Rusty Evans, with his Martin guitar and a book full of self penned country rock tunes made the rounds in new York City's famous Brill Building. He connected with a small record label, who said they would record him if he could come up with the right songs. Six weeks later he was at Bell Sound recording "I Lived, I Loved and Lost" and "When I'm Alone With You." These masters were licensed to Coral/Brunswick, the same label that Buddy Holly made famous.

The record made some noise and Rusty performed at record hops, concerts and night clubs. His second recording for Brunswick, a rocking version of "Midnight Special" had King Curtis playing sax. This got on some local charts, enough to get him appearances on TV and finally, Bandstand. Rusty performed with The Rockabillys, Gene Mitchell playing lead guitar and Ollie Phillips on bass. He met Buddy Holly and wrote songs with Ersel Hickey.

Moving from the Brill Building to the Greenwich Village folk music scene he met and jammed with a then unknown Bob Dylan who picked up on Rusty's Rockabilly vibe and asked if they met previously at a recording session in Memphis. More singles were recorded for Musicor, Eagle, Dot and Ribbon records as well as several albums for MUM.

In the late 1960's he wrote and produced the underground classic "I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time" for Third Bardo. This song found its way to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Psychedelic Top 100 for their 30 year anniversary of the summer of love.

He later recorded albums for CBS, Cameo Parkway and Folkways/Smithsonian. Rusty retired from music to explore the visual art world for the next several years. His artwork can be found in the permanent collections of several museums around the world. Rusty returned to music in the '90's and recorded the CD's, "Slice of Light" and "Gypsy Dreams."

In 2000, Rusty recorded his updated versions of Johnny Cash's sun sessions. Soon after the completion of these recordings he began performing his own songs, some Cash tunes and various Rockabilly classics. It was full circle for Rusty. Now he and his band, Ring of Fire, are available on this latest CD.

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