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DENVER ROCKABILLY REVIEW by Erika, posted 22, July, 1997.
Alrighty then....I have to say that my weekend started out on the right foot and never missed a step. After I got all settled into my lovely suite, I walked over to Denny's for a bite to eat. (The Stars were playing a gig, and I wanted to schmooze) So, I'm sittin there at a table by myself, and these 3 lovely people are sitting close by. They see me sittin by myself, and hail me on over. So I joined them, we started talking about chicken fried steak, music, the bands playin, then lo and behold, if it ain't DixieDoll, Jennie, and her entourage. What a treat! We had some great laughs, shared some great stories, and had as good of a lunch as one can have at Denny's.

I went back to the hotel to clean up, and organize myself. I was 15 minutes late for themeet and greet, because I was being SUCH a GIRL. So, I went on in, listened to some incredible bands with an amazingly horrible sound guy. I felt so bad for those bands..... Wally and Tim weren't there yet to take over, so, we had to listen to way too much bass drum, and way too much treble. Granted, the room is an impossible room to equalize, but..THESE ARE NOT ROCK AND ROLL BANDS! I died when Kim Lenz shoved her mic stand over while glaring at the sound guys. You Go Girl!!! (Is she not amazing?) Finally, Russell (Scott) Had a few words with the guys, yanked a few collars, and got well, nowhere. He still didn't get it when Russell turned the Bass drum all the way off. You could actually hear thebass! What a concept.

Ray Condo ROCKS! As per usual. I have to go to Sat. evening, as it was the highlight of my weekend... I think this lineup was the most perfect one could ever have come up with. Starting out with the Sugar King Boys, they really got things moving and everyone fired up. Then came the Lucky Stars, I can't say awhole lot about them, because I'm a bit bias so y'all tell me what y'all thought...they certainly got the crowd raring to go for Carl "Sonny" Leyland. What a spectacle that was. I've never in the 2 1/2 years that I've known him, seen him even remotely like that. He's always so reserved. Brent was on cloud nine because he was playing with Sonny. Then, what everyone was waiting for...the Comets! They rock! Oh my god, I couldn't believe it, on fire! I wish I could package the look on Brent's face when they called Sonny up onStage, and then Brent. Coolness. The Planet Rockers Closed off the night in high fashion. Rockin! How I managed to miss all the daytime festivities, I'll never know, but I'm sure bummed!

Sunday, the hillbilly Hellcats warmed up the stage nicely with a real rockin' Johnny Cash feel. Then, whoa...the Rollin Rocks. Everything Ronny Weiser said, and then some. I want them all to live with me, in addition to all the Japanese folks who were sitting at the table in from of our booth. I gave them a whole bunch of combs, and the adorable little girl in the red dress says "Thank you many combs!!" I almost melted! Brent got his Rollin Rock 45 and took it out to get signed. the First guy looks up at him and says "(gasp) Lucky Star, So gleat, so gleat, Lucky Stars" Now that's callin the kettle black, eh? they were some really talented musicians. Jump Cat Jump was awesome, leading into Big Sandy and Russell Scott. What more can I say about those guys that hasn't already been covered. In short, THEY RULE!

NO FIGHTS!!!!! I was so impressed! Saw some great tats going around, met some really amazing, wonderful people...thanks to all who purchased Lucky Stars and Roots66 merch.! One great big thanks to Kurt, Karen, and Russell. I NEVER wanna be in your shoes. What a great job! that goes for all the folks who put on these great fests. here in the states. I can only imagine how much work goes into those things, and how little of a reward you get in return. You guys rock!

All I can say is, VIVA LAS VEGAS! (Greaseball here I come) - Thank God forWest Coast shows, or I'd be outta luck. See ya'll real soon.Erika (