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Rockabilly rocker, Rip's one of the real veterans of the L.A. scene, having performed and recorded with several Rollin' Rock artists, including Ray Campi; Rip wrote Ray's "theme" song, ROCKABILLY MAN. Rip has also recorded solo albums for Rollin' Rock, Commando, and Rattler Records, and is a repeat performer at Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance.

Rattler Records is pleased to announce
the new CD by Rip Masters


Fans in England, the U.K., Europe and elsewhere have been familiar with "Rockabilly Man"'s been a favorite with DJs and bands. This song was also recorded in great versions by Ray Campi and also England's Firebirds. Now it's available in a killer new recording by the original artist...Rip Masters, who also wrote this song. Also included on this new CD is "Trouble Is Her Name", another of Rip's compositions which was recorded by Jackie Lee Cochran.

Ten of the fifteen songs are written by Rip Masters. His Pumpin' piano style is heavily featured, including two piano instrumentals, Suwanee Boogie and Country Stride. Rip sings them all and, for the first time, plays a lot of guitar too. The musicians are first rate, including the legendary Al Bruno who played guitar with Conway Twitty from '59 to '63 and has recorded with Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, to name a few! Skip Heller is a well-known guitarist and artist on both coasts. Guitarist Mike Tuttle plays with Rip regularly and rocks like crazy. Ray Campi plays bass, as does Hank Van Sickle. Drums are played by longtime band member Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, and Jono Brown. Harmony is Bob Bruning, who also sang on Rip's last release "Don't Tread On Me" (Rattler CD413)

This is a Rockin' collection of tunes, with a few relatively calmer moments. Big Red '57!!! Ready for a test drive?

Rip Masters' music is American roots music. A blend of Country, Rock and Rockabilly that makes him the legitimate heir to such artists as Merle Haggard and Jerry Lee lewis. Rip's music is down-home and down-to-earth like he is, foot-stompin' and barn-burnin' stuff that forces you to recall what music is all about.

A virtuoso of boogie-woogie piano, Rip found his musical calling early in his love of country music and old Rock 'n' Roll records. He started out as a singer, but became so accomplished on the keys that he was in demand as a session player, playing on many of the Rollin' Rock label's rockabilly records. He also recorded his first album, Rock That Rock! for Rollin' Rock and continued to play live concerts. He toured the Far East, the West Coast, Texas and all over California, perfecting his performing skills. His second album, The Cool And The Crazy, was released on Commando Records to enthusiastic reviews.

Rip continued to explore his love of songwriting, and had several of his compositions covered by other artists, including Rockabilly Man, which became the theme song of Legend Ray Campi, and was recorded by England's Firebirds. This song has become a Rock 'n' Roll favorite and is known all over the world.

Rip has a "Don't Miss" stage show which highlights all aspects of his career: singing, playing and songwriting. He has recently played at the house of blues, Hollywood with Dwight Yoakum, Lincoln Center in New York with Billy Lee Riley, Ronnie Dawson, and The Sun Rhythm Section including Paul Burlison, and in Sweden, Germany, Ireland and England.

During the 90's Rip Masters released a Country/Rock album titled "Don't Tread On Me" on Rattler Records (Mouse Records UK) and made a video of "A Six-Pack, A Pizza And A Cheap Motel". He has just completed a new rockin' album titled: "Big Red '57" (Rattler CD426) a drivin' collection of roots-based Boggie and 'Billy. Official release date April 20, 1999. This album features some Boogie piano, a great version of "Rockabilly Man", and lots of rockin'!!

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