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T H E - S U G A R - D A D D Y S
Rock, Swing, Boogie Woogie Thing

Chuck Daniels Gohr - Croonin' and a Pickin'
Gene "Geno" Petit - Slappin' and a Howlin'
German Utria - Bangin' and a Crashin'

Theo Bishop - Piano du jour
"Buzz" Campbell - Guitar
"It's the shyte." - Chuck Daniels Gohr

All the Scottish dialect aside, the Sugar Daddys' debut release from Native Language Music marks a significant entry into the ever-growing rockabilly and modern swing genres. Rock, Swing, Boogie Woogie Thing captures the essence of classic songsters like Elvis Presley, bill Haley and the Comets, and Eddie Cochran, and fuses it with the styles of today's contemporaries. The Sugar Daddys reinvent the rockabilly wheel in their new high-octane outing with special guests Theo Bishop on keys and "Buzz" Campbell from Hot Rod Lincoln on guitar.

"We wanted to make a record that was fun, stylish, and different," says Chuck Daniels Gohr, the group's founder. "We were tired of hearing about all this aggression in today's music, and we wanted to return to the roots of Rock 'n' Roll and make some great music that people can feel good about."

Based in Southern California, the Sugar Daddys were formed almost two years ago. Chuck had been kickin' around the rockabilly and roots scene for over a decade, playing in the early 80's with the renowned Chessycat Swingsters, and after years of travelling on the road and doing solo gigs, he decided to settle down to his native Southern California and play the music he grew up with.

"I was playing around as a sideman in some local bands, but after a while, I felt I needed to get out and have my own band and play my own music," says Chuck, who met bassist Gene Petit at a local record shop. "He'd been playing standup bass in roots-based bands for a few years and was really interested in venturing out into something a little different." They met drummer German Utria at an L.A. club one night, when he was playing with his group Pyramid Spin. And almost like that, the Sugar Daddys were formed.

"Rock, Swing, Boogie Woogie Thing" features original rockabilly tunes. The opening cut, "Earls", was written about a local coffee shop hangout that is open "25 hours a day". "There's a bunch of groupies that hang out at 'Earl's'. It's this dive of a place that has its own culture, and I guess, its own breed of clientele," says Chuck Daniels Gohr, a pronounced frequent visitor of the establishment. "A bunch of friends of mine and I started going there because of the novelty of it all, and it ended up being our local hangout."

Most, if not all of the songs, reflect a playful, sometimes evocative look at real life. "Dreamer" takes a look at an unique obsession with a Playboy centerfold. "Boulevard" focusses on Hollywood's broken dreams. "I think a lot of people come to Los Angeles and have these big hopes of making it," says bassist Gene Petit. "It's like the lyrics [to "Boulevard"] say, 'The only acting job she got was on Hollywood and Vine.' There are so many people out there that want to be something, it's crazy."

The Sugar Daddys' relentless pursuit for a good time prevail in their music. As with Elvis Presley back in the 50's and the rockabilly resurgence in the 80's, "Rock, Swing, Boogie Woogie Thing" holds a timeless, classic quality that more and more people are catching on to.

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