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    The Stillmen have released two vinyl e.p.s' and now they have just released a full length CD entitled Go! Go! Go!. The CD has fourteen originals and one cover which was recorded, mixed and mastered on vintage tube equipment from the 50's and early 60's. Most of the songs were recorded at The Studio That Time Forgot with Kevin Ink and the rest were recorded by Deke Dickerson. Four of the songs came from the Stillmen's Leaving Town EP with a new vocal track. Two songs are from the first Stillmen EP but were completely re-recorded for this CD. The band used a number of techniques to try to give each song its' own sound as well as the fact that the different studios each added their own touch. The intent was to make a recording that would keep one's attention throughout the CD as well as contain great singles. The Stillmen believe that they have created one of the best Rockabilly CDs around.

    The Stillmen have been developing their own sound amongst today's bands. They use two electric guitars in their own way on songs like "2 O'Clock Girl", "Why Am I Blue", "Cute Little Baby" and "Lost Girl." They went for the classic sound of bass, electric guitar and acoustic on "Delta King." Some of their lyrics are short stories while others are tales of lost love. Characters from one song will pop-up again in others. Joanne Vanden Broek from San Ferancisco's Blue Bell Wranglers, helped out with some backing vocals.

    The Stillmen have been together since 1996. Recently Preston O'Lary replaced Jay Laude on drums. They have played Tom Ingram's Viva Las Vegas and they are booked to play on the bill for Hemsby #22. In the last year they have played New York, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Hollywood, San Diego, San Jose, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Seattle and much more. In 1999 Star Tone plans to push this CD towards charting on the Americana Stations in the USA as well as college radio on the West Coast. Hepcat records is currently carrying a large first shipment of this new CD. Their address is: P.O. Box 1108 Orange, California 92856.

    Star Tone Records presents
    "Go! Go! Go!"
    - STCD104 - 15 Tracks
    Available from Hep Cat Records
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    A New 'Extended Play 45' from
    San Francisco's Best Rockabilly Band

  • (Feb., 1998) This is the second release from this popular San Francisco Rockabilly Band. Considering the success of their first EP, the Stillmen are sure to be catapulted to the to with fantastic new four song recording. With the addition of Steve Merritt since the last EP as well as the song writing and musical gains made from all those nights playing out, the Stillmen have put together these songs which we here at Star Tone believe will become a classic. All the elements of great Rockabilly lie within the groves of this piece of vinyl. These songs were recorded with the help of Deke Dickerson (formerly of the Dave and Deke Combo) at his ecco-fonic studios. The sound and the playing is hot!

  • The Stillmen have been together since August 1996. They have been filling the best clubs in San Francisco where they put on a typical Stillmen energy filled show. Their music combines the best of classic influences such as Sleepy La Beef, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran as well as more obscure fifties rockers like Hall Harris, Charlie Feathers, Sonny Burgess and others. The Boys have recently shared the stage with Ronnie Dawson, Sleepy La Beef, Russell Scott, The Lucky Stars, The Derailers, The Blasters, Spo-Dee-O-Dee and a ton more. Once their record hits the streets there is no doubt that these boys will be in higher demand.

    What is this new recording from The Stillmen? It's a four-song sophomore release from this popular San Francisco Rockabilly band. The first EP has generated so much interest around the world and requests for more music were so numerous that The Stillmen went back into the studio to record again. All four cuts are penned by Steve Walz and Steve Merritt. The EP is called "Leaving Town"

    What makes The Stillmen different from other Rockabilly Bands? They avoid the standard use of a rhythm guitar with a lead guitar. On many songs the guitars play 3rds, octaves, ascending and descending melodies together before breaking into individual parts. This sound is all their own. They leave the Hillbilly and Psycho-Billy to other bands so that they can play pure 50's style Rockabilly.

    What are the songs like? "Cute little baby" gives a driving up-tempo start to the record. It has some cool double guitar work in the leads to listen for. "How I Wish" is an upbeat ditty of a love affair gone wrong with a pounding upright bass break in the middle. "Drinking Black Coffee" is a high-speed finger picking bopper in which the protagonist sits 'drinking black coffee feeling blue' over a woman that strayed from her happy home. "Suisun city" has more twin guitar work and it tells a story of lost love in this California delta town.

    Why record on all pre 1956 Tube recording equipment? Many people are big fans of the Mono recording sounds on labels like Sun, Starday and Meteor. It just gives Rockabilly that full rough frantic edge that can be lost in modern recording techniques. The slap-back delay was created by using two Ampex 350 tape machines at the same time with MX-35 mixers. It was recorded at Deke Dickerson's ecco-fonic studios in Hollywood. There is no fancy over dubbing on this record. Each song was done with the band playing together in a "live" situation, leaving no room for mistakes. You can hear the summer heat and sweat in this raw recording. There is a spur of the moment feel to these cuts.

    What are their future prospects? Just like the record says, The Stillmen are leaving town, being in such high demand, they are constantly coming and going. They have been booked to play Tom Ingrams' "Viva Las Vegas" Rockabilly festival April 9-13th, 1998. They hit the stage Saturday night at 9:00 pm sharp. They will be doing what they do best - rockin' the roof off and get things jumpin' before they back the evenings' headliner, The Collins Kids! With perliminary arrangements underway for tours of Europe and Japan as well as a CD in the works, The Stillmen have a very busy summer ahead of them.

  • Rockabilly Hall of Fame