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March 28, 1998:
Live At The Rodeo Bar, New York City

Last night I had the pleasure of once again seeing Fort Wayne, Indiana's finest (and most truly insane) rockabilly outfit, THE BLUE MOON BOYS, live at the Rodeo Bar in New York City. When I got to the place just a half hour before showtime, the stage was bare of equipment, not a good sign, but five minutes of ten, the band showed up and brought their instruments onstage. But one could expect no less from the members of this unpredictable outfit. The only thing predictable is that a great show would be performed and this night was no exception! Nic Roulette (formerly Presley) is without a doubt the most hyperkinetic frontman it has ever been my pleasure to witness live in action. He doesn't stop moving, gyrating or contorting his body in every which way from start to the finish. That boy needs to cut down on the caffeine, big time! There was no stopping the man!

The BMBs opened with the fine original, "Howl At The Moon," and proceeded to rock the joint with more of the same with such self-penned punch-packed ditties as "Daylight," "Shut Your Mouth Baby" and "Shoe Leather." A rockin rendition of Nat King Cole's "Love" was as fine as a ditty as one could ever imagine. Nick exuded excitement non-stop as well as sweating more than one human being could and still live. Nic took off a couple of times to towel off while guitarist extraordinaire, Kenny Taylor, warbled Chuck Berry's "Around and Around," and showed off his slide skills on a bluesy, incredible rendition of "Stormy Weather" to great applause. Most of the two hour plus show consisted of cool originals like Nic's ode to a S&M Queen entitled "Spank Me," which is Other cool covers performed were Bill Haley's "40 Cups Of Coffee," a raging version of Johnny Cash's "Big River" Roy Brown/Elvis' "Good Rockin' Tonight," and their ever-popular take of Merle Travis' "Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette) best-known as performed by western swingmaster, Tex Williams. It also gives Nic an excuse to light up and puff away to the lyrics. The entire band meshed as one to give it their all and a rockin' good time was certainly had by all and especially yours truly. Do not miss this bunch if they come to your town, they're the real deal!

Rockin' wildmen through and through and nice guys to boot! Tell them the Jersey Wildcat said howdy!

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