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The Raging Teens

Recent feature articles in The Boston Globe and The Boston Phoenix have reported three things that music lovers and club-goers in New England have known for years: rockabilly is the most exciting music being performed today, the new England rockabilly scene is emerging as one of the country's finest, and at the forefront of that scene - along with The Racketeers and The Cranktones - are The Raging Teens. This energetic four-piece combo out of Portsmouth, NH commands a devoted fan base from Maine to New York City, and (as they discovered on their recent three month, national tour) strong word of mouth for their exciting live shows has spread from coast to coast. The Raging Teens now present their new eleven-track CD (Annabelle Records in association with The Racketeers' (Scollay Square Records), featuring eight originals and a song written by Sony/WORK recording artist, Mary Lou Lord expressly for the Teens.

The band is fronted by the charismatic Kevin Patey who provides lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar. Kevin is a veteran of the Boston music scene whose prior projects include co-fronting a rockabilly band with Jack Hanlon of The Amazing Royal Crowns. The strong rhythm section features Matt Murphy slapping the upright bass and Keith Schubert driving the beat on drums. The main attraction of The Raging Teens, however, is the lovely Miss Amy Griffin: rockabilly's premier female lead guitarist. Miss Amy displayed her many talents this past year, playing keyboards, guitar, and the Theremin for Mary Lou Lord's touring band (with whom she appeared on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show) in addition to playing sweet solos and breaking young men's hearts in The Raging Teens.

The Raging Teens have emerged as one of the definitive bands in the burgeoning rockabilly revival and have performed at every important rockabilly show in New England including the first annual Rockabilly Ball, the highest attended event of the 1997 LOUD Music Festival. They have played with local and national rockabilly acts such as Ronnie Dawson, HiFi and the Roadburners, The Frantic Flattops, The Speed Devils, The Racketeers, and the Cranktones. The Raging Teens' appeal, however, does not just extend to the rockabilly crowd. They have converted listeners to their brand of high energy music across the nation and Canada, playing shows such as the Halifax on Music festival, and sharing the stage with such diverse national acts as Mojo Nixon, indie-rock heroes The Bevis Frond, ex-Replacements Slim Dunlap and Tommy Stinson (with his new band Perfect), and Mary Lou Lord. The Raging Teens ability to excite crossover audiences is such that even Oscar-nominee Elliot Smith was caught dancing at a recent show in New York City.

Here's the Skinny on

"The Raging Teens put more sweat and aggression in their songs than the standard rockabilly band" - The Boston Globe

"Raging Teens are rockabilly, and very good rockabilly at that, straight out of Sun Studios circa 1956 . . . Within a few moments of taking the stage, they had the Indie rock crowd bouncing around as if at a high school hop." -

"They, (Raging Teens), were a hoot, featuring a lead guitarist who looked as if she'd wandered in from the Beverly Hillbillies but sounded more like someone who'd come from Sun Studios." - Boston Phoenix

"These songs genuinely sound like Chuck Berry is in the next room recording reelin' and rockin'" - Spank Magazine

"The Raging Teens are ACE. . . It's official!! - Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond/Ptolemaic Terrascope)

"Miss Amy is one hot picker, one cool kitty to be sure. . . . Ssssmokin' to say the least. . . If these tip top rockin' rollin' performers make their way to your neck of the woods, do not miss them! You'll regret it big time!!" - Josh Lewis (Rockabilly Hall of Fame Reviews)

"The band was really fun. . . the real deal!" -

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Salem, MA 01926

CDs are available from Hep Cat Records

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