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Posted April 30, 2006
Great Rockin´festival in Calella de Mar (Barcelona) in June,information: Francesc Josep -

Posted April 29, 2006
Hi kats! Now you can listen ALL songs from the new Kesoil-cd by Jimi Lipponen & the Kummitusjuna plus ALL the songs from the previous My way to hell cd!! Rock & Roll from Finland at Thanks!

Posted April 27, 2006
Subject: Contacting Tommy Allsup. Hi, I'd like to contact him so that I can get an autographed photo. I am a fan here in Ilsan, South Korea; I'm an English teacher from America who just moved here. Thanks. Best from Keith Fitzgerald -

Posted April 26, 2006
Salut ˆ tous les fans des 50's!
La nouvelle Žmission " Bop Street" vient d' tre mise en ligne sur le site
rubrique "Bop Street" Bonne Žcoute - Big Joe
Rock and Roll Revue, Red Dennis" -

Posted April 26, 2006
I have an old small book called "Here's Loretta". It is mainly about her and Conway. Packed with a lot of Photo's and a real signature of Nat Stuckey. There is no copyright on this book. Would like to know more about Nat Stuckey. Thank you, Michael Kribbs -
p.s. I could also write you more about Elvis Cars if you want.

Posted April 25, 2006
Where is Rocky Craig, that Canadian Rockabilly King from the 80's? Is he ever going to releaase the stuff Bill Cowsill produced for him? Rennell -
Posted April 25, 2006
Can you give me more info on Phil Gray (58), His songs, how to get them? Thanks, Virginia Crane -

Posted April 22, 2006
We would love some information on Donna Ludwig (Fox), Richie Valens girlfriend. Where is she now? Married, kids, career? JKC - - Thanks!!

Posted April 22, 2006
Collector of Roy Orbison!!! Do you collect everything to do with Roy Orbison? send me an email and we can discuss and maybe do some swaps. I just might have something of Roy's you would love, and you might have a recording, interview, TV appearence Etc that I need!! Contact - Orbisonly Yours, Hepcat

Posted April 22, 2006
Anymore Jordanaires fans out there,would love to here from you. Diane DeWeese -

Posted April 22, 2006
hi all in the rhof. i am wondering if there are any rockabilly fans here in the north east of england? i have not noticed anybody on my travels apart from one old gentleman who looked down at my creepers and said "i haven't seen those sort of shoes for years". so if there is anybody out there i would be glad to here from them. cheers all the best, carl - keep rockin. great site.>br>
Posted April 20, 2006
I am looking for words to a song written by Leon Payne, sung by Johnny Horton on an album titled Johnny Horton 1956-60. The name of the song is "Miss Marcy (Billy Boy)". It's very beautiful, has a haunting about it. Would you have that piece complete with the chords? I like the banjo sound that is in the background and would like to learn it. Thanx, Marsha Lane,

Posted April 19, 2006
Does anyone have any Skipper Hunt Recordings?? Did he do a song called What Am I Gonna Do? w/the b-side Scalded? Charlene Brewer Wild -

Posted April 19, 2006
Rhythm Riot night in Bury St Edmunds! The Bury fringe team is presenting an evening of Jump jive, Rockabilly and early rhythm & blues at the Corn Exchange on Sunday 7th May. Starting off the show are the Fretz, A well respected local rockabilly group. Second on stage are Hellzaboppin, With swing & jump jive. Headlining is Elvis tribute Paul Lillie with his band 'A litte less conversation' Doors open 7pm till late, Tickets £12.50 on the door. For more info visit or email Andy Lenney

Posted April 19, 2006
Please can anyone tell me the name of a song i heard the rat pack singing on monday at southend. the first three lines goes like this:
brenda freestone -

Posted April 19, 2006
I've started an interest group for record collectors and dealers alike to get together and discuss anything related to this very popular hobby.
All are welcome!! Greg -

Posted April 11, 2006
Can someone send me a list of the 20 famoust rockabilly-guitar-players? And their greatest hits? Great thanks, Silvan -

Posted April 11, 2006
I am looking for a copy of Levi Dexters Rockabilly Idol cd, can anyone help me? Cheers, Kev -

Posted April 10, 2006
Hi! I'm looking for Eddie Cochran tabs of "Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie" and "Dark lonely street". I can't find them on the web. Do you know what to do? Could you help me? Thank you in advance for replying.

Posted April 9, 2006
Just a Canadian Cowpoke singer Bud Wilkinson has been singing old country for 35yrs in and around Hamilton Ontario. Started many sucsessfull bands old & New Country. Now does a rockabilly show for seniors in retirement facilities Been part of a few CD's Coming out with his own May 2006. Bud -

Posted April 9, 2006
Hi. I am looking for a song title and singer of a song from the 50's or 60's for somebody. I only know some of the lyrics. They are: Growing up takes a lot of time and I can't wait for the fun, going out I put my french heels on and pretend that i'm 21. Anyone's help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou! Alysse Quinn -

Posted April 7, 2006
Just came across your Glen Glenn webpage and felt I ought to express my feelings for this underappreciated guy's music. There has never been a better record made than Glen Glenn's "Everybody's Moving", it stands right up there with "Baby Let's Play House" and "Tear It Up". Had Glen never recorded another track he would have done enough to guarantee my undying gratitude for such a masterpiece. "One Cup Of Coffee" just confirms the man's quality. God bless him, Peter Stitt, Hull, England -

Posted April 6, 2006

Posted April 4, 2006
Trying to find Jack Brumley. He was the agent for Rick Nelson. I really need to find him. The last converstion I had with him was when Rick died. Please help. Sandi Trend (Bell) -

Posted April 2, 2006
howdy from dallas i'm looking old elvis lp 78 reords. and my daughter is looking for anything about stevie ray vaughn, she lives seattle wa. nancimiller -

Posted April 2, 2006
Hi, i am a rockabilly artist and i am from the small island of Malta. I am looking for a managment, to manage my carrier, because here in Malta music bizz is too small. i have a cd with 20 songs as demos. please contact me to talk, and tell you more about me. Antonello Persiano - -

Posted March 31, 2006
Hey Guys and Gals, April's issue of Mad Rat Magazine is available to view online at
Enjoy! Linette -

Posted March 31, 2006
Does anyone have any information on Jerry Inman that played at the Palomino in CA. I trying to locate him. His friends called him JI. I was with him in the late 70's. I heard he past away, does anyone know when? Tom T. Hall was a good friend of JI's. If anyone can get a hold of him, he'll know who I am. The last time I seen him was in Orlando around 1985. So if anyone can help on this I would really appreciate it. Thank You very much, Cricket -

Posted March 31, 2006
HI kats! Check the samples from a brand new CD Kesoil by Jimi Lipponen & the Kummitusjuna (Fi) at
Nice rock & roll ditties with a splash of country on the side. J. Honker -

Posted March 30, 2006
Sweetpea's 7th annual Hooch and Smooch during Viva Las Vegas is only 2 weeks away! Please go check out the flyer at
There's gonna be some great bands playing, and it's FREE! No reason not to be there! April 13 5-9 pm East Lounge of the Gold Coast, Las Vegas, NV. Hope to see you there! Pea -

Posted March 30, 2006
Hi, Just posted photos from the UK Rockabilly Rave no.10, From March 9-13. Check it out.
keep on rockin -

Posted March 29, 2006
Hey Katz; the open-stage jam heads into week #26 at Oasis this coming Sunday, April 2nd, 4:30 - 8:30 pm, with your hosts, southwestern Ontario's premier 3-piece roots-rockabilly trio, the JumpKatz. This week's special guest is monster picker Rene Comeau. Rene came out last Sunday and just blew everyone away with his country-pickin' prowess. Should be a hoot. Oasis is in Place Concorde, Windsor, Ontario, just north of the EC Row Expressway at Lauzon Parkway. Everyone welcome. Also check out my site - Frank - Posted March 27, 2006
Hi Folks -- Do you know the email address of Eddie Large, the Rockabilly record collector  from Ft. Worth, TX? Thanks, Tom Galbraith, Springfield, MO -

Posted March 27, 2006
If you haven't planned your UK Easter Weekend yet, maybe these will apeal to you? The two biggest events that I know of in the UK that weekend are to be found at:
If there are any others that I should know about, please let me know and I'll do my best to publicise them. The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame will always try to be impartial when to publicising events. Rod Pyke -

Posted March 27, 2006
Dear RHOF, You know we've been pretty lucky here in the UK, rockabilly has been in pretty good shape since the mid 70's. Despite a small decline (which I believe is due to lack of knowledge in younger generations) sites like yours has opened access to the music which beforehand could only be dreamed of. I must say I feel somewhat sad, that I no longer need to trawl through boxes of records at collector fairs to find that elusive gem. Yet when you can visit sites like yours or listen to radio rockabilly, the loss seems a pretty small price. Karl -

Posted March 26, 2006
Subject: Joseph L Green at the Hayride in the late 40's or early 50's. My father had a radio show their at the hayride. I have no info on him. I wish I did, he used to say he would pick with Merle, Sonny James, etc. I Know George Jones used to come over to our house as a child. Daddy Passed in '77 and I would love to know more about him. Thank You, Mike Green, M.C.S.E.,C.N.E, Watkins Support Center, (863) 688-6662 x8199 -

Posted March 26, 2006
Come check out the Ebay auctions I currently have up. I have on sale back issues of my magazine, Rockabilly Revue, featuring Paul Burlison, Rocky Burnette, Pat Cupp, Dale Hawkins, Nick Willett, Eddie Clendening, and Sanford Clark. Elvis, Eddie Cochran, and Buddy Holly are all talked about in the articles. The artists share rare stories of their friendships with these stars. You won't read these anywhere else, don't miss out and bid today. Thanks for looking.
Sheree Homer -

Posted March 24, 2006
I see you have Jimmy Eitter IF YOU LOVE MY WOMAN and AHHHHHH listed. Do you know anything about him? Chris Witter -

Posted March 19, 2006
Take Notice. LEGENDARY SUN ARTIST CARL MANN WILL PERFORM AT THE FAMOUS PONDEROSA STOMP IN MEMPHIS MAY 8-10. Benefit proceeds to New Orleans musicians. The Mann is back. Paul MacPhail -

Posted March 19, 2006
I have the contract from the Louisiana Hayride show; The frist one from 1954, and the extended one. Both of them are signed by Elvis, his mother, father, his two musicians, and Mr. Logan. There is also a photograph with the Phillip Morris advertisement in the background while Elivis is performing. I would like to have an appraisal for these items, how can we do this? Thank you, Marc -

Posted March 19, 2006
Just a reminder that April 25, the anniversary of the death of HASIL ADKINS, is coming up soon and it would be great if everyone took time out to remember that hunchin' wild man. There's a Hasil tribute show coming up in New York, there's a new CD of his final recording session called "Night Life" (doing the RAY PRICE song!), and there's a great split single floating around out there of Hasil (performing with his girlfriend CRAZY AMY!) called "Got A Girl In Minnesota". There are also rumors of a new and better documentary film about Hasil than the "Wild World of Hasil Adkins" one. Let's all do all we can to help keep Hasil memory and name out there and alive! Duct Tape Danny -

Posted March 18, 2006
Hello, I'm seeking and I can pay for each cd from Darrel Higham: "Howlin at My Baby" & "Unleashed", Contact me:

Posted March 16, 2006
Does anyone on the board know if Vernon Taylor is still around? Gene Fox -

Posted March 15, 2006
Strange somebody should be asking for Bill Mack's email address, as we have received emails from someone claiming to be him. (It may well be, but you never can tell!) I'd be interested to know his confirmed email address. Glenn.

Posted March 14, 2006
Howdy from snowy Sweden and KOUNTRY KORRAL MAGAZINE. I had a mail from Art Greenaw regarding doing a feature story on the Light Crust Doughboys. It looks very interesting to me. I started Kountry Korral Magazine in 1968 and we are sill alive and kickin'. I have most of the material needed, but I found out that you have released a CD called "Doughboy Rock." I most certainly would like to hear how they treat Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock," and one of my all time favorites in the rockabilly field, "That's All Right Mama!" Are there any other rpckabilly connection with the Western Swins Sound? Ny snail mail is: Lillies Ohlsson, Kountry Korral Magazine, Bennerstigen, SE-733 95 Sala, Sweden -

Posted March 12, 2006

Posted March 10, 2006
Is Mr. Curtis part of the songwriting duo that wrote the song "You" that the Jive Five did? The other person, is it Max Myer? Thanks for your help. My sister would like to use this as her wedding song. It is a really beautiful song. Thanks. By the way, do you know of anyone else who has done it? If so please tell me. I wish someone would record it again.

Posted March 8, 2006
does anybody know what is bill mack's e-mail address? he is on the and playes a lot of music to the truxk drivers all over america - robert marston,

Posted March 8, 2006
Trying to download a song as a kid that i listened to over and over again. THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS. HOW CAN I GET A COPY OF THIS SONG. SANDRA CAMPBELL, NEW ORLEANS, LA. -

Posted March 8, 2006
Love the website! I'm a good friend of Carl Manns. He is back 100%. He appears monthly on the Huntingdon Hayride in his home town, he's opening a new antique, cafe and museum in Huntingdon in a few months, He's touring Europe in May, He's on the Ponderosa Stomp in Memphis in May, and he's writing a book with me. Thanks. Chris Lash, Huntingdon, TN -

Posted March 6, 2006
If any one Knows Cash O'Riley and The DownRight Daddies, YOU GOTTA GET THIS DVD it's awesome you can get it at www. - Debra -

Posted March 6, 2006
Hi there. I am trying to find out some general information and I don't really know where to look. I have searched over and over on the Internet and have found nothing, as of yet. I have a fan letter from 1956 hand-written by Elvis Presley himself. When he came to the Louisiana Hayride, I went to see him with a friend of mine. After the show, we went home and wrote him a letter. Some time later, we received a reply, that was actually handwritten by him! It is dated and with a postmarked envelope. I have them both framed so they would not get damaged in anyway. Now this letter was written and sent to me before he was "big time" famous, so I am not even sure if anyone would want it. I am trying to find some information on whether one of the museums would like to purchase this for memorabilia or if there is anyone else that would like this. I was going to pass it down to my children, but the one son I have, would not treasure it as someone who is truly an Elvis fan or perhaps Graceland. I was curious if you could lead me in the right direction. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. I am not even sure what this letter is worth, and have no idea where to start looking. Keri Leach, Stonewall, Louisiana -

Posted March 6, 2006
I just put four of my back issues of Rockabilly Revue up for sale on Ebay. It is not the Billy Poore publication. It's a magazine that I have done in the past. They feature Billy Lee Riley, Wanda Jackson, The Crickets, and The Collins Kids, among a few others. Check them out. Thanks. Four days left on the first two, and six on the last. Here are the links:
Sheree Homer -
Posted February 28, 2006
who were greatest piano players of the rockabilly years: besides jerry lee lewis and fats domino? jonathan hobbs -

Posted February 27, 2006
Would anyone be interested in buying a collection of old country and western records 33 rpm. They are all used but in great condition all still play and have been kept in there covers. I am asking this for my friend. He wants to sell them to make room for he's cds. He is up in age and actually knows alot of these old country singers. He himself is in the rock a billy hall of fame so I am sure there are a few treasures in this bunch of records. He said there are atleast 200. DeDee Steele -

Posted February 27, 2006
Hi All Just wanted to let you know that Travis' tour in the UK seems to be going very well. The Jackson Americana website has been posting updates and pics of Travis and the guys. I actually was able to listen to Travis' interview on BBC Radio today and they archive the shows so if anyone wants to listen in go to and click on the "listen live" button to the right then click on Bernie Clifton at the top of the list that opens. As the show starts you'll see there's a timer shown in the yellow box and you can skip ahead either in 5 or 15 minute increments. Travis' interview begins at: 19:49 (right after Bernie plays "Burning Love" by Elvis - don't worry Travis sets him straight on his era :) - Bernie then plays a track (Treat Me Nice) from Travis' CD. Hope you enjoy - Chuck LeDoyt,

Posted February 26, 2006
Looking for any information, clippings, albums, etc. My father Tom O'Connor left Toronto in the 60's to pursue a country singing carreer. He settled in Windsor, Ontario and cut a few albums and singles during the 70's. He married a nurse and had two more sons, Micheal and Jamie. He died in an auto accident on Nov. 30, 1982 and a huge benifit was held in his name in Windsor, Ontario with many many other country artists attending. I was not raised by my father and he has left grandchildren and great grandchildren wondering about their family history. My son would love to know the man who's name he also carries being third generation. I have only an old black and white photo of my father, mother, sister, and I from 1961 before my mother and sister left us. Any information on my father or anything such as one of his records or pictures from papers would mean so much to me and his family that carries on his name without even knowing who he was. I do know he was well known when he passed and there has to still be something left out there to show he was here. My e-mail is - Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

Posted February 26, 2006
Download live Jim Weider (a close freind of Paul Burlison) shows: - Jim is the former lead guitar player with the BAND. He replaced Robbie Robertson in 1985 and toured with the BAND till 1999. Jeff Beck fans will enjoy his music. He does covers of "Come Dancing" & "Air Blower". Tony Levin of Peter Gabriel and King Crimson fame is his current bass player! -

Posted February 23, 2006
I have up for sale on Ebay six different photo sets (four photos in each set). Some of the artists include Dale Hawkins, Sonny Burgess, Pat Cupp, Darrel Higham, Kim Lenz, and Wanda Jackson. Check them out. They are photos I took personally and are deciding to sell copies. If you can't see them with the links provided, just look up my seller name: elvislover1978. Thanks.
Sheree Homer -

Posted February 23, 2006
Hi..! Hey this is a Cool web site...! Thanks for allowing me to say somethin. I have been a fan of Bo Diddley's ever since the 60's. And of course a fan of B.B. Kings as well. I have been singing in nite clubs, doin a few shows on television and enjoy writing and singing as well. I play guitar and piano. Rock a Billy Music is something that needs to keep perpetuating. It has an uplifting and positive something about it that I think everybody needs. Elvis sang some of this magic music and of course he always got the house a rockin..! Best wishes to all of you from Oklahoma and take care. Jerry -

Posted February 22, 2006
Gig notice for Nobody's Business: Friday, March 03, 2006 at the Cock-N-Bull. All Night, 440 Clinton Street, Detroit, MI 48226 - 313-962-8740 -

Posted February 21, 2006
Hi my name carol please please please can anyone HELP my mum has been searching in vain for decades for a copy of Buck Owen Live In Birmingham Alabama (please excuse the spelling). She is a wonderful mother and has been diagnosed with c o p d and we may only have a few years left as mothering sunday is approaching it would a lovely surprise if i could obtain a copy many thanks to all who can help carol in bonnie Scotland xxxxx please contact me with any info at

Posted February 18, 2006
Hey everyone checkout my Hack and the 57s page for news on my new single "Honky Tonk Outlaw" released Feb 1 on Door Knob records Nashville. also - Garlin Hackney -

Posted February 14, 2006
If you're a music writer who really knows his stuff and wants to do CD and concert reviews, please send a resume, CD and concert clips and/or music features to us at Country Standard Time. if you have no experience or are not serious, please save both of us the time. We could use writers who know their stuff and are straight shooters about rockabilly, country, roots/Americana and bluegrass for a free print and webzine. Thanks! Jeff Remz -

Posted February 13, 2006
The JumpKatz open stage jam heads into week #20 this coming Sunday at the Oasis bar at Place Concorde, Lauzon Parkway at the EC Row Expressway, Windsor, Ontario - Sunday February 19, 4-8 pm with your hosts the JumpKatz - also check out my new guitar site: - Thanks and hope to see you there! Frank,

Posted February 13, 2006
I am looking for a man named "buddy" who sang/picked guitar at the peppermint lounge in houston, texas in the early 1970's. He liked the elvis image. ANY information is welcome ... please email

Posted February 12, 2006
i my name is chad i from okc but now live in san diego i was just wonddering if anyone from okc knows a web site for rick knight the pin stripper if u can thank you for time. chad surprise -

Posted February 11, 2006
On (2-09-2006) we learned that Cecil Moore had died at his home in Belmont, Texas. Funeral services are pending at O'Bannon Funeral Home in Luling, Texas. He will be greatly missed at the Luling Tiger Tote Store and by everyone. L. Dunagan -

Posted February 9, 2006
Hi Everyone, i just thought i would let you all know that i have started another rock'n'roll club in bristol (UK), it's called the cadbury heath jive club and i run this club every wednesday and sunday evenings, it's picking up quite well now with new people coming in to learn to dance each week, i have booked some bands for the club, on wednesady february 15th we have the heartbeats a good solid dance band, and on march 15th we have the king cats, great band, we also have a 12 hour rock'n'roll day on may the first, if anyone would like any more information then please contact me, email, telephone, 01179 380483, or 07818 813424, thanks for reading, keep it real, keep rockin', many thanks, will

Posted February 9, 2006
Hello! My name is Alexandra Brandt. I work from Sweden as a European tourmanager for a American hot rockabilly band called the Mezcal Brothers. This awesom band is planing a scandinavian tour for this upcoming summer. The tour will be around late June and early July. I was wondering if you are able to help me get information of some cool gigs for them in Norway? Any help I can get would be awesome. You can get some information at Thanks a lot! Best regards, Alexandra -

Posted February 7, 2006
Hi, I finally got a web site: - Feel free to use any of the pictures that you want to on your site. Just give me credit and if possible a link to my site. Mitch Diamond -

Posted February 7, 2006
Just want to let you know that CARL MANN, the youngest artist ever signed to Sun Records in 1959, is back in the Rockabilly/Country music business after 22 years of cutting down most of the trees in Western Tennessee. He has a new album "Legacy" with is a rockabilly gospel album, and one of the tracks is his self-written "Jesus, Jesus" - a re-write of his biggest hit "Mona Lisa". At 62 he is the last big name Sun artist left after Jerry Lee Lewis. If you live in the Tennessee/Kentucky area you can catch him every third Saturday night in the month playing the Huntingdon Hayride, where he is a regular. He was inducted into the (Jackson, TN non-registered) Rockabilly Hall of Fame in August of 2005, and in November he opened the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center in Huntingdon, Tennessee (from where the Hayride is broadcast from). Mann is also planning an album in tribute to the stars that he admired in rockabilly, with Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and others. I spent four hours with Mann in 1994 at his house. He is one fine dude. Look for some big things ahead by him. He deserves it. Paul MacPhail -

Posted February 5, 2006

Posted February 3, 2006
Hi: I was a good friend of Sweetie Jones. He passed away a couple years ago, and I was honored to be one of his pallbearer. I still remember him, and I'm looking any of his records. Thanks! "Phil" Phillips -

Posted February 2, 2006
Hi, I really hope you can help me, years ago when I was a young lad (in the late 1970's),  I was a Teddy boy in London and I used to hang around with some rockabilly guys from harrow, anyway they had one song that they used to play all the time and I thought it was great but I can't remember who it was by or what it's called. All I can remember is that it was a male singer and the first lines of the song were "I'm-a gonna write a letter to you, bye, bye, bye, my baby we're through..." I know this is a bit of a long shot but I could think of any one else who would have enough knowledge at there fingertips about rockabilly music. If you could e-mail me with the title and singer I would be very grateful. Love the site by the way. Many thanks, Andy Walker -

Posted February 2, 2006
hi, i have a copy of carl perkins blue suade shoes from sun records 45 u176 and flipside is honey dont u177 it still sounds not bad how can i preserve it? thanks, sal amico ...

Posted February 1, 2006
"Inspiring Moments" Has rapidly become one of my best selling CD's. It is a collection of original Gospel songs I've written over the years, each with it's own message to brighten your day. The lead off song "Keep you eyes on the horizons" was originally written for Elvis, however his untimely death prevented that from happening. If you don't have your copy yet, please feel free to contact me at: Ronnie Haig 1302 Woodlawn Av. Indianapolis, IN 46203 - or send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to take care of it personally. Just 10.00 and I'll pay the freight. (Overseas please add 4.00). I'm sure this CD will be a blessing to you as it has been to me. RONNIE HAIG -

Posted January 31, 2006
(From Matt Lucas). Hi there! Like the song says, What a difference a day makes! Aftet meeting Debbie Reynolds Sat. night, getting a picture etc. "I was walking on air". The next day not walking at all but on oxygen! On Sunday Barb & I were walking around Usery Mouintain Park here in Phoenix then did 3 out door flea markets (swap shops as they are called here in the west) then stopped into a 99 cent store to look around and I fainted! When I came to, the Mesa fire dept pari medics were there then the ambulance and I was hooked up to tubes, ekg, machines, iv, etc and was rushed to Banner Baywood Heart hospital in Mesa! I really thought I would not make it as this happened to me in 1975 complete with being pronouced dead, having a out of body experence, the golden tunnel, the whole works. Funny how when I was riding in the ambulance, taken out on the gurrney looking up at all the hospital lights on the ceiling, being pushed up to intensive care was nothing like what you see on tv or the movies. Every one was so caring, so tender, so gentle with me. Man, What a night it was with all the tests, needles, feeling sorry for myself, thinking about what a life I've had, and most of all how luckey to have my wife Barbara with me! God, I was scared, but the staff at the hospital was so nice and when I started telling them about just doing the show, recording with John Rhys producing! Visiting Peter & Lynda Ford and meeting Peter's dad Glenn, Meeting Debbie Reynolds the night before, Being in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame as well as other hall s of fame, all my famous buddies, my planning to meet Liz Taylor later in the year! I could not keep my mouth shut! Then - The next day after another night of no sleep and all the tests they gave me they found that my hearts great for a 70 year old guy but - I have a 75 percent blockage in a artery to my brain on one side and a 40 percent blockage on the other side. Now, as I write this I'm back in the motorhome in Az. Grateful to being alive and looking forword to rocking at the show in Memphis in early May. Funny how I can still be on the "Hustle" after what I just came through, but as my buddy Marshall Lytle of the org. Bill Haly Comets says! I'll Rock till I drop! Well, I did drop, but I'll rock again! Love, Matt -

Posted January 31, 2006
(RE: Karry Dowd, R.I.P.) I just learned today that the man my kids (and rightly so) think has the coolest Halloween and Christmas decorations in our neighborhood was the same man my brother and I thought wrote the coolest song (Pink Cadillac) when we were my daughter's age. I'm so sorry I never knew him more than to say hello when we trick or treated. Now we've lost our chance for local rockabilly and a good plumber - and I am just about to call one, too, for our elderly toilet.
           Every cloud has a silver lining, and Larry Dowd did lead me to your web site. Keep up the good work, and keep reminding us all that rockabilly still lives - while it still does. Laurel Parker -

Posted January 27, 2006
My Name is Greg Lester, My grandfather was Jimmie Lester. He passed away In november of 2003. Im trying to get ahold of some of his music. I thought if anyone knew how I could go about doing this you may. Even if its not a lp, a recording would be great. I would really appreciate it if you could set me in the right direction. He was very dear to me, and It would be nice to have some of his music. I found these "samples" but its not the entire song at this site, - Thank you for you time. Greg Lester Jr. -

Posted January 27, 2006
HELLO FOLKS! My name is Lasse Jonsson and drummer of the BLACK KNIGHTS, a Swedish ROCK-A-BILLY/ted trio! Now I have started an rock-a-billy show, "RIP IT UP", sent from two FM radio stations in Sweden, Radio Berg in North Sweden and "Folkradion", sent from Gavle in the middle of Sweden! But I need help to keep this Show UP TO DATE, with the latest. So if you have a band, send your demos/CDS to this adress:
RIP IT UP, c/o Lasse Jonsson, Forsgardet 108 Enviksbyn, 79026 ENVIKEN SWEDEN - Lasse Jonsson,

Posted January 27, 2006
Hey Katz - the JumpKatz say hi from Kanada! Just to let y'all know, our open stage jam is a smashing success every Sunday afternoon from 4:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Oasis Bar - Place Concorde, Lauzon Parkway just north of the EC Row Expressway. Southwestern Ontario's premier 3-piece roots rockabilly band host, with a different special guest every week. Turnout has been tremendous - everyone welcome. Don'r forget, it's an open stage so all bands, players, singers are welcome to join the Katz that Jump. Cheers from Windsor, Ontario, Canada! Frank, -

Posted January 26, 2006
You got a great web site. About a month ago I was listening to my XM car radio when they played a version of Hot Rod Lincoln that I never heard of. The song sound like the original except during the song they performed small part of the Hot Rod song as Elvis, Johnny Cash and similiar artists. Any idea who did the song and where I can get it. Thank-you for your help. Noah Eisenhandler -

Posted January 24, 2006
My name is Bobby Hyder. I was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska in 64, 65, 66 with Skeets Mc Donald's son Robert Mc Donald. I would sure like to get in touch with Robert and his wife. Robert was a Capt in the Army even though he went to Annapolis, the Naval Academy. He was my Commanding Officer. The last contact I had with him and his family was a letter from his wife telling me he was leaving for Viet Nam. I sure would like some help finding Robert and his family. Bobby R. Hyder, 6301 Hayden Ct., Rowlett, Tx 75089 - Tele: 972-463-6053 - Email:

Posted January 23, 2006
Transport your mind with raw rockin' blues from THE HIGHTOWN CROWS on Friday, 27 January at the Portobello Gold, 95, Portobello Rd. West London; it's free & starts at 8 o'clock. the HIGHTOWN CROWS -

Posted January 23, 2006
Hi, My name is Denise Martin/Adams and I have been putting together a back ground history on my dad "Pee Wee Adams". He was "Best Drummer of the Year back in 1967. I have many of his music items including his set of Gretsch 4 piece drums and many Avedis Zildjian Turkish cymbals. Also there are many famous photos with autographs. Also his Academy award from 1967. If I was to auction these items off, where would I start. I know he is in the Country Music Hall of Fame, so would I start there. Please help me keep my dad music alive. I would like for future generations to know who he was. Here are just a few people he played for. He was on Barbara Mandrell first TV show. He was on Town Hall Party back in 1957. Played for Speed West & Jimmy Bryant, Joe Maphis & Rose Lee, Johnny Cash, The Collins Kids,Gene Vincent, Bob Luman, Jim Pierce, Buck Owens, Marty Robbins, Joe Carson, Bob Wills & West Coast Playboys, Tex Ritter, Rose Madox, Wanda Jackson, Freddie Hart, Skeets McDonald, Carl Smith. I know I have just scratch the surface on all these people. Maybe there someone out there that could help me put all this history together. I also have many letter to my dad and movies and a tape of his life before he died in 1987. Thank you. Denise Martin -

Posted January 21, 2006
Tales From The Woods Presentations. Two forthcoming UK shows to salivate the rockin' music glands.
           Saturday, 28 January 2006. '50 Years of Skiffle; starring Chas 'Freight Train' McDevitt and many other surprise guests. Tickets are priced at £8.00 in advance or £10.00 on the door.
           Sunday, 12 February 2006. Direct from the USA, Barrence Whitfield with The Hemsby House Band along with The Houserockers. Tickets are £15.00, advance or on the door.
           The venue for both of the foregoing is The Water Rats, 328, Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, London, England. For tickets and/or more information, contact Keith Woods at Keith can also be contacted by telephone on (0)794 154 0574 or (0)20 8460 6941

Posted January 21, 2006
HELLO. It's been a while since I have said anything about the Hall of Fame that I feel very honored and grateful to be a part of today. This Hall of FAME for early Rockers of music, rockabillies, country and rock and roll, blues, and all in-between has shown everyone in the world where music of today has came from and will always be the roots of great music, kill the roots and the flowers dies never blooming again. The Rockabilly Hall of Fame has made a flower garden that every person from every walk of life can visit and smell the roses. Visit the garden and have a party learning about the music of America. Keep it going for yesterday,today,tomorrow, and always. Al Vance - come and visit my site. THANKS FOR All OF YOUR HARD WORK from the ones who care like me.

Posted January 19, 2006
Hi - would you be interested in these items: AMERICAN BANDSTAND Photo cards of THE BILL BLACK COMBO - front is B&W pic of 5 members of the Band including Bill Black; reverse has information on the Combo - mint 50 cents each - I can offer 15 of them. Thank you. Anna Labbate -

Posted January 18, 2006
Ferlin Husky has just opened his official website at It is a very interesting site full of Ferlin facts. He is currently back on tour with Leona Williams and will be recording his first studio album in nearly a decade in Texas for Heart of Texas Records. He begins his sessions next week with Justin Trevino producing the project. Tracy Pitcox -

Posted January 18, 2006
Hello, I hope someone out there can help me. I am trying to help my neighbor who recently lost her husband and misses him something awful. She is trying to find information on his days in music and that's where I thought someone out there could help. He had told me that back in his early days (30s-early 60s) that he played backup to quite a few artists including Jonny Cash, Hank Willams, etc. He played in bands such as Green River Boys, Hillbillys, North County Boys, etc. This morning on the radio I heard that an early band with Johnny Cash was the Dixie Rhythm Ramblers and would like to know who they were. As with all parts of music the names always change, his name is Robert R. Wendell and also went by the name of Bobby Roberts and I would also like to know who Danny Wendell is that played at the Grand Ole Opry. I know this is a lot to ask and I also know that there are a lot of knowledgeable people out there that could help me. So ... please ... put on your thinking caps, I would love to hear from you. Please mail me directly to my email address. Thanks In advance, Inez Clay for Barbara Wendell -

Posted January 18, 2006
Looking for photos of myself onstage with Rick in 1979/80, or pics of myself with The Burrito Brothers 81/83 ... preferabely Wembley Stadium Internation Country Music Festival appearance in 81 or 83. Thanks, John Beland (Rick Nelson Stone Canyon Band / Burrito's) -

Posted January 17, 2006
SHOW: Saturday 21st January 2006, THE ROCKERS REUNION, Rivermead Leisure Complex, Richfield Avenue, Reading RG1 8EQ
           MARVIN RAINWATER will headline our show. In April 1958 he was one of the first American Rock 'n' Rollers to visit Britain and topped the bill at the London Palladium when 'Whole Lotta Woman' was No. 1 in the British charts. He retains all his energy and enthusiasm so prepare for a 'Whole Lotta Rockin' Marvin.
           30 years ago CRAZY CAVAN AND THE RHYTHM ROCKERS and FLYING SAUCERS spearheaded the march through London by thosands of rockers and teddy boys bearing a petition that demanded a Rock 'n' Roll show on BBC radio. The music that we love survives and flourishes and so do two of Britain's most enduring and well loved acts.
           Both Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher are expected to attend the 23rd Rockers Reunion as they are anxious to see DAVE SAVAGE AND HIS SAVAGES with their tasteful and politically correct tribute to the late Screamin' Lord Sutch. Expect the full works, Jack the Ripper, the coffin etc. We can't wait!
           JOHNNY RED is another top British rocker whom we are pleased to welcome back to Rockers Reunion. He played the 12th Reunion with Gina and the Strollers and for many years was front man for Johnny and the Jailbirds. Rock on Johnny!
           THE TOP CATS are a well established band from Burton-on-Trent. They are deserving of a wider audience so do not miss their purrfect rockin' show.
           Spinning the wax at the 23rd Rockers Reunion, The Two Petes, Pete Bruce and Wild Cat Pete.
           For all the details go to:

Posted January 17, 2006
I believe a wrongful assumption was made in the Nokie Edwards biography. I have interviewed Don Markham and he had nothing to do with the group The Marksmen who had a single on Blue Horizon, consisting of Nokie Edwards and Gene Moles. Don Markham and the Marksmen had two singles on the Donna label. They were both Gary Paxton studio projects. bryce -

Posted January 17, 2006
My mother, Isabelle Mary Mansir, aka 'Dusty Randall' sang in the USO during the Korean war. I think it would have been prior to 1952, since that is when her first child was born. She married a serviceman by the name of Raymond Braun. I'm trying to find information on her when she was in the USO. She died quite awhile ago, she was only 38, and I did not know her very well ... although ... she could yodel! How do I go about finding information on someone who performed in the USO? She was an avid country western fan...her favorite singer back then was Elton Britt. I actually got my name from one of his songs ... 'Lorelei'. Not too popular back in the 50's ... but ... it has been a source of pride, knowing how 'eccentric' and unconventional she was way back when. If you could help me in any way, I'd appreciate it. If not ... thanks anyway ... I'll just try to continue my hunt. Sincerely, Lorelei 'Braun' -

Posted January 13, 2006
My father was Pee Wee Adams who played drums on Town Hall Party in LA County, California with Gene Vincent. I would like to know if anyone out there would know more about this TV show back in 1957, 1958. I'm putting together a tribute to my Dad and all the people he played with. He was Best Drummer of the Year back in 1967. Thank You. Denise Martin/Adams -

Posted January 13, 2006
Does anyone have photographs or information regarding Sun Session Pianist Jimmy Wilson? He played sessions for Johnny Cash, Barbara Pittman, Roy Orbison,and many others. Wilson was also a member of Billy Lee Riley's famed Little Green Men and portrayed a saloon piano player in the Johnny Cash movie entitled Night Rider. There must be photos of him in existence from Sun Package Shows with Riley and others.Please e-mail or call (641) 939-7615, Jim Weaver -

Posted January 13, 2006
im looking for a song i heard years ago in a club in london its called come on or im giving you the come on im not sure which. it goes come on im giving you the come on ,come on and let me hold you tight. can anyone help? paul -

Posted January 12, 2006
I'm looking for sheetmusic (leadsheet with lyrics) to a tune composed by Leon payne as titled "Solitary". Can you help me with that? Kind regards, Hans Karlsson, Plommonvägen 131, 741 31 Knivsta, Sweden, Phone 46 18 380991 -

Posted January 12, 2006
I am just starting to get into listening to rockabilly music. Where do I start? Can you guys suggest some records to buy to get me started? Bob Eliott -

Posted January 12, 2006
We heard a song on Music Choice, on Cable TV and would like to have a copy, can you help me. The name is: "The Album is Instrumentally Yours." The song is "El Paso" (instrumental) by Grady Martin. We really enjoyed that song, and remember Marty Robbins singing it years ago. But would like the instrumental version. Would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you. Jim Payne -

Posted January 12, 2006
Mike, I sent you an email about the Sonny Burgess CD. Unfortunately it might never be released. Sorry. Eric

Posted January 10, 2006
Rock 'n' Roll at the Cruise-Inn, Amsterdam (NL):
February 18: winterbarndance with CHARLIE THOMPSON and others
For further information:

Posted January 10, 2006
Where and when was Carl Perkin«s last concert? Thanks, Benny Vejlby, Rock & Roll Museum, Denmark - -

Posted January 9, 2006
Check out! for all the new pictures. Canada's Rock & Roll legend Bobby Curtola Wishes Every One a Happy New Year for 2006, and a prosperous one. Thanks, Robert Hubbard. Bobby's Manger -

Posted January 8, 2006
January always means the start of the final countdown to VLV so here we go with an update:
BURLESQUE CONTEST - Voting has now started on the VLV site for the VLV Burlesque Competition. This year there are 24 contestants competing for the 6 places in the live final at VLV. Please be sure to vote.
HOTEL ROOMS - Here is an update on the hotel rooms for VLV. The Gold Coast is sold out. The Orleans is filling fast but still has rooms. The Rio ran out of rooms at the special rate but I was able to get another 100 rooms there. So if you want to stay in The Rio I would suggest booking your room soon. The Palms only has a few rooms left.
WRISTBANDS - Can I remind you that VLV sold out last year and we expect the same to happen in 2006. At the moment there are plenty of tickets still available but the later you leave it the more likely it will be sold out. You can book online on the web site
CAR SHOW - I am still getting a lot of confused phone calls about the car show. It's quite simple. If you book for a VLV9 wristband, you can register your car at the same time and there is no extra charge. You can put your car in the fenced in parking lot from Thursday to Monday. If you are only interested in the car show and will not be getting a wristband, you will not be able to register your car until much closer to VLV and will only be able to park or have access to the lot on the Saturday. Registration will be $20.
BAND TIMES - The timetable of bands has just been posted on the VLV website so that you can start planning who you want to see and when.
That's it for now. Please keep a look out for future VLV9 updates. VIVA LAS VEGAS ROCKABILLY WEEKEND - -TOM INGRAM

Posted January 5, 2006
Hey Cat's. The Vegas Valentinos appreciate all who've seen and requested and reviewed their material. As 2006 begins and Festivals are being set-up be sure to drop me a line to book the most exciting and refreshing band to come along in a long time..They're 1/2 brothers, they play Rockabilly, and they're a show to see. I can say that too because I'm their Uncle. Capice? If you do a search on Google you'll see what others around the world are saying. There's no denying they're electrifying!! Drop me a line and remember to visit our web-site, soon to be revamped this month of January, I'm told..Check in, sign up and we'll see you all soon ... Gratzee, Uncle Bruno -

Posted January 5, 2006
Hi, we're looking for bands to play in Spain. If you play Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Doo-Wop, instrumentals, hillbilly, Rhythm & Blues. Please send one press kit, fee and audio sampler to: American Roots Promotion, P.O. Box 644, 03003 Alicante, Spain -

Posted January 2, 2006
Happy New Year to everyone! The Tokens are famous for the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and many more. Please sign my website: - To induct Mitch Margo and The Tokens into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Thank you! Laura Williams -

Posted January 2, 2006
OPEN LETTER TO JOHNNY LEGEND - Glad to find your page and such as Denise and I are in Ohio now. I quit managing in 1999 when UI did not like the way the business was ogign but goit suckered back in 2003. I have been working on a limtied basis and at age 47 am real selective There are a couple articles on you on the net. Go to to find one in the archives. Let me hear from you as I want to set up by email, a couple film and wrestling page intnerviews. Also check out:,
While music is not my strong point, denise is doing stuff for some rockabilly magazine and might be able to hit up an itnerview there with you. Dale Pierce, The Time Traveler -

Posted January 1, 2006
Howdy, enjoyed your aticle on the archives. How extremly awesome. I have a spotlight from the hayride. its authentic and all. would like to get to right person. I understand its after Hank Sr. took over the show? Any help is appriciated.
ps: the story of the Elvis tape against the wall and desk is so cool. there is a somewhat similer story of I think ray benson finding a tape of patsy Cline live at the cimmeron ballroom (Tulsa Okla.) anyway,the tape was found in a basement. they reproduced it. if your not familiar with it. it is a must have cd.
Barry Truax, 1216 sea secret, port aransas tx 78373, 361 749 2301

Posted December 31, 2005
Sorry to bother you, but I have a 45 promo copy on APT record label by Jimmy DeKnight and his Knights of Rhythm - Rock Around The Clock bw Rock Around The Clock Cha Cha. Do you have any idea when this was recorded? I know he co-wrote RATC but never knew he recorded it. Thank You for your time. Tina -

Posted December 28, 2005
Hi Everyone, and Happy New Year just a reminder that the Mad Rat Magazine is available to read free online at every month Januarys issue will be up soon but until then you can read the back issues ... go to magazine then download and go to the mag of your choice. Thanks again for all your support, the response we have had has been amazing ... Rockin' Regards Linette -

Posted December 28, 2005
Great web site. Lot's of info here. Have you people caught the Vegas Valentinos? I saw them at the Night of 100 Elvises down in Baltimore. They are unbelieveble. What a live show. They blew the place away. They played some obscure Elvis tunes from one of his movies and made them sound new and hot. I don't know much about them except what I got off their web site which is being worked on and is incomplete. If anyone has info on them please put it out there for us. I would love to see them again. Vinny

Posted December 27, 2005
Hi! Love the website! I noticed in the listing of Jimmy Wilson, Sun session pianist a recording of Wilson's Blues #1, '56 is listed. Can you tell me more about this recording? Was it recorded at Sun, and if so, where can I find a dub of it? Are you aware of someone who can tell me of other recordings he made and which Sun sessions he may have been the session player on? I am a Sun researcher and also am trying to help Jimmys daughter find out more about her dad. Can you think of fellow session mates of his that I could possibly contact? Best wishes to you and thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Jim Weaver (641) 939-7615.

Posted December 22, 2005
Hey everybody, this is Joel Beaver. I just thought I would give yall a little update on the Beaver family(family of Stan Beaver). Dad has been having some health problems lately and has been in and out of the hospital several times this year. He is doin' alright though, and he is playing guitar every sunday and wednesday at church. I just turned 18 on December the 4th, so Happy Birthday to me(blah blah blah). Anyway have a good Christmas yall, and Happy Holidays and all that jazz. Merry Christmas, Joel Beaver -

Posted December 22, 2005
Please help me locate an interview that took place on the nashville now show in the mid 80's with ralph emory and johnny cash. Cleveland Price -

Posted December 22, 2005
First, while I've been a Rockabilly fan for a long time I've just now discovered your site. Tons of info-it'll take a long time to get through it all! Sure looks good though. I'm trying to find out what became of Sonny Burgess' newest CD "Tear It Up". As I'm sure you know it was supposed to have been released several months ago along with Hayden Thompson's new CD on St George Records. While Hayden Thompson's CD was released (Great CD!) Sonny Burgess' wasn't and St George Records apparently went out of business. So, I'm wondering if there is any info on what became of the CD. Did it get bought by another company for future release? Is it lost to eternity? I sure would like to get a copy. Can you help at all or direct me to someone who can? Thanks a lot and I look forward to exploring the site. Mike Hutchison -

Posted December 22, 2005
The Nashville Line Dancers Aalen (NLDA) have been performing this dance style with great enthusiasm already for several years. The group performs more than 150 dances of the category Country Line Dance and is regarded as one of Germany's top Show Line Dancers. Elvis songs are presented in the best Line Dance fashion. "Tribute To The King Of Music & Viva Las Vegas Dance Show" - their dance show is viewed as unique in Germany. They also act as background dancers in the show of the great, internationally well known Elvis double Jack Favor, who is also known as "Eifel-Elvis", - the best Elvis since Elvis! Their many performances speak for themselves: NLDA is Line Dance Show at it's best. NLDA targets at having Line Dance (which originally supported only Country and Western Music) mingled with other music styles such as Elvis music, pop music etc. Thus Line Dance shall be opened to a broader audience and it shall be shown to the public, how diverse this dance style with nowadays more than 4000 different dances can be. If you like, you can sign our guestbook. More Information about and contact to NLDA you get at: or E-Mail:

Posted December 21, 2005
I'm happy to announce you that Jumpin'#4 is now out. You'll find in this one interviews with Truly Lover Trio, Slim Sandy, The Quakes, Rip Carson, Cari Lee and Johnny Dilks. You are still lookin' for a christmas gift? Read our record reviews and you'll find what you need ;-) The new "welcome" page is not ready, so for the moment you'll find it here:
Single is the page by page version (best way to print I think) Double is the "magazine" version, and how the page are supposed to be seen (but you need to print it on A3). If you wanna have a look to the previous issues go to:
Anyway, hope you'll enjoy and spread the word... David "Long Tall" Phisel, 37 rue Godefroy Cavaignac; 75011 Paris, France -

Posted December 20, 2005
I'm an Australian journalist seeking information on Billy Larkin who recorded these albums.
All My Best Sunbird SN 50107
Uptown Country Casino GRT 8017
I have been asked to write liner for an Australian compilation. I have done previous liners for Willie Nelson, Dave Loggins, Steve Fromholz, Johnny Lee, Johnny Bond, Boxcar Willie and Ronnie Dove. I'm aware Billy is the brother of producer Nelson Larkin and co-wrote his first Top 20 hit with Earl Thomas Conley. He doesn't seem to be listed on your comprehensive site. Cheers and thanks. David Dawson -

Posted December 20, 2005
I would like to bring the Everly Brothers to Branson Mo. Do you have contact number? Warmest Regards, Ned -

Posted December 20, 2005
I'm working on a story about Joe Penny that is scheduled to run sometime in January. Are you -- or anyone with the rockabilly hall -- available to comment on Joe and his contributions to the genre? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Geoff Fox, Staff writer, The Tampa Tribune, (813) 948-4217 -

Posted December 20, 2005
Looking for any info on whereabouts of Phil Grey or Gray and the Go Boys. Renderers of "Bluest Boy in Town" and "Pepper Hot Baby". Circa 1956. Thanks. catman -

Posted December 10, 2005
Merry Christmas to all the rockabillys. I was a regular on the "midwest Jamboree" from ch 13 now NTV was KHOL TV Kearney Nebraska. It ran from the mid 50s to 59. Like to hear from anyone who performed or remembers those Friday night shows. I am a songwriter these days and perform now and then. Just went by Bob Ayres then. bobayres1 - - Riverboat Banjo Bob

Posted December 8, 2005
I am looking for any recording of my aunt Pat Smith. She sang at the Big D Jamboree from the late 50's to the 60's. If anyone has any information for me I would appreciate it greatly. She passed away this year and I am trying to find as much as possible for her daughters and her son as well as for my mother. They have no recordings of her from this time frame. Please contact me at with any helpful information. I have already received a cd from Dragon Street with her signing Elvis, Elvis. I am hoping there is someone out there with a little bit more.

Posted December 6, 2005
Thought you might want to know a memorial service for Link Wray will take place Dec. 13th in Fredericksburg VA and a tribute show will take place on January 15th. If you need more details let me know. Greg -

Posted December 6, 2005
To Who it can help. Guitar bass new for my son has times comes trying to keep money to buy one, more with ours economic policy this very difficult and the country passes for a moment delicate is not seeing the light in the end of the tunnel. Therefore I am sending this e.mail to know if it does not have possibility of some good soul, to help me with new or used a donation of one guitarbass that is in good situation. So that my son in this Christmas can presentear. Since already I thank its attention and I wait a positive reply either it or negative, I am asking for will be you because it has you more financial conditions ... and it knows many people and I believe that with its more easy knowledge either to find somebody that understands my order. Without more for the moment them desire one: HAPPY CHRISTMAS And A EXCELLENT  NEW YEAR FOR ALL The FAMILIES OF ALL, THAT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY THEY WORK THERE. Very Obliged -

Posted December 6, 2005
Can you let me know the contact details of the best recommended Von Dutch style pinstripers in the UK who can do some work on a flat black Harley? Probably want a flying eyeball and Moon Eyes too. Please email me on

Posted December 6, 2005
hi there we are living in skegness lincs moved here from london last year and we are finding it hard to find any rockin gigs also we are looking for a old rockin mate of ours his name is doc well known on the rockin scene we know he moved to the states but dont know where anyone who knows this we would be very pleased. rockin kev and deb -

Posted December 6, 2005
My step-father Kenny Payton made several recording at the Big D Jamboree in 1963. I was wondering if there are any records left that I may obtain and if so, How? He has since passed and would like to bring back old memories. Thanks for your assistance, Bob LaGarde -

Posted December 6, 2005
My name is Fabris G. Luca, 39 years old. I'm an Elvis researcher expecially on the early days. Mainly all these researches are in relation to a book/CD project for the Elvis fan club network I've been asked to help. It's a 3/4 CD 200 pages book about Elvis stay at SUN records done by Ernst Jorgensen which I'm now helping detailing the period from July of 1954 through the end of 1955. Ernst is BMG chief at Elvis music archive. The book will consist of more than 400 early photos - half of them previously unpublished. It's not an attempt of once again write the story of Elvis Presley, but more a collection of information, photos, memorabilia and stories shared by fans who where there at the time. The book will not deal in gossip or other unpleasant material it's all about the innocence of the time and the impact of Elvis' music. We are trying to document every single show Elvis did, and we have come fairly close. So I'm looking for photos, recordings from Louisiana Hayride or Opry, or any live radio gig or interview .... ANYTHING IS WELCOME FROM THE50s!! And Elvis played the Mississippi area a lot during 1955 but we have very few info and no photos at all! If you want I could send a short note on the focus of my actual search. Could you help? Photos, memories ....? Hope to hear from you soon and that this is not too much of an intrusion. Sincerely yours, Fabris G.Luca, Elvis Researcher -

Posted November 29, 2005
I have appreciated your website for a longtime. I am a huge Roy Orbison fan. I love the photos you have of Roy spread across your site. I wondered if you might have others and also if you have anything of his on file that perhaps you can make copies of to trade? I have a huge Orbison trade list and I really like meeting other Orbison fans and trading to expand my collection of concerts, photos, interviews, etc. If you¹re interested I'll email you my list. Thanks, Brian Maughan, Oklahoma City, OK -

Posted November 28, 2005
My name is Teri Tom. I used to play guitar for Josie Kreuzer in a band called Whistle Bait. Anyway, I was wondering if you might have contact info for drummer Loney Charles. When I did the big rockabilly show in Indianapolis with Josie, oh, about 8 years ago, he told me get these books on Bruce Lee. Well, I went and read them...all of them. And then I went and found a teacher who had more private lessons with Bruce than anyone. Well, flash forward 8 years. I'm now a board member of the Bruce Lee Foundation and on this month's cover of Black Belt magazine. I also have a book on Bruce Lee's art coming out this month. We got a lovely foreword from Shannon Lee herself. So...I just wanted to drop Loney a note to say thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Any help in locating him would be much appreciated. Thanks! Teri, (310) 473-1447 x148

Posted November 28, 2005
Hoping someone out there can help! I am looking for the contact details for Dave Edmonds ... managment numbers/adress url email, friend of a friend! I am doing some family history research and think that my great grandfather's sister is Dave Edmunds grandmother (hope your following that). Any contact details would be appreciated. Jim Connolly -

Posted November 24, 2005
I need to find out the title to a song with the lyrics little bo peep with a broom and a mop and who sings it. it was back aroung 1975 or 76 please email me at

Posted November 17, 2005
ED. NOTE: John Carter Cash in celebration of Johnny Cash-The Complete Sun Recordings 1955-1958, will play a few tunes and stick around to sign this new collection that celebrates the early career of his father. November 18th will be the theatrical release of Walk The Line, the Johnny and June Carter Cash biopic of this early period in their careers. Meet John Carter, see the movie at the mall and make it a Johnny Cash weekend. Surf & So, come on by to meet Johnny's son, John Carter Cash at Tower Records Opry Mills, Nashville, 11/19 at 4 PM.

Posted November 17, 2005
ED. NOTE: The first Merle Haggard Webcast is this Saturday, November 19th at 3pm pst. The show is going to be completely unedited, uncensored and Merle at his very best. So we would like to invite you into Merle's living room for an hour for some songs, talk, and guests, it's going to be Merle and its going be very unique and entertaining. Pre-ordering of the webcast is being set up at a an exceptionally fan-friendly cost of only $15.00 for this first show. A notice will be posted on Latest News, Forum and Shopping Cart pages and an e-mail newsletter will be sent when pre-orders are available.

Posted November 16, 2005
Please check out the only official Loretta Lynn Auction site. Have a look and bid if you can. The only way my grandmother is going to continue offering her things to the public is if there is traffic to the store and bids on the auctions. Please email any questions to - Thank you, Ernie Lynn Jr.

Posted November 14, 2005
Yesterday I went to the gig of Lee in Antwerp, Belgium. A stunning show in a cosy rockin' place. Check out my pictures on my site:! Please leave a comment if you like the pics. Thanks and see you! Bart Kids -

Posted November 14, 2005
Hi - I am trying to find out the mailing address for Diz Disley. My mother thinks he is her cousin. She corresponded with him when she was younger. She is only interested in writing him - she does not want anything. I work at a courthouse in Florida and I know there are always people ready to scam others. She is only interested in finding out more about her family in England.  We saw William's name in your website and would appreciate any help we could get from you about how to correspond to hime. Thanks. Gail -

Posted November 13, 2005
Hello, my name is Billy Jones and I am writing a book about the rockin clubs in London in the 1980s. The book has contributions from Tom Ingram, Wanda Feathers, Paul Roman, Clive Osborne and many many more. If you were on the scene then I would love to hear your memories and see your photos. You can join in the discussion at or There is a questionnaire which everyone is welcome to have and return if they wish. Please participate and get your memories in the book. -

Posted November 13, 2005
I hope that everyone will come out and support JODY NIX & THE TEXAS PLAYBOYS at the new SOUTH STAR DANCE HALL in Fredericksburg, TX. They will be providing some of the best "Western Swing Dance Music" to be heard anywhere! So, mark your calendar and put on your DANCING shoes! Friday, 12/2/05, -- 9pm-1am. Tickets: $10 More info at: 830-990-4440. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Judy Rountree -

Posted November 11, 2005
Classroom Project: Special Education Star Wall - I was reading the tribute to Rose Maddox and thought it was very well written and was intending on commenting on that and then sending my letter as well in case you may be in touch with any of the "Stars" that would be willing to send pictures to contribute to our "Star Wall". I currently have over 100 on the wall and would love any you may wish to send. I'm not even sure with your site this would be something you did. I am very impressed with your website at any rate, it was a really good site and I enjoyed it very much. Lots of info. on it. Kathy - Mission Elementary -

Posted November 11, 2005
ED. NOTE: Don't miss Paul's show at the Sharpness Dockers Club, South Gloucestershire (UK) on Saturday 26th November 2006 7.30pm Til Late. Details can be found at  and go to the Other Gigs page. Whilst there check out the A CELEBRATION OF EDDIE COCHRAN'S LIFE & MUSIC weekender at Chippenham 15th, 16th & 17th September 2006.

Posted November10, 2005
Ace Brown here. I was wondering if you knew of anyone that would have pictures of our set, and our set with Pat in Hemsby this past october. i forgot my camera in the room and got NO pictures of either set. I've only found a couple and they're of just Pat. Maybe you could put me in touch with someone who would happen to have any. Thanks. Ace -

Posted November 9, 2005
I'm trying to find out if any of Cal Worthington¹s old TV shows (Cal's Corral) are in existence on film or video.  I'm particularly interested in finding footage of a young stand-up bass player named Butch Smith who performed with the Hap Hazards in 1962.  I thought you might be able to help. Butch passed away in 1999.  I'm friends with his family who live in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and we're desperately trying to find footage of Butch during those days.  Any information you have or could suggest would be most appreciated.  Thanks! Renee Jeffery -

Posted Novmber 4, 2005
My name is Joe Davis, formerly with Bill Pinkneys Original Drifters. I have been trying desperately to find my dear friend, Sweetie Jones. Sweetie and I both performed in Cocoa Beach and Jacksonville Florida in the sixties. The Last time I saw and spoke to Sweetie was the week of Dr. Martin Luther Kings asassination. I was scheduled to perform at Sweeties club on cotton Avenue. Sweetie and I made one hell of a team on the stage. I won't take up any more of your time with my memories about Sweetie and myself. I just want to contact him somehow. If you can by any means assist me in this search, I will be forever gratefull to you. I can be reached @ or (321) 259-9333. Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Sweetie will remember me as"Big Joe Davis"

Posted Novmber 4, 2005
I'm emailing you in the hope that you may be able to provide contact details for some of the following: Slim Rhodes - Billy Adams (Sun artiste) - Jimmy Isle - Harold Dorman - or anyone else who recorded on Sun/Flip/Phillips Int'l. Not content with having a copy of every release put out on these labels, I am now trying to get as many sleeves/records autographed by the original artistes. Can you help please - thanks Larry Williams -

Posted Novmber 3, 2005
Hi Everybody, Advance tickets are available for the Wellingborough Rock and Roll all-day event at The British Railway Sports and Social Club on Sunday, November 13th. For more details see - put the cursor on events then click on 'Rock and Roll'. See you there. Strollin' Steve Ashdown -

Posted Novmber 2, 2005
This is the adress for the rockabilly hall of fame chatroom. - Mark Wallace -

Posted Novmber 2, 2005
AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Check this out ... Two former members of "200 Lbs. of Swingin Hound", one of PHILLYS FINEST ROCKABILLY ACTS have joined up with the lead singer from another legendary PHILLY ROCKABILLY ACT -"Blue Gene Blue" and have created a SUPER-GROUP called "The Satellites". Rumor has it that their first gig is Friday night, November 11 at the Blue Comet in Glenside, PA. I'll BE THERE!! Bill Wrangler -

Posted October 31, 2005
I just wanted to tell you about a new CD that Rod Moag and I have made. It's a 19-song tribute to the Bailes Brothers, and we call it "Remember Me: the Music of the Bailes Brothers." We recorded in Austin, first with only mandolin and guitar, but over the last several months we've added other musicians such as Tim O'Brien, Lloyd Maines, Cindy Cashdollar, Justin Trevino, Bobby Flores, and others. We've tried to create a good Brother Duet vocal harmony, but have used a variety of instrumental backings that would suggest the sound of the Bailes Brothers and the 1940s. The last remaining Bailes Brother, Homer, appears on two cuts. He's about 83 years old, but still has a great voice. We think that traditional country music fans might like the CD, particularly since the sound and repertory of the Bailes Brothers are no longer heard in the music. Interested fans can buy the CD directly from either Rod or me (, or, or from County Sales (on-line). Bill C. Malone, 6617 Sutton Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53711, 608-271-3345

Posted October 31, 2005
hi there am just wondering if there are any nice rockabilly guys out there who live on the south coast, if so e mail me. x must be under 40 ha ha - tia -

Posted October 30, 2005
i'm trying to contact with jerry lee lewis for a concert in spain, but i cannot to get any information about his managar, can anyone help me? thanks in advance, regards, pollo -

Posted October 30, 2005
Hi, Charlie here. I am trying to find the remainder of Gene's albums on CD. I have the first two, BLUE JEAN BOP and GENE VINCENT and the BLUE CAPS, on the Capitol reissues. Do you know where I can find the rest in this country? Any help at all will be appreciated. Thanks again.

Posted October 28, 2005
Hi there, A couple of years back I bought an electric guitar from a guy in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. His name was Bob Collins. He was an excellent guitar player who must have been in his late seventies or early eighties. He told me that he had been playing professionaly for over fifty years and that he played for DOT Records in Tennessee. I am just wanting to know more about his time at DOT Records. He played all types of music - mostly rockabilly. I can not find any information that mentions him online and have lost contact with him. Do you have any info on a Bob or Robert Collins? thanks, Joe.

Posted October 26, 2005

Posted October 26, 2005
I am trying to find out if a copy of Johnny Cash doing the Œwreck of the old 97¹ at the Louisiana Hayride in 1967 exists anywhere? Thank you, Rick B -

Posted October 25, 2005
My name is Joe Davis, formerly with Bill Pinkneys Original Drifters. I have been trying desperately to find my dear friend, Sweetie Jones. Sweetie and I both performed in Cocoa Beach and Jacksonville Florida in the sixties. The Last time I saw and spoke to Sweetie was the week of Dr. Martin Luther Kings asassination. I was scheduled to perform at Sweeties club on cotton Avenue. Sweetie and I made one hell of a team on the stage. I won't take up any more of your time with my memories about Sweetie and myself. I just want to contact him somehow. If you can by any means assist me in this search, I will be forever gratefull to you. I can be reached at or (321) 259-9333. Sweetie will  remember me as"Big Joe Davis"

Posted October 24, 2005
Hi! I just found this site whilst surfing the net trying to find a Rockabilly venue that may book me in Colorado. I am the lead singer and guitarist of an Australian Rockabilly band called "Wild Turkey". We have just released our 4th CD and our website is - I am heading over to the USA in mid November and will be there for 5 weeks and hope to perform at a Rockabilly show somewhere while I am in the States! If there are any websites that may list bars or booking agents I would be keen to find them!

Posted October 19, 2005
RE: Ted Martin. Influenced by Rockabilly music and the 50's through mid 70's era music and everything in between, this up and coming singer manages to blend all his influences with modern Rock music and makes something thats purely him. Check it out... -

Posted October 19, 2005
My name is Billy Mills. I used to play steel guitar for Paul Peek back in the days of his "Stumpwater" band, back in the late 70's. We played both Country Greens and though I always felt inadequate to even work with Paul, I loved it and enjoyed every second of it. I found about his departure about 3 months ago and was not only shocked but was more shocked to learn of Barbara's death. It's belated, but my condolences goes out to all. I know of Harriett Hurt and would like to communicate with her if possible. I wonder if she remembers an old steel player by the name of Billy Mills. My e-mail is rh926 Would love to hear from her. Billy Mills.

Posted October 17, 2005
Hi, my name is Curtis Cowan. I'm a country performer. I've done 1 album so far, which I recorded in Nashville.I also come from a musical family. Right now, I'm looking for management. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. My band Curtis Cowan and The Rockers is in the bookmark section here. So check out my site and send me an email. I hope to hear from you. Thanks.

Posted October 17, 2005
'New' Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent CDs from Rockstar now available from our site at - Roy Williams -

Posted October 17, 2005
If anybody would like a free 5 song CD of some previously unreleased early rockabilly by Mike & The Ravens, drop me your address. The five songs include "Mr. Heartbreak" (from their first 1962 single on Empire), it's flipside "I've Taken All I Can" as well as the previously unreleased 1962 gem "One Of These Days" and 1963's "Oobie Doobie Do" as well as a hidden jewel from a later incarnation of the band... Will Shade - -

Posted October 11, 2005
i have a copy of carl mann's, mona lisa 3539, on phillips label, is anyone interested in buying it from me?

Posted October 11, 2005
would like to chat to people who r into rockabilly, rockin deb -

Posted October 11, 2005
can't help falling in love wit you ... ultimate love song. debbie -

Posted October 9, 2005
My name is Mark Wallace, I am the grandson of FERNWOOD RECORDS owner Ronald "SLIM" Wallace he was also the frontman for SLIM WALLACE'S DIXIE RAMBLERS who was Billy lee Riley, Jack Clement ,Wayne Mcginnis, Bob Deckleman, Ramon Mauphin. I am looking for anyone who can help me find missing masters from my grandfathers studio. He was a truck driver so when he wasn't in the studio music started to come up missing. I am trying to collect the resources nessesary to re-open the fernwood studio in the future. Anyone with any info or just want to talk rock&roll e-mail at

Posted October 9, 2005
Hello: I was wondering if Robert Johnson, music journalist for the Memphis Press-Scimitar, can still be reached? Mr. Johnson wrote a profile about Felix Pappalardi for that paper in 1970, and I am researching Felix at the present time. Thanks in advance. Regards, Bob Brennan -

Posted October 9, 2005
WANDA JACKSON rocks AMSTERDAM, December 10, 2005, the cruise-inn. Wanda Jackson is a true rock 'n' roll pioneer, and an original riot girl! When it comes to girl-powered rockabilly, Wanda did it first, she did it right, and she did it with style. She was belting out kick-ass rockabilly stomps like "Let's Have A Party,"Mean Mean Mean," and "Fujiyama Mama" touring the deeply segregated South with a mixed-race band, and bagging the reigning king of cool, none other than Elvis Aaron Presley, when nice girls were expected to sit still, speak softly, look pretty (but not sexy!), and most importantly, not raise any kind of ruckus. Well, Wanda shimmied, sang with a growl, looked hot, and raised the roof, nearly causing a "Riot In Cell Block #9" in the process. And 50 years later? she's still doing it! The hard-headed woman returns to Amsterdam, Holland after 18 years for an exclusive party at the rock 'n' roll café the "Cruise-Inn" on December 10th!!! For further information: -

Posted October 8, 2005
Hi, I am trying to get an instrumental version of Carl Perkins "Boppin the Blues". Do you know anywhere which might have one? I was going to ask Stan Perkins but cannot find a contact point. The reason I am asking is that I sing it live with a band but would like to put it on a dics to sing with a friend who has music mixer which we use when just singing as a pair with a guitar and backing tracks. We sing a lot of Carl's numbers and love his music. Thanks very much, Derek Wheddon, England -

Posted October 7, 2005
Peter Alden and his band CROWN ELECTRIC COMPANY is one of the hottest rockabilly bands to hit the scene! Playing a variety of rockabilly and rock ranging from early Elvis and Jerry Lee up to Stray Cats and Shakin' Stevens. Featuring some of the most talented musicians out of Nashville, including David Fontana (son of Elvis' drummer, DJ Fontana) on drums. Available for corporate functions and fairs/festivals. Anyone who loves to dance won't sit down!! Peter Alden - -

Posted October 6, 2005
Hello there, i was hoping that there might be some other elvis presley fanz out there that would like to get in touch with me and chat. if there is if your on aol then im me plzzzzzzzzz, if not please contact me on aol via email or thanks, teresa

Posted October 5, 2005
Hey. I just moved to Hamilton Ontario and I'm not sure of any good places around here to see good shows. I don't know anyone and I feel like a little kid again. Heehee. Help me please. Kittie Kat -

Posted October 5, 2005
JERRY LEE LEWIS "70TH BIRTHDAY TOUR" - (Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley's TCB Band with The Sweet Inspirations, Blondell and Percy Sledge sharing the same stage for the first time ever!)
Saturday 12/11/05: Blackpool, England, The Opera House, Tel: 01253 292029
Wednesday 16/11/05: Dundee, Scotland, The Caird Hall, Tel: 01382 434940<
Friday 18/11/05: Cardiff, Wales, Cardiff International Arena, Tel: 02920 224488<
Monday 21/11/05: Aberdeen, Scotland, Aberdeen Beach Ballroom, (Charity dinner and show organised by Blackpool Promotions in association with the oil community in Aberdeen. The funds raised will go to the Red Cross to aid their relief projects in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana). <
Thursday 24/11/05: London, England Carling Apollo Hammersmith, Tel: 0208 5633800<
Saturday 26/11/05: Glasgow, Scotland Scottish Exhibition Centre, Tel: 08700 404000<
For the Blackpool show only there will be package deals for £125 that will include best possible seats at the Opera House and two nights in a first class hotel. For further information e-mail or call Blackpool Promotions 0141 221 8739.<
Check out the following interesting sites:<
The Jerry Lee Lewis Start Page<
Jerry Lee Lewis UK Tour 2005<
Elvis For Everyone<<
The Official James Burton Website (as you all know James is The TCB Band's leadguitarist)<
Percy Slede - The Official Web Site<
The Official Blackpool Tourism Website for more on Britain's most popular holiday destination

Posted October 3, 2005
Has anyone come out with a decent Rockabilly Price Guide? The Osborne book catches some of the artists but for for example - JC and the Cavemen - misses a lot of others. Appreciate any suggestions someone may have. Ken Price -

Posted October 3, 2005
Hi ... How can I obtain a CD from Bonnie Lou with all her hits. I am a great fan of her and like her music. I do appreciate if you let me know ... PLEASE! I thank you very much, Henriette -

Posted October 1, 2005
hello, can someone please tell me when troy shondell released the following 45 single: we need nobody / good times telesonic t-806, thanks, darrett -

Posted September 28, 2005
RE: Hank Cochran. I use to play in a band out in Wilmington,California at a place called The Sundown Club back in 1958 and Hank and Tommy Cole and Don Deal use to come in and listen to our band. Chuck Felling was our Bass Player and he was a good friend of Hank's back in those day's. The name of our band was called The Dixie Rambler's. Could you tell me how I could get a hold of Hank down in Nashville, Tennesse? I live in Bedford,Indiana and I too am a sdong writer of Country Music having recorded with The Hag out in Bakersfield, California and The Strangers. Virgil Essex PKA: JERRY DALLAS.

Posted September 27, 2005

Posted September 26, 2005
I saw a picture on your website of Young Jessie. Can you tell me how to get in touch with him in order to book him for a show? Thank you, Jason Cagle -

Posted September 26, 2005
I am a freelance writer who's been asked to put together a piece for a national life insurance trade pub ( on insights from folks with diverse paths to the business. I was wondering if you could point me to Hardrock Gunter so I could see if he's interested in taking part in the story? Thanks. Dave Willis, Writer, 76 Hill Street, Littleton, NH 03561, 603.444.1388 -

Posted September 24, 2005
Hi, my name's Valerio, I'm 24 and I'm a songwriter. I love the work of Ken Nelson, specially with the Coldplay. I'd like to send Mr. Nelson a demo cd with some songs of mine. Is it possible? Can you let me know his address? Thank you very much, Valerio Mattei, INFINITO ADSLFLAT 4 MEGA: SOLO 29, 70 EURO AL MESE IVA INCLUSA - -

Posted September 23, 2005
I can't seem to find out anything amout Molly Bee - Whatever happened to her? Is she deceased? Did she have a family of her own? Did she continue singing? Does she have a web site? - would love to know. sandy allen, palmdale, california email:

Posted September 20, 2005
First let me tell you I think your site is great! What a nice job you have done honoring the  artists of "Rockabilly" music! I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Rodney Lay, Vernon Sandusky are still working. Also Bobby Poe has appeared with us from time to time on stage. I play drums for these artists and have learned a lot from them, and I have played for years!. Rodney, Vernon and I are the "Flashback" Trio that backs Narvel Felts when he appears in the Mid West. I have been with Rodney Lay and Vernon Sandusky for the past 5 years and I must tell you they are keeping Rockabilly alive. I just wanted you to know that these guys are all still playing and still performing to major crowds in the Mid West. I also wanted to thank you for the job you do keeping Rockabilly alive! I do a daily radio show and have mentioned your site many times on my show, hope you don't mind. Please keep up the wonderful work as we need to keep Rockabilly alive! Ron Lee Curran, Radio Results Group, KKRK/KUSN/KGGF, 308 W. 8th, Coffeyville, Kansas 67337 -

Posted September 19, 2005

Posted September 15, 2005
Japanese Rockabilly Band, W-face/One night Stands/Sandradee played at Rockabilly event in Ashikaga City. Please check our japanese web site, you can see their photos. If you want to be interested in Japanese market, we will pick up your informations. - Please write your message at BBS - - Ric from Japan

Posted September 14, 2005
I listened to Grady Martin's Slewfoot Five back in the 50's and haven't been able to find any recordings. Are there any available and if so where can I purchase them? Thanks for you help. Gary Lindroos -

Posted September 11, 2005
I am a big Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee fan. I hail from Ohio. While on the search engine, I ran across this site. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of Don Wilson, who is on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame site? I hear he has a Tribute to Johnny Cash cd that you can buy at CD Baby, and the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Looking forward to anyone answering my post or just looking to chat. Thanks and have a great day! Theresa -

Posted September 8, 2005
Hello, my name is Charlie Brown, Manager of the group Catch A Wave. Catch A Wave is an oldies group who performs the golden oldies from the 50's and 60's. The band is made up of six members each with there own ability to make the sound and show just as it was back then. We specialize in performing at fairs, festivals, car shows, private parties, and wedding receptions. We are convienently located in northcentral West Virginia and all of are members are from Clarksburg West Virginia. We travel with our own sound equipment and lighting system. A press kit or promo c.d. are available at your request and you can check out the band at Thank you, Charlie Brown, Manager, Catch A Wave -

Posted September 8, 2005
We wil be there for sure Dear Miss Linda Gail, me and my wife wil be coming to Nijmegen to see your show and we know it wil be a blast! Looking forward to it...and hope to get your Autograph. Take care and know that we love Ya. Nol & Wies from Maastricht. - See You the 16th of septembre in "Diogenes" Nijmegen.

Posted September 6, 2005
We like to introduce our company: Aktiv Event Ltd. arranges in Germany about 250 events a year. More information about the latest productions you get here: - Among other things we produce the revue ³Buddy ö Die Legende kehrt zurŸck. (translation: The Legend comes back). In this connection we plan to complete this show with documentary elements (for example record cover, concert poster, tickets or something like that) in the form of an exhibition. We are also searching for footage and statements about Buddy Holly and interviews. We hope you can help us with your experiences, contacts or by supplying some objects. Are you interested in a cooperation, please contact us via mail. Thank you for an early reply. Yours faithfully, Franziska Neumann - Aktiv Event Ltd.

Posted September 6, 2005
Hello. My nickname is Ric, I am Japanese rockabilly web master. If you like, plese check it. I hope i will support as ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME JAPAN . Thanks. Ric (Yasuhiko Ishii), ?301 4-24-18 sounan, sagamihara-city,Kanagawa,228-0812 mail to: - My rockabilly blog site (Japanese) -

Posted September 6, 2005
Hi. We're lookin' to expand our mp3 download section. If you've made a rockin' record that's now deleted, or you're sittin' on some masters and wonderin' what to do with them, contact us. We're the ONLY rockin' site that is fully licensed (via MCPS/PRS) for selling downloads and accounting to songwriters, which we do ourselves from our own server. This means that we can't put up thousands of tracks overnight, but we're more interested in steady and reliable growth, so PLEASE, no timewasters. Real gone, Roy Williams - via - click on an e-mail box

Posted August 31, 2005
Mad Rat Magazine is out now!!!! Free to over 5000 readers Download it free or read it online at or collect in hard copy from a venue near you. Linette -

Posted August 31, 2005
Hi Everybody: I recently found a RARE copy of Jack Rivers "NAVY HOT ROD" on Listen 1441 78 RPM. Joe Wajgel information on this record is a little off but of course he has never seen or heard this record. Joe thought maybe it was out of New Mexico but it's not. Its out of Seattle. Jack River played around the Night Clubs in Seattle in the 1950's. Not sure who is Playing Guitar on this (Probably jack I would assume) But man there are several Great Guitar breaks. Song is about an LST racing a Cruiser with a SOUPED UP LST...Rockabilly style. Someone wanted me to put a value on this record but I can find no others sold or available. Any Ideas on this subject??.Well just wanted to let everyone know that this record does excist and is a good off shoot of the "HOT ROD RACE" style. Any feedback appreciated ... Thanks TIM CARBAUGH, Keizer Oregon -

Posted August 26, 2005
Hey Everybody, I'm really looking forward to seeing you all at the celebration of Jerry Lee's birthday in Holland on September 16 !!! We have a lot to celebrate this year, now that Jerry is finally being recognized for his great talent. I'm so excited about his new album, and I had tears in my eyes when I saw him get his award on tv. I'm ready to rock and I know the band is as well. Come on out and rock with us. Love To All, Linda Gail

Posted August 24, 2005
In homage to Paul Burlison, a guy who made me stay up night after night trying to figure out how he played Train Kept-a-Rollin'! For you, Paul! (I finally figured out how you played it! Here ya go, your secret is out! ;0) - Gary Dobry -
Posted August 23, 2005
Hi Again Folks, We are really excited!! We have just signed a European promotion deal with Comstock Records, headquartered in Arizona. Already we are receiving major airplay in Germany, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Netherlands, is a pick of the week on 2 stations in Holland - and the CD was only mailed out last week! We have posted some of Emails we have received from DJ'S on our website, under "News & Reviews". Oh by the way, for those of you that have asked, "Here We Go Again" is now available on,, Ebay, and also on our own site. We also invite each of you to visit our site and sign Ed's guestbook. Talk to you soon. Jane Prey, Ed Bentley Music -

Posted August 22, 2005
I would like to know if Jerry Lee is still doing concerts? If so, would you send me a schedule of his concerts. Thank You. Linwood Kornegay -

Posted August 22, 2005
Hi, I am so curious is Ritchie's Mom still alive and where is she living these days? What is his brother Bob doing these days; is he still married to Rosie; how many children do they have? In the movie version it showed two little girls. Were they Ritchie's sisters and what are they doing. What is Donna doing. The man who discovered Ritchie, is he still alive and what is he doing.

Posted August 17, 2005
If you can help me, I am looking for the estimate price/value of the following LP's that I have:
1) Jack Scott:
* "Burning Bridges ... Capitol records, No T 2035
* Jack Scott LP12/107
2) Ricky Nelson:
* Ricky Nelson Sings
* Ricky Nelson Best Sellers
* Album Seven
* Garden Party
* Ricky Sings Again
* Ricky Nelson Sings For You
3) Tony Orlando:
* Bless You (His first album at the age of 16)
Bob Jordan -

Posted August 13, 2005
Collectable records & music magazines. Regularly updated listings of collector's items by most popular artists from the 1920s to present. Specializing in original Australian pressings by Australian artists, with a large selection of items by most international artists as well. Also a unique section featuring vintage music magazines from the late 1960s onwards such as NME, Record Mirror etc. Gregory -

Posted August 12, 2005
The Oxford American Southern Music issue is on the stands now!! Fabulous essays on Dale Hawkins, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Cowboy Jack Clement, Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs, Johnnie Lee Wills, and many others. Included with the issue is a 29 song CD with a song from each of the featured artists. Dale Hawkins will perform at the Old State House Museum in Little Rock Thursday, August 25 at 7:30 for a Launch Party sponsored by the Oxford American and the Old State Hosue Museum. (Some might remember the Old State House Museum hosted a marvelous, long-running music exhibit "Gonna Send You Back to Arkansas.") Check Dale's website for more information: - Flo Murdock -

Posted August 11, 2005
Hello everybody, As you have heard rock-a-billy movent in Russia is a real strong. We had a lot of fans of this music and lifestyle in all big cities of my country. Also we have clubs, festivals and other events where a lot of our bands play. During previous years it was less known in Europe and USA that you could find professional and compent bands here. But after appearance of Spootniks at Rockabilly Rave and some other bands in Holland and Finland many people find out that here in Russia rockin' scene is strong and powerful. Now we could organise the gigs for foreighn bands here in Moscow or Petersburg. If anyone interesting in opportunity to play here, please send your conditions to the following adress: - We are interesting in whole kind of bands - from western swing to psychobilly. We already had in Russia several psychobilly bands, Barnshakers, Batmobile etc. Have a nice day! Friendly yours, Viktor Kopytin, "HepCat" magazine, Moscow Russia

Posted August 9, 2005
Just thought you'd like to know that James Burton will be joining us on Chicago's WGN Radio (720-AM), this Thursday night/Friday morning (Aug. 11/12) right after our Midnight (Central time) news. At that time of night, many of you can hear our over the air signal but, if you can't, you can listen in on line from our website. - You can join in our conversation by calling 312-591-7200. We're huge fans of James and were honored to be on stage with him, in Nashville, last year at Muriel Anderson's "All-Star Guitar Night." We've wanted to get him on our show for quite some time and things just worked out for this week. Hope you'll join us. Steve King & Johnnie Putman/WGN Radio, Chicago -

Posted August 8, 2005
Just a short one to let you know that many of EL TORO RECORDS  releases are now available at  at very reasonable prices. This may be of interest for you in America. Carlo s- Posted August 4, 2005
I would like to know if thier is a web site telephone number to get in touch with someone about frankie ford. please, thank you paul lauzon wcuw fm // a/s/a/p -

Posted August 4, 2005
Hello, I am trying to find the DVD music video single "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. My grandfather has been trying to find this music video, with Johnny Cash, and June Carter Cash for quite a while, and I have not been able to locate it either. Do you know if it has ever been sold as a single music video? If not, is it on a DVD with other music videos? I saw your website, and thought you may know, or could lead me in the right direction. Thank you for any info you can offer! Rebecca -

Posted August 4, 2005
Dear Sonny Burgess,
I am A.J. Bernard, Jr. from Youngsville, Louisiana, 70592, and ran a fabric shop called, "Kathryn's Fabric shop in Lafayette, LA. I saw your special on television on August 3, 2005 and really was so happy to know that you were back with your music. I am sure that many people miss you from the days when you sold your trims to many fabric shops. My wife and I will be in Arkansas on August 14, and going to Big Creek Lodge on August 15. Our son lives in Conway, AR and has a State Farm Agency. His name is Jay Paul Bernard. and lives in Conway, AR. I have been trying to get in touch with you and wondered what happened to you. It is so good to know that you have done so well in the music world. Your friend, A.J. Bernard, Jr., Youngsville, LA, 70592 -

Posted August 4, 2005
Was wanting to know, found a cd on e-bay, "And then the lights went down" want to know if this is a real Elvis cd or a fake? Where can i get a copy? other than ebay!!

Posted August 4, 2005
Hello Everybody, This request is kinda out there, but since you guys truely appreciate the artist I'm hoping you can help. I'm trying to track down the Dave Edmunds video of "High School Nights" from Porky's Revenge for a friend. I'm really looking for the music video and not just the music alone. Do you have it or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Frank Minero -

Posted August 3, 2005
I would like to know how I can purchase Big Al Downing's Tapes or CDs. I would also like to have a list of all the songs he sang is that possible?? Linda Hardwick, 1077 Allen Street, Conway, S.C 29526 -

Posted August 3, 2005
Hi Everyone, This weekend August 6th & 7th The COMETS are working with our good buddy, BOWZER and his Rock and Roll Show at The Mohegen Sun Casino, in Uncasville, Co. Then back home on August 8th so We can see ourselves on the EARLY SHOW on August 9th between 7- 9 AM on CBS TV. It's on a segment that they are calling "Young At Heart". CBS TV has chosen to AIR The COMETS on AUG. 9th at the suggestion of Martin Lewis because it is the 50th anniversary of the First Time THE COMETS were on the ED SULLIVAN SHOW. The CBS film crew worked with us for the TWO DAYS that we were in the LOS ANGELES area on July 5th & 6th. They really got a lot of video footage to chose from. We are excited to see what they have put together. If you can, set you TV dial to CBS TV,  THE EARLY SHOW on AUGUST 9th and SEE THE COMETS. It is always subject to Breaking News. The 14th of August another show with BOWZER at Hershey Park, Pa. Then on the 17th THE COMETS are off to Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany for a 10 day tour of work and fun. CATHY is meeting me in Zurich, Switzerland, the morning of Aug. 18th and will be with me for the 10 day tour. Cathy comes back to Tampa and I go to Philadelphia on the 27th. Then The COMETS are at Bubba Maxx in Sommers Point, NJ again on my B-Day (72) on September 1st. My last 4 birthday's have been at the same great spot on the Jersey Coast. Then two more days with BOWZER at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY on Sept. 2-3 then on Sept. 4th The COMETS will be in West Springfield, MA. for 2 Shows at the Big E Grounds. Then on Labor Day (5) we fly home for 1 week before flying back to Vienna, Austria on Sept. 12th for 5 straight Concerts on 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18th. Then home for some rest and relaxation or R&R. We will be having some big news about our new schedule for 2006, I'll save that for the next update. WE LOVE YOU ALL, Marshall

Posted August 3, 2005
Does anyone know anything about a print call "view from the control room" with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis AND B B King? -

Posted August 3, 2005
Come celebrate Louisiana culture at Louisiana Swamp Festival at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. Swamp Fest has moved to November 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th. The best of Louisiana¹s music can now be heard on three stages. Fest-goers can taste the local flavor in the main festival area of the zoo. Over 50 Cajun favorites are available. Have you ever had cracklin, couchon de lait, fried green tomatoes, crawfish beignets, or fried alligator? These and many other fest-foods are available both weekends from some of the best restaurants and caterers in Southern Louisiana. Bring home a piece of Louisiana's heritage with unique Cajun creations. Genuine Louisiana arts and crafts will be sold throughout the Zoo with a showcase of watercolor lifestyle renderings, fish print rubbings, woven cypress baskets, and more. Audubon Zoo is located at 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118. For more details please call (504) 581-4629 or 1-800-774-7394, e-mail us at, or visit Lauren Messina, New Orleans, LA - (504) 212-5314

Posted July 30, 2005
Larry Dowd lives in Acworth, Georgia. I have spoken to him twice in the past week. He does not have a computer. Jim Michaels, KIOA GOOD GUY -

Posted July 28, 2005
I’m a musician who would like to play Wayne Kemp’s “Alcohol (Alcohall) of Fame”, but I can’t find the lyrics to the bridge, specifically: “I receive _ _ _ _ when I perform here every night. Is there anybody out there who knows this line or who can put me in touch with Wayne? Thanks much, Paul Killion, AKA Acoustic Warrior -
PS: Info on Street-Wise, the Deceivers and the Acoustic Warrior can be found at

Posted July 28, 2005
Here is my new e-mail address:
Check my new web page. I'm into acting:
Bill Mack

Posted July 26, 2005
Does anyone have many,many pics of the tiki pool party? anthony mattrio -

Posted July 26, 2005
Hi there. I'm looking to try to contact Hardrock Gunter and I'm wondering if someone might be able to help me out? (or maybe you know someone who can?) My girlfriend tried to send him a card for his 80th birthday back in February, but the address we had for him in Colorado seems to be out of date, since it came back to us. Of course, many thanks for any assistance you might be able to give. Best wishes, - Adam Lore -

Posted July 25, 2005
RE: Sweetie Jones. I am Sweetie's sister looking for any recording of "baby please don't leave" or anything. Thanks -

Posted July 19, 2005
Come and visit my new site - -

Posted July 17, 2005
Lots of collectible records now on offer! Huge variety of original, mostly Australian pressings from 1920s-1990s ... 45 rpm, EPs, LPs & 78 rpm records. Also a range of vintage music magazines. greg -

Posted July 16, 2005
Please note, We will be having our first Rockabilly night on the 9th September appearing Rusty & The Drag Strip Trio + Vibrolators All Members to Dance Clubs will receive Members Prices on Entry. Fiona Read, President, West Coast Blues Club, Ph & Fax 95272929 or Mob 0408904806 - -

Posted July 12, 2005
BLONDELL AND ELVIS'S TCB BAND IN BLACKPOOL THIS WHOLE MONTH! Do you know any performer who can claim he has performed with legendary rocker Jerry Lee Lewis and his band and has also done shows with Elvis Presley's fantastic TCB Band, his former backing vocalists The Sweet Inspirations and highly respected musicians like Paul Leim, Shane Keister and Jim Horn? No? Well, Scottish singing star Blondell can say he has!
           Those who have seen both Blondell and the TCB Band (Elvis's band from 1969 to 1977) perform will realize the combination of Blondell and this amazing superband is really going to work. After all these years the legendary TCB Band featuring the great James Burton (who will be coming over together with his son and fellow guitarist Jeff Burton), Glen D. Hardin and Jerry Scheff (besides working with Elvis these musicians have also worked with literally countless other big names) is still one of the greatest rock & roll bands on the planet and Blondell is a very talented young singer with a lot of respect and the right feel for the music these men helped to create and got started years ago and have made ever since.
           Those who have seen the TCB Band perform before will be in for a treat this time 'cause their performances in Blackpool with Blondell this month (at the Central Club that will be rebranded as Blondell Street for these shows) will be different from all other performances they've done so far. Of course there will be the Elvis songs but Blondell will also perform some of his own compositions and other material you've never heard anybody do with the TCB Band before and on July 22 and 23 they will be joined by special guest Percy Sledge! These shows will be something really special, something to remember. Opening night was Thursday July 7 and that show was already sold out. The shows on July 14 and 21 are already sold out too. Tickets for shows on July 8 (almost sold out), 15, 22 (with special guest Percy Sledge), 23 (also with Percy Sledge), 27, 28, 29 and 30 are available.
           Blondell's 50 Years of Rock 'n' Roll has various price tiers. Basic tickets cost £25 but there are also VIP packages at £49 which include a champagne reception, the chance to meet the TCB Band and The Sweet Inspirations, a hot and cold buffet, tour programme and free CD. So far over 5000 bookings with a total value of £1000.000 have already been received so get your tickets now and don't miss this!
           Call the Tourist Information Centre 01253 478214 (+44 1253 478214 for those outside the U.K.) or e-mail for basic tickets. Call Blackpool Promotions 01253 350606 (+44 1253 350606 for those outside the U.K.) or e-mail for basic tickets, VIP packages and/or additional info. Visit The Official Blackpool Tourism Website for more on Britain's most popular holiday destination 0 Blackpool is a town full of firsts: taller, faster rollercoasters, bigger clubs, even the biggest mirror ball in the world plus world-class shows, cosmopolitan restaurants, vibrant nightlife, an active sports scene and breathtakingly beautiful scenery on Blackpool's doorstep. TEX (The Travelin' Man)

Posted July 12, 2005
I'm trying hard to find some Dorsey Burnette songs. The songs are "Peaceful Verde Valley" and "The Green Side of the Mountain". Both of these tunes appeared in the movie "Kingdom of the Spiders" starring William Shatner. I guess there must be somewhere in the world an original record or trac ... I´m lookin for these two since seven years ... Thanks! bernie from austria.

Posted July 11, 2005
THE GREATEST ROCK & ROLL PARTY ON EARTH celebrating JERRY LEE LEWIS' 70th birthday, starring LINDA GAIL LEWIS, support: the William Smulders Band Jerry Lee Lewis record hop. September 16th 2005 Diogenes, Nijmegen (NL). For further information: - - - e-mail:

Posted July 11, 2005
Hi All, just a quick note to say that The Mad Rat Magazine returns this autumn, UK's only free rockin' mag will go out to over 5000 readers on the 1st september 05. If you wanna know more then check out all written contributions welcome ... Lastly thanks for all your hard work at the RHOF i get lost in here for hours and hours, Lovin it in the UK Linette -
Posted July 11, 2005
Hey Katz & Kitz - the JumpKatz web site now has sample clips from our new CD - "Twangin' Sangin' & Bangin' - plus a full length mp3 of one of our rockin'est tracks, Traffic Jam. Get to our site and give a listen. Thanks so much. - Frank -

Posted July 2, 2005
No major message. I am listening as I type to Tommy Sands' "Man, Like Wow: The Sands Collection 1957-1963". I wouldn't have a clue about this very fascinating and wonderful artist were it not for this web-site. Nancy Sinatra's ex-hubbie and everything. You guys continue on with your work. Chris Davis, Plano Texas

Posted June 27, 2005
New website added for Garlin Hackney aka Hack and the 57s - to all my fans and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame thanks for your support. Garlin Hackney -

Posted June 21, 2005
BAYOU EYEBALL TRADITIONAL HOT ROD, CUSTOM CAR & MOTORCYCLE SHOW! FLYING EYEBALLS COME TO SHREVEPORT ... The Flying Eyeballs Motor Club in conjunction with the Rockabilly Review Weekender* announce the BAYOU EYEBALL MOTOR SHOW to be held September 15, 16, 17 & 18, 2005 in the parking lot of the historic Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. Joining what could be the greatest selection of rockabilly music and musicians ever assembled, the BAYOU EYEBALL will complement the proceedings by showcasing the finest in traditional hot rods, customs and motorcycles all built in a style popular at the early rise of the rockabilly groove.
           The party will start Thursday night with a poker run visiting some of Shreveport's famous landmarks. Friday will celebrate the arrival of the Legends of Pinstriping & Friends from all points of the continental United States. Some of the finest pinstripers in the country will be laying the lines on cars and creating automotive art to be auctioned off throughout the show. Pin-up contests searching for new beauty to grace the pages of WIZZZ and BARE BONES magazines will jump off on Saturday with Sunday left for the presentation of a few REAL awards and general R & R.
           Throw all this into a batch of nonstop early style rockin' and rollin' and you've got a weekend that just can't be beat.
           *Separate ticket purchase is required to attend all musical events inside the auditorium. For more information go to For more information contact Wizzard at 319-364-2393 or P.O. Box 5, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406. All Flying Eyeball shows are produced by Wizzard Road Shows, a wholly owned subsidiary of P.A.W.S., Inc. TELEPHONE/FAX: 319-364-2393 - Email: wizzardcastle@

Posted June 21, 2005
NEW ROBERT GORDON WEBSITE: The new official Robert Gordon website is now up and running: This site is updated on a daily basis, and contains all the latest news about the legendary 'Red Hot' singer, as well as detailed info about the upcoming reunion tour with Chris Spedding. The photo gallery contains many unique photos, including a series of shots of Gordon with Bruce Springsteen, many rare ones with Link Wray, great pics of Robert with Bo Diddley and Billy Lee Riley, etc. There's also a rare audio section that'll knock your socks off! Some of the material is from the man's private collection. Highlights include unreleased tracks from 'The Humbler' with Danny Gatton, several unreleased songs, a rare live-version of 'Be Bop A Lula' from June '76, a cool 'RockBilly Boogie' Radio Promo, an ultra-rare demo from '64 (!!) titled 'It's Summertime', and more. We will update this section regularly. Deelen -

Posted June 21, 2005
Thanks to the staff of the STAX Museum of American Soul These guys came into the Soul-Patrol chat room last night and did a PHENOMENAL job of dropping some serious knowledge about the continuing legacy of the STAX Record company. And it wasn't all serious either, these folks have a great sense of humor. We shared knowledge. We played trivia. We had great conversation/interaction. * We learned a great deal about the museum and it's upcoming events, exhibits, etc. All while listening to over 5 hours of GREAT music/interviews from STAX (via Soul-Patrol.Net Radio), including the Soul Comes Home CD and classic cuts from artists such as... Carla Thomas, Bell Tones, Rufus Thomas, Mar-Keys, Booker T. and the MG’s, Otis Redding, William Bell, Wilson Pickett, Sam and Dave, Eddie Floyd, Bar-Kay’s, Johnnie Taylor, Emotions, Staple Singers, Jean and the Darlings, Linda Lindell, Jean Knight, Dramatics, Isaac Hayes and more. The chat transcript is 64 pages long. I had a blast!! We will certainly do it again. Thanks to those of you who came out. And to those of you who missed it (what can I say...) Take a visit to the museum's official website at: STAX Museum of American Soul - Bob Davis -

Posted June 19, 2005
Hello Everyone, Don't miss out! There are still some tickets left for RRW#13 coming up next weekend!! David Loehr, Phone (765) 998-2080, Fax (765) 948-3389 - -

Posted June 18, 2005

Posted June 16, 2005
Just to let you know ... Our oldies station in Portlan d Or will be doing a 4 hour spotlight on Rock a Billy. The station streams live also on line at: The show date will be: Saturday afternoon from 1-5 pm, July 23rd. We get TONS of requests for the REAL rock a billy ... so we decided to honor all the artists & forgotten ones too on this day. Dave "Records" Stone, Kisn / Portland, OR. PS: love your web site. It has been a huge help in planning the show.

Posted June 15, 2005
I hope y'all come out and help us raise money for the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse on Sunday afternoon, June 19th at the Rotunda in PHILLY. It's a good cause and we have some great acts playing. Big Idea Presents ALL MAMA'S CHILDREN a rockabilly benefit for the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse:
Sun, June 19th, 3pm, ALL AGES @The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street
(next to Bridge Cinema, across from Fresh Grocer)* Philadelphia, PA
THE ROCKATS, FULL BLOWN CHERRY, RAVE ON: A TRIBUTE TO BUDDY HOLLY, THE SHOUT!, J.P. McDERMOTT & WESTERN BOP, $5-$10 suggested donation (no one will be turned away for lack of funds) *just a 5 minute walk from the 40th Street stop of the "L" (Market/Frankford Line). More info, public transit and directions at http://bigideapromotions. See y'all there! - Mickey, Big Idea Promotions -

Posted June 14, 2005
July 1 and July 7 in Dallas, Texas: 3rd Annual Art Greenhaw's Guitar Festival starring The Light Crust Doughboys, Nokie Edwards of The Ventures and more! visit -

Posted June 14, 2005
Dwight Yoakam's new CD is absolutely tremendous. It came ou today. Now that boy is country & rockabilly. Al, The Fabulous Rockabillys -

Posted June 14, 2005
i have a black and white autographed by carl perkins. it was made in the late 50's. i would be interested in selling it. diane motes -

Posted June 14, 2005
For All Tokens Fans: Please go to:
and vote for Mitch Margo and The Tokens to be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thank you!! Laura Williams -

Posted June 14, 2005
I have an original Elvis Presley VHS Tape, never opened, never looked at. The tape is "Loving You" in its original packing for sale. If anyone is interested please email me at

Posted June 14, 2005
Hi, I am trying to obtain as much information on Hoyt Johnson who recorded in the 50/60s for ERWIN-RCA VICTOR-SATTELITE -ZONE. Hoyt came from Arley Alabama. Anything - sounds - pictures -info- would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get as much of this for Hoyt's mother who is still alive and lives in Alabama. Avis is in her late 80s and was not aware until I recently told her that Hoyt had recorded ENIE-MEANIE-MINIE-MO for ERWIN. I can produce proof that I am in contact with Mrs Johnson to anybody who can help but doubts my motives. Thank you, Dave -

Posted June 8, 2005
Does anybody have any info on who some of the first dog house slappers were, if not the first to ever go down on record? I'm trying to piece together a rockabilly slap bass history. Thanks, el -

Posted June 7, 2005
The JumpKatz of Windsor, Ontario, Canada celebrate the release of their CD, Twangin' Sangin' & Bangin' this Saturday at the Aardvark Blues Cafe, 89 University Av. W., in Windsor, this Saturday June 11 - meet 'n' greet 8:30, with food, draw prizes, giveaways and MAXIMUM TWANG! Come on out and hear southwestern Ontario's premier 3-piece roots rockabilly band in action. Thanks!

Posted June 7, 2005
Greetings Cats & Kittens!! I saw The Rockats and the Memphis Morticians Saturday, June 4 at Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC. Memphis Morticians tore the place up. They have a tune coming up on a Necrotone comp. It was so cool seeing Dibbs and Barry again in the Rockats. When they did "Love This Cat" and "Rockabilly Doll", I felt like a teenager. That's what it's all about. Check out their latest CD, WILD LOVE on Blues Leaf. Keep Rockin'!! Nancy Neon PS Who is going to VIVA LAS VEGAS in April 2006? Who would you like to see on the bill? It'd be cool to see Levi again,too. As for the former Rockats, Tim Scott (McConnell) is in Norway and Smutty Smith is in London. Tim has put on records under the name Momac Trio. Smutty was in 13 Cats, but I hear Tim and he are reforming the Havalinas with get this ... Clem Burke of Blondie fame. Nancy Neon -

Posted June 6, 2005
The official website is up and running for the Rockabilly Revue Weekender, thanks to Bennie Dingo and Rock It Radio. There you can find all the info you will need to attend. It's going to be an event not to miss with artists like Sonny Burgess, Glen Glenn, Wanda Jackson, Billy Lee Riley, Jack Scott, Narvel Felts, and Charlie Gracie. 60 acts total. Sheree Homer -

Posted June 6, 2005
Do you have any information on a female C/W singer from the 50s/60s by the stage name of Pauline Parker? She was Pauline Caviness. Any info appreciated. Thanks, Deborah Worley, North Carolina -

Posted June 6, 2005
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Bo Diddley's and Chuck Berry's debut singles, "Bo Diddley"/"I'm A Man" (Checker 814, originally released in March 1955) and "Maybellene"/"Wee Wee Hours" (Chess 1604, originally released in July 1955), the tracks are to be reissued in the UK on Monday June 20th by the Universal Music Group on 2 special limited edition 2-track CD singles, "Bo Diddley"/"I'm A Man" on Chess CD 9830032 and "Maybellene"/"Wee Wee Hours" on Chess CD 9830035.
           Both CDs are described by Universal thus: "We present this historical 50th anniversary limited edition single. Celebrating a pivotal moment in modern guitar music that changed the lives of both the people who heard it, (The Beatles and The Rolling Stones included), and the direction of music itself".
           The original 2 singles were recently voted by visitors to the popular website into the #1 and #2 positions respectively in their listing of the 100 Greatest Rock Debut Singles. Both records are now widely hailed as being amongst the most influential debut singles in history and the cornerstones of rock music.
           In other Bo Diddley 50th anniversary news, the popular UK monthly rock music magazine "Mojo" is set to include an interview with Bo Diddley along with a special 50th anniversary feature in its August 2005 issue, available on news-stands on Wednesday July 6th, and the UK's most popular blues magazine "Blues Matters!" will be carrying a special 50th anniversary tribute to Bo Diddley in its August/September 2005 issue #27, which will be available around Monday August 1st.
David Blakey -

Posted June 5, 2005
Carl Perkins Interview: At KDHI/KQYN, I had the thrill of interviewing Carl Perkins in 1989. Jay Corbin -
EDITOR'S NOTE: See interview here.

Posted June 1, 2005
Just putting the word out, if anyone has plans to be in Nashville for Fan Fair next week, original female rocker Wanda Jackson will be performing at The Mercy Lounge on Friday, June 10th. Gail & The Tricksters will be backing and opening for the Queen of Rockabilly. For details go to: - and - Glen Edwards -

Posted June 1, 2005
I was in Tomestone quiet a while ago, I found a newpaper (copies only) of the shootout at the OK corral. I would like to buy a new one but can't find out where. If any one can help I would be grateful. They were selling them in Tomestone at the time. caty treadway -

Posted June 1, 2005
"Oh Boy" brings back fond memories. Congrats to you on your hall of fame! Ellen llewellyn leightenlol -

Posted June 1, 2005
I have a Cliffie Stone's HOMETOWN JAMBOREE Souvenir Album (paper-back book 10 3/4" X 8 1/2") that I got when I went to one of Mr. Stones live shows. I was 7 at the time, so it had to be '52-'53 It is signed by Cliffie Stone, Molly Bee, Buckie Tibbs, Joan O'Brian, Harry Rodkay, Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant, and Harold Hensley. It is full of pictures and stories of the many artists that performed on the show. My mother put my name and age on the cover in pencil the night I got it. Does anyone know if this is a rare book, or very abundent. Thanks for looking, Ray Hamilton, OR. R.B. Hamilton -

Posted May 30, 2005
Board, please forgive me if this is too commercial for your tastes and feel free to delete it if it is. Our agency has consigned a unique collectors item from the Oneida Nation Rockin 50's Fest II held April, 2005 in Green Bay, WI. The item is an autographed Fender Gretsch guitar, autographed by many of the featured performers. It is featured on eBay, and is item #7519930047. Thank you for your time, I wanted to make collectors aware of the item. Cordially, Chad Nehring - List It of NE Wisconsin, LLC -

Posted May 30, 2005

Posted May 30, 2005
Hello everybody! I used to play in The Orchard Motor Company with Jimmy Akin and Rick Cowling and wondered if you had an email or mailing address for Jimmy? I sure would appreciate it! Great website! Y'all are performing a much needed service by preserving our musical heritage. Thank You! Mike James -

Posted May 27, 2005
Any radio DJs or club DJs interested in a free five song sampler from Mike & The Ravens, covering 1962 mostly please contact me with info on your show, station etc. and I'll mail you a free promo from the forthcoming Dionysus release, "Nevermore: Plattsburgh '62 & Beyond," an amazing 41 song two CD set of all originals by one of the great lost bands ... 75% of the material has never seen the light of day before! Will Shade -

Posted May 24, 2005
Hi everyone in the world or roots rockabilly: The JumpKatz of Windsor, Ontario are proud to announce the release of their debut (independent) CD, "Twangin' Sangin' & Bangin'". This is a collection of 18 count 'em EIGHTEEN original roots rocknroll ditties for your listenin' and dancin' pleasure - which we've been working on since winter. It's a display of all our collective influences after decades of musical toil - rockabilly first and foremost, with a shot of Chuck Berry, the StrayCats, the Stones, the Beatles, surf, country, twang, jazz and on and on. Our trademark 3-part harmonies splash across a lot of it, there's slapback echo, plenty of backbeat and the sweat off our brows poured into this thing. Check out our site at - This release is currently only available online from our website, but we'd be more than interested in ideas on how we can maximize our exposure (and recoup our costs). Give us a listen! Thanks, the JumpKatz -

Posted May 18, 2005
For those of us in North America, PBS will be airing a 1 hour show entitled 'John Lennon's Jukebox'. The 30 second clip I saw last night seemed to indicate that the creators of this special are relying primarily on interviews with John and his 'Rock 'N Roll' covers LP. The promo clip ended with a phonograph needle playing a 45 of Gene Vincent 'Be-Bop-A-Lula'. Good omen. Check your local listings as some PBS stations change time and maybe the day. I have it set to record my Houston station on Thursday, 8PM CST. -David in Sugar Land

Posted May 14, 2005

Posted May 14, 2005
Hi! I'm needing help finding a particular Jerry Lee Lewis recording - I'm not positive if it was an original or a cover, and I don't know the name of it, which is why I thought it'd be worth a shot to contact you ... I do know some of the lyrics and I thought you might be able to spot it from that. The lyrics go:
"I belong to one...and you to another...what's the point of living baby, if we can't live together... so whenever you're ready...just let me know...and I'll pack my things... and away we'll go"
Does that ring a bell at all? If so any information you have would be deeply appreciated - thank you so much for your help! Mandy -

Posted May 13, 2005
Eddie Angel here ... we are putting together a festival in Chicago. Hey surfers, check out the site below.
Exotica 2005/Luau by the Lake
Chicago July 7-10, 2005

Posted May 13, 2005
Hey All, I'm currently in the process of putting together a webpage with some friends, but we are looking for people to assist us with news columns, opinions, just fun things for the page. If anyone is able to help out and is interested that would be great! Chris Nash - Contact me by adding me to msn

Posted May 13, 2005
Art Adams Fans! This just in, from our home office in Plainfield, Indiana ...
Art's booked to play the Americiana in England next July.
He'll be at Viva Las Vegas next Easter.
He's got a review in Dig This magazine.
He's got a movie coming out in August.
AND ... it looks like Art's new song - Canadian Lady - about our new discussion group member Victoria, is going to be a single in the UK! Congratulations, Art! - Hank Engel -

Posted May 9, 2005
This is the USA lauch of my show "Bop 2B". If Anyone wishes to monitor my show aimed at Broadband and dial up modem users, the details required are as follows.
website -
Monday at 7:00 EST. That's Noon GMT. 11Am BST
Wednesday at 10:00 EST. That's 3pm GMT. 2pm BST
Friday at 1PM EST. That's 6pm GMT. 5pm BST
Capable Audio Players:
Live365,, Microsoft Media Player and iTunes have proprietary players that direct connect to the station. To the best of the Station Management's knowledge, most of the other players such as Winamp and Real Player will also connect. Some of the players will require a login and some will require going to the Live365 page. Station Owners personal preference is iTunes, his opinion is that sound seems better and there is no login. Rockabilly Radio are listed under Americana there.
           All corespondance and reports must be sent using the e-mail contact on the page so that replies can be sent where required or apropriate. Alternatively the following Email address may be used:
           The show is also currently available anytime anyday at a time you choose via NORTHERN BROADCASTING. Streaming is at 24kbps allowing Dialup Modem users easier access and availability whilst also making for virtualy instant playback for Broadband users            This weeks show is again sponsored by A1 Motors of Stanniforth Road, Sheffield in the UK. and is Auto themed. Broadband users should get better audio quality using the Rockabilly Radio option. Thanks to all those accross the globe who have been listening to my shows, Use the relevent page e-mail boxes to send in your comments to the respective stations. - Regards, Dave Brighton

Posted May 8, 2005
Ok folks well this is to let y'all know that my brother has set up a group called Kustom Kulture now its only just been set up tonight so dont be expecting miracles - just yet...but lets get this joint jumping & the chat applets kicking...this is an open invite for any & all online junkie w/ a love of rockabilly/cars/music/vintage/pinups etc etc feel free to repost this bulletin but any drama & we'll boot yr scrawny arses & close the doors forever hope to see ya in the group & welcome :) tc - GypsyDoll - -

Posted May 6, 2005
Good Rockabilly/Kuston Kulture show in Baltimore. KarbKings Car Club Hosting on Sept 25. Lots of Rockabilly bands Kool cars and good time. check our web site Thanks, Joey -

Posted May 4, 2005
Just saw Bill Haleys original "Comets" at viva Las Vegas, FANTASTIC!! They Still can ROCK!! If your into rock-a-billy That's the Show to be at. Great time & great music. Joey C -

Posted May 3, 2005
Hi everyone ... its finally finished!! New Starlight Drifters has morphed into my first solo record down here in Nashville. Available now off the website Hope everyone is great! Please keep in touch. Chris Casello -