Luis Domin: Guitars, Acoustic Guitar , Voice & Chorus
Mariano 'Phonsy' Auday: Slap Bass, Voice & Chorus
Diego "Willy" Moreno: Guitar, Slide
Claudio "Paolo" Paolinelli: Drums & Chorus

The band was born in 1991 with Luis Domin (Ex-Los Primitivos) in guitar, Matias Camino in bass and slap-bass and Martin Valusso on drums. After some rehearsals the band added Marcelo Cordoba in voice. First , the idea was to make psychobilly but the great amplitude of influences don't let them shut up in only one style. During this time when they decided to rename the band as Radio Texas, like a song of the Spanish group Dinamita pa los Pollos. With influences like Stray Cats, Dwight Yoakam, Restles, George Thorogood, several spanish rockabilly groups and all the classics of the fifties, the first sounds the band was trying to catch was not only rockabilly, also country and Rock 'n' Roll.

They usually play with Los Primitovos, maybe the most popular rockabilly band since the break up of other Rockabilly bands like Casanovas or Pelvis who have recorded several records during the '80s. In 1992 Martin Valusso left the group and was replaced by Martin Camino (ex Shangai a go go, a group influenced so much by The Cramps). In 1993 he left the group because he went to live in Los Angeles. After a couple of months looking for a replacement the band decided to break up. But ,in 1997, Luis decided to rejoin Radio Texas.

The new formation included Matias (who was still playing with Los Neumaticos) now playing only slap bass, Willy Moreno on guitars, Pablo "Chino" Carabajal on drums and voice and Luis on guitar and this time singing too. This formation shows a great crew and in only a couple of months they won a great following gathering more than 300 fans in the 1st Buenos Aires Rockabilly Festival. Later, the drummer Pablo and the slap man Mat'as leave Radio Texas (Matias for play with Mac. Stevens band) and born the actually structure of the band, with 'Paolo' in Drums and 'Phonsy' (Oiginal slap bass of Los Primitivos) in slap bass.

These days the band have finished to recording, your first and independent release. for a new independent record 'Kool Sounds Records'

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