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Posted April 30, 2005
In 1956 -59 I was a rockabilly singer on "Midwest Jamboree" ch 13 kHOL TV (now NTV) in Axtell nebraska (near Kearney). I still perform from time to time and recently was on tv show segment from Ft. Kearney about the "sandhill cranes". Also had 2 songs selected for two movies in the past 2 years. A memory! When I was 16 I was sitting in a cafe in Minden NE., where my mother worked. 3 strangers came in one hot and dusty afternoon. It was 1956. They got out of a yellow caddy. I always believed it was Elvis Scotty and Bill. It inspired me to get the tv job the same year. I always wondered about it but it was over 40 years later I found on the internet that Elvis did own a yellow caddy at that time and that they did play several times within 2 to 3 hours of Minden. In the past couple of years that old cafe has closed and opened, closed and opened again. When i go there I always look at that booth in the n.e. corner where my destiny was born. Can't prove it but real or imagined; it shaped my life. Bob Ayres, - a.k.a. Riverboat Banjo Bob

Posted April 30, 2005
i'm looking for a record done back in the 1950's. singer was Jesse Presley, song title was Bosom Devine ... thanks. AJ -

Posted April 28, 2005
Hello! I'm a Jerry Lee Lewis fan. Anyone who loves 50's music, especially Jerry Lee, would like my website at !! Thanks! Rockin' Luke

Posted April 28, 2005
Would anyone have available video tapes of any of the main stage shows at 50's fest in Green Bay. I am particularly looking for the Monday, Tuesday, And Wednesday shows. Any of the shows would be appreciated. Bruce Monkman - Posted April 28, 2005
The roots-rock'n'roll jam heads into its 15th consecutive week, this Tuesday in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, with your hosts the JumpKatz. All the info is on our site . We have prize giveaways for all jammers plus free draws every week, prizes courtesy of some great sponsors. If you're in the Windsor-Detroit area this Tuesday, come and check it out. Thanks. frank -

Posted April 28, 2005
In case there are some of you out there that are not familiar with "The Little Green Men" , This was the hottest band around from 1956 untill we broke up in 1959. There was no band that could hold a light to them. The fifties was a time when music was making that big change from pop music, (big band) and if you played clubs you had to be able to play everything from Elvis to Benny Goodman, to Glen Miller. Our band played it all. Martin was the most talented musician in my band and could have very well been one of the most talented musician all around. He played laa of the reed instruments, Tenor sax, Alto, Soprano, flute and clairnet. He also played the piano, guitar and trumbone. He was a genuis. I am more than honored to share the stage with him once again.
Billy Lee Riley, leader of the "Little Green Men".

Posted April 28, 2005
Hasil Adkins is dead! Saddest news ... Links:
Play some Hase
Hear Hase
'Hase' on ... Koops

Posted April 23, 2005
Do you have any info on a record 'Louisiana Jane' by Sammy Masters or Claude King? If you do, could you please e-mail the price and address where I can get this record? Thank You -

Posted April 23, 2005
OK Brainiacs, what would it take to work out a date where the following acts appeared together on the Hayride? Jimmy Newman, Elvis Presley, Bobby Lord - Well? Is there some database to search for such a thing? Any way to get the whole bill for the night if so? George Gimarc, Reel George Productions, Inc. -

Posted April 22, 2005
I am amazed and honored that some of you love that song Woodpecker Rock, that song was written and performed by my Father Nat Couty. Some of you have wondered about him and asked many questions, well you are more than welcome to email me and I am more than happy to provide that information. He was a great man as he has passed away in 2000. He would be amazed and shocked to know his song has been recorded onto three different CD labels! I have the original 45 that he gave me years ago and I dont think he knew how popular he was, sad that he could be around to enjoy it for himself but I know that would have made him happy! As am I do be his daughter and to have listed to his music all my life! Thanks to all! Renee Couty Phillips -

Posted April 21, 2005
Just wanted to drop by and say what an honour it was for my band and I to perform at this years Green Bay Rockin' 50s festival. To back greats like Terry Noland and the most legendary Johnny Bach (!!) was a thrill, but for me the highlight was playing guitar for Roc LaRue. To be able to play one of the greatest Rockabilly songs ever - Baby Take Me Back (I bought this on a repro 45 when I was about 12 years old) - with the original artist is something that will stay with me forever. My thanks to all that attended our shows, and for the wonderful feedback. To Marc Mencher and Phil Doran, and everyone responsible for putting the whole thing together. Darrel Higham -

Posted April 21, 2005
After being decimated by the 2004 Florida Hurricanes, Manta Raydio is back on the air. Tune in for the best in Independent music on the net. Punk, Ska, Rockabilly, Psycho-billy, comedy and much more. Looking for new music, bands send MP3's to - Tune us in

Posted April 21, 2005
G'day! I'm not sure where to start so forgive me if I'm barking up the wrong tree here! I have been a fan of Roy Orbison for many, many years - and through his website forum page I have been asked to write a publication on Roy the man rather than Roy the international star. There have been only two boooks written about Roy and both have left fans wanting. Had he still been alive Roy would have been 70 next April - I have been given till this time to finish whatever I can put together to present at a birthday bash in Nashville. The fans are looking for recollections from fans, friends, family and peers that depict Roy the person. I hoped to be able to track down contact points for: Fred Foster, Jim Johnson, Jim Kirby, Bucky Barrett, Terry Elam. It was suggested that Harold Bradley of the Musicians Union might be able to assist but I can't for the life of me find a contact even for him. Can someone there please point me in the right direction? Sincerely, Chris O'Neill -

Posted April 21, 2005

Posted April 21, 2005
For years I've been stumped by the lyrics of "Bertha Lou" by Clint Miller. The printed lyrics have "walking down the street like a SEMI-TRUCK" - but clearly sounds more like silver pup. Anyone know for sure? Printed lyrics "if I could hear you moan on Mr. Bell's telephone". Sounds more like "if I could hear you CALL, and the rest of the line is undecipherable". Can anyone out there help? Wayne Jones -

Posted April 20, 2005
Had a wonderfu time at the 50's Fest last week! We are from MN with eight hour drive to get there. Every mile well worth it! I first found out about it last March on your web page. Got the tickets as soon as there went on sale ... Thanks so much for letting us all know about this wonderful event. Only wish the Blue Caps could have been there too ... Thanks, Roger and Dianne -

Posted April 20, 2005
Hello, I live in New York. I LOVE Rockabilly music, and so do most of my friends. I was wondering if you could tell me of any good Rockabilly live shows in the New York area. I know that Robert Gordon appears in New York City, but I've already seen him. I know that Scotty Moore isn't touring right now, so I'm having a difficult time finding good Rockabilly. Thank you very much, Howie Heller -

Posted April 20, 2005
Hello I have Mr Danny Gattons 1956 Crown Vicktoria, the unfinished business car. I took her to the next level and I believe Gatton himself would've wrote a song about her. I am writing to see if you have any valid email address that would point me in a direction to offer this car to someone who is as passion as I am for his music. I have picks from beginning to end for anyone to see. I plan to ebay within 30 days.

Posted April 19, 2005
Attention Attendees of Green Bay 2005: As we did in 2003 (, I am in the process of doing my review of this year's show in Green Bay. It was impossible for me to attend all shows, so I am asking for help. If you have any photos you can email me, or your own comments or observations on the following shows, I would appreciate it. Any photos or quotes used will receive credit in the article on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame web site.
Monday, April 11:
           The Old Howards (saw some of the set and got a photo)
           The Dave Biller Combo
           Jimmy Cavello (I have a picture, but would like comments from someone who stayed for most of the show.)
           Star Mountain Dreamers
           Randy Rich & The Poor Boys
           Ruby Ann & The Boppin' Boozers
           Dr. Snout & His Hogs of Rhythm
           Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys
Tuesday, April 12
           The Tinstars - Casino Lounge Show
           The Two Timin' Three
           Howlin' Al & The Sharps
           Little Ester & Her Tinstars
           The White Devils
           Biller & Wakefield
Wednesday, April 13
           Levi Dexter with Magic
           The Stardevils
           The Paladins
Thursday, April 14
           The Vibro Champs
           Johnny Bach & The Moonshine Boozers
           Boz & The Bozmen
Friday, April 15
           The Twilight Ranchers in the Casino Lounge
           White Boy James
           Don Cavali & The Two Timers
           Shaun Young
           Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers
Saturday, April 16
           Arsen Roulette & The Ricochets
           Three Blue Teardrops
           The Mezcal Brothers
           Rockin'Bones (Tribute to Ronnie Dawson)
Please email anything you think I can use. This is a real project and I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks! Barry Klein -

Posted April 19, 2005
Just ran up on this site while searching for more info on my great uncle Stan Kesler. I ate lunch with him recently and was overwhelmed with all the stories he told. I hadn't realized his influence of rock(abilly) was so great. Definitely someone for me to look up to being a musician myself. You have a very nice and informative site here. Randy K. -

Posted April 19, 2005
Does someone have Larry and Lorrie's e-mail address. I am a distant cousin, who would like to contact them. Thanks Larry Sanders -

Posted April 19, 2005
I will be in Nashville over Memorial Day weekend and I was wondering where my best chance to find some rockabilly music might be. Last year, I stumbled into a place (not sure of the name - across the street from Tootsie's) and was lucky enough to find a great rockabilly band featuring Nic Roulette (Blue Moon Boys) and Chris Casello (The Starlight Drifters). Does anyone know if either of these guys are still in Nashville? I sure would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks for your time! Dave J. -
(ED NOTE: Blue Grass Inn and Mercy Lounge for starters)

Posted April 19, 2005
Hi everybody, Got some new Drumsticks for sale now ... intrested? E-mail me and we can chat some. "BE_BOP" - Dickie Harrell - - Pictures also Posted April 19, 2005
Anyone who went to the Green Bay Rockin fast last week? I'm looking for some reports on it as I heard it's always a great festival. niek -

Posted April 19, 2005
For old friends and fans ... I am fine ... check out my website: God bless you all - Bill Sterling -

Posted April 19, 2005
anyone here like Loretta Lynn or Conway Twitty?? i'm a major fan and i'm only 11). Shelly -

Posted April 13, 2005
Does anyone have names of the regular musicians that played on The Ralph Emery Show years ago? If not, does anyone remember Jack Gregory? Thanks, Melva -

Posted April 19, 2005
I am looking for a recording I made in '61 on the Knox record label - Song title: I know you don't love me by Howard Childress and the Clefts. The song title on the flip was Whoa! - If anyone has a copy that they would consider selling please contact me. Thanks, Howard -

Posted April 9, 2005
Is anyone interested in making an offer for a 33-1/3 album of Mr. & Mrs. Hank WIlliams record. It is in excellent condition by Metro Records. Songs are "I dreamed About Mama Last Night", "Oceans Of Love", They're Begging Me To Stay, "The Pale Horse and His Rider", "Lost on the River", "Let Me Sit Alone (And Think)", "Jesus Remembered Me", "A Home in Heaven", "Dear Brother", "Parakeet Polka". bparks -

Posted April 9, 2005
Want to let the roots-rockin' world to know that the JumpKatz are into FINAL MIXDOWN of our debut CD-release - "Twangin', Sangin' & Bangin'", featuring EIGHTEEN original songs. Release date and more information to follow, but please check our site for more info on the band - Windsor, Ontario's premier (only!) 3-piece roots rockabilly outfit. Song titles include: "Jump Kat, Jump", "Jump & Shout Some More", "Tomcat Blues", "Hi-tech Tin Can", and many more, all in that distinct, rootsy JumpKatz sound - just like the CD title - twangin', sangin' & bangin'! Also, our Tuesday night open stage jam continues in Windsor, Ontario, 7-11 pm - check the site for details. Thanks to all of y'all and we'll keep you posted on the release! ...and like Slim Gene says - "the higher the hair, the closer to God". Frank -

Posted April 9, 2005

Posted April 8, 2005
I am desperately looking for lyric of Gene Vincent of THE song: BIRD DOGGIN'. I really can't find anywhere. Please help me. Thanx in advance Tomaz from Slovenia -

Posted April 8, 2005
CHATemailaddy = What's new in the rockabilly world? billy boy -

Posted April 6, 2005
My name is Jason Abramoski. I am the grand son of Jim Maddy Of the Maddy brothers. I am going to join as a member soon. My family history is something I'm proud of, and I would like to help keep it going. Would you know how i can get a hold of my grandpa's original records. Thanks, Jason Abramoski -

Posted April 6, 2005
hi, i am looking for sue. who in dec. of 2003 asked about my mom and aunt. they are Jean and Jane Lazenby who sang at Rockabilly in memphis tenn. they wrote ooh ooh la la i fooled you. her name is sue e-mail is if any one remembers the lazenby twins right me and let me know at ... lisa

Posted April 4, 2005
Did Warren Smith have a son? If so, has he recorded any or took up where his Pop left off?? Smith layed down some fine rockabilly, even if it wasn't his favorite music! Travis -

Posted April 2, 2005
LEE ROCKER will play 3 UK dates this summer with his band. Also on the bill will be UNION AVENUE and THE CATHOUSE CREEPERS. The dates are:
Friday 15th July at The Mill, PRESTON.
Saturday 16th July at The Charlotte, LEICESTER.
Sunday 17th July at Lock 17 (formerly Dingwalls), Camden, LONDON.
Tickets can be bought online at or by telephone on 0115 912 9000. Howard Raucous -

Posted March 31, 2005
I have a client who is seeking information on Milton Estes. He had a song called E-A-S-T-E-R. This person would like to find a copy (to purchase) of this beautiful song. Can you guide me in the right direction? Cindy Moses - or

Posted March 30, 2005
I am new to memphis, and am desperately looking for something to do. if someone has any ideas just let me know email to and write shannon in the message box. shannon -

Posted March 29, 2005
Hello, I have always been a fan of Johnny Cash's I would love to know when he last visited Australia, and was that to perform or a personal visit. How many brothers and sisters did he have.  Please email the answers to - He must have missed June so much, I lost my husband in May 2004, I can fully understand how someone dies of a broken heart. All the best, Pat. <,br>
Posted March 28, 2005
Hi. I am an old friend of Tim Sullivan and am trying to get in touch with him. Can someone help? Thank you for your time. Marie McKnight -

Posted March 27, 2005
hi, i'm 11 and i love Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn sooo much.i have 2Conway cd's 3 Loretta cd's and 1 of their duets cd's. i'm planning on getting all their cd's. does anyone else like Conway or Loretta??i never use or answer my e-mail, but you can find me at in the webboard as shellyluvsLL. Shelly

Posted March 26, 2005
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Posted March 26, 2005
You guys are doing wonderfully well keep - it up ... i don land here GUY MAM. Engr. Mgbada Mugu -

Posted March 23, 2005
Detroit-Windsor area: The open stage jam continues this Tuesday, March 29th, from 7-11 pm, with your hosts, the Jumpkatz, southwestern Ontario's premier 3-piece roots-rockabilly band. It just gets better every week - we'd love to see you there. Singers, Bands, instrumentalists, dancers, are all welcome. It's the unique, mid-week, early-night out, with the Katz that Jump! Check pix from last week at !! Hope to see all of y'all there! Frank -

Posted March 23, 2005
Did anyone take any video footage of, JACK BAYMORE or THE MAD MEN at "The ROCKABILLY Rave". I am desperate to re-live the action. Volk -

Posted March 21, 2005
Hope you can help, I am Steve Brown, Cedar Rapids Iowa, one of the Directors of the Iowa RockNRoll hall of fame and one of your members also. I do the website We are attempting to locate Larry Dowd, He recorded a 45 in Iowa in the late 50's (Blue Swingin Mama) he had a band called Larry Dowd and the RockATones. They are being inducted into the Iowa RockNroll hall of fame this year, We have been searching for Larry Dowd for a few years now to no avail. We heard that he had been a session musician in Nashville for a time and also Possibly worked in the Memphis and New Orleans Markets. Any information you or your staff might have on helping us locate Larry or his family would be appreciated. Steve Brown -

Posted March 21, 2005
hi, i was wondering if there is anyone out there that remember the lazenby twins that sang and recorded ooh ooh la la i fooled you and wondering with the Jordanaires backing them up. Their names back then were jean and jane lazenby. They sang a lot at the rockabilly jamboree in memphis tenn. They also knew Joe manuel and his son Larry Manuel. Please e-mail me if any one remembers them thanks. signed Jane's daughter felisa -

Posted March 20, 2005
Can anyone help?? I am a rockabilly fan, a disk jockey, a regular contributor to Now Dig This, and the sponsor of the Roy Orbison page on the RHOF. I live in Washington, DC, and I often help reissue labels by doing research at the Library of Congress. I recently helped John Beecher of Rollercoaster with his Link Wray CD, and last year I tried to help John Broven and Martin Hawkins with their Meteor double CD. They had asked me to do some research on Bill Bowen, since they were reissuing his "Don't Shoot Me" and "Have Myself a Ball". Sadly I drew a blank, since these songs were not registered at the Library. In fact it seems that neither John nor Martin were able to come up with any information about Bill Bowen. So I was very excited to read your interview with Ray Harris on the web site, in which he said "I had a band with Bill Bowen. We played country music at a radio station outside of Memphis." I know that Ray Harris died a couple of years ago, but I was wondering if you can give me any more information about Bill Bowen or the radio station he played at. I know that John Broven would like to track him down to pay him the royalties that are due to him. Any information at all about the man who wrote and song on those two great tracks would be much appreciated. With many thanks, Colin Davies -

Posted March 15, 2005
Hi Everyone, I've been putting together a web page about all the bands I've been in as a rockabilly and rock 'n' roll guitarist and vocalist. You probably won't have heard of any of the bands (all north west UK) but you may like some of the tracks available for download. - Any comments more than welcome! Paul, Warrington, England.

Posted March 15, 2005
Hi. I need help. I wont to become a greaser. I have no problem with all the clothes and ext. But i just dont know how to do the hair. Can you plzz give my step on how to do my hair or a web site. Thanx, babe -

Posted March 13, 2005
Howdy! Just a heads up about a lil party I'm throwing in Vegas!!! If yer there by the afternoon of Thursday the 24th of March, 2005, head on over to Pink E's tavern and join a bunch of us for a lil pre-viva get together! Details are on my webpage. Everyone is invited (sorry 21+ ) and it's FREE! Check out for more details!!! Muchas Smoochas! Can't wait to see y'all at Viva, or Green Bay or Indy!!! Sweetpea -

Posted March 12, 2005
My name is Fabris G. Luca, 38 years old.I 'm studying,and loving Elvis Presley since I was 11 years old. Specifically I'm an Elvis researcher especially on the early days. I particularly like the Louisiana Hayride, Opry, Saturday Night Country Style days, Opry shows and so I started doing researches on this and trying to meet and interview as much people as I could. Researches who took me in many places in the world and recently at Library of Congress in Washington to dig through 16" AFRTS discs they have there of some Hayride Shows and Saturday Night Country Style, but alas! no early Elvis recordings there ... Mainly all these researches are in relation to a book/CD project for the Elvis fan club network I've been asked to help. It's a 3/4 CD 200 pages book about Elvis stay at SUN records done by Ernst Jorgensen which I'm now helping detailing the period from July of 1954 through the end of 1955. Ernst is BMG chief at Elvis music archive. The book will consist of more than 400 early photos - half of them previously unpublished. It's not an attempt of once again write the story of Elvis Presley, but more a collection of information, photos, memorabilia and stories shared by fans who where there at the time. The book will not deal in gossip or other unpleasant material it's all about the innocence of the time and the impact of Elvis' music. We are trying to document every single show Elvis did, and we have come fairly close. So I'm looking for photos, recordings from Louisiana Hayride or Opry,or any live radio gig or interview ...ANYTHING IS WELCOME FROM THE 50s!! And I'm doing researches on 16" AFRTS discs produced on Saturday Night Country Style (Ref END 536) and Hayride (Ref END 658).We know for sure many were produced (more than 969 on Hayride) but I'd like to know if you've lists of songs or broadcasts,if you've tapes or metal stampers in your archives. Anything is welcome. Any 'old' DJ out there working for AFN radios at the time,working to produce discs, anyone with infos or tapes or discs (...) WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU GET THOSE BUT ONLY COPIES TO SHARE WITH THE ELVIS FANS AND THE WORLD ... AND WE'RE READY TO PAY FOR THIS OF COURSE ... As told I located some at the Library of Congress and listened to them but no Elvis songs were on them I have some lists of bases where AFRTS Los Angeles sent the discs but I'd really appreciate your help. As told another interesting info would be to have connections to DJ working in those radios overseas or in the Navy who got also those discs ... Or maybe archivists working in the bases like Mrs Gisela Breitkopf (she died recently alas!) in Frankfurt ... Have you early Elvis unreleased material in your archives? Could we study an agreement to use them? Have you ever come across people owning early Elvis gigs recordings or photos? I have a complete list of all dates when Elvis appeared. Sincerely yours, Fabris G. Luca, Elvis researcher -
PS. Trying to locate also live recordings or videos on Robert Gordon. Anyone can help?

Posted March 12, 2005
Yo peoples, I just thought that I would let y'all know that my dad's (Stan Beaver) website is, for the time being, found at - I don't know when or if it will be back to the old address, so there ya go. Its 2:45 in the morning and I'm wide awake. Keep Rockin', Joel Leon Beaver

Posted March 12, 2005
Detroit and Windsor area rock and rollers: The open stage jam continues this Tuesday, March 15th, with your hosts, the JumpKatz, southwestern Ontario's premier 3-piece roots rockabilly band. Singers, players, bands are all welcome. It all happens at Octane Nite Club, 2629 Howard Avenue (5 minutes from the tunnel, 10 minutes from the bridge) - Windsor, Ontario. 7-11 pm. Love to see

Posted March 11, 2005
I love Jack Scott's music and I wish he would come to Calgary! Karen -

Posted March 10, 2005
Anyone interested in buying vinyl records, take a peek at Over 28,000 new and used 45's & LP's. From the 40's to today. Greg -

Posted March 9, 2005
hey guys awesome site!! i spent at least an hour here reading all your reviews and what not, anyway just wanted to say whats up, we have a couple new songs that are available at, and our site has been updated recently. come check us out at a SHOW!! staysik!! Graveyard Rumblers -

Posted March 8, 2005
This years event will definitely be taking place and will revert back to its former venue of the Olympiad, Chippenham. Due to the Olympiad being double booked the dates for the event will need to be changed from the ones some of you have already. The changed dates are now 16th - 18th September 2005. The line up for the show will be announced very shortly as soon as contracts with artists have been agreed. A web page will be set up within the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame with all the details.  The URL will be announced here as soon as the page is created. Regards, Rod -

Posted March 8, 2005
Is there any records of a Ed Lewing being associated with the Louisiana Hayride. His name was inscribed on a EV Mic that was advertised as being used on the Hayride. I appreciate any info. Bob Hill -

Posted March 8, 2005
Hi, I am a fan of the Collins Kids and a few other rockabilly groups and artists. I am just looking for some info on the Collins Kids, Wanda Jackson, etc. Have a great day, Joseph -

Posted March 5, 2005
Just a little note - New line of Tee-Shirts-Drumsticks coming soon. Thanks for your Support and Intrest. Dickie Harrell -

Posted March 5, 2005
as an old rocker from the east coast in uk, i've just found this site, its one of the best iv come across, my family are all grown up but two of my sons carry on with the rocker tradition , the oldest who is 34 is singer in band called 706 union avenue giging pubs clubs and functionspure rock and country he is a rockerbilly rebel. my youngest 24 is doing the same but does more platters and early 50s stuff. my 7 grandchildren are starting to take an interest as my other 2 children encourage them to sing. thats all for now, good rocking. brian -

Posted March 3, 2005
Hey Geoff Rogers IN THE UK, here is a tel. no to Billy Hancock who use to play for Danny Gatton. I hope it is still in use. 1-804-224-7523 Good luck buddy. Bill Mack -

Posted March 3, 2005
Here's my new web page, Take a look. - If you need commercials or principle acting done, give me a call. 1-910-620-6881 OR MY AGENT ACTORSANDENTERTAINMENT. Bill Mack - MRBASSMN@EC.RR.COM

Posted March 2, 2005
Curtis Gordon had a place in Mobile Alabama called "Curtis Gordon's Radio Ranch Club." I can't find anyone who knows where that club was located (other than that it was in Mobile). Is Curtis Gordon still alive and if so, could you ask him to send some information about the location of that club? Thanks, Joe -

Posted March 2, 2005
I LOVE YOUR SITE. OK. MAGAS DO TAKE NOTE. dont miss this band - johnny -

Posted March 1, 2005
I've been a fan of 50's Rock and Roll music since the nineteen fifties when I first started buying records of the era such as Carl Perkins, Buddy Knox, Jerry Lee Lewis and of course Elvis Presley. My first collection, small due to the limits of a junior high budget, went by the way over those years. In the seventies I again began record collecting in earnest and still actively collect most forms of early Rock and Roll. I discovered your web sight while reading "Three Steps to Heaven" the current biography of Eddie Cochran's life by his nephew Bobby Cochran (great book). I look forward to becoming a regular visitor to your site. I need to fill some of the missing links in my knowledge and be of what help I can with information that I've accumulated. Your site looks great and I can't wait to join in. Sincerely, Jack Godwin -

Posted February 28, 2005
In archive # 12 you describe the Chris Isaac/Lisa Marie Presley concert, and one amusing moment when she rushes out to plant a big lipstick kiss on Isaac's face. Do you know if any photos were taken of that moment, and if so, where I might find them? Many thanks.

Posted February 27, 2005
RE Leon Payne. Can you tell me if the song "You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care". have the words (here I am sad and lonely wondering where you are tonight ) in it? This song of his would have been sung by him during the war. My first love is back in my life and we are trying to find some old songs of Leon Payne. WILL YOU PLEASE HELP US FIND THEM? Is there a CD with his biggest hits on it? I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks, Elizabeth Hollingshead - or

Posted February 25, 2005
Hey Katz - wanted to bring you an update on the band's recording project. We are ready to complete vocals to 18 count 'em EIGHTEEN original roots rockin' tunes for our upcoming CD release. All the instrumental tracks are now down. Just the vox left. We'll keep you posted. Also, our open stage jam continues Tuesdays at OCTANE in Windsor, Ontario, 2629 Howard Av. (5 minutes from the tunnel, 10 minutes from the bridge), 7-11 pm. Everyone is welcome, bands, instrumentalists, singers, dancers. Check our site at - Thanks. frank foxx -

Posted February 25, 2005
Can you please help me? I am trying to get in touch with Bonnie Guitar. I really enjoy her music and would like to contact her. Thank you, Jim Sacia -

Posted February 23, 2005
Hello, Billy Hancock is a friend of mine who used to play in a band with the late Danny Gatton and many others. I last had contact with him in the last five years and have heard nothing since. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has or could find out any information on his well being and /or whereabouts and primarily any contact number or email address. My name is Geoff Rogers and I'm using my friends email account, so any reply would be welcomed. Geoff Rogers (currently in London - UK -

Posted February 22, 2005
I posted this request for information and was hoping you could help point me in the right direction. My dad played guitar and served with Mr. Tomlinson in Korea and stayed in touch until after the 1960 Horton crash.  Where could I go to find out more about Mr. Tomlinson? Sincerely, Dale Wasson Atlanta, GA -

Posted February 22, 2005
Are you a Hillbilly Cat or a Barnyard Hipster located in Holland? So, you surely won't miss the shows of Neva River Rockets, rockin' hillbilly trio from Russia! True authentic hillbilly, western swing and 50's sound! Only in March in Holland!
3rd of March - "De Kroeg", Geldrop (the show starts at 21:00)
4th of March - "Maloe Melo", Amsterdam (the show starts at 23:00)
6th of March - "Caddy's Diner", Purmerend (the show starts at 16:00)
More info at - Lotte Lou -

Posted February 22, 2005
Please pray for us. Our son, Burl, Jr., was killed over the weekend in an automobile accident. He was 33 years old. His wife is okay and his little boy, 3 yrs. old, was with us. Keep us in your prayers please, and let the people I rabhop people know for me. Love, Burl and Jane. Burl Boykin, 333 CR 215 , Abbeville, MS 38601, 662-234-5090 -

Posted February 22, 2005
Hello. I have been looking for the music and lyrics to this song ' My best friend me " I do not know who is the singer is if you can find out i would be very happy ,as I have been looking for a long time. Thank You. CATHY -

Posted February 22, 2005
Reminder: Discount Tickets Available Only Until February 28th !!!
The 13th Annual Rockabilly Rebel Weekend
Show Schedule --
Thursday June 23:
8:15 Ace Brown & His Helldivers
9:30 The Messarounds
10:45 The Rumblejets
12:00 Lil' Rachel
Friday June 24:
8:15 The Freightliners
9:30 Billy Poore & Leslee "Bird" Anderson
10:45 Twistin' Tarantulas
12:00 The Haywoods
Saturday June 26th:
8:00 Two Timin' Three
9:30 The Star Devil
10:45 The Starlight Drifters
12:00 Johnny Powers
Emcee Louis Vinci
DJ Del Villareal
Sound Stuart Sanders
VENUE: Radio Radio
1119 Prospect Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203
(317) 955-0995 - 21 and Over
Ticket Information: Thursday $20. Friday $30. Saturday $30. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Limited to Only 250 Each Night! Purchase Tickets by February 28th for 20% Discount!
Phone: 765 948-3326 Fax 765 948-3389 VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Email:
Check or Money Order Payable to:
JADE Productions, PO Box 55, Fairmount, IN 46928
The 6th Annual ROAD ROCKETS RUMBLE HOT ROD CAR SHOW - Saturday June 25th 9am to ? In The Parking Lot of The Best Value Inn & Suites (formerly The Ramada Inn Conference Center) 520 East Thompson Rd, Indianapolis
Prizes, Pin-Up Girl Contest, More!
With Live Music by:
The Honeybees
7 Shot Screamers
The Knuckletones
For Info: Tom 317 247-7327
VINTAGE & RETRO VENDORS In The Atrium of The Best Value Inn & Suites
June 24th & 25th 10am to 6pm
Vendor Spaces are Available Contact:
Swimming, Sun-Bathing, Bar-B-Q's, Jam Sessions
By the Outdoor Swimming Pool Daily
The entire Best Value Inn & Suites is reserved for RRW#13 Guests with a Special Room Rate of $65. per night For Reservations Call: 317 787-8341 Mention Rockabilly Weekend Note: If you are a Vendor you may want to request a room off of the Atrium for easy access to your booth space.
David Loehr, James Dean Memorial Gallery
425 North Main Street
P O Box 55
Fairmount, Indiana USA 46928
Phone (765) 948-3326, Fax (765) 948-3389

Posted February 22, 2005
Hi. Afirst let me say what a great site is. thank you for the love and hard work you´re investing in it and keeping rockabilly alive. ilove rockabilly and traditional country music since i am 10 years old (now i am 36). and now my question: my girlfriend and me will travel to tennessee in april. we will visit nashville, memphis, new orleans and some other interesting cities. than we drive to alabama (i love hank williams sr.) and we also make a trip to texas for a view days. could you give me any tips where to go in tennessee? good record shops, clothing stores and any rockabilly related places? it is hard to find any information via the internet (specially for clothing stores. i need boots, shirts and so on). we will only stay for three weeks, so we have not so much time to seek for special places. Sorry for my bad english and many thanks for your time. i would be glad to hear from you. best wishes, thomas schmucker -

Posted February 22, 2005
hi - i'm visiting san francisco march 27th for 10 days.If anyone can recommend gigs, record stores and decent vintage/retro clothing stores I will be grateful. Andy - Posted February 21, 2005
On the scrapbook #19 webpage there is a photo abt. 1954 of Charlene Arthur singing/playing guitar with Buddy Brady on the left playing fiddle. The man on the right in the photo playing guitar was unidentified. I know for sure that this was my grandfather Roscoe Clark of Tyler, Texas. He used to accompany Buddy when they played at various fiddle and music contest in east Texas. They won several. Buddy in recent year has been the leader of the live band at the Mesquite Championship Rodeo here in Mesquite, Texas.I could e-mail you a better photo of Roscoe that was made about that time period to show you that this was actually him. Vickie King Lyon -

Posted February 19, 2005
I used to listen to GRAND Opry in the 50 when I was a little girl . That when we had a batteries radio and that was only station that my daddy would let us listen too. There are so many good country singer that I don't have just one . How ever I have been to a lot of there (shows ) To name a few Freddy Hart, Gene Watson, Alan Jackson,and yes Ricky Van Shelton raise close to my home town in VA. Duard benson -

Posted February 14, 2005
ATTENTION LINK WRAY FANS: Thought I'd pass along the word that Link Wray will be back touring the USA in April and May. There's still some dates available if anyone knows of a club owner who would like to book Link. They should contact Link's official booking agent, Marc mencher at or I've got the schedule so far listed on my fan site - The direct link is - Think Link! Greg Laxton

Posted February 12, 2005
I would like to contact Joey Kent about using an image or two from his collection in a Louisiana state history textbook. Could you possibly pass along any info about how I could reach him? Thanks, Kris K. Brunson, Photo Editor of Textbooks, Kaysville, UT -

Posted February 11, 2005
11 February 2005 in this day, 70th anniversary of Gene Vincent's birth, i' m sending this message from France for pay homage to Gene. For me Gene Vincent is the greatest rock n roll artist of all time he epitomize the wild rockabilly also sad blue and melancholy ballads. Be bop a lula, race with the devil, bop street, important words, baby blue etc ... all this songs are wonderful. I get to know Gene in the 60s when the rock n roll come in French , unluckily, i never saw him. I was not much money for travel and ticket for show,in this time, i lived in the country far away and not ad for they shows. i listen Gene 40 year ago.  I want also pay homage to Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley all this originators with well on Elvis Presley. f the heaven exist, keep on rockin Gene with Eddie, Carl and all your friends. Here on the earth all your fans always listen your songs, and pay homage to you with Ervin Travis and Graham Fenton. Jean Paul Martial, age 56, St Etienne, France -

Posted February 10, 2005
I made it to Marco Di Maggio show last Saturday in Florence. We arrived just about 20 minutes before the show and the place was only half full, but by the time we located and greeted the rest of the Di Maggios that had gone to see the show, the place had become packed. Marco presented all the songs of the new cd, which I had heard during the recording stage,  and found they have a much stronger impact played live. Marco hasn't really changed his sound, but most songs now are original compositions and they show a more electric approach, kinda like the Reverend Horton Heat, just to give you a vague idea. The band ROCKED!! They also did a few numbers with guest singer/rhythm guit Greg that has a blues/swing band , and they played a few covers with him, some rockabilly, some country, and - surprise - a fantastic version of one of my favorite tunes of my youth (!), wall of voodoo's 'mexican radio'. As an encore, the band was joined by Massimo and Simone Di Maggio for a true rockin' version of King Creole. Hope they play in the area again soon. The trio is tight as ever, and they are a real treat! They more than make up for the lack of good bands that I experience where I live. A real bonus! Later, Sandra -

Posted February 10, 2005
Hi - I often think I was born in the wrong era as I love all my fathers music (1950s) and the fashion of that time, wow!! I am giving a presentation at uni. in April on how tough it was in 1950s Britain and wondered could anyone help?? Thanks in advance. Diana -

Posted February 10, 2005
Hey Katz & Kitties! The OPEN STAGE JAM CONTINUES in Windsor, Ontario, this coming Tuesday, February 15th, 7-11 pm!! Roots music fans in southwestern Ontario and the Detroit area: the JumpKatz host this unique, midweek, early night jam, 7-11 pm, at Dillons, 2629 Howard Av., Windsor, about 5 minutes from the tunnel and 10 minutes from the bridge. Come on out to hear our jumpin' trio and bring your axe and join the Katz on stage! Would love to see some of our Detroit friends come out for a brew and sing/play with the band. The only way we keep the music pumpin' is if people continue to come out to hear us play AND join in the fun! Bands, singers, instrumentalists, you name it - you are invited and you are welcome. Please note that Dillons apparently is in the process of a name change to "Octane". We'll keep you posted on that, but the location remains unchanged as above. Check our site at The JumpKatz would love to see you there. Frank -

Posted February 9, 2005
Hi everyone, just need to know any updates on young musicians playing on the rockabilly scene and to know people's opinions on the subject. Cheer, Kathy -

Posted February 9, 2005
Hi everyone! We have a collection of Vintage clothing- mostly mens stuff and predominately shirts up for sale to be sold separately or preferably in one lot (for the right price of course). All items are clean, pressed and sized medium and large and 99.99% original pieces which are nearly all US originals and there are over 70 items to be sold. There is also a selection of 50's crockery, vases, bric a brac etc along with a good selection of original US rock'n'roll, rockabilly and related 45's to go as well (over 200 issues in varying conditions) also to go as a job lot if possible. If anyone needs any info on the above they can mail me on the following address: - Thanks, Mark Lamborn

Posted February 8, 2005
Just a reminder that Travis LeDoyt is in Crossville, TN on Saturday night, February 12 at the Palace Theater doing shows at 6 pm and 8 pm. Tickets are $10 advance and $12 at the door. The early show is nearly sold out and the second show is about half sold out. The number to order tickets is 931-484-6133 -

Posted February 7, 2005
Hello, I am producing the first canadian rockabilly weekend that will take place in St-Hyacinthe, QC, October 7-9 2005. Have a look at our website for more info. Thanks! Nathalie Lavergne, Redhot & Blue producer - -

Posted February 4, 2005
I stumbled across your page just doing a bit of surfing after watching "Great Balls of Fire" the Jerry Lee Lewis story. The first link led me to Moon's website and then Rockabilly Hall of Fame. I was stunned. I have always loved the "rockabilly" sound, and grew up surrounded by country, western and southern gospel music. I am thrilled to know there are people out there who know names like Moon Mullican, Martha Carson and Jimmy Davis (as an actual performer!).
           Funny story: my father loved to grill out. He would always break out a specific set of carving tools. Each and every time he would tell us about Minnie Pearl and that these tools had come from Moon Mullican. I have these tools today - understanding for the first time that they are a tidbit of history tucked in my pantry ... even though I ponder exactly how they came into the possession of my father ...
           I have filmstrips and precious few pictures of my father as he his own career glanced off of the golden sounds of Rockabilly and Country and Western Music. My father will forever be known primarily as the bass singer in the song "North to Alaska" by Johnny Horton while singing with the Plainsmen. To the people who have little of no knowledge of my father as a member of the Plainsmen Quartet ... he is known only as Rusty Goodman, bass singer, featured on a Gospel Album recorded by Elvis Presley Prior to his success in Gospel music, My father told us that often as a young man he tried to write songs for Elvis, dreaming that some day he would find his success t hough the likes of Elvis Presley. It wasn't until my father's success in Gospel music and had begun to build his recording studio that Elvis did indeed record one of my father's songs. The song "Who Am I" was recently re-released and singled on a new Elvis religious compilation; so in some small way, his legacy remains.
           My father has been deceased for some time now, and the rest of the "Happy Goodmans" recently gone. It is unfortunate that with them, their history is quickly dying out. How unfortunate for ALL OF US that OTHERS are not as zealous as your site in keeping the lives and music of sometimes "under-appreciated" artists of musical history alive. Sincerely, A. Goodman -

Posted February 4, 2005
I am looking for a local singer ... songwriter who is from Hendersonville ... Ray Austin. Have u heard anything about him ... .do u know who he is and where i can get some information about him. If you could, email me at I would appreciate any information u might have ... or where else i could possibly find some. Thank you for your time.

Posted February 4, 2005
Hello Im David Wall I have a Club in Grand Junction CO and I own Snob Productions Inc in Grand Junction CO. I am looking for bands to book in my club and the other venues that we work with on the Snob Productions side ... if you can email or fax me a list of the artist that you deal with I would like to start booking some of them in this venue and others that I work with thank you for your time. you can email me at or fax me at 970-245-5026

Posted February 3, 2005
Hey Katz. Just a brief reminder to roots music fans in southwestern Ontario and the Detroit area - the JumpKatz open stage jam is on again next Tuesday, February 8, from 7-11 pm at Dillons, 2629 Howard Av., Windsor, about 5 minutes from the tunnel and 10 minutes from the bridge. Come on out to hear our jumpin' trio and bring your axe and join the Katz on stage! Would love to see some of our Detroit friends come out for a brew and sing/play with the band. Check our site at The JumpKatz would love to see you there. frank -

Posted February 1, 2005
I'd like to have the words to Brenda Lee's song Johnny One Time. Can you tell me where to find them at? I've got the recording of the song, but am having trouble understanding some of the words. Thanks for any help. Julie K. Rogers -

Posted February 1, 2005
Hi, I am trying to locate Dick Stafford of Dick and the Teenbeats who posted a message in "That's News To Me" about the passing Little Bo Savage, drummer for Johnny and the Hurricanes, in 2002. I met Dick when I interview him and Del Shannon for my Boston area Radio show " Reflections" in April 1978. I am currently an author for Rounder Books, a new imprint of Rounder Records in Cambridge, Massachusetts and I would like to contact him about my next book. Any assistance would be kindly appreciated. I would also like to contact Maxx Crook, who came up with that classic melotron solo on "Runaway". Thank you very much, Chuck Burgess -

Posted February 1, 2005
As producer and owner of TALOS & KIP records back in the 50's, I am trying to locate pictures & info. on LaVerne Stovall. I am also interested in finding pix and info. on Bill Johnson, Bobby Gregory aka Bobby Shannon and any other artist on the labels. I am producing a CD on the TALOS & KIP artists. All my pictures and information were destroyed back in 1984. Any help would be appreciated. - Robert Ritter

Posted February 1, 2005
I am trying to find out if any fifties CD's out there have the original recordings My Love, My Love or Worry Worry that was done by a Canadian Group called The Cosmos back in 1958. I found a couple CD's on the internet, but they don't have the original version, they have the second version which had the singer backed by "studio musicians". I think the original with heaver sax work should be put on a CD. The Cosmos only did two songs that were released from what I know, but the group was a big smash on the club circuit on both sides of the border. Their two songs were great, and the singer  reminds you of a white Little Richard. The original recording was on the Regency Label #744. Can someone help? Thanks, JMD - jimyd@Adelphia.Net

Posted February 1, 2005
Hi, I am trying to contact Carl Smith. He is a distant cousin of mine. He visited me several years ago in Mountain View, AR. Since then I moved to another address in Mountain View; divorced and remarried; moved to WI. for six years and am now living 12 miles south of Mountain View, AR. I have lost his address with all the moves. Would like to update him with my address, phone number and email. They are: William M. Smith (wife Carolyn), 206 Ben Cartwright Ln., Mountain View, AR 72560 - (870) 269-8456 - - If you can get this message to him, I would appreciate it. William Smith

Posted February 1, 2005
Now here's the IMPORTANT news for all you cats and chicks! An agent just got in touch with me last week and is looking for folks. He has a client that is putting on two (2) Broadway plays. One is called "Lonesome Town" and the other "The Million Dollar Quartet". These shows are supposed to go on in both Las Vegas and New York! He's looking for guys age 20 to 30 who look, and hopefully, sound like the following, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Ritchie Valens, and basically all of those cats from the '50s. SO, if you're an actor/musician and you look like any of these cats E-MAIL ME NOW! Please DON'T send me your press kit and/or info. Just e-mail your contact info (i.e. e-mail address and/or telephone number) I will then forward it on and the agent will get in touch with you. Good Luck you guys. -

Posted January 31, 2005
HELP!! Anyone out there ... in the 1987 movie "La Bamba", about Ritchie Valens life/death, when its announced on the radio on the movie who all died, a song was played in their "tribute" ... there are no lyrics, only a guitar. Does anyone know the name of this song?? LadyDee -

Posted January 31, 2005
Hey Katz. Just a brief reminder to roots music fans in southwestern Ontario and the Detroit area - the JumpKatz host an open stage jam tomorrow February 1, from 7-11 pm at Dillons, 2629 Howard Av., Windsor, about 5 minutes from the tunnel and 10 minutes from the bridge. Come on out to hear our jumpin' trio and bring your axe and join the Katz on stage! Hope to see you there. frank -

Posted January 31, 2005
Hi there! This weekend I bought the Johnny Burnette And The Rock & Roll Trio LP and have playing the hell outta it! I was listening to a lot of psychedelic 60's music lately and this record brought me back to basics again. Great guitar sound, although I heard it's not Paul who really plays on this record. Now, my question. It seems to be a reissue of the late 60's or early 70's, since the vinyl is not very thick. I just would like to know if I've been ripped off or if I had a lucky bargain. I paid about $35 for it. Thanks and greetings, Peter -

Posted January 30, 2005
New and hot on Hillbilly.Ru!! Now on our pages you can find interview with Sean Mencher from High Noon. Sean without a doubt is one of the great guitar players of nowadays. His guitar can honk like a steam engine or ring like a bell. And when he starts finger picking, he reminds Chet Atkins. But Sean isn't only an excellent musician, he's also a great man in every scence of the word! If you're interested to read our interview - come and have a look. Our website address is - Lotte Lou -

Posted January 28, 2005
I just heard of Ray Peterson's passing (from the RHoF website). I am VERY saddened. Although I did not know him for a long time, in the time I knew him, we became good friends. Ray was a wonderful talent and a wonderful guy. He was a STRONG Christian and a minister. My family and I will miss him. Respectfully, Stan Beaver - Posted January 27, 2005
I am a Branson talent scout looking for talent that would be interested in the Branson music scene. I'm looking for all types of talent even an Elvis impersonator. Thanks, Ronnie Hurst -

Posted January 27, 2005
LEE ROCKER & HIS BAND will play the following UK dates:
Friday 15th July : THE MILL - PRESTON
Saturday 16th July : THE CHARLOTTE - LEICESTER
Sunday 17th July : LOCK 17 (formerly Dingwalls) - LONDON
Details of tickets and support bands will be posted shortly. Howard Raucous -

Posted January 26, 2005
A note to all roots rockabilly fans in southwestern Ontario and the greater Detroit area - the JumpKatz kick-off Tuesday night jam at Dillons in the Devon Plaza, Howard Av., Windsor, went great last night. Thanks to all the jammers who came out to our open stage. It all happens again this coming Tuesday, February 1, - it's an early one for a work night - 7-11 pm. Hope to see many of you come out and support this open stage jam. Everyone's welcome - bring your axe and join the fun. Frank Foxx -

Posted January 25, 2005
Hi Everyone: I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with the following licensing questions. My (our) bands CD, Paulie Bluenote and the Dukes, Put Up Your Dukes, I am trying to track down the following copyright holders for the following songs, Slippin' Out and Sneakin' In (Wes Williams), Please Mama, Please (D. Spears) BMI, Vinylux. I have been using the Harry Fox licensing site which is pretty excellent, but they don't have either of these two titles listed ... Anybody got any ideas as to where I should hunt next? Thanks for any help you can offer, it is deeply appreciated! Gregory Jacobs -

Posted January 25, 2005
I'm looking for someone named Michelle Slaybaugh, Lives in Germany, but grew up in eastern michigan. Ring a bell for anyone? shugga -

Posted January 22, 2005 dont miss this band - johnny -

Posted January 21, 2005
I would like to receive the lyrics of the music "All Around the World" by Little Richard. This lyric not found on Internet and not available here in my country Brazil. Thank you, Zilmerson Lima -

Posted January 20, 2005
REMINDER: Rockers Reunion this Saturday 22nd January 2005 in Reading, UK.
Full details at
Times on stage are:

Posted January 19, 2005
We have in our possession two copies of contracts from the "Louisiana Hayride" signed by Elvis and members of his family and band on the 6/11/54 and 8/9/55. We would like to know if it would be possible to find out the date approximative of the copies, due to the fact that they are printed on paper of size 215mm by 280mm and not the paper A4 which is 295mm by 210mm which has been used in Europe for at least 25 years. The paper the contracts are printed on has yellowed with age but as we have no idea of the size of paper used in th United States of America currently or in the past for standard photocopies we hoped you could help us. Yours Sincerely, Jean Poiraud and Linda Priest -

Posted January 19, 2005
Hello. We are a very high quality Romanian trio called Ritz . We can create the experience and sound you are looking for. With a huge repertoire from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to the millenium, we can play a selection of dance, disco, jazz, funk, latin, pop, rock, r'n'b, soul, blues, rock n' roll and ballads or we can mix the programs by the created ambient. Ideal for hotels, cruise ships, holiday centers, pubs and clubs, our trio is available, we can travel anywhere around the world, with many various forms of contracts, between 3 months - 1 year or more. We invite you to visit our website on where we included a video-promo who you can download very easily from : - Best regards, Marius Rotaru - Phone: +40721625341 -

Posted January 18, 2005
Hello, I am 58 years old and I am just now getting around to reading about Sam Phillips. He did great things for the music world. Would you be so kind as to explain the details surrounding Mr. Phillips selling Elvis Presley's contract? Did he regret doing it? Was it a mistake or did he always feel that he did the right thing? How long was Elvis' contract with Sun Records? If there is anything else that you could tell me about that transaction and about RCA Records involvement as well as Colonel Parker's involvement, I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, John C. Stone -

Posted January 16, 2005
I have a like new Jack Scott vinyl record album with cover still in plastic. Album is "Sincerely". Wondering if anyone collects these? Joe -

Posted January 11, 2005
Dear Friends, Wild Oats Records is pleased to announce a special show here in Nashville to celebrate the release of our brand new Gail & The Tricksters CD "Dare To Be Different". The show will be held at the Mercy Lounge on Tuesday January 25th, starting time 9:00 pm. Gail & The Tricksters will be performing many of the songs from the new CD and there will also be some special guests. We hope to see you there. Best wishes, Glen Edwards / Team Oat - -

Posted January 9, 2005
Hi, I hope someone can help me. I was looking for the song, so long baby, goodbye with Shakin' after i saw him live here in Denmark last year. And now i found it here on your site .. Lipstick, powder and paint! But is that record impossible to get anywhere ? I can't seem to find it ? I hope you can help me, cause i looove that tune! Regards, Anja -

Posted January 9, 2005
Help me man! I've been searching for a Bob Luman tune, "To the Class of 59" for years. I owned it once, but it got stolen. All I want is a tape or CD or whatever. I'm not a collector, I just need the music so I can play it at my class reunion (59 of course). Thanks for any help you can render. Peter L. Gilliland -

Posted January 8, 2005
I am collecting Sun 45's records of Johnny Cash. I have purchased many over e-bay. But now I need to know how to tell if any of them are re-poped. I have almost all of his 45's. but I have 3 different label types. I hope some one can help.

Posted January 7, 2005

Posted January 5, 2005
Hey Cats! Just to let you know, southwestern Ontario's premier roots rockabilly band, the JumpKatz (that's right, the Katz that Jump!) have studio time booked for the end of January. Dig this: 18, count-em EIGHTEEN original titles, in that relentless, driving JumpKatz sound, should be available by early spring. Two marathon rehearsals to go and then it's Indebasement time - with titles such as - "Jump Kat, Jump", (about making Katz jump), "Baby You're Crazy" (about a crazy bar in town), "Basket Case" (about - well, a basket case), "Beetle Stew" (about a stew of beetles) and fourteen more - all with that guitar-driven, rockabilly centered, harmonies out the wazoo JumpKatz sound. Check out our site for more updates as we get closer - - frank foxx -

Posted January 4, 2005
The traditional country music web site is simply awesome, having spent a lot of time promoting country music here in the UK I found this site a positive gold mine of great information. Traditional country & blue grass music is by far my own personal favourite styles of 'country' and its great to see and read about the newer traditionalist singer songwriters like the lovely Heather Myles who has appeared on our huge annual festival (Americana International) four times since '94. Other class artists in this vein are Eve Selis (San Diego) Lisa O'Kane, Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike who along with famous names like George Hamilton IV, Pinto Bennett, Johnny Counterfeit, The Bellamy Brothers, red hot blue grass band Hayseed Dixie, Texan Michael Ballew & The Damn Good Texas Country Band head up a fifty strong line-up of country, rockabilly & country-rock artists that are worthy of playing on any stage throughout the world.
              A visit to our web site at: will give visitors a broader picture of the biggest and longest running event of its kind in Europe (est. 1980). We are looking forward to having you (Bob Timmers) as our guest this coming July. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. Chris R Jackson -

Posted January 4, 2005
Am in search of all artists and Musicians from the 50's - 60's who were performers, musicians, entertainers, producers, roadies, booking agents ... to give us an reflection of those days ... were they really the good old days? now that Dick clark is sick many old timers are gone. not many left to tell the stories of the old time rock n roll and R&b those people who put the rock into the roll ... our magazine is called "The Glory Days" and our first edition will be out in march ... we publish only 3 times a year ... our magazine will be about the artists and their stories ... where are now? what happen to their career? what advice for new artists ... we would love to hear from you ... am a new yorker and worked for many years in publishing the brill building Ny. hung out with many stars of the fifties. still have my 45's and collect them..have a wish list...lets talk! Starla Neva -

Posted January 4, 2005
Hello, I was going through so of my late sister's records and found a 45 with the songs "Hey Sheriff" & "Sweet Thin " written by: Boudleaux & Felice Bryant. Hickory Records. Sung by: Rusty & Doug ... Acuff-Rose Publications. I'd like to know a little history on the 45 ... can you help??? Thank you, Camille Alana Miller -

Posted January 4, 2005
I'm looking for Paul Duncan, member of the rock-a-billy hall of fame. If anyone knows of his where abouts, please let me know. Thanks (he's a friend of mine and haven't heard from him). pat -

Posted December 29, 2004
Hi! Hayden Thompson is an old friend of mine & as a Christmas present of sorts, I've offered to do a web site for him. HT is sending some old photos etc. If any one out there has photos, stories, misc. info etc. ... on Hayden & his career, please contact me! Thanks & keep your eyes peeled for! Memphis Mike -

Posted December 27, 2004
HELLO SUN RECORDS FANS, RESEARCHERS HISTORIANS, ETC. I finally got the MEMPHIS BELLES: THE WOMEN OF SUN RECORDS box set. I was favorably impressed by the one Patsy Holcomb track I got on a Charley label vinyl LP years ago, and the additional titles by her on this recent CD collection are also interesting.
           She seems to be one of the few female rockabillies recorded in the Union Avenue studio who virtually nothing was known about as of the time the box set's release. If anyone knows of any biographical material on Patsy Holcomb, like what she did before and after Sun, please let me know. It would be much appreciated. Thanks. Danny -

Posted December 26, 2004
hi i am looking for pictures of gene vincent tour at the paris des sports tour in 1963 with the dragons, i am looking for a picture of my uncle who was called mervin walker. the pictures on the web site dont show my uncle but he was on that tour with gene vincent he was a bass player with the dragons. hope somebody can help, thanks, alan walker -

Posted December 26, 2004
HI! I'm trying to find a tape of Jerry Lee Lewis's appearance on PBS's Austin City Limits. Can anyone help me? Thank you. Larry -

Posted December 22, 2004
Hello: I am trying to locate any music on a band from the 60's, Lefty & The Leadsmen out of PA, I noticed they were in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Can you please tell me where I can purchase any of their music and if they are still around? Many thanks. Sandra -

Posted December 20, 2004
Yo, Thanx for updating my age on my dad's (Stan) page. I just now got around to his site again. Keep Rockin' Y'all, Joel Beaver -

Posted December 20, 2004
Local {NY) entertainment tabloid called Metroland did a nice feature on Graham Tichy. Matter of fact he made the front page. Telecaster and all. Graham is a whizz guitarist who was with Wanda Jackson the last time out. He just happens to be from the Albany New York area. He's been all over, most recently with Commander Cody. His idols are the Luster Kings and Johnny Rabb. Also from the area as well as Eddie Angel. If you go to You'll see the cover with his picture. Great to see Rockabilly get some coverage next to the hard core stuff they usually cover. Wanda Jackson was here several months ago and got rave reviews for her performance, as well as big media coverage. That was also surprising. Have seen Johnny Rabb many times locally. A bit to clean for my taste. Not ragged enough. I only saw Eddie Angel once with another band. He was good, but would have been better with his own group. Uncle Bill -

Posted December 19, 2004
I have for sale 2 Nudie suits made for Red Sovine. 1 is rather subdued and featured on one of his album covers (TELL MAUDE I SLIPPED). I DID find a picture of him wearing the other one which is really fancy on the cover of Giddy Up, Go. Would you be interested in them or know of anyone who might be? Thanks, Tim -

Posted December 19, 2004
Hey BO DIDDLEY fans, The Tommy Foundation, a non-profit organization which addresses the important issue of missing children in the US, is currently holding a rock & roll charity auction to raise funds to purchase the technology for the digital photo/fingerprint Tommy Foundation's Child Safety Identification program.
           Included amongst the signed memorabilia for auction is a 12 string Takamine acoustic guitar signed last year by BO DIDDLEY. The other signees of the guitar are Guy Clark, Angela Davis, Donovan, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Arlo Guthrie, Senator John Kerry, Dave Mason, Roger McGuinn and Leon Russell. Each signee has been informed of the issue of missing children and has signed in support of law enforcement training on how to respond to the report of a missing child.
          The Tommy Foundation drafted the Proclamation that was signed by Oregon Governor Kulongoski, declaring May 25th, National Missing Children Day, as Oregon's Missing Children Day. The Kelly family advocated for legislation in the State of Oregon. The Tommy Law was signed into law May 25th 2001, National Missing Children Day. The Tommy Law allows for education of law enforcement officials on the correct and most efficient way to respond to the report of a missing child. The hope now is that every State will pass similar legislation. Tommy Foundation website:

Posted December 19, 2004
I'm a 52 year old rockabilly player, living in the oakland calif. area. I can play man! So is there anyone out there that would like to get together and play, girls or boys, old or young, man I do not care. just call me at 925-339-1819 any time. P.S. YES I play the beatles and the blues also. RICHARD STANTON - RICHARDDEAN1200@YAHOO.COM

Posted December 19, 2004
Does anyone know the name and who sings this song that goes. "Some people search the world for diamonds, Some people search the world for gold. Im pretty sure it goes something like that. please somebody help me out here thanks. George -
How about 'Blue Ribbon Baby' by Tommy Sands??br>
Posted December 13, 2004
Hello. I hope you can help me with a head-scratcher. Who recorded "The Bug" originally? I know that Jerry Dallman & The Knightcaps recorded the single "The Bug/Honey Bee" in 1963. Did Jerry record it solo in 1958? If so, was that the original "The Bug"? Please let me know either way. Thank you for your time. Excellent site! Brian -

Posted December 13, 2004
I am the late Grant Higgins' daughter, and am very interested in getting more information on my dad. If anyone knew him, played with him, or has any of his music, I would be so grateful if you could share it with me. Any stories you have would be great, too. Thank you. Jennifer Higgins -

Posted December 13, 2004
When I was in Anchorage in 1964 my favorite album was Slim Whitman's "There Stands the Glass". I have looked every where and can't find Slim singing the song much less an album of that name. I know I drank a lot ( the bars were open 23 hours a day), but I had never heard of Slim until then and I absolutely loved the album and listened to it all the time. Was there ever such an album? Or was I completely out of it that year? I was 19, had a 2 year old son, married to man I couldn't stand and that album got me through many rough times. Thanks a lot for any information. MartyAnne Langley -

Posted December 9, 2004
Does anyone know the name and who sings this song that goes. "Some people search the world for diamonds, Some people search the world for gold. Im pretty sure it goes something like that. please somebody help me out here thanks. George -

Posted December 9, 2004
Just a quick FYI ... My old buddy Hayden Thompson has done me the honour of recording my song "DIAMONDS & CADILLACS" which was recorded with Hal Peters & his String Dusters on their new CD WESTERN SWING TIME (Blue Light Records BLR3113 2). Let me tell ya, Hayden is sounding as good as ever & Hal Peters' band really stomps on this ol' song of mine! If you're a fan of either, check it out, its a great CD. While yer at it, buy one of my CDs too! LOL MM - -

Posted December 9, 2004
If you're a Little Richard fan or like his music, please join his free fan-club for discussing with other fans, chat, voting, news, concerts and much more. It's easy!
All the best, Mattias Bruhn, Sweden, Fan-club creator -

Posted December 9, 2004
Anyone remember Jimmy & the Mustangs? They were from California, I have an old Vinyl LP from 1982 entitled " hey little girl" I sure would love this in better sounding condition and also like to know if they ever recorded any other music. Thanks for any help? Robert Loughran -

Posted December 8, 2004
A very big hello to all Rockabilly fans around the world from Chevy57 ... Europe's Number one Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll band. DFeel free to visit our Website. We love the Rockabilly Hall of Fame ... God bless you and the USA!!

Posted December 8, 2004
Hello, I was hoping for some help. I'm looking for a band that my uncle was in, the catalinas, from michigan. They were Mack Vickery,Grant Higgins,Todd armstrong and bill Emerson. found some references but cant find definite connection. can you help. Thanks, Weldon Higgins -

Posted December 8, 2004
Hi. This is probably a little farfetched, but I am hoping for more than one miracle. My mother, Wanda Lee "Billie" Terry, is 77 years old and has recently been diagnosed with cancer. As a young woman she had a beautiful voice. She told me that, when she was about 12 years old, she used to travel around and sing (alone and with other children) with Joe Manuel; and that he helped her cut a record, circa 1938-39 in Memphis, Tennessee. It is my sincere hope that this record just might be recovered. Maybe it is stored away in a studio basement somewhere?
           It is my sincere hope to present this to her before she passes, and hopefully with God's grace, she will live for a great long while.
           MAYBE someone here has some ideas about where I might begin my search? Any ideas would be helpful, please email me! - Thanks in advance, Michelle Holland Posted December 7, 2004
Hello, to all of you that receive this. I wanted to make a Children's CD for my Sisters two new Grand Sons - so, here it is. If any of you have any small kids in your family either as Parents or Grand Parents, then you should give these little excerpts a listen - if not, then forward the address to someone that would have small young people in the household. The address for the CD and short clips of the Songs is:
You should be able to just double click onto the above address and go straight to it. As you can probably tell, I am not playing music on stage, anymore, but am still recording for others and for myself when I get the urge or inspiration. I did all of the tracks and all of the talking and singing] voices on this CD myself (thanks to the modern electronics of my computer) except for the two that my friend Bob McKinney recorded. (These two are so specified on the CD). I'd be interested to know what you think of the Songs and Effects. Happy Holidays and Talk to you (all) later, Bob Kelly -

Posted December 1, 2004
I just thought that I would let y'all know that even though my dad's(Stan Beaver) Hall of Fame site has still got me down as being 13, I am turning 17 this Saturday. Just thought I'd tell ya. Keep Rockin', Joel Leon Beaver -

Posted November 30, 2004
Hi, my name is Heather Privett (Sands). I'm trying to find information regarding my grandfather who was a well-known (supposedly) fiddler. I believe he played back around the 30's-50's. His name is Jackson Willard Sands or he may have been known as Red Sands. He traveled with a group. He supposedly also played with Patsy Cline. I don't know more information at this time. But I am currently trying to find out more information. If you know of any, could you let me know. The reason is, he passed away Sunday, November 21, 2004. Today, the 30th is his funeral. I could not make it to the funeral. Thanks so much for your time. Heather Privett (Sands) -

Posted November 29, 2004
I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to become a member of your Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and also today, another great surprise, a certificate in the mail to prove it. I was really blown away when Bob Hayden wrote to me and said for me to click on your link and then find not only a photo of myself on the cover but a featured article as well. I really do appreciate and thank you sincerely for what you have done for me. My daughter was also blown away and made sure everyone and anyone we know was sent the link to your site. Thanks for making an ole rocker feel important again, your a gem. Have a great day / night, Beverley Dick

Posted November 27, 2004
Does someone have information on Bob Williams OF 1951 Hot Rod Race. IS he still living? Bob Williams -

Posted November 26, 2004
Hi! Hope someone can help me ... I'm looking for lipstick, powder and paint on CD for my brother's christmas present and i cant find the damn thing anywhere! Would you know anywhere i can get one from? Cheers, Kind Regards, Sally Rogers, Smith Knight Fay Audi 654, Parts Department, 0161 282 4445, 0161 282 4454 Fax.

Posted November 23, 2004
Rockabilly recording artist Mack Stevens can be heard playing the blues on a compilation CD of cigar box guitar pickers. The disc is called MASTERS OF THE CIGAR BOX GUITAR VOL. 1. Mack added an original called "Cigar Holler" to the compilation. Look for a copy online. -W.S. Porter

Posted November 22, 2004
I live in Ottawa, Canada and I am a huge Robert Gordon fan. I would love to buy his latest cd, Satisfied Mind but can't find it up here. Might anyone know where I could purchase a copy!! Thanks, Doug Bird -

Posted November 22, 2004
Hey all you Rockers out there, how is everyone doing, Say if anyone has seen The Killer and could send me what you thought about the show that would be so cool, I saw him on Oct 29, 04 in phoenix, AZ and it was Killer. Rock On, marian -

Posted November 21, 2004
Will Bill Kennedy and the Twiliters, "Me" have made it into the current issue of "Ugly Things." While you sit there and wonder why I would even mention such a feat, let me say that it is a magazine about old rock & roll stuff. In their own words, "from times when rock'n'roll was young, daring, dangerous and vital." If your interested in ordering a copy, or learning more about "Ugly Things," go to - Uncle Bill: -

Posted November 21, 2004
Wanted to let you know that Windsor, Ontario, Canada's trio the JumpKatz has their website up and running - - We are a 3-piece band, guitar-bass-drums and three vocalists formed in late 2002. We have amassed a repertoire of about 300 songs now, from Elvis Sun-session stuff to Everlys to Dwight Yoakam to Buddy Holly to the Clash to the Beatles to the Stones, all with a twangy unmistakeably rock-abilly feel - twitchy, uptempo, danceable. We plan to record and have something out early in '05. Please check our site. frank foxx -

Posted November 19, 2004

Posted November 19, 2004
Greetings everyone, If you haven't already, Please sign the petition to put the Quintet into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Thanks, Billy -

Posted November 18, 2004
RE: PAUL PEEK. Many folks may or may not know that Paul's wife, Barbara Ann, died on November 4, 2004. Her memorial service was this past weekend, November 14. I attended the service, which was held in the same chapel as Paul's, bringing a poignancy to all who knew both of them. The service was small and meaningful, with friends given the opportunity to share memories of Barbara and Paul, too. Some spoke of her talents, which were many, and others spoke of her love of animals, as well as her fellow human beings. Those of you who knew Barbara, knew of her kindness and especially her love for Paul and their son, Allen. With Barbara having no one from her side of the family, Paul's sisters very lovingly and beautifully stepped in to create this chance for all of us to say goodbye and offer tribute to Barbara's life. There were tears, but there was laughter, too, as anecdotes were heard. Barbara's pictures were displayed, both those of her as a young woman and others from later in her life, as she aged gracefully, with one photo of the fun-loving couple dressed for Halloween as Raggedy Ann and Andy. Barbara was the creator of those authentic-looking costumes. The finest moments of the service occurred when Paul's sweet voice rang out from the sound system in the chapel, his sisters having selected four of his home recordings to be played in tribute. There was an intimacy present during these songs that made me feel as though Paul was right there, singing to all of those present. Barbara was a sweet and beautiful person, and I will never forget her, either. Harriett Hurt, Columbia, SC -

Posted November 18, 2004
Looking for info on Joe Griffith & The Teenage Rebels, in particular, who their lead guitar player was. Song titles include "Crazy Sack", "Little Hilda" and "Annabelle Lee". Thanks. Ed Seagraves -

Posted November 16, 2004
I used to live next door to Laverne Stovall in Athens, Ga and he practiced his rockabilly music on the young'uns in the housing project where we lived. He went on to record 3 or 4 rockabilly records with the best known being "Left Behind" I am trying to get a copy of the Rockabilly 4 disc that has that song on it. Do you have any idea where I can find it and do you know of Laverne? -

Posted November 16, 2004
Hi, I would like to contact some of the people who worked with the Big D Jamboree, but I have been unable to find any contact info. I need to get in touch with someone so that I can find out more information about an obscure rockabilly artist who recorded the song "Elvis, Elvis" under the name "Pat Smith" on the Big D Jamboree. Would you be able to pass along some contact information? Also, does anyone at the office know anything about Pat Smith? Thank you, Angela Fitzpatrick, Masters Candidate, American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio -

Posted November 15, 2004
I was searching the wed on information regarding my father Bobby Williamson. I was reading an article on you web site that named him as a star of the Big D Jamboree when it started at the State Fair Auditorium. Actually I was looking for someone who might have copies of his records he recorded. I've emailed RCA Victor in hope they would have some info in the archives dept.
           My dad Bobby Williamson spoke of the Big D Jamboree often. Also spoke of the many people he met. He always had a something nice to say.  Since his passing in 1996, the family located his records which were on vinyl and have since cracked and have broken. If you have or now a way I might be able to get copies I would appreciate in hearing from you. Rhonda Jo Williamson-Wilson, Coast Energy Corp., Administrator, 3961 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807, Tel 714-666-0173, Fax 714-666-2619 - rhondaw@WILPOWERBATTERY.COM

Posted November 14, 2004
ED. NOTE: Thomas Heckert, Born Nashville, Tennessee, August 8, 1937. Started playing a plastic guitar at six and moved up to the real deal at 12. He has been playing ever since. Wherever the music takes him is where he goes. Born to be a Rockabilly and he remains true to his roots. Larry Merritt performs on this disc. Larry was also helpful in producing the project for Thomas. Prices: CD - $12.00. Postage and Handling: $3.00. Remittance Address: Thomas Heckert, Nashville, TN 37217. Contact: 615-361-6878

Posted November 13, 2004
Can anyone give me that title and artist for this 50s song possible title My little darling, my little angel. Female singer some lyrics are I caught you walking through the wrong door last night, my little darling. i caught you walking through the wrong door, that's right, my little darling. I know you're true my little darling. Of that I haven't any doubt. But the next time you're walking through the wrong door, they'll have to come and carry you out. The song goes on and she sees him walking through the wrong door again "and as the door was closing tight, it opened up my eyes and made me see the light" So I shot him once "bang" and I shot him twice "bang, bang" and I shot three times "bang, bang, bang" I had to shoot no more You won't be walking through the wrong door tonight, my little darling. And the song goes on until she sees him flying up to heaven. Anybody know the correct title and artist!! THANKS, Pat -

Posted November 12, 2004
Hello, I'm a new member into rockabilly, hillbilly music and "vintage" country looking forward to talking to everyone. I'd also like to take a moment to invite any one interested to join a brand new group dedicate to the rockabilly duo the Collins Kids. I found next to nothing about them on the internet. Please join and contribute! It's at - Cheers! lo_fi_billy -

Posted November 10, 2004
One of Paul's Telecasters is going up for auction on Ebay! This is a 1952 Telecaster my grandfather owned most of his life. This is one of many guitars Paul owned and loved playing. The family will not be selling anymore of his Teles, and we would love for it to be in the hands of one of Paul's fans. If there are any questions feel free to email me at the address listed above. Thanks, God Bless, and Keep up that Rock-a-Billy Boogie Jonathan Burlison -

Posted November 10, 2004
Hi, Have just read your story of Robin Luke. I have a copy of this record on the London Label (45-HL-D 8676) recorded by DOT, Hollywood 1958. Can you get back to me about this. Have always classed this record as one of my favourites. AJG -

Posted November 10, 2004
hello my name is tracey, we are going over to paris in january for a weekend starting 20th -23rd january . do you know any gigs that are on or anyone i can contact to find out if there anything on that weekend. we would be grateful if you have any information that can help us thankyou for any help you may give us. from tracey in scotland -

Posted November 10, 2004
I just received the 50th year Elvis commeration section in the Shreveport Times. It was mailed to me by my sister who still resides in Shreveport. I read it front to back, since those years that Elvis was on the Hayride are near and dear to my heart. My dad was a DJ at KWKH, and also the emcee during that time when Elvis first appeared as a regular. His radio name was Jeff Dale, his real name was Frank Ledbetter and he was in a special place at a special time in music history. He was a friend to each entertainer that appeared on stage there, Elvis, Johnny Cash and had a long friendship with Jim Reeves, who he worked with in a small East Texas radio station in the early 50's. I am sad to say that my father is no longer with us, he passed away in Plain Dealing, LA on August 19th of this year at the age of 92 years. He truly loved his years at KWKH, but he loved the Lord more, and followed his calling to become minister of his own church and traveled the world to spread the gospel. I am very proud to have called him "Daddy" for so many years and just wanted to share this information to anyone that may be interested. Sincerely, Mary Mladineo, Modesto, Ca -

Posted November 9, 2004
I'm new to Cincy. Where's a good place to see the best bands? Jen -

Posted November 8, 2004
Do you have any information on the members of the Lindsey Brothers. I know one was my grandfather Vernon Claud. I'm having a hard time finding any information.
Lindsey Brothers:
Big Hearted Joe, '55
Let's Get Down To Business, '55
Hello Heartaches
Mr. Blues
Thanks, Shannon Bernestine -

Posted November 8, 2004
hello, nice site. i am looking for the title to two songs and the artists that recorded them. all i can give you is some sample lyrics and hope you know the tunes.
song #1: the title is rock a bop, but don't know the name of the artists. lyrics ... you take rock and bop hey it's really neat and put them together in a rock a bye beat. hey joe, hey joe. you want to do the rock a bop. you say you lost your shoes well that ain't news with rock a bop. hi rock a bop baby.
song #2: i believe the title is gonna be loved. lyrics ... i was standing on the corner by the little red school house just the other day. when a real gone cat came riding by in his jazzed up way out chevrolet.
can you help out?
also - i'd like to find a copy of the song gonna be loved. know where i can get one in a high quality .mp3 form? if so - i can send you just about anything in cd trade. i got just about every song ever recorded in rockabilly - janis martin, wanda jackson, robert gordon, and a ton of chick singer compilations that really tear it up. thanks, stack jones -

Posted November 8, 2004
Can anyone tell me where I can find year-by-year Rockabilly Charts online? I have an extensive collection, but no chronology. Thanks. Dan Riley -

Posted November 8, 2004
im try in to find the name of a country singer from many year ago. not to sure on first name, vernon oxford. thanks, billy fox -

Posted November 7, 2004
I notice you have a page for Buzz Cason, but you have not mentioned in his Discography the 45 that came out around 1969 "Adam and Eve" performed by Buzz Cason. It received some chart action here in Australia (more so in the state of Victoria) and I bought the 45 back then,still have it. Glenn Dean -

Posted November 7, 2004
See all the studio's where Buddy Holly recorded. Pictures and info:
Bjorn Witlox - Posted November 6, 2004
hey everyone! rock hard! dee -

Posted November 5, 2004
Greetings from Rockabilly members ROBCAN PRODUCTIONS and Dr. Robert and Candy Ownby. In this year, 2004, we have recorded and published a top 10 single, (He Knows), a Bluesy Gospel number which was charted in 153 countries. Also, an album of the year (Living Water) having a variety of Rockabilly, Blues, Traditional Country Gospel which received the ALBUM OF THE YEAR AWARD FROM TENNESSEE COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION. Another Rockabilly number has just been released, (BETWEEN IRAQ AND A HARD PLACE), as well as a Country Blues song (SUNDOWN IN MEMPHIS) which is playing internationally. Just thought you might like the info, your friends in music, Robert and Candy Ownby -

Posted November 4, 2004
Would like to tell you about the website of hillbilly trio "Neva River Rockets" from St. Petersburg, Russia? Our URL is - This site is devoted to hillbilly and rockabilly music. At the moment we are working on the Guitar Pages project. Its goal is to preserve the heritage of great rockabilly performers of past and today. We'll try to update our repository of guitar tabs permanently so don't forget to visit this section! Also recently we started online rockabilly radio which is called "Meanwhile Back At The Ranch". So pay attention to this section too! Also you can get some info on "Neva River Rockets" hillbilly trio and download our demo tracks as well as other materials devoted to Russian rockabilly scene. Nadja Viahhi, Neva River Rockets, The St. Petersburg Hillbilly Trio - -

Posted November 4, 2004
Perhaps you can tell me what I have been searching for. There is an old song by "Billy Crash Craddock" and the words go like this. "Gypsy woman bring your crystal ball and sit with me awhile. Seems like lately I can see her ..... Anyway, I used to have the LP and I can't remember the name of the song but it starts out with the above lyrics. I thought perhaps you would know. Maddy Dean -

Posted November 4, 2004

Posted November 2, 2004
Friends, My honky-tonk/hillbilly band -- Lazy Ike and the Daredevils -- in Minneapolis, MN is seeking advice about booking. We'd like to tour, but have not yet been able to find a booking agent that specializes in America/roots/rockabilly/etc. Have any suggestions? Thanks, Greg C. Huff "Lazy Ike" - -

Posted November 2, 2004
Hey All you Jerry Lee Lewis fans out there. Just had the privilege of seeing the legend this friday at the celebrity theater in phoenix, arizona. and it was a killer show, b.b cunningham and kenny lovelace opened the show and jerry walked on stage unannounced and started with roll over bethoveen,then he went into she woke me up to say good bye, you win again and another song that i cant remember, he did lewis boogie and stop half way thru and stated he couldn't believe he forgot the words because he wrote the song.then he went into drinking wine spodee olee. he made some jokes about having to pay alimony and his divorce but he spoke with a soft voice so it was hard to hear what he was saying sometime. he did give kudos to kenny love stating kenny had never failed him yet and he was wonderful guitar banjo and bass player and if he ever played the piano he would have to shot him, from there he said lets rock n roll and went into no headstone on my grave. then he said he didn't want a headstone he said he thinks he deserves a monument. then he went into great balls of fire and finished with whole lot of shaken going on. stode up and kick the piano stool and existed the stage. oh yeah he looked very good he had on a charcoal grey pinstrip suit and a black shirt and black patented leather boots. his energy level was very high and it was a pleasure to see him rocking the crowd as only he can. marian hickman -

Posted October 31, 2004
As this is a great message board I like to put this message on it! Again about Miss Sheree, a great lady with a pure rockabilly heart, A young beautiful Lady though has breast cancer thats hard thats really hard ...but we know she will survive this, it wi not be easy Dear Sheree bud you're strong enough and we send our strength to you also. Our third son Patrick survived cancer at the age of 6 and he's a healthy and fine young man now ... Thank you Lord! We know what it is to live with it ... and know Dear that life is still beautiful. Nobody has to go through this alone so Dear Sheree we are with you in hearts and thoughts. Use your strength and the love of your family ... and treasure the words of your friends its even better than any medicine. Will you all trow her a line and know that it helps more than anything ... be happy if you're healthy and if not we wi be here for you too. Let money not become the most important thing in your life ... let love be it! Sheree we love you ... just fans from the Netherlands. Nol & Wies, for sure Mattie, Henrie Smeets, Lucien Knapen and many more also. Roy Cost wi talk about it on his radio Show, a cheer up for you Dear Miss Sheree!!

Posted October 31, 2004
Am trying to write some words about the late great Mr. Cash and need your help. So if you want, give some words about what the man in black is, was for you ... about a couple of lines, in a impressionistic mode, just saying what you feel or what you like to give with Johnny Cash. Your words will appear on Thanx about your help, stay tuned and keep on diggin music made with a rockin' beat. WaltExpress -

Posted October 30, 2004
Heard about the medical problems of one of the greatest young lady's in Rockabilly music Miss Sheree. Dear Sheree you wi beat the cancer. Dear Believe me you wi beat about anything keep up the great spirit and know that we have you in our prayers. You're a young strong Lady so keep your head up. Dear we are with you....we will go with you through this storm. Have oure strength and warmth we send it to you and Mom. Nol & Wies from Maastricht. -

Posted October 30, 2004
Just a note to say hello. I enjoyed the Sonny Burgess email. Sonny and I played in those days at the Silver Moon there in Newport, a center for all kinds of rockabilly. The Pacers were the best band around  back then and the best competition for The Shadows and I. We were friends and they would sometimes give us, the younger guys their bad  jobs, the ones  they didn't want. That was in the days of no chicken wire and over in the rice country the clubs  were quite dangerous. Occasionally we would appear on "The Steve's Show" there in Little Rock. The  TV sock hop was a "forerunner" to American Bandstand.
           Sonny's early trumpet player was Jack Nance. Jack went on to be Conway Twitty's drummer and by 63 my piano player. After Porkchop Tommy Makham also of Conway, Arkansas took over for Jack we spent a lot of time performing at the Silver Moon Club. Jack wrote "It's Only Make Believe" and those early great songs for Twitty. He is on my Bill Black produced 45rpm record "You Can Count On Me"/"Ketchy". Jack, a musical genius went on to manage the little Jackson boys and was the road agent for Dick Clark Productions for several years. All of the Twitty guys have passed on including steel player, Lew Houston.
           I still do my daily radio show and record. My "Rockabilly Baby" got to #48 on the World's Most Played Artist chart and currently my "It's My Memory Thinking" is #170. That's out of 3,211 artists. On the last survey I outranked a couple of my heroes, Elvis and Glen Campbell and that was a plus.   I will  have a new overseas  release next week on EHKING, Santa Fe, Texas entitled "Your Love's A Sweet Song Baby" and a rockabilly "That's Alright With You" on Roadshow Records of Oklahoma City. Hope you all are doing well. Roy Cost - -

Posted October 30, 2004

Posted October 28, 2004
Hey everybody! I just want everyone to know that our first issue of Reprise Magazine, a music and media 'zine, is currently finishing layout and will be available by Christmas. Although we are based out of Austin, we're pretty relevant to people everywhere, especially in the roots music genres. We cover all types of music because all of our contributors have different tastes.
           As it stands now, I'm the main contributor for the rockabilly/garage/blues/doo-wop etc. genres, so I'm leaving a post on this list to ask for participation from anyone that wants to help us out!
           Mostly, we would like advertisers, which includes bands, labels, and anyone who wants to contribute and promote their business. It's pretty inexpensive, too.
           I'm also looking for new music to review. So, if you have a new CD out, we'd definitely like to check it out. You can email me privately for more information on that.
           Also, if you'd like to make written contributions, we'd love to look at what you want to do, so you can email me about that, too.
           We are going to be a quarterly magazine as it stands now, and we're working on the written content of our second issue now. It's taken us a while to get the first issue out, but that's how kinks get worked out when something is a new project.
           For more questions regarding Reprise Magazine, please email me privately at
Thanks! Caroline Casey, Austin, Texas

Posted October 25, 2004
Just a note to say is still running a redo of a feature on me and also a internet radio show . Its been on 2 weeks! They will be posting a feature on the session within the next few days. Matt Lucas -

Posted October 24, 2004
So, what's the latest with the RHOF concerning finances? I feel sure you have learned that people just want something for free ... but if you give them a much needed ego trip ... they will eventually send you some crumbs when in fact many of these people are much better off than you (problem is the wives control the finances). Sid -

Posted October 24, 2004
Hi all, My name is Mattias Bruhn and I'm a 16 years old rock n roll fan. Mostly I like Little Richard, and I'm one of his biggest fan. Latest time I saw him was 4 weeks ago in Chippenham, England and it was a great show! I want all of you, if you're a Little Richard fan to join the Little Richard Yahoogroup I've created: Please join! All the best, Mattias Bruhn, Sweden

Posted October 24, 2004
Excellent site. May I submit my site and band (The Rockabilly All Stars) for listing? Here's our site. Canada's premier Rockabilly band. Specializing in the music of the mid-fifties, rockabilly and early rock n' roll with a twist of surf and blues. Bassist Clint Hierlihy was the founding member of The Esquires (Canada's first Maple Leaf (Juno) Award winning rock n roll band in 1964) modelled after Cliff Richards and The Shadows. He has graced the same stages as The Dave Clark Five, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, to name a few. As vocalist and guitarist I was a former Buddy Holly impersonator with Buddy Holly Live!. Our drummer and second guitarist both have over 30 years experience in the Canadian music scene. We are among the few authentic Canadian rockabilly bands dedicated to reproducing the songs of Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Elvis, Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry and Ritchie Valens. We also do Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Dion and original rockabilly tunes. Best regards, Dave Bull -

Posted October 23, 2004
Hi Everyone, Just to let you all know that I have recently put Hemsby 32 and hemsby 33 photos on my site at Also many other Teds, Rockers, Cats photos. Luke the Duke -

Posted October 23, 2004
I found your website looking for recent documentaries about rockabilly. I am a teacher and film maker in Austin, TX and am making one myself. I would appreciate your help in finding any other such films, whether it had a theatrical release or was shown at a film festival. Thanks, Susan Haga - Zac Thomas -

Posted October 22, 2004
"Red's Hot Rod Party and Riverside Jamboree".
Our first Hot Rod Party and Riverside Jamboree" will be held the weekend of November 6 and 7, 2004 at my Old Truck Stop and Diner in Jugiong on the Old Hume between Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne! For those thinking of making the trip you may be able to get tickets at the front gate. If you are thinking of attending the event I still urge booking tickets now as tickets cannot be guaranteed on the day. To book send money orders or checks to the value of $27.50 (adult) $15 (under 18 yrs) Under 12 free to Autone Records, Lot 1 Riverside Drive Jugiong 2726 N.S.W Australia. IMPORTANT Please include your name/names and address and details of all attending ie: Adults and children. Tickets will be reserved and waiting for you on arrival. Ticket price includes Entertainment, Car Awards and Studio Tours. Food will be available. Afternoon activities for children will include Pony Rides, Entertainment and a treasure hunt. Red Rivers -

Posted October 21, 2004
We are delighted to be able to announce the details of BO DIDDLEY's forthcoming 76th birthday party! One of the undisputed legends of rock & roll and a true original, BO DIDDLEY will be celebrating his 76th birthday live on-stage at Berbati's Pan, 10 SW Third Avenue in Portland, OR on Thursday December 30th 2004. Further details can be obtained by calling the Box Office & Info. Line on 503-248-4579.
           The previous evening, Wednesday December 29th 2004, BO DIDDLEY will be performing live at The Showbox, 1426 First Avenue in Seattle, WA. Further details of this gig can be obtained by calling the Info. Line on 206-628-3151. Please note that dates and venues are subject to change. Please check with the Forthcoming Appearances page of the BO DIDDLEY-The Originator authorized website at for the latest updates.
           If you can't make it to the above shows, you can still send BO DIDDLEY your special 76th birthday greetings and messages by signing the BO DIDDLEY-The Originator website's Guestbook which is located at You can rest assured that BO DIDDLEY will get to see each and every one of your messages.
           The winter of 2004-2005 marks the 50th anniversary of BO DIDDLEY recording a demo of his songs "I'm A Man" and "Uncle John". In late February 1955 he entered the Chess Record Corporation offices at 4750-2 South Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago, IL with his demo recording and on Wednesday March 2nd 1955 he made his debut recordings, taping the songs "Bo Diddley", "I'm A Man", "Little Girl" and "You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)" at the Universal Recording Studio in Chicago, IL. Late March 2005 marks the 50th anniversary of Checker Records releasing his debut single "Bo Diddley"/"I'm A Man" (Checker 814) and Wednesday May 4th 2005 will mark the 50th anniversary of his single entering the Billboard Rhythm & Blues Singles Chart, reaching No. 2, spending a total of 15 weeks on the Chart and exceeding one million copies in initial sales.
           This is a unique opportunity for you to convey your appreciation and best wishes to one of the founding fathers of rock & roll and the popularizer of the world-famous BO DIDDLEY beat on the occasion of his 76th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the most famous beat in the world. Please visit the BO DIDDLEY-The Originator authorized website at and sign the Guestbook and show your support for The Originator - BO DIDDLEY. Thank you very much.
           David Blakey, Webmaster, BO DIDDLEY-The Originator - - A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music. 1954-55 to 2004-05 - Celebrating 50 Years of The Bo Diddley Beat!

Posted October 19, 2004
Wanna listen to the hottest rockabilly sounds while workin' or surfin' the net? "Babe Society" is one the oldest 50s rockabilly internet radio stations out there - and certainly the most hardcore - playing a selection on rare 50s rockabilly, rock'n'roll, doowop and r&b. 24/7 online streaming, meaning You can even do Your own automated requests. Go by [url][url] to tune in ... Kim Norskov - Posted October 18, 2004
Rockabilly duo, upright bassist vocalist and acoustic rhythm vocalist, seek lead guitarist for trad., neo., originals. Chicago north,free rehearsal space. More fun than profit. catman -

Posted October 18, 2004
My fathers name is jimmy ganzberg. I am trying to locate him. My name is Kathy senteney however jimmy is my biological father. Can you help? Kathy -

Posted October 18, 2004
I would like to know if anyone knows if Gaylon Wayne Williams Reelfoot Recording artist is still alive, and if so , where can he be gotten in touch with? Or if anyone has any information on this artist, photos needed too, thanks Richard -

Posted October 18, 2004
Hello. I was wondering if anyone remembers a guy named Rodney Culpepper. He was chosen as Bass Player of the Year by the Academy of Country Music in 1978 and was nominated several other years. I understand that he was a studio musician in Nashville, I think. He was my birth father and he died in 1986. I never got to meet him, so I am interested in anything that anyone might can share with me about his music career. Thank You, Dina Hurta -

Posted October 18, 2004
I just wanted to ask if anyone knows anything at all about the 45: "Do the Dutchman" by Bubba Holland and the Jades, on the 'Rare' label? It's a pretty good dance record, but I can't pin down the year. Thanks, Bill Owens -

Posted October 18, 2004
RICKY NELSON FANS; NEW BOOK FOR THE FANS. ONLY 500 COPIES PRINTED. RICKABILLY; DAY BY DAY. Everything you wanted to know about Ricky Nelson all in chronological order, day-by-day. Every show, t-v appearance, movie, each singing appearance on Ozzie & Harriet, every single and album release, box sets, personal life history...just everything. Contact: Paul MacPhail - RICKY WAS ONE OF TOP 5 SELLING ARTISTS OF ALL-TIME.

Posted October 17, 2004
Outstanding Historical Value * This Beautiful Peice of ArtWork is a Country Music Fan Collector's Dream! The "Johnny Cash Show" '76 Concert Tour with the entire Family; including June Carter, Tommy Cash, Carter Family with Jan Howard, Rosey Nix, Roseanne Cash, and the Tennessee Three visited the "Valley Forge Music Fair" in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and this Gold Foil covered program with the name "Johnny Cash" cut out of cover, and 18 pages of FULL COLOR Pictures of Johnny, June, and the Family in various spontaneous action shots. A Copy of the Hand-written words to Johnny's Song "Ragged Old Flag" is printed in Johnny's handwriting on Onionskin paper as an additional page bound within the program. This auction includes: Gold foil Program Concert book and TWO (2) Playbills from the Valley Forge Music Fair with additional Biographical information published about Johnny and the Family. BID TODAY AND SECURE YOUR PART OF ROCK n'ROLL HISTORY. Please be sure to look through ALL the departments of this store for more amazing Values - - For complete refund, item MUST be returned in original packaging, Shipping PAID to: MAGGIESART, LLC, PO Box 117, Lititz, PA 17543-0117 -

Posted October 15, 2004
Subject: Cordell Jackson May She Rest In Peace.
It is with a sad and heavy heart that we share the news that our good friend and songwriting buddy, Cordell Jackson, has passed away. She fought a brave and hard battle with cancer, and stayed true in heart and firm in her beliefs to the end. Cordell opened so many doors for women in the music business. And she will always be remembered for the beautiful red Hamstrom guitar that took her to three bud and bud lite Superbowl Halftime commercials. Including the famous jam with Brian from the Stray Cats, in which she blew him off the stage. It didn't matter if I was writing a song, or needed Her to sing in the church Irene and I pastored, Cordell was always ready to help. Irene and I will miss her and remember her always. We love you Cordell. Colonel Robert & Irene Morris -

Posted October 15, 2004
Here's some news from WILD Records/Promotions ... we are pleased to post the return to California of Darrel Higham one of the Hottest Rockabilly Stars in the World today, Darrel will play two shows for Wild promotions, Friday Oct 22nd will see him playing at Spikes Rhythm and Booze club in the city of Rosemead 626-4446195/6266744665. show starts at 9.00 His second show will be at the Infamous Demarco's 23 Club In Brisbane South San Francisco phone 415-467-7717. Djs Reb and Fancy Dan will be spinning the WAX All Killer No Filler, Show starts at 10.00 get there early to both of these shows they will sell out. Wild Records would like to thank everyone who attended Omar and The Stringpoppers Shows last weekend in Milan Italy, And London England, the band were shocked that people had traveled from all over Europe to come to these shows, thanks to all the spanish Guys and girls who came to the show in Italy. And thanks to everyone from Holland Spain and Germany who came to the show in London,And a BIG THANK You to Virgel in Italy and all our new friends in Italy for the killer show,Thanks to all our friends in London for making the show a killer one. The New Omar and the Stringpoppers PINK and BLACK 45 is almost sold out so contact us if you want one better be quick we are not repressing this one. DONT MISS WILD WILD IN VEGAS #5 With a Killer line up and a hot NEW VENUE. We wi post all the info soon. Please contact Wildpresents@yahoo,com/ if you need any more info for any of the above, BANDS WISHING TO PLAY IN CALIFORNIA PLEASE CONTACT WILD

Posted October 14, 2004
My name is Pat King ( I have several albums still in cover, Chet Atkins, Red Foley, Sonny James, L. Lynn, many more. Plea e-mail if anyone is interested in purchasing these.

Posted October 14, 2004
Hi, where can I get an accurate bibliography on Gene Vincent. Back in the 60's I was a guitarist wannabe with 1000's of other kids in the UK playing covers of all any music we liked. The band was a tight band and very well known on a regional basis, based in Birmingham UK. We played the Plaza circuit regularly, which would frequently feature American Big names as top of the bill. On one such occassion Gene topped the bill, and I spent an hour or two helping him to drink a bottle of Johnny Walker black label with the help of the late Carl Wayne Lead Singer with the move. In the 70's I wrote a novel about my time in the bands and recently reprised an anecdotal piece for a newspaper which literally was the night i got wasted with Messrs Vincent and Wayne and what nice guys they were. All the very best, Ralph Oakley.

Posted October 14, 2004
I am disc jokey and I have a Country & Blues Music Radio Show program on a local station in the western part of France. My goal is to promote and get people in involved in Country & Blues Music. I order to promote your artists and your releases. I would like to receive CD¹s/DVD's or any material that is could us in my show. Friendly yours, DJ: Patrice GROS, RADIO TERRE MARINE 94.8 FM (Show Thursday 21PM - 23PM). Mailing address: Patrice GROS, 2, Rue de Saintonge - 17220 - St SOULLE/FRANCE. E-mail: -

Posted October 13, 2004
Hi. Looking to play in the Philly area. Can someone with getting gigs? - Thanks alot - eileen -

Posted October 13, 2004
My name is Janina and I grew up in Indiana, I am have been searching for a song that my mother use to play in the mid 1960's. I believe sometime between 1964-1968. I don't know the name only that it was a female who sang it. I have been searching the web for many years. Sadly to say I don't even know the title or all of the words just parts of it. This is what I can recall. It was a war song of a little girl who is upset with the mailman for bringing her mother a letter that made her cry, it was a letter that told them that her big bother had been killed in the war. I remember my mother playing over and over again. I am now 43 and can't get it out of my head if you can help me locate this song I would be very grateful. Thank you, Janina Lagattuta -

Posted October 13, 2004
Please click on the link it is "Hot news of the Month". We hope to get this Elvis story a lot of media attention. Shreveport Louisiana is having a very special Elvis weekend. Their tourist department has requested help. Please disseminate the news to all your friends in the International Elvis World. Maurice Colgan. Swords, Ireland -

Posted October 13, 2004
Hi Everyone! I have to do a project on 50's Rockabilly for a grade 12 english project. Any great sites you could pass on to me? How about places to download free music? Any great stories or history things you could tell me? What about ideas for how I can present it to the class? Any help would be great! Thanks! Lauren -

Posted October 12, 2004

Posted October 11, 2004
Hello, my husband is Arnold VanWinkle, formerly of The Van Brothers. They had the song, Servant Of Love, which is a 1960's Rockabilly and which is listed on your sight. He has a new CD coming out within 2-3 months.. He has his old songs on it plus 5 new songs. They are Rockabilly, country and

Posted October 11, 2004
This is just a note of thanks! When I "googled" my father today(for the first time), I came across a story by Ray Campi named The Mystery of Charlie's Zipper. It certainly was a blast from the past! My father was Hal Fein of Roosevelt Music. And, of course, I remember Charlie and Sarah Singleton, Otis Blackwell, and the rest of the guys. Every writer had his own office with a piano. When I came into the city with my dad, he would let me visit and sing with each writer. This was quite a thrill for a young kid! So, thank you again for the trip down memory lane! Sincerely, Lisa Fein Lang - - P.S. My father's office was at 1650 Broadway, not in the Brill Building.

Posted October 11, 2004
I am currently in the beginning stages of working on a rockabilly documentary and setting things up for my film crew, including interviews with the artists. I was wondering if anyone has any vintage photos or film that they would be willing to share for inclusion in the documentary? Of course, you would be given credit. Email me privately if you would be willing to help. Thanks. Sheree Homer -

Posted October 11, 2004
Have you heard the news? Matt's Still Movin On! Please click on the bluepower link.
Bluepower is the premier Website for the Blues. Thanks, Boy, I'm havin Fun! I'm really excited bout this new cd with James Burton and Charlie Musselwhite. Matt -

Posted October 11, 2004
RE: Patsy Contests: First one - Joanna wins as Patsy. []. Where can she get some exposure for this tremendous talent? 800-867-3283 office machine. Or email me. I promote and manage her thru Steel Balls Press. R. Don Steele, author of the #1 selling dating book at for two years running! Aloha, R. Don Steele

Posted October 11, 2004
Hey cats & chicks, This is Joel Beaver. I just thoght that I would tell yal that I won my section of the talent show yesterday(saturday). I sang Johnny B. Goode. Keep Rockin' - Joel Beaver

Posted October 11, 2004
Hey, everybody, here is a great show you don't want to miss, and it's coming up soon! The Michigan Theatre, 124 N. Mechanic, Jackson, MI 49201 presents this great show SATURDAY NOVEMBER 20 - Dale Hawkins, Wanda Jackson, Jack Scott, Charlie Gracie, and Jack Rainwater. Tickets are $25 and $30, show starts at 7:30. For ticket info call 517-536-0679 or the theatre box office at 517-783-0962. Dale and Dennis Chandler became fast friends when Dale played in Cleveland earlier this year, and Dennis will make the trip from Cleveland to play with him. This will be a great show. Flo Murdock -

Posted October 11, 2004
Dear sir. Writing to you in hope's that maybe some one out in this big world could help this nice man he live's in about 8 miles from Nashville TN. He also works hard every day. Have wrote over 700 songs He has cds out. 2 of them are Original Gospel Volume 1 on one cd - Train Bound for Glory and I Stepped Out Of The Darkness on the other cd with 2 songs A Single Yellow Rose and Holding on. I think if the people let him get away they will miss one of the greats, a person that have put every thing in his writing. I know I am asking a lot out of you. but if someone would just listen and see him perforn and all he puts into his songs and on stage singing. And if someone could listen to him They will understand what I am talking about. He can be reach on and You can also get his history by goning to mikebryant its my site .com/ mikebryant, Or if you know of someone.that could listen. Thank you very much for reading this.I am doning his fan club. And I can be reached at - again thank you. I do hope some one could listen . To maybe tell him how he could inprove, Bless all of you. So please let me or him know. A faithfull person that loves county music. Hazel Boykin and Mike Bryant.

Posted October 10, 2004
You can see all the places where Buddy Holly recorded plus information on those places on this website: There's only 3 now, but in November I will put the rest online. 12 in total. Home, KDAV, Nesman, Jim Beck, Bradley, Petty, Tinker, Bell Sound, Pythian, KLLL, Brevoort. All with pictures!!! - Bjorn

Posted October 7, 2004
Tickets went on Sale Oct 1st for the Rockabilly Festival in Green Bay WI! You should be sure to get your rooms booked as soon as possible as the Radisson Hotel sold out very quickly at our last event. Here's the link to buy tickets...
Here's the link to the casino's web site...
Here was the press release sent out with hotel information: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GREEN BAY, MARCH 1st 2004...
The dates are set for Oneida Bingo & Casino's Rockin 50's Fest II. Mark your calenders for April 11th thru April 16th, 2005 and get ready to BOP!
           The last fest, in July 2002, was very successful featuring over 120 musical acts and averaging 3500 attendees per day, over the 7 day period. More than 20 countries were also represented. Rockin' 50's Fest II 2005 is expected to double the amount of people as well as the amount of fun!
           Hotels will fill up fast so reserve your rooms now. (Listed are the 4 closest hotels to the event)
           Radisson Inn & Conference Center (920) 494-7300 (50's Fest Site)
           Rates: $139.00 + tax Standard Room - Includes Breakfast for 2
           Airport Settle Inn (920) 499-1900/(800) 688-9052 Rates: Standard Room - one or two queen beds $73.00 per night Contact: Ronette Martin/Robert Green
           Extended Stay Airport (920) 499-3600/(800) 521-4020/Fax (920) 965-6520 Rates: Standard Room - One king or queen bed $60.00 per night. Contact: Ronette Martin/Robert Green
           Wingate Airport Green bay - Across from the Casino (Across the street) (920) 617-2000 Rates: $99.00 single or double occupancy Free 24 shuttle service to/from 50's Fest Free Expanded Continental Breakfast Free Happy Hour Mon-Thurs 5p - 7p with beer, wine & snacks Free coffee, cappucino, juice and tea 24 hours Free 24 Whirlpool & Fitness Center
           More Hotel information to come on
           Artist information will be released when we receive confirmation of their appearance. Ticket information will be available by logging onto and . For other hotel and attraction information log onto .
           Oneida Bingo & Casino looks forward to seeing all of you at Rockin' 50's Fest II 2005. Oneida Bingo & Casino, P.O. Box 365, Oneida WI 54155, 1-800-238-4263

Posted October 6, 2004
Sorry to report that Rockin' John Henry passed away August 11th. He was a mere sixty years young. His website is down temporarily but the family says it will be back. He was a great Disk Jockey; one of the all-time greatest, and we here in Tulsa were indeed very lucky to have him. Jim Downing -

Posted October 6, 2004
Hi, I'm looking for anyone,including original band members (50's, early 60's), who knew my mother, Sherree Scott. If you think you may have known her, you can locate information about her and a pic from the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website. My brothers in Oregon informed me someone from her band recently contacted them, however, they did not get his name. Thanks. Renee Scott -

Posted October 6, 2004
3rd dutch teddyboy fest 2005 line-up is compleet now! To all Rockers, Teds, and everyone who loves R'n'R music. Please look at the website of the Festival:
The great line-up of the 3rd DutchTeddyboy R'n'R festival is complete now! For more info: - Call: 0031-(0)118-571294

Posted October 4, 2004
I would like to talk to anyone who knew my Father, Joe Bill. He was the MC of the Big D Jamboree for years. He also had a TV show called Country Picnic. I would love to locate old photos as well. Karen D'Angelo -

Posted October 4, 2004
The Mosquitos URGENTLY need a BASS PLAYER due to a sudden departure. We're a r'n'r/rockabilly trio based in Hampshire, UK, and are currently writing some potential hits! We're looking for commitment, enthusiasm, a sense of humour, and some vocals. We're ready to gig as soon as you've settled in, so contact us now! email: or mobile: 07796384068 Glenn.

Posted October 3, 2004
A very big hello from England (That's in Europe if you were wondering). Chevy'57 are the biggest and number one Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly band in all of Europe fronted by the legend they call Ricky Fontayne. They are 4 members of the band covering the golden age of 50's and 60's Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll. They have been performing since 1977 when they formed at school and are still belting it out now!! Please visit the superb website which has only just been formed on
These Chevy boys are fantastic and will be updating the website as and when info and pictures come in. If you would like and info or booking details please contact the website or Rockin' Phil on 07968266104 or 01604453064 if these numbers change the website and members will be updated. Chevy57 and Ricky Fontayne think is a fantastic website. A big thank you to all at the Rockabilly Hall from the Chevy 57 boys Ricky Fontayne and all Rockabilly lovers in England. Chevy'57 -

Posted October 2, 2004
Is there any pictures or information that you can give me on Dick Heintze? I am his son Patrick Heintze. I really never new him and have been recently reading some articles in relationship to him. I have become very interested and would appreciate any help you could give. I have no pictures of him. Patrick -