IT IS ALWAYS THE WISH OF EVERY FATHER for his son to follow in his footsteps. The first-born of the legendary Carl Perkins has done just that. The profound effect and influence of dad's music resonates in Stan Perkins. It is a strong influence born in time and cultivated by his father in Stan's raising.

IMAGINE IT THIS WAY. When Carl penned the classic "Blue Suede Shoes" in the kitchen of a small apartment in Jackson, Tennessee housing project, Stan was a baby asleep upstairs. When Carl wrote songs and perfected his unique style, that ultimately came to be called "rock-a-billy," Stan was playing at his father's feet. It is a lasting impression created through a lifetime of being the son of Carl Perkins.

AS STAN CONTINUED TO GROW, he had other influence and models. House guests in the Perkins' home were common. How many kids wake up to find the Orbison family visiting and got to hear the collaboration between their father and Roy? How many kids turned on prime time television and watched their dad as he played with Johnny Cash during his popular television show. How many kids during their formative years idolized popular musical groups of such as The Beatles only to discover that their profound influence was from his father?

THESE EXPERIENCES AND LIFE LESSONS developed Stan Perkins into the performer he is today. As he carries on the tradition of his father and carves a place for himself, the above mentioned factors influence his performance style.

HE WAS THE DRUMMER for his dad's band and is sometimes overlooked that he's also a quite accomplished guitar player. He dad featured him with the band on every show, but it is sometimes missed hat he is also an excellent singer/songwriter.

THESE THINGS ARE PARAMOUNT in Stan's Performance style and content. He brings to the audience the same rockin' back beat, feel good music that his father did, but with a different twist. He combines the rock-a-billy rhythm with his own brand of high-energy showmanship, making his stage show a sight to behold.

HE CARRIES WITH HIM a jamming group of musicians in his band and they are hot!

AS HE MOVES FORWARD with his own career after his father's death, he carries on the tradition set not only by Carl, but by all those Sun artists and other legends whose influence was so strong.

HE HAS ALREADY ASTOUNDED audiences in Europe and Australia as well as here in the USA and has proven beyond any doubt that he is "the real thing!

Photo Courtesy Russ Hall

STAN PERKINS (Carl's son) appeared at the Elvis Club on Beale Street in Memphis, January 8, 2003, to a packed house.

STAN PERKINS put on a dynamite show at the Sun 50th Anniversary Bash in Memphis, Saturday, October, 5, 2002 (also Billy Lee Riley's birthday). Stan keeps getting better and better.
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