack Scott's concert dates. Can you please help me find the information? Thanks, Janet -

Posted June 28, 2004
I'm very addicted to Rockabilly and related music since more than 20 years now. I live in Germany and I'm going to travel the USA during August/September /three weeks). I think we (my family and me) will see L.A. / Las Vegas / San Franciso by an rented RV. I´ve seen the East Coast nine years ago as well as Memphis and Nashville and I was very impressed. At this time I had some trouble to find the record store´s which are dealing with my kind of music at a reasonable price (anyway: most of them, no matter how huge these "megastores" were, they had nearly nothing to offer for my taste). It would be really great and helpful if you can give me some hints where I've to go to find what I'm looking for. Many thanks for your answer in advance. Keep up this great work and Rockin Regards from Germany Ralph "Boppin the Blues" Prillwitz -

Posted June 28, 2004
Recently I just happened to type in Robin Luke. I always remember an old single that was at home - Susie Darlin'. It has been wonderful to hear it again. Thanks. Margaret -

Posted June 28, 2004
JULY 4th SHOW. Council District #7, Alex Padilla Los Angeles City Department of Recreation and Parks & the Ritchie Valens Memorial Fan Club proudly presents a "Salute to the Oldies" 4th of July Celebration at Hansen Dam-Pacoima, California-July 4, 2004.
Featuring the Oldies Salute M.C.-K-Earth's Mr. "Rock N' Roll" Brian Beirne
3:00 p.m.--Oldies Salute (The original K-Earth Band-The Retro Boomers with Dan Medina
4:00 p.m.--Alan Clark-Tribute to Eddie Cochran
5:00 p.m.--Ernie Valens Band with the Tribute to Ritchie Valens
6:00 p.m.--John Mueller and his Tribute to Buddy Holly
7:00 p.m.--The Olympics-'Western Movies" and "Hully Gully"
For more information, call our hotline: (818) 768-1128 - -

Posted June 28, 2004
Hi ... every time I look at this site it just gets better, it's kept very up to date, I never did get to Lubbock, with Mum being so old now, but I still intend to at some stage. I'm in Ireland, a few weeks back I went to a concert, it was a guy from Canada impersonating Roy Orbison, also another guy from Las Vegas impersonating the Big Bopper, it was amazing!!!!!! he mentioned Buddy at the concert, it was a grand night! My favourite song is Dearest which I requested regularly at KDAV. Keep up the good work John and Vicky. Regards, mags -

Posted June 23, 2004
Hello everyone! Great site! I'm looking for friends and fans of Louis Prima and his drummer Jimmy Vincent as well as musicians. Please visit us at the following site.
If you are in the music field in any way feel free to advertise your site and/or your gigs for free. Warm regards, JoJo Breazeale, Webmaster/Administrator -

Posted June 23, 2004
Next week's Fourth of July weekend coincides with my Heavy Rebel Weekender ( which is an annual event featuring 84 bands this year, a classic car show, mud-wrestling, an onstage wedding, a guitar-playing contest, many vendors of vintage clothing, art, shoes, and t-shirts, a Haunted House, 2 burlesque shows, and much more. The music ranges widely in the roots variety, including, Rockabilly, honky-tonk, rock and roll, swing, hard rock, garage, and punk. I just thought I'd let everyone know. It's all happening in Winston-Salem, NC. David Quick -

Posted June 22, 2004

Posted June 21, 2004
Any good rockability venues/bands in the Denver Colorado area? Dave Russell -

Posted June 21, 2004
I own the l952 Les Paul guitar that Carl Perkins is holding in the picture that was on this web site. THis is the very guitar that Carl Perkins recorded Blue Suede Shoes on. My grandfather purchased it through a acquaintance of Carl's in the mid 50's. My grandfather left it to me in his will. If you have any interest in this guitar please contact me at (Zana Corbin)

Posted June 21, 2004
This year on August 6th will be the 5th year in a row that The ORIGINAL COMETS have headlined show Jackson, TN. We are doing the Costa Atlantica Cruise again on Jan 30 2005 ( Come join us thru Harmon Travel, you won't regret it. We are also DOING IT AGAIN at the Oneida Casino, Greenbay Wi. July 11, 12, 13th and again at their 2nd BIG Rockabilly FESIVAL on April 16, 2005. The Festival starts on April 10th I think Everybody will be there. Doing it Again in the UK, July 2nd at the Stardust Dinner Theatre in Leicester, the 3rd at the Keys Theatre in Peterbourgh, and July 4th, AGAIN at The LOWESTOFT FESTIVAL at PONTINS by The SEA. The COMETS will arrive by HELLICOPTER. Back to the US on July 5th then July 10th in Milwaukee Wi. at VNUKS. The next day after Jackson August 7th and 8th The COMETS are doing a show with Lloyd Price at the Mohegen Sun Casino in Uncasville, Ct. Then BACK TO EUROPE Again on August 16th with shows in Budapest, Senigallia, Italy, Austria, and Germany. Returning back to the US on August 30th in time for our  DOING IT AGAIN 5th Time at Bubba Maxx in Sommers Point NJ. Then we are taking 10 days OFF to recharge our batteries before we DO IT AGAIN Sept 17th for the City of LAS VEGAS. We leave for the UK AGAIN on Sept. 22nd for another DO IT AGAIN SHOW 2nd time at the EDDY COCKRAN FESTIVAL on Sept 24th, the 25th at a Theatre and the 26th Another DO IT AGAIN SHOW (About the 10th time ) at the TENNESSEE CLUB. The 27th we Fly to Genoa Italy for a 7 day cruise thru the MED. We return home on October 3rd. Then another 10 day battery charge. Then on October 16th we are doing The "ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK" FESTIVAL in WILDWOOD NJ. The place were we first performed RATC in public. On October 19th we start a 10 day Tour of the west coast with Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis ending on October 30 in Phoenix AZ. Then another 2 week battery charge then Leave for ANOTHER TOUR OF EUROPE on NOV.14th. I guess we will get home about December 1st. That's enough for this year. It is a tough job, but somebody's gotta DO IT AGAIN
Love to ALL, Marshall Lytle

Posted June 21, 2004
I thought there might be, at least, a few Duane Eddy fans out there so, I thought some of you might like to know that the legendary king of the "twangy" guitar is making a rare appearance at this year's All-Star Guitar Night show, Friday, July 23 at 8:00 PM at the Ryman Auditorium, in Nashville. Muriel Anderson, an amazing guitarist, hosts and performs, each year. Last Year, it was a wonderful tribute to Les Paul. This year, along with Duane, on the show are Peter Frampton, Nokie Edwards, of the Ventures, and an incredible line up of great guitarists. Obviously, this is not a total Rockabilly show, but if you're a fan of Duane or great guitarists or just great music, it promises to be quite a night. Here's the line up:
Duane Eddy
Peter Frampton
Adrian Belew (Of King Crimson)
Pierre Bensusan
Jerry Donahue (Of The Hellecasters and Fairport Convention)
Seymour Duncan
Nokie Edwards (Of The Ventures)
Pete Huttlinger
Led Kaapana
Kaki King
Frank Vignola (From Les Paul's band) with The Frank & Joe show
Muriel Anderson
Bassist Dave Pomeroy and band
There are usually some last minute additions and you can check out for more information. I think you can, also, order tickets through the site.
Steve King/WGN-AM, Chicago

Posted June 21, 2004
Hi, I wonder if there is any gigs in Portugal during 26.6-14.7.2004. Can you tell me please. Love Tuula from Finland -

Posted June 21, 2004
RCNV tip of the month: If you're a fan of country music from the 1950's thru the 1980's - back when country music was "REALLY" country - then subscribe to Country Music Classics - a F R E E weekly email newsletter all about classic country music ... stories behind the songs - questions and answers ... win FREE CD's and cassettes and more! To subscribe. Send blank email to: and type "SUBSCRIBE" in subject line. Bill Morrison -

Posted June 18, 2004

Posted June 17, 2004
I have been tryin, to gain access to buy stray cats tickets in germany, munich but all i get is german dialect, can any one help me to buy these tickets in english. jai pee -

Posted June 17, 2004
The reason I am writing is to mention the Rockabilly show at the Mercy Lounge (Nashville, TN) Saturday night June 19th - Rounders from Chatanooga, Paul Galaxy and The Galactics from Denver and Starlight Drifters with Jimmy Lester (Planet Rockers and Los Straightjackets) on drums. I will be bustin' out a double neck six string bass and guitar + triple neck steel= five guitar necks. Chris Casello - -

Posted June 17, 2004
Hello Everyone, Only one week left until the 12th Annual Rockabilly Rebel Weekend! The ORIGINAL and longest running Rockabilly Festival in the USA! There are only a very few tickets left for both Friday and Saturday nights. It looks like it will be a sell out and there probably WILL NOT be any tickets available at the door on those nights. There will be tickets available at the door for Thursday night and for the Road Rockets pre-party on Wednesday night. Don't be left out! Order tickets NOW! David -

Posted June 16, 2004
Hi all. I am in search of Brenda Lee memorabilia, aside from records and publicity pictures. Does anyone know of a place/site I can purchase Brenda Lee collectibles, such as personal letters, old/voided checks w/ signatures, show items, and such? I am looking for something authentic yet tangible. Thanks, Steven -

Posted June 14, 2004
Originally Posted March 24, 2003 - Reposted June 11 2004 - HELP MEeee!
This really is a cool Rock N Roll song, though be it a holloween teens type music of the 60s! with a Beach/surfin' rock sound. "The Boogie man" (I think it's called) I Don't know 100% who sings it. Somebody once told me it was "Dodgers and Johnny Angel" 1958 but I don't think so. The label I saw of theirs doesn't   ring a bell with me ( I saw theirs at the rockabilly site "rockin' coutry style (cool site). Anyway... Back to my question about this oldie from the early 60s, possibly late 50s. It has a feel of those monster type songs of the era or dead mans curve era type song. I'm sure it was a flip side to a single. It's a Rockin' song possibly for kids and teens. It Goes Something like this...
(Singer) My mama told me all about you!!
(the boogie mans voice says really scary echo) SHE DID- DID SHE?
(Then the singer says) You'll throw us in a pot and make us stew!!
(Boogie Man Laughing loud and scary, like in a cave) Ha Ha HAH!.
(Singer) Get a-way!, Get a-way! etc etc
Please if anybody can recall, e-mail me l -

Posted June 14, 2004
Hello you all great Artist , fans and families....just wanna thank you all for so many heartwarming e-mail's we received the past few days..Ronnie Haig and hiss family you where so close to us....thanks ... Bob Timmers Thank you ... Miss Kitty Houston you are so great ... Roy Cost you where very special ... Roger LaRue Thanks. THANK YOU ALL..I mean ALL!!! For now we wil pray for Tayva and CC.Jerome they wil have twins soon ... let them all be healthy. Also our thoughts going out to Mister Roy Cost who's sick at the momenth. Eagle who is going to a very rough storm in his life ... keep on flighing Eagle! Again thank you all we love ya'll. Nol & Wies.

Posted June 14, 2004
Rockabillys do Brasil..presente...estamos na luta - Julio Bianconi -

Posted June 7, 2004
In 1944 Ernest Tubb was in a movie with Charles Starrett called Ridin West, would you know how I could find and purchase the VHS film? Linda Mead -

Posted June 4, 2004
Dear Friends, It is with a great deal of pride, and a lot of apprehension, knowing some of the folks I am sending this to, that I present to you the website of my band, the Starfires. We will probably still tweak it, but it is 99 percent there. After 38 years we are together again and having a ball doing the old songs, in a lower key, in some cases, and perhaps with not quite as much body English as before (we range in age from 57 to 61 (Me!)), but still with major enthusiasm. Saturday afternoons are spent in a garage in Dallas, PA, a 135-mile drive for me, to prepare for our first gig of the New Generation, a four-hour show on July 3.  This is not to be a weekly performance schedule or even monthly, but maybe several times a year we will open up our cases, tune up, do a mic check ,and ROCK! The photo page documents some of our rehearsals. Also, the performance shot, with a much thinner and younger Me on stage right, is with the Shangri-Las.
           A note about the music: The four songs listed on the music page were recorded during the years 1963 and 1966. That is NOT me on guitar. The first two, "You're My Only One" and "Please Come Back," feature Fred Kirkendahl on guitar. The last two, "You Done Me Wrong" ( for which I wrote the lyrics) and "Like Socks and Shoes," feature Rich "Stormy Patterson" Rodiger. Fred was my predecessor, Rich my successor. Sadly, both Fred and Rich have passed away, but I am pleased that their contributions to the band have been acknowledged through the recordings and some of the publicity photos included on the photo page.
           Please feel free to send me comments on the webpage. My thanks to Kemer's Web Design for doing a great job! it and my buddies, my fellow musicians, my dear friends .. the STARFIRES!!>
John Hall -

Posted June 2, 2004
Anyone out there tell me who first recorded the bryant song She Wears My Ring. With thanks, ray -

Posted June 1, 2004
I am starting work this week on a story to run June 27 for our newspaper's lifestyle section, a feature we are calling "Summer of Rebellion," tying in the Bad Boy mystic surround the film "The Wild One," the youth anthem "Rock Around the Clock" and Elvis' recording of "That's Alright, Mama."‹ all of which turn 50 this year. Do you have any wonderful sources to suggest who could help me explore a fun piece on teen rebels of the 50's and who they've become now, the historical significance of the above cultural icons, etc.? My deadline is June 18.
Terri Jo Ryan, Staff Writer
Waco Tribune-Herald
900 Franklin Ave., Waco TX 76701
(254) 757-5746 W. - (254) 757-0302 F. -

Posted June 1, 2004
I have a photo of Elvis Presley dated between 1960-1964,its a blackand white 5x7 I think was taken in Mississippi in good condition, if interest let me know. debbie schmitt -