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14/July/97 - KILLER ROCKS KINGSTON By Guy Gilchrist.

If any further evidence was needed to prove that JERRY LEE LEWIS is still a formidable talent, an attraction of the first degree, and a vital voice in Rock, consider it an open and shut case after THE KILLER'S latest evidentury hearing in Kingston, New York on Friday June 27th,1997 at the Broadway Theater{UPAC}.

My wife, Angie and I made the one and a half hour trip from Connecticut, enthusiastic after Jerry Lee's show at THE STING in Connecticut, that we had attended last month, which had us both rocking till AFTER a quarter to THREE! The Killer didn't disappoint. After a set by an excellent NYC comedian, James Burton, Ken Lovelace and company took the stage and warmed up with a few tunes that included "Jambalaya" and "Proud Mary". Then, The KILLER took center stage, and began rockin' immediately. He stirred the crowd with ME AND BOBBIE McGEE, and YOU WIN AGAIN. Jerry was in a real rock n roll mood after that and tore it up with SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN, DRINKIN WINE SPODEEODEE, and ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN.

Unlike last month's club show, The Killer didn't rip into his more risque repitoire, but pulled out from his encyclopedic mind some jewels that he hadn't performed in quite some time......" Sometimes Jerry'll surprise you" said James Burton backstage after the show. Jerry's surprises for the evening were MEXICALI ROSE, GEORGIA, and, the most surprising of all for me, HADACOL BOOGIE! Hadacol Boogie being the song most credited as being the FIRST SONG jerry Lee EVER PERFORMED IN PUBLIC. Sometimes sources claim that song to be DRINKIN WINE, so, no matter which is true, the fortunate crowd heard BOTH that night! Jerry Lee also ripped it up through WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN, GRAT BALLS OF FIRE, HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, and JOHNNY B GOODE.

On the country side, in addition to BOBBIE, YOU WIN AGAIN, and MEXICALI ROSE, the Killer also performed SHE EVEN WOKE ME UP TO SAY GOOD-BYE. And say goodbye he the strains of HADACOL BOOGIE, and the screams and cheers of a mostly standing crowd, Jerry Lee stood up, picked up his piano stool, and threw it across the stage! After going over to the left side of the stage to retrieve the stool, Jerry smiled and waved Good-bye to the all ages crowd.

After seeing him perform twice in the last two months, I was curious why Jerry Lee has chosen not to perform any of his songs from his last studio release, YOUNG BLOOD. Bob "The General" McCarver, Jerry lee's father in law told me by phone that Jerry was not too happy with the over dubbing, and over produced quality of the CD, and speculated that that may be the reason he's not performing those songs. The General, a wonderful guy and the former deejay that succeeded the legendary Dewey Phillips as the number one deejay in Memphis knows a good record when he hears it! We both agree though that the record is surely worth buying, however, even if its not Jerry Lee's personal favorite. Any Killer is GOOD Killer, and I'm still hoping he'll see fit to perform HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHTS, MISS THE MISSISIPPI, or, my favorite song on Young Blood, CROWN VICTORIA CUSTOM FIFTY-ONE. It's Bob's favorite,too....and if the charts were still a place for the best Rock n Roll, that song would have a permanent home at the TOP of them.

Jerry Lee looked happy and healthy on stage at the Broadway, and his show lasted a good hour and a quarter. The General tells me Jerry Lee is feeling fantastic, never been happier, and enjoys daily JET SKI excursions up and down the river at the RANCH with his young son, Lee.

After the show, Angie and I when backstage and spoke with James Burton and Ken Lovelace, both very much looking forward to The Killer's tour of EUROPE coming up in July. I asked them if Jerry had played HADACOL BOOGIE before that they could recollect, and James said "Yeah, he's been pulling that one out now and then" and then laughed.

Here's to hoping that THE KILLER will continue to pull great songs and great performances out long into the next century.