SKAKIN' STEVENS and Others ...

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Viewers,
We thought you would be interested in these Kodak pictures I received from Ben "Smokey" Hewitt (The Rockin' Indian Chief). Have any of you heard of him? He is now deceased, but lived in Niagara Falls, Canada (about 15 miles away from us). He recorded a few albums in England with the Sunsets backing him up and had met Shaky.

He use to come to our house and always took a beer for the road (without us knowing it), but always returned the empty. We miss him a lot! We have 26 albums of Shaky and enjoy listening to his music. It's too bad he didn't hit it big over here. Would love to see him perform.

Here are some pics of a few of the singing stars we had the pleasure of meeting. In case you are not familiar with who they are, we'll try to tell you by the contents of the pictures.

1. Barry & Jan with Ricky Nelson
2. Jan with Ronnie Hawkins
3. Barry & Jan with Ronnie Dove (Got A Little Bit Of Heaven, Say You,)
4. Jan getting too friendly with Bobby Curtola (Fortune Teller, Indian Giver)
5. Bobby Curtola, Robbie Lane, John Ireland (Jill Ireland"s brother & Charles Bronson's brother-in-law, Barry and Kenny Hollis who was an emcee at a huge nightclub in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and hosted all the big stars such as: Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Rick Nelson, Lesley Gore, Roy Orbison etc. We have more photos, if readers are interested.

Barry & Jan (Canadian Fans)