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Woman Love

Woman Love
Key: G
Recorded May 4th, 1956 at Owen Bradley's studio (Bradley's Barn) Nashville, TN.

Elec. Ld. Guitar: Cliff Gallup
Drums: Dickie Harrell
Stand up Bass: Jack Neal
Acoustic Rhythm guitar: Willie Williams

This song was the third one recorded during the very 1st stand-alone session. Capitol Records matched Woman Love with Be Bop A Lula with Woman Love as the A side. As it turned out, Lula ended up being the monster hit for Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps. Additionally, Woman Love, evidently, has the F-word embedded in the word "huggin'". This caused Gene to be tried and sentenced to indecency, in absentia, somewhere in the Carolinas. Ah, those pristine 50's!

This slow-paced song still has some, as always, nice guitar work from Cliff. This song epitomizes Cliff's phrasing in the early solos he did for the Blue Caps. As mentioned before, in the early recordings, usually only 2 solos were taken by Cliff and this one follows that formula. The second solo has some underlying bass note picking ala Chet Atkins. It's amazing how Cliff melded the Atkins style along with Les Paul's wizardry, an unlikely combination until you hear it.

Other songs recorded at this particular session were: Race With the Devil; Be Bop A Lula; and I Sure Miss You

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Woman Love - 1st Solo

Woman Love - 2nd Solo

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