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16, October, 1997 -
1st BA Rockabilly Festival Report
I still can't believe it. It was a wonderfull night. Last Saturday was the 1st BA RAB Festival in memory of the 26 aniversary of the death of Gene Vincent and it was a totally success. In my mail tellin you about the Festival I told you that I hope that it will help to a definitive launch of the RAB on the Argentina and for sure it will. There were more than 300 people in a little theater that have capacity for no more than 300. It was incredible, the heat was imposible to suport but no one leave the place until the last band play. The funny thing was that there were all kind of people; mods, punks, skinheads, hippies and of course rockers. And there weren't any kind of problem.
The show beguins with the Hot Rockers. They do all kind of covers from Gene Vincent to Johnny Burnette. They are a good band but they are in their beguinings. I think they need more practice but they sound great for the ocassion. Between each band there were half an hour of RAB music. There were no sits on the theater so the people can dance but the quantity of people made that impossible. Then came Los Neumaticos. They are a a very peculiar RAB band. For me they sound more like a psychobilly band. Their compositions are very particular, their guitar player is so good and they sound incredible. Great band. They play a couple of Vincent's songs, Woman Love and Bird Doggin. Then came our turn. Radio Texas in action. We beguin with Rawhide (we always beguin with that Link Wray tune) and then the Vincent's songs(Say Mama, Come on Home and Double Talkin' Baby) with no stop. Then we did our own songs with some covers of Eddie Cochran (Summertime Blues and Remember - we did it in Spanish) and Runaway (Del Shannon) and we finish with Vincent's songs (Baby Blue, Lotta Lovin and Hold me, Hug me, Love me). It was amazing to find how much the people have enjoy our set. The last part was for Los Primitivos. The most famous RAB band here at the moment. They were great. They beguin with Bop Street and they follow with all kind of Vincent's tunes. They prefer to do more Gene Vincent's songs than their own stuff and they really sound great. The guitar player is the best, in my own opinion, RAB guitar player playin here in Argentina.
You can imagine that we are just plannin the next BA RAB Festival for sure. We would like to bring an international act for the ocassion but I think that it will be a little expensive for us. But who can say? maybe we can solve it. -Luis Francisco Domín, - Norton 18 (1946)