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Blue Jean Bop

Bluejean Bop
Key: G
Recorded June 26th, 1956 at Owen Bradley's studio (Bradley's Barn) Nashville, TN.

Elec. Ld. Guitar: Cliff Gallup
Drums: Dickie Harrell
Stand up Bass: Jack Neal
Acoustic Rhythm guitar: Willie Williams

This song, recorded during the 2nd series of sessions from June 24th through June 27th, was a minor hit for Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps. It offers much more musically than the more well-known of Gene's early Blue Caps songs. In this case, it starts of with a slow, almost a-capella-style intro with just Gene and Cliff (rarely done in this mid 50's era). Cliff's continued use of extremely tasteful bigsby vibrato is shown both in this intro as well as the very last chord at the end of the song. The 3rd solo here, is quite difficult to finger/play and is amazing, once again, since these solos were right off the top of Cliff's head. This is another example of a 3-solo song that seemed to be more of a staple in Gene Vincent's recordings when compared to the 2-solo songs such as Be Bop A Lula and Race With the Devil.

Other songs recorded at this particular session were: Who Slapped John; Jumps, Giggles, and Shouts; I Flipped

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Blue Jean Bop - 1st Solo

Blue Jean Bop - 2nd Solo

Blue Jean Bop - 3rd Solo

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