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Race With the Devil

Race With the Devil
Key: E (with a change to F in second solo)
Recorded May 4th, 1956 at Owen Bradley's studio (Bradley's Barn) in Nashville, TN.

Elec. Ld. Guitar: Cliff Gallup
Drums: Dickie Harrell
Stand up Bass: Jack Neal
Acoustic Rhythm guitar: Willie Williams

This was the first song recorded by Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps during their first recording session. Other songs recorded at that session were: Be Bop A Lula, Woman Love, and I Sure Miss You.

Race With The Devil is noteworthy from several standpoints. First, it contains two of Cliff's most famous solos. He captivates the listener with tension building/releasing phrases that remain on one's mind long after the song has ended. Secondly, he demonstrates true innovation with some exciting licks that were way ahead of his time for playing over 1-4-5 chord patterns. Thirdly, he used modulation (i.e. chromatic key change, key of E to key of F) initiated by the second lead guitar solo. Key changes were somewhat rare during that time of early rock. Other notable 50's rock 'n' roll songs that used modulation were Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy and the instrumental, Guybo by Eddie Cochran).

We thought this solo can and should be used as one of the classic primers for any guitarist who is interested learning to play rockabilly style guitar. Please note that the standard tab for hammer-ons and pull-offs was lost in our graphics formating.

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Race with the Devil - 1st Solo

Race with the Devil - 2nd Solo

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