The SHACKSHAKERS, one of the most highly regarded retro style groups on the scene today. "The Shackshakers" possess a unique sound topped off with powerhouse male and female vocals. They win over every crowd they perform for, giving an energy packed show of classic rock and roll along with their own original songs from their debut CD released in May "The shackshakers (with Special Guests). This represents their CD Release Tour and second tour involving The Crickets, The Roses & Fireballs.

In 1998, Shawn Nagy formed the earliest Shackshakers in the US northland and the group quickly found themselves gigging locally in North Dakota and Manitoba, Canada. Within their first year they appeared on Canadian TV and opened for Canadian Juno Award (equal to USA Grammys) Duo "The Johner Brothers". In 1991, they began full time road tours across Western Canada & the USA, which included backing up the late legendary rocker Buddy Knox.

By July 1995, the group had been offered a recording/management deal with Sony/CBS Canada, but declined the offer due to different marketing views with the company. "They wanted a young naive bunch of guys that they could manufacture into a t-shirt/hat wearing teen oriented country group. They had staff writers' songs to record, not the originals our friends and followers knew, so we turned it all down. We wanted to be trend-setters with our style of music, not followers of what they thought was the fad at the time."

In August of '95 they recorded and released an independent video for "Pretty Little Lights Of Town", which did well for the group. Many of Shawn's original songs still receive airplay in Canada today.

Performing highlights include being invited up to Saskatchewan, Canada for the Craven Big Valley Jamboree where they performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 11,000. They also appeared at the world renowned Calgary Stampede in Alberta for a week of the events, performing daily for 8000+ people per day. Also while in Calgary, they performed at a Calgary Flames (national hockey team) Special Event. They were then invited to sing the Canadian National Anthem at a hockey Game, and later that month opened for Juno Award group of the year "The Good Brothers".

March of '96 found the group at the Grand Casino in Tunica, MS and Memphis, TN and in the Fall of '96 they appeared at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnohmen, MN with John Berry and Doug Stone. At that time, they added the dynamic vocals of Darlene Marie to further broaden their musical possibilities. The group watched the country music scene dwindle in the Minnesota based area and they became a "variety" band in mid '97.

In January 1998, they received the "Up and Coming Variety Group of 1998" award in a Minnesota Entertainment magazine. Getting great reviews for their uptempo show and original songs, writers have stamped leader Shawn Nagy to be "a songwriters missing link between Buddy Holly and The Beach Boys".

In June of 1999, they received a standing ovation at the renowned "Norman and Vi Petty Music Festival" in Clovis, NM. They performed their own material as well as performing songs that were recorded at the Norman Petty Studios along with The Roses, Gary & Ramona Tollett (both sang backups on Buddy Holly's hit recordings) and The Fireballs. The great response got them a headlining position at this year's 14th Annual Petty Festival in June 2000.

They relocated to Lubbock, TX in 1999 and within a few months were featured in various Texas music magazines & have earned a reputation for not being an oldies showband, but the real rock and roll deal.

Their much anticipated debut CD on Independent label "Daddy-O-Records" features guests: The Roses (sang backups on Buddy Holly's hit songs), Billy Cowsill (of 60s family group "The Cowsills"), The Skeletons, matchbox, and other Lubbock area musicians. Recorded in Lubbock, TX, Missouri, Canada and England, it was released on May 26th, 2000. They are set to unleash their unique style of rock and roll on this CD Release Tour ... may their next booking be at your club!

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There's More ...

Billy Cowsill - everyone should remember The Cowsills family group of the psychedelic 60s? Billy was there with "Hair", "the Rain The Park & Other Things". When Shawn met him in Canada back in 1994, Bill was with The Blue Shadows - a group with very much the same direction as The Shackshakers. There was so much more that had been written since the flower-pop days - and now they are thrilled to have Bill featured on a song he wrote with Jeffrey Hatcher, "When Will This Heartache End".

Rockabilly would not have made a resurgence in the late 70s if it hadn't been for Steve Bloomfield's compositions with the British group "Matchbox". Their albums have sold in the millions worldwide and his song "Rockabilly Rebel" has become a national anthem for the rockabillies ... all making it possible for Steve to afford his many vintage guitars, and what would "Hurricane" be without his distinguishable guitar playing. Jolly good and cheers to Steve!

Joe Terry wails a B3 solo out on the catchy "Please Don't Tell Me". Joe was part of the underground favorites "the Morells" in the 80s and now is with Missouri's "The Skeletons" and "The Dave Alvin Band".

Where would people go in Lubbock, Texas if it wasn't for Don Caldwell's Cactus Theatre productions? A staple & preserver of West Texas music, Don lends his saxaphone talents to a number of tunes here ... all done in his recording studio on Buddy Holly Avenue along with the vast talents of Lubbockite Grady Alberts on trumpet. Men of so many talents ... and so few cheering, enthralled fans outside the studios. What's the problem? College football night I guess.

Todd Caldwell is unparalleled when it comes to keyboard talents. His slick performances are the polishing edge on many of these tracks too.

All this being maticulously engineered by the owl-eared Alan Crossland, a legend of West Texas recording.

Their CD was recorded from Feb - May 2000 at Caldwell Studios in Lubbock, with guests tracks flown in from Canada, England and Missouri. One interesting note is that the CD cover features Buddy Holly's restored 1958 Chevy Impala.

An extensive US and European CD Release Tour began for the group at the end of May. One of the featured shows is their second appearance at the "14th Annual Norman & Vi Petty Music Festival " June 16 and 17th in Clovis, NM. Last year's festival put a standing ovation under their belt. The group has already been receiving airplay in the US, Canada and Europe from their demos and there has been much anticipation for this debut CD.

So you see ... a cool band, hip tunes, and very special guests make this release so enjoyable. A sound that has been carefully brewing on the backroads of small town pubs and big city night clubs across the nation. From Legions to major festivals, lumberjacks to preppies to line-dancers - this is a seasoned and experienced act. Been there - done that, and now after 10+ years of hard work are finally getting their due.

Now that they have arrived - may drive-in theaters thrive, classic cars cruise, hip kittens and groovy cats dance the night away - crank it up loud and shake the shack!


Where to start when describing such a unique sound is hard to do. In this day and age of grim musical output comes a refreshing new sound from four musicians currently based in Lubbock, Texas USA. In their songs you will hear traces of Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Beach boys, motown, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and others that made the 50s/60s sound the most memorable music of the 20th Century. Retro, surf, doo-wop, rockabilly, country, surf - twang , swing, twist, stomp & croon...whatever you want to call it, they are IT.

All American Rock & Roll
Not being limited to any image or style makes this group one-of-a-kind. They don't have to own a stand-up bass, have the mile high hair, the cowboy hat, loud amps or bad attitude that is a must to fit in with country, alternative or rockabilly bands. These are small town, down-to-earth folks that appreciate a simpler time: Oldies diners, Drive-In Theaters, Classic Cars, Bettie Page & music when it was music, not noise.

Shawn: is the busy one. Band leader, booking the group, writing the songs, making sure everything runs smooth. The knowledgable music lover, musical talent to spare. Quiet, but once you get him going .... you'll get stories and opinions to fill an evening. Shawn has penned half of the tracks on their debut CD, just a mere 7 of 75+ he has written since his teen years.

Darlene: is recognized immediately for not only her beauty, but her Minnesota accent, how sweet. Here's a young gal that never sang in front of anyone before 1997 and was almost too nervous to try live performing - we're all so glad she did, what a voice.

John: ... well, he's a drummer - what can we say ... the wacky one of the group. He's lived in almost every US state & settled in Lubbock to develop a music major. Beware, he may be teaching your child drums some day.

April: Born in February, go figure!? Here's a gal with a quick ear for music, a natural - born and raised in West Texas with a twangin' accent that could bend a crowbar. Fun, fit and ready to experience life on the road with these characters ... poor thing, warped at such a young age.

In all, they're a joy to meet and are people you will not forget, and that's before the great music. This is a toe-tapping, sing along CD indeed, but it cannot capture the excitement of a live show. There is a liveliness in the air like an old Johnny Rivers at the Whiskey A-Go-Go record ... so for heaven's sake (don't hit the brakes) and go see them in concert soon.! Now that we've captured some of their great sound on CD, I'm sure cynics will say it lacks direction. what it is - is ability. Anyone who has attended a live Shackshakers show can expect from Patsy Cline to ZZ Top in a single night. They play it all and play it well, in their own special style - because they can.

In this, their first recorded effort - they include some friends from far and near. The Roses (Robert Linville and David Bigham) sang on Roy Orbison's Sun sessions, Buddy Holly and Buddy Knox hits, and with Jimmy Bowen, Waylon Jennings and others from the famed Clovis, NM Norman Petty Studios scene. It hasn't been since their final recordings with The Crickets in 1959 that they have put their fantastic backups to tape. Long overdue and incredible to hear! Time hasn't flawed one bit of their vocal talent.

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