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    Tennessee Club, 30th October 1998

    Unavoidable circumstances had prevented me from being able to see The Nick Gilroy Kombo since the release of their '5,000 Volts" 10" LP. Then in the space of a few weeks I was lucky enough to witness one of the most exciting bands on the British scene at the moment on two occasions. The first of these was at Camden Town Hall where the band was on the same bill as the legendary Wanda Jackson and Big Boy Bloater. I was so impressed by what I saw then that when I noticed they were booked to appear at the Tennessee Club on Friday 30th October 1998 it was a must for my diary. Considering the proximately of the Camden date a fair sized crowd turned out for the gig which justifies the popularity of this first class Kombo. The band were to play two sets, each of about an hours duration and interspersed by DJ White Sidewall's Record Hop.

    At 10.30pm The Nick Gilroy Kombo took the stage and gave another powerhouse of a performance. The group consisting of such household names as Nick Gilroy on Vocals and Double Bass, Boz Boorer on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Malcolm Chapman also on Lead Guitar and lastly Roger Van Niekerk on Drums.

    With a big following of friends and work colleagues from Showtime Security Nick got proceedings underway with Say You Love Me, Echo In my Heart and Kombo Boogie following this up. With two of the top guitarists in the UK the Tennessee was about to be treated to a pulsating and dynamic night of rockabilly. Although suffering from a heavy cold Nick's voice sounded good as he continued on with Country Boy and Hep Cat. Boz took centre stage now for his popular instrumental Swamp Fly. Nick then called a guest singer up from out of the audience, Carlos of Carlos and the Bandidos. This is another band I have yet to see and after Carlos's rendition of Spark Plug I hope that time is not too far away. Nick then got the Club swinging once again with I Love You Just The Same and Sinful Baby, which brought the first half to a close.

    The second set was just as frantic as the first, if not more so. It began with the duelling guitars of Boz and Malcolm whose impeccable picking complemented each other. The not yet mentioned drummer Roger provided the driving beat for Nick's vocals on Crazy Lovin' Daddy. Roger must go down as one of the best young drummers around today, he certainly caught my eye. Next came a song Nick wrote for his wife San I'm Your Man followed by Let's Make Some Love. 5000 Volt's the title track from his LP was given a brilliant rendition and had the crowd all joining in. She'll Put You In Your Grave saw Carlos go backstage during the number and plant a wide rimmed trilby hat on the head of Boz who carried on his guitar solo regardless of his impaired vision.

    The friendly banter between the audience and the Kombo continued throughout the next number Teenage Bug, which in my opinion was the best number of the night, played with such drive and energy. During the guitar solo Boz's hat fell to the front of the stage which prompted several members of the audience to come forward and place coins in it to the amusement of everybody. At the end of the number Malcolm Chapman was not slow to come forward to empty the contents into his pocket. The final numbers of the set were Don't Go Wasting Time and Blue Swinging Mama and the pace was just as prolific. Nick's followers were not going to let it finish there and demanded more. Not much persuading was needed as Hot Chicks was announced as the encore number and I can see now why it has been chosen for inclusion on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 2 CD. Another song in the Teenage Bug mode and another belting rocker ideally suited to the Kombo's style. The Nick Gilroy Kombo left the stage to a wonderful reception and I don't think it will be long before Ritchie invites them back again to the Tennessee. You never know Boz; you may even get a mention on the flyer next time.

    What can I add to this review? Here we have a band consisting of not one but two top guitarists that any band would love to have in their line up. A drummerSecond to none, young, energetic and enthusiastic and last but not least Nick Gilroy the leader of the outfit. Nick a good vocalist and slap-bass player who writes the majority of the songs the Kombo play. I think 1999 will be a big year for this band, I think they will go down a bomb with the American audiences once they appear at the Viva Las Vegas Weekender and hopefully this will lead to much bigger things for them.

    -Rod Pyke