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Sat./24/May/97 - THE AMAZING JERRY LEE LEWIS! Absolutely astounding. That is my impression of Jerry Lee Lewis after last night's show at the Sting in New Britain, CT last night....or more specifically, this morning, as The Killer and his band did not take the stage until after 1 am...The crowd had grown restless as first a terrible Beatles tribute band (3, count'em three, ridiculous costume changes) and a so-so Motown sounds group had played too long, set up and tuned up too long. Kenny Lovelace, Jerry's longtime band leader, explained that the plane outta Memphis was runnin late, and The Killer would make up for it....and did he! JLL came out and announced to the small crowd (last minute booking and hardly any advertising to blame) that he had played before larger and smaller crowds, "at least there is a crowd" an he could go all if there was ever any doubt. He started off with "Roll over Beethoven and didn't stop rockin till nearly 3! His set list went out the winda as he played whatever the crowd shouted out, and whatever he wanted....The high points of the night for me (third time seeing the master), and my wife (a first timer) were High School Confidential, Down The Line, Me and Bobbie McGee, and Great Balls of Fire. He also did, by request, End Of The Road, Harbor Lights, Big Legged Woman, Meat Man. During The Killer's finale, the all time greatest honkytonk piano player wowed the crowd by playin with his feet, sitting on the keyboard and playin "cheek to cheek" kickin out the piano stool and standin there wailin! James Burton started playin with his guitar behind his head, laughin and sittin' on a chair with his feet crossed, (he had been sitting all night, the result of this pastweeks knee surgery). It was so amazing to watch the greatest guitar player of his generation rip through lightning fast riffs all while sitting cross legged, barely glancing down at his instrument as his fingers flew across the frets. After the show, Jerry Lee came back on stage to greet the crowd and sign if he still hadn't done enough. It was at that time that Angie and I got to meet him. I presented Jerry Lee with a painting I had done of him for this occasion and he was incredibly gracious. He declared that the picture "looks jest like me" and asked if this was what I did for a living, which it is, said he couldn't draw a lick but his son Lee can and would like to meet me sometime. He was very kind to Angie as well, asked about our children, and was just wonderful. Definitely a night she and I will remember the rest of our lives. -Guy Gilchrist ( Ed. note: Guy draws the Nancy cartoon strip.