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Wed./18/June/97 - AUSTIN'S ROCKABILLY ROMP REVIEW The first Rockabilly Romp was great fun. The day part was a little hotter than expected, but it was a blast even though Randy Beckett cancelled two hours before his stage time, because he doesn't play outdoor gigs. I was able to get a last minute band, so Tony Maziratti filled the bill, with Billy Horton on bass...They had never played together ever, and it worked great!!!! Shortly after Kim Lenz and her Jaguars played (they were good). After the heat of the day part we had a very small pool party at the hotel, and this is were I seemed to have gotten my new nickname (because of my belly) so the Horton Bros. called me the "Al Capone of Rockabilly" even though I'm not Italian, I like it. The car show was a blat, and we had a few more cars than expected, so many people from out of the city it was great.

The show started with Hillbilly Cafe, and they tore the roof off early...I think they did a great job, and they really did a great job of bringing their fans with them..It was the D/FW area that showed the biggest supoort for the rockabilly scene, and Iwant to thank them all it was great to see folks from other cities here...Sean Castillo was a blast with his great tunes, He was really nervous, why I don't know the people loved him....The Horton Brothers were next and they did a great job as always....Mack Stevens was the wild one this night, he really gave it all out for the crowd, and I have given him the new nickname of Mack 'The Manic' Stevens...It was a reminder of how wild and how cool Wildfire Willie was last year in Denver....Shaun Young closed the show, and id it great! The talent that Shaun has needs to be cloned!

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