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Bop Street

Bop Street
Key: G Recorded June 27th, 1956 at Owen Bradley's studio (Bradley's Barn)
Nashville, TN.

Elec. Ld. Guitar: Cliff Gallup
Drums: Dickie Harrell
Stand up Bass: Jack Neal
Acoustic Rhythm guitar: Willie Williams

This song was recorded during the 2nd series of sessions from June 24th through June 27th. Musically, at this point in the recordings with Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, Cliff is becoming more musically adventurous than on the earlier recordings. Listen closely to the tonal modulation in the 2nd and 4th bars of the first solo. Here we hear Cliff very closely matching his solos to the underlying chords. Also, in solo #1, in the 11th bar, Cliff makes it a point to skip consecutive pentatonic scale notes after hitting the 5th fret on the low B string.

Solo #2 is a complete musical gem. Here we hear a very tasty lead just full of passing tones and jazz-like intervals. I mean, exceptionally tasty. I'm almost in shock since I never sat down to learn/tab this second solo. Enjoy!

Other songs recorded at this particular session were: Well I Knocked Bim Bam, You Told a Fib, and Jump Back Honey Jump Back.

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Bob Street - 1st Solo

Bop Street - 2nd Solo

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