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Key: G
Recorded October 17th, 1956 at Owen Bradley's studio (Bradley's Barn) in Nashville, TN.
Elec. Ld. Guitar: Cliff Gallup
Drums: Dickie Harrell
Stand up Bass: Jack Neal
Acoustic Rhythm guitar: Paul Peek

This song, recorded during the 3rd series of sessions from October 15th through October 18th, shows Cliff Gallup at his absolute best. Period. Brilliantly executed pulloffs at breakneak speed (echoes of Les Paul on Bye Bye Blues) as well as the use of both major pentatonic and minor (blues) pentatonic scales within ths same solo. The 2nd solo shows Cliff, again, using incredibly creative musical innovations for rockabilly (in this case dissonant double-stops). The 3rd solo has a small fingering mistake by Cliff (I believe there are only 3 or 4 other audible mistakes on all of Cliff's guitar work with Gene Vincent). This is THE song that made me want to learn guitar.

Note the change in rhythm guitar on these sessions. I'd like to say that Willie Williams departure left a little void in the audible presence of rhythm guitar as heard on Gene's earlier-recorded sessions.

On a final note, it is absolutely sad that music of this caliber wasn't better received during the time frame when it was recorded. To quote one of the contributors to a Rock 'n' Roll List book, "some of the stuff Vincent recorded is out of this world; he should have died a billionaire". So true.

Other songs recorded at this particular session were: B-I-Bickey BI Bo Bo Go; Pink Thunderbird; Pretty Pretty Baby

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Cruisin' - 1st Solo

Cruisin' - 2nd Solo

Cruisin' - 3rd Solo

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