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Waylon Jennings' Yard Sale

December 28, 2000 - Hundreds of fans, professional dealers and curious locals attended the beginning of a three-day estate sale at the country star's home. Jennings, 63, moved last summer to a smaller home in Chandler, Ariz., and wanted his fans to have a chance at belongings he left behind. Among them: a customized black Cadillac, knives and guns from his personal collection and -- the most expensive item at $750,000 -- a motorcycle once owned by Buddy Holly, who produced Jennings' first record. Organizers expect the rather bizarre bazaar to attract thousands and easily rival the colorful yard sale in August of neighboring country celebrity Wynonna Judd. But while Judd -- who was shedding stuff to move to her "dream home" in the same area -- sold everything from hair dye and board games to Christmas lights and designer shoes, Jennings is discarding memorabilia from a career that has spanned four decades. His hits included "Good-Hearted Woman" and "Amanda" and the legendary duets with Willie Nelson, "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" and "Luckenbach, Texas." Much of what was for sale Thursday had been displayed at a museum Jennings operated in Nashville in the 1980s. For $10,000 there's "Leon," the hand-carved, life-size wooden Indian chief that was Jennings' stage mascot for 20 years, and for $30,000 a Fender Telecaster guitar upon which Jennings combined his "chicken-pickin" instrumental style with rough-edged vocals. The piano where Colter wrote her biggest hit -- "I'm Not Lisa" -- was tagged at $15,000. And a Venetian chandelier that hangs in their bedroom was marked $8,500. The 7,600-square-foot house itself was listed at $1.25 million. The Country Music Hall of Fame was given first crack at the sale, buying one of Jennings' black signature hats, a large W-shaped stage prop, one of Colter's suede costumes and the hat and boots used by actor Robert Duvall in the movie "Tender Mercies."

"Elvis: That's the Way It Is - Special Edition"

Warner Home Video Announces King-Size Tribute to the "First Bad Boy of Rock". Newly Re-Edited "Rockumentary" Captures Elvis in All His Glory on VHS Jan. 16 and DVD March 6 - Includes 27 Songs With More Than 30 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen Rehearsal and Concert Footage. Warner Home Video proudly announces the release of the powerful "rockumentary" "Elvis: That's the Way It Is - Special Edition," featuring a newly remastered and remixed version, available for the first time ever in stereo. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Rick Schmidlin ("Touch of Evil," "Greed," "Doors: Live at the Hollywood Bowl") and his team, the special edition includes close-ups of Presley's famous footwork and guitar work, cut-aways of the band, never-before-seen footage including 10 musical numbers, and Elvis' off-stage antics. "Elvis: That's the Way It Is - Special Edition" shakes up the stores on Jan. 16 on VHS for $14.95 SRP and on March 6 on DVD for $24.98 SRP.

"Elvis: That's the Way It Is - Special Edition" documents Presley at his peak during the celebrity-attended August 1970 Las Vegas concert series and reveals a seldom-seen personal side of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Rare, behind-the-scenes footage shows Elvis interacting with the TCB Band and his back-up singers, the Sweet Inspirations and The Imperials, as well as his off-stage antics. The film captures the inimitable style of Elvis as he sings 27 dynamic songs including "Love Me Tender," "Blue Suede Shoes," "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" and "Suspicious Minds."

Both the VHS and DVD versions contain the original theatrical trailer and a new documentary "Patch It Up: The Reconstruction of Elvis: That's the Way It Is." The featurette chronicles the work of distinguished film restoration specialist Rick Schmidlin as he re-edits the film using never-before-seen footage. Schmidlin conducted an exhaustive five-month search for all existing film negatives, work prints and corresponding audio masters, producing up to four additional hours of usable footage, some of which was culled from individual scraps as short as a few seconds. Once he had the materials, he and his team went to work. There are many sequences of entirely new material, comprising roughly 40% of "Elvis: That's the Way It Is - Special Edition," which capture with greater intimacy Elvis' creative process and stage persona.

The entire film, including performances retained from the original version, has been re-edited, with virtually every shot reflecting some change in length and rhythm to give it a more contemporary feel. The recent discovery of 50,000 feet of original film negative shot by six cameramen who were granted unlimited access during the span of rehearsals and performances, and the original corresponding 16-track audio masters, provided the opportunity to re-cut the film. "Elvis: That's the Way It Is - Special Edition" represents the first time a film has been completely re-edited from start to finish using only original elements. This special edition will also be presented with a new Dolby Digital 5.1 stereo soundtrack. "Elvis: That's the Way It Is - Special Edition" will premiere on Turner Classic Movies on Jan. 15, 2001, one day before its VHS debut. Each video will contain more than $1,400 worth of Warner Spotlight Coupon values and will qualify for the Warner "Buy 3/Get 1 Free" Offer.

Musician.com Launches Ultimate Resource for Musicians

Dec. 14, 2000 - Musician.com, the ultimate musician's resource center, officially launched today, introducing the broadest range of industry and career development services available through a single company to enable musicians to create, manufacture and market their music. Founded by prominent leaders in the music industry, Musician.com connectsmusicians on- and offline with leading music industry executives, artists, managers, producers, and others who will empower them to further develop their talent and passion for music. Musician.com offers access to learning tools, collaborative online recording, lessons, and exclusive video interviews and chats with key figures in the music business. The Company also offers offline services by arranging for the hire of personal one-on-one experts who will consult with musicians on any aspect of their music careers, ranging from studio recording to marketing.

"Musician.com opens up the world of top music professionals, from producers, engineers and A&R people, to experts in all areas of career development, learning and business," said Robert Smith, co-president and co-chief operating officer of Musician.com. "Access to the variety and quality information, resources and services that Musician.com provides is unique, on- or offline. We are creating an environment for all serious musicians to enrich their lives as musicians and broaden their skills through direct contact with the most influential and creative forces in music today."

For the first time, access to a comprehensive and tailored mix of products and services, as well as a broad range of expert consultants in all areas of the music business, will be available on- and offline to meet the needs of musicians and professionals in the music industry. The newly launched Musician.com offers the latest in industry information, learning tools including exclusive guitar lessons from artists such as blues legend BB King or Geno Lenardo of Filter, forums and chats with high-profile music producers and engineers, and interviews and advice from top level A&R executives at labels including Warner Bros., Dreamworks and Virgin on what they look for in new artists. The site also hosts a database for musicians searching for others in their field, an online studio that enables musicians to collaborate with one another and record and access music from any geographic location, and access to online stores for musical instruments and accessories. Through its extensive network of active music industry experts, Musician.com also provides a wide variety of career-enabling services to fulfill all of a musician's needs professionally.

The Biggest Star Studded Event of the Year!?

MEMPHIS, TN - In a special tribute to the Legendary Sun Studio's 50th Anniversary PBS is filming a two hour special tribute. It's the worlds biggest jam session. Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Robert Plant, Chris Isaak, Jimmy Page and The Who will be joined by early Sun Artists jamming at Sun Studio. Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Lee Riley, Sonny Burgess and Jack Clements with Sam Phillips himself in the control room. Starting December 14, Sun be showing video and playing sounds from this once-in-a-lifetime jam session! Too cool! Andyou're invited (even cooler!). Tune in at www.SunStudio.com

Continental Restyling Stops Publishing;
Rolls & Pleats Moves Forward

As you'd probably heard, the European rockabilly magazine Continental Restyling is halting publication as of the latest issue (#45). This is from their website http://pro.wanadoo.fr/rolls.pleats/crmag explaining why.


"Our new hot rod / custom car magazine ROLLS & PLEATS is selling way beyond our expectations. It's a real success! Check out the Rolls & Pleats website for more info: http://pro.wanadoo.fr/rolls.pleats/

CR No.45 is out now. Sadly, it is our last ever issue. Here's the reason why: Up to about 1997, CR used to bring us decent money. Not a lot, but enough to live. However in the last 3 years, several of the shops that stocked CR have closed. It's no news to any of you that our scene is on the decline, especially in Europe. The only thing that could boost our sales is another rockabilly revival, but I've lost all hope of that ever happening. Dreaming is nice, but sometimes you have to be realistic. I can't see the kids of today suddenly getting hooked on '50s rockabilly.

In recent months, Angela and I have barely broken even on CR. If any of you think our life is glamourous, think again. We're putting out a lot of work into CR and we have to count our pennies everytime we go to the supermarket! As much as we would like to continue to support the scene with CR, we can't go on like this much longer. Therefore, Angela and I have decided to drop CR. It really breaks our hearts, as CR was "our baby" but I'm sure you'll understand we can't continue to put out a magazine at loss. Our subscribers will receive a letter about the remaining issues owed to them with their copy of CR No.45.

If you're in a band or run a record label, please keep on sending your new record / CD releases to us: they will be reviewed in Rolls & Pleats. There was only one rockabilly record reviewed in R&P No.1 but there will be several in each future issue.

Here's a preview of some of the features in ROLLS & PLEATS No.2:
The Custom Kemps of Sweden's Lead Nats 2000
The Road Agents' 2000 Hot Rod Rumble (Connecticut)
Lead East 2000 (New Jersey)
Euronats 2000: biggest ever gathering of '50s style rods and customs in France
Blue Mist: original early '60s custom rediscovered!
Pekka Wizzzard: pinstriping genius from Finland
Top chopping a 1941-48 Ford coupe: step-by-step photo how-to
Shaving door handles: step-by-step photo how-to

All the records, CDs and books we sell through Crazy Gator are now listed on the Crazy Gator website, with prices: http://pro.wanadoo.fr/rolls.pleats/cg

We have decided to get rid off all the vintage furniture and clothes in our shop, to concentrate on the sale of records and books. We have a really big selection of top quality '50s American clothes which we're letting go for a fraction of the US prices. Our prices on clothes are guaranteed to be the lowest in the world, and we're talking killer gab shirts, peg pants and other hepcat goodies!! The cool furniture we have is now so cheap it's almost given away. We need the room . .. so pay us a visit quick, you won't be sorry! (by appointment only) Photos of some of the clothes and furniture we sell can be found on the Crazy Gator website (address above).

We now accept credit cards (VISA and MASTERCARD). That makes it a lot easier for you to CR T-shirts, back issues... or even buy records and books from our other business Crazy Gator.

We have put our 1956 Ford for sale. It's an old custom from 1960 which was on the cover of SPEED & CUSTOM magazine in April 1963. Check out the photo and story at: http://pro.wanadoo.fr/rolls.pleats/blue56"

Matt Lucas Shocks Radio Memphis

Alex Ward of Radio Memphis fame had produced a one hour special on the Hall of Famer, Matt Lucas. Alex dwells into Matt's ups and downs in the music business and plays all the cuts on Matt's new "SHOCKABILLY" CD. The CD was produced by Lou Hobbs and contains unique arrangements of ten great early rock & roll hits made famous by the original Pioneers. Alex says that Matt's treatment of each song is "red hot" and makes these songs sound new again! Radio Memphis is heard on the world radio network's Voice of America, Radio Voyager Network and Merlin as well as having extensive internet presence. Alex combines over 30 years of broadcast experience in Memphis. In that time Alex has seen, heard or talked to everyone who's anyone in Memphis Music from Elvis to BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Ike Turner, to name a few. Radio Memphis website is www.radiomemphis.com.
Matt says: "Check this out: http://hometown.aol.com/bksnova/bksmemphis.html - Also click on the Southbound Line playlist."

Harold D. Goodson Dies

MIDLAND, TEXAS - Harold D. Goodson died Saturday, Dec. 2, 2000, at a Midland hospital. His 1950's rockabilly recordings are featured on Rollercoaster EP RCEP 108, Hal Goodson and The Raiders - Texas Rockabilly. It is likely a further 1950's cut by the band will be featured on an upcoming CD from Rollercoaster. A brief history of the band is on the EP sleeve, along with a couple of nice pictures. Hal's full story appeared in Now Dig This issues 84 and 85. He was born January 20, 1937, in Childress to William Goodson and Nellie (Fromm) Goodson. He was a graduate of Childress High School and Texas Tech where he played football as a full scholarship athlete. He married Joyce Lee Duncan Aug. 4, 1958, in Muleshoe. Mr. Goodson was employed with Fields and Company in Odessa and Amarillo, retiring in June of 1999. He was a member of Crestview Baptist Church. The family requests memorials be directed to American Heart Association, 3205 W. Cuthbert, Midland, Texas, 79701. He was a devoted and beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. His motto in life was "I tried" and he gave all of himself to everything he did.


Shake off the post-Holiday "Blahs" with some Post-Holiday Blues and Rockabilly! The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Zoo Bar and GRITZ.NET present "LOWELLPALOOZA'" Sunday, January 14, 2001 - 4pm to 10pm, at the ZOO BAR in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's a special CD Release Party and a Tribute to the late Bobby Lowell, "Nebraska's First Rock and Roller."

Bridging the gap between South Carolina and Nebraska with the release of "Midwest Carolina Blues" Michael Buffalo Smith & The Rockabilly Hall of Fame Blues Band (Rockabilly Hall of Fame Blues #110) was recorded in Lincoln's Jam Palace Studios. To celebrate the release, Michael will reunite with band members Dave Robel, Sean Benjamin, Pinky Semrad, Toni Baustian, Bob Timmers, Jim Jenkins and Jim Cidlik to host a Sunday evening show dedicated tot he memory of Bobby Lowell.
* Michael Buffalo Smith & The Rockabilly Hall of Fame Blues Band
* J. Harrison Bee & The Bumbles
* The Mezcal Brothers
* Shithook

Cover charge will go to purchase a Memorial Plaque for Bobby Lowell to reside in The Zoo Bar until the physical Nebraska Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is opened, and then transfered there. "The Midwest Carolina Blues" CD will be available at that day $10.00 each. Michael Buffalo Smith is available for phone interviews. (864) 232-1476 or editor@gritz.net

Rare Collectibles Now on Sale
at the Hall of Fame Auction Site

An autographed OKeh 78 of "Wabash Cannonball" and a vintage songbook are among the Roy Acuff items currently being auctioned on the Hall of Fame Auction site. It's a country music lover's dream: A vintage OKeh 78 of "Wabash Cannonball," personally autographed by Roy Acuff; classic editions of Alton Delmore's behind-the-scenes memoir, Truth is Stranger Than Publicity; rare copies of The 4th Annual Fan Fair Reunion, an LP given only to early Fan Fair patrons, and never before available to the public. These are just a few of the rare and fascinating collectibles that are now available on the Country Music Hall of Fame's new online Auction Site. The site offers collectors and fans alike a chance to bid on a plethora of out-of-print rarities produced by the Country Music Foundation Press and Country Music Foundation Records. With the Hall of Fame preparing to move to its new location in downtown Nashville in the spring of 2001, the current facility on Music Row is now liquidating these unique items. Many of these products have been unavailable to the public for years. Some items that will be offered throughout the auction period have never been available to the public before.

The Hall of Fame Auction area currently offers LPs featuring classic country and rockabilly artists. Although none of the items listed on the auction are accessioned museum artifacts, each item can be considered a collector's item. In addition to the autographed copies of the "Wabash Cannonball" 78, other Roy Acuff collectibles include the Roy Acuff Foldout Photo Album and the Roy Acuff Songbook. Copies of the Hall of Fame's 1994 Wall Calendar feature twelve beautiful, full-color shots of contemporary stars Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Trisha Yearwood, Travis Tritt, Marty Stuart, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson, Ricky Van Shelton, Randy Travis, Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill and Wynonna, as well as 24 smaller black and white photos of classic country stars.

Vinyl collectors and dyed-in-the-wool LP listeners will want to check out the LP stock, which includes such acclaimed 33 rpm releases as The Louvin Brothers: Radio Favorites '51 - '57, Hank Williams: The First Recordings, Sixty Years of the Grand Ole Opry, Buck Owens & the Buckaroos: Live at Carnegie Hall, Get Hot or Go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabilly and The Bristol. Visitors to the Hall of Fame website will want to check out the auction site on a regular basis, as new items will be added over time. In the coming months, visitors can enter the auction site through the navigation bar on the left side of this page or through country.com's home page. http://www.country.com/hof/auction/hof-auction-f.html

Soon To Be Released
by Rolling Chrome Books

Spring 2001- $24.95
There are songs that come from the heart, from the tumbleweeds of Texas to the dance halls of the San Joaquin Valley, and those songs are meant to be enjoyed by all the people who have happy feet. This is a story about love and romance and, more importantly, for the historians of Rockabilly music. This is one of the heroes of Western Swing music.

The Dave Stogner Story
Only A Memory Away

... is the story of Dave Stogner, a world-class bandleader in the 1950's and 1960's, who left his home in St. Jo, Texas to become one of the best known Western Swing band leaders on the West Coast. And, Viola Stogner, an Oklahoma gal who dreamed of being a "Cowboy's Sweetheart," and succeeded. Viola Stogner, now widower, tells her gripping story about a twenty-year romance with her "Cowboy Sweetheart." She tells her story for the first time as her friend, Marie Brown, and her granddaughter, Bethany Coffer, listen intently at a beach house in Capitola, California. Each of them has their own lives to live. For Viola Stogner, she found her true soul mate, but for Marie Brown, she has still yet to find hers, and Bethany Coffer is a newly wed, but each enjoy the stories Viola tells about her romance and friendship with the late great Dave Stogner.

Dave Stogner and the Western Rhythmaires were stalwarts in the San Joaquin Valley and played in front of the largest crowds ever at the Big Old Fresno Barn. Many of Nashville's greatest came to The Barn to play at Dave's request. Dave Stogner could have made it big on the Nashville scene and the Grand Ole Opry circuit, but he decided the Nashville life wasn't for him, and neither did his band.

Dave Stogner had a sound in his mind that Milton Brown put there. He was able to perfect that sound with his band The Western Ryhtymaires. Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, and Milton Brown and The Musical Brownies, were influential in his style of music.

This is a story that music fans from all over will want to read, and for those romantics who like to read about romance, love, and family, and how Viola got her man. Viola Stogner

Viola Stogner lives in Madera, California in the house that Dave and her bought before he died in 1989. She enjoys time with her children and grandchildren, and spends a lot of time with her neighbor, Marie Brown, who has listened faithfully to her stories about love and romance.

Judy Malmin wrote the first manuscript that was titled, "It Wasn't Easy, Was It." Judy lives in Santa Cruz with her husband and son. Judy spent hours taping conversations with Dave Stogner before he died.

John W. Cargile enlarged on the first manuscript and spent hours e-mailing and talking to Judy and Viola about the book's contents. John lives in Coker, Alabama with his wife and son. He is the publisher of Rolling Chrome Books.

Rolling Chrome Books
12208 Mt. Olive Road
Coker, AL 35452
(205)339-3034 Fax
E-Mail: JcargileJohnC@netscape.net
John Cargile - Publisher

George Jones' Big USA 2001 Tour Plans Set

Country legend George Jones has announced an extensive U.S. tour schedule that will keep him on the road from January until November. For George's fans, here are the scheduled dates so far:
* Jan. 20: Paducah, Ky. (Executive Inn)
* Jan. 26-27: Robinsonville, Miss. (Sam's Town)
* Feb. 2: Tulsa, Okla. (Brady Theater)
* Feb. 3: Ft. Worth, Texas (Billy Bob's)
* Feb. 4: San Antonio, Texas (Livestock Show)
* Feb. 6: El Paso, Texas (Chavez Theater)
* Feb. 7: Albuquerque, N.M. (Kiva Auditorium)
* Feb. 9-10: Las Vegas (Sam's Town)
* Feb. 11: Salt Lake City, Utah (Abravanel Hall)
* Feb. 14: El Cajon, Calif. (Performing Arts Center)
* Feb. 16: San Rafael, Calif. (Marin Center)
* Feb. 18: Phoenix (Celebrity Theater)
* Feb. 20: Amarillo, Texas (Civic Center)
* March 1: Plant City, Fla. (Strawberry Festival)
* March 3: Silver Springs, Fla. (Silver Springs Park)
* March 15: Williamsport, Pa. (venue TBA)
* March 16: Bristol, Tenn. (venue TBA)
* March 17: Chattanooga, Tenn. (Memorial Auditorium)
* March 29: Dayton, Ohio (Nutter Center)
* March 30: Louisville (Palace Theatre)
* March 31: Ft. Wayne, Ind. (Embassy Theatre)
* April 5: Jim Thorpe, Pa. (Ramblers Ranch)
* April 6: Fairfax, Va. (Patriot Center)
* April 7: Greensboro, N.C. (Special Events Centre)
* April 20-21: Myrtle Beach, S.C. (Alabama Theater)
* April 27-28: Suttons Bay, Mich. (Leelanau Sands Casino)
* May 3: Lincoln, Neb. (Lied Center)
* May 4: Sioux Falls, S.D. (Washington Pavilion)
* May 11: Davenport, Iowa (Allen Theater)
* May 13: Ames, Iowa (Stephens Auditorium)
* May 19: Denver (Paramount Theatre)
* May 20: Rapid City, S.D. (Rushmore Theatre)
* May 31: State College, Pa. (venue TBA)
* June 1: Salem, Va. (Civic Center)
* June 2: Knoxville, Tenn. (Civic Auditorium)
* June 8: Little Rock, Ark. (venue TBA)
* June 9: St. Charles, Mo. (Family Arena)
* June 22: Double Springs, Ala. (Looney's Amphitheater)
* June 23: McMinnville, Tenn. (Pish-Li-Kai)
* Aug. 10: Vicksburg, Miss. (Ameristar Casino)
* Aug. 11: Branson, Mo. (Grand Palace)
* Aug. 17: Lancaster, Pa. (American Music Theatre)
* Aug. 30: Du Quoin, Ill. (State Fair)
* Sept. 13-14: Mt. Pleasant, Mich. (Soaring Eagle Casino)
* Sept. 20: Hinckley, Minn. (Grand Casino)
* Sept. 21: Newton, N.D. (Four Bears Casino)
* Sept. 22: Mahomen, Minn. (Shooting Star Casino)
* Sept. 28-29: Renfro Valley, Ky. (venue TBA)
* Oct. 4-5: Bossier City, La. (Horseshoe Casino)
* Oct. 6: Branson, Mo. (Grand Palace)
* Oct. 19: Biloxi, Miss. (Grand Casino)
* Oct. 20: Cumming, Ga. (Lanierland)
* Oct. 26: Kinder, La. (Grand Casino)
* Nov. 2: Owensboro, Ky. (Executive Inn)
* Nov. 3: Wisconsin Dells, Wisc. (Crystal Grand)

Evening Tours With Lighting of Elvis' Christmas Decorations

WHAT: Holiday season and evening tours with the annual lighting of the traditional lights and decorations on the Memphis Graceland mansion property. The extensive spectacle includes hundreds of blue lights along the driveway, a life-size nativity scene, Santa and his sleigh and much more originally displayed by Elvis. For the second year, Arkansas philanthropist Jennings Osborne and his family have constructed expanded spectacular displays of over two million lights in the backyard of Graceland mansion and in Graceland Plaza.
WHERE: Graceland front yard
SPECIAL EVENING TOURS: Every Friday and Saturday between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. through Dec. 30, the public can enjoy special evening walk-through tours of Graceland in all its usual Christmas splendor and see the expanded Osborne display in the backyard.
PRICES are $7.00 ages 13 and up, 12 and under free. (A portion of each ticket sold will go to MIFA for Presley Place, the transitional housing development funded by the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation). There is no admission fee to enjoy the lighting in Graceland Plaza and the plaza view of the mansion grounds. The only charge is for access to the mansion property.
FREE PARKING after 5:00 p.m.

The sad news on the passing of John Stafford.

From Tony Wilkinson - It was with considerable sadness today that I received a telephone call advising the death of John Stafford from a heart attack last night (20 November 2000). John was a regular contributor to Now Dig This, especially with his perceptive Hemsby show reviews and other articles. He had a wealth of knowledge of all things rock 'n' roll and country and knew many of the stars on a personal level. He was a supremo at autograph collecting and had an unrivalled collection. However above all else, he was a general all round good guy and was willing to share knowledge and contacts at all times. To put it simply, there are not too many like him. Two of the acts he admired above all were the late Carl Perkins and Ricky Nelson. John wrote a book on Ricky which was published a few years back and has written a book on Carl which is scheduled to be issued early next year. I have been privileged to read the draft of his book on Carl and in all probability it will come to be regarded as one of the definitive pieces on this great star. Let this be his testimony. I for one shall miss sitting around the table in the hotel at Hemsby listening to John relate some bloody amusing and/or interesting tales of his past experiences or saucy stories regarding some singing star. John was a genuine person and I for one plus, I suspect, the rest of the rock 'n' roll fraternity will miss you.
Tony Wilkinson

To echo Tony`s words, this is indeed a very sad loss in the literary rock n roll world. John was a superb story teller and shared stories in an admirable open way, with not a hint of oneupmanship. His many passions included country , rock n roll, autographs as well as been a fanatical "twitcher" (ornithologist). His research skills in tracking down names like Baker Knight were exemplary and I`ll miss those hilarious stories of touring USAF bases with Bob Luman etc. It was only yesterday that I framed the 150th NDT cover signed by Phil and Don Everly that John gave me a while back in exchange for some laser prints for his awesome autograph collection . I was going to ring him before the upcoming weekender to see if he needed any extra autographs for swaps and to ask when the Perkins book was coming out, but then I heard the sad news from Rod, confirmed by Tony`s post. A good friend and a great writer has left a real void in our music world. Knowing John though , by now he`s bugging St Peter to tell him where to find Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers to get their elusive autographs to make his collection complete.
Rest easy big man
Phil Davies

DANCE 4 U, is the #1 monthly magazine for the fun dancer. Rockabilly - Rock 'n' Roll - Modern Jive - Lindy - Swing, etc. Contact: DANCE 4U, P.O. Box 24690, London E9 5FN, Tel.: 020 8985 5535, fax 020 8533 2834. E-mail: dance4u@bigwig.ner


5pm Till Saturday 20th January 2001. Starring From Arkansas, USA, SONNY BURGESS, The Original Rock 'n' Roll Wild Man Performing His Legendary Sun Recordings Including 'Ain't Got A Thing', 'Red Headed Woman' And 'We Wanna Boogie'.
SPECIAL GUEST, TOMMY BRUCE, Million Selling 1960 Star "Ain't Misbehavin"
Also Starring:
THE RAPIERS, Europe's Top Instrumental Group
GRAHAM FENTON, The Black Leather Rebel
CHRIS BLACK AND BLACKCAT, Fender Man Meets The Ripper
PINK CADILLAC, Local City Rockers
Master of Ceremonies STU WILD WAX
Your two favourite disc jockeys will be spinning the wax at the Rockers Reunion Winter Party - The Two Petes: PETE BRUCE and WILD CAT PETE

THE MUSIC. We are proud to present a quality line-up of the best Rock n Roll entertainment for the Rockers Reunion Winter Party.
SONNY BURGESS headlines our show and is making an exclusive European appearance. During the fifties he recorded for Sun Records and "Red Headed Woman', Sadie's Back In Town' and "We Wanna Boogie" are among the wildest and most primitive Rock 'n' Roll records of all time. Sonny's stage show is an unbelievable experience not to be missed.
THE RAPIERS who will close the show, have consistently proved themselves to be one of Britain's foremost Rock 'n' Roll hands with an act that includes a mixture of vocals and great instrumentals.
TOMMY BRUCE was the sensation of 1960 taking his revival of "Ain't Misbehavin"' to the top of the British charts where it earned him a gold disc for a million sales. We are delighted to showcase the unique talent of an original British Rock 'n' Roller.
GRAHAM FENTON was, and still is, the vocalist with Matchbox who scored a bunch of hits in the Seventies, including "Rockabilly Rebel" and "Buzz Buzz a Diddle It". He will be performing his solo act for us, and heavily featuring the sounds of the great Gene Vincent.
CHRIS BLACK and BLACKCAT will he performing a tribute to Screaming Lord Sutch which promises to he full of surprises, while our show is completed by a farewell performance from the popular PINK CADILLAC from Welwyn Garden City.

THE WAY THERE. RIVERMEAD is located just a short walk from Reading Town Centre and Reading Station. High speed Inter-City trains link Reading to the West Country, The Midlands, Wales, Manchester and Scotland. For London travelers there is a frequent service to Paddington, which is only about 20 minutes away. Late trains run hack to London throughout the night.
For road travelers Reading is served by three M4 motorway junctions. while the M3, M40, and M25 rnotorways are close by. There is extensive free parking at Rivermead. Heathrow Airport is half an hour away by car and a twice hourly coach service links the town with all the airport terminals. A direct train service operates regularly between Reading and Gatwick Airport. There are many excellent hotels close to RIVERMEAD including Rainbow Lodge (01189 588140) and Holiday Inn (01189 259988). Those seeking Bed and Breakfast should ring the Reading Tourist Information Office (01189 566226).
REAL ALE Once again we will have available healthy quantities of real ale supplied by the West Berkshire Brewery. Good Old Boy (4%) will he stocked in even greater quantities than last time, while for the serious drinker, Dr. Hexter's Healer (5%) is guaranteed to provide that happy feeling of total leglessness. Drinks will be sold at normal pub prices, and also available will be Courage Best, Fosters, Beamish Cider and a full range of spirits and soft drinks.
TICKETS ON SALE NOW Tickets for the Rockers Reunion Winter Party are now on sale at 16 in advance or 19 if purchased on the day of the event. We strongly advise you to secure your tickets quickly to avoid disappointment. Cheques or postal orders should he made out to Dixie Fried Music and sent with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: - Ian Wallis, 111 Worlds End Lane, Orpington, Kent BR6 6AW Callers are welcome between 9 am and 5 pm Mondays - Fridays or Telephone 01689 860980. Tickets can also be purchased direct from the RIVERMEAD BOX OFFICE 0118 901 5000. Credit Card purchases can he made from VIV BRITTAN on 01522 509067. Stall Enquires should he directed to WILD WILLIE JEFFERY on 01883 714289.
COACHES. Coaches will he running From LONDON to the WINTER ROCK 'N' ROLL PARTY. Pick up and drop off points will he from ORPINGTON, WALLINGTON, CLAPHAM COMMON and THE EMBANKMENT. The Return Fare is 7.50 and this must be Pre-Paid to reserve your seat.Coach Bookings can be made when purchasing your Tickets for the Show.
Any other clubs or groups bringing a coach party of 30 or more people will be eligible for a free ticket for the organiser. Please Ring Ian Wallis on 01689 860980 for further details of this offer.
Don't forget, The Rockers Reunion Winter Party is the event for those who know how to enjoy themselves. Join us for a great night of beet; dancing, rock 'n' roll music, and more beer. Buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Preview Song from RHOF Vol. #5

  • GIRLFRIEND, Performed by Eric Todd (Florida). Recorded at Burns Station Sound in Nashville, TN. Brian Setzer's bassist Mark Winchester slaps bass, Kenny Vaughn picks lead. The song will appear on the upcoming Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 5 CD to be released in Jan. 2001. Eric's website

    NYC R&R Convention & Extravaganza:
    Celebration of Rock Music History

    Lo-Fi Entertainment & COOL CULTURE Magazine Present: The New York City Rock 'n' Roll Convention And Extravaganza: A Celebration of the History of Rock Music.
    Dates: Friday February 16, 2001 (6:30pm-2am)
    and Saturday February 17, 2001 (10am-2am)
    At the Auditorium at The Church of St. Paul The Apostle, 60th Street/9th Avenue, New York City. Plus opening nite festivities on Thurs February 15 and closing nite festivities on Sunday February 18 at NYC nightclubs. This four-day event will be a celebration of 50 years of RNR, featuring live bands spanning all genres from 1950's rockabilly and doo-wop to surf, garage, punk, new wave and more, plus dealers selling memorabilia & collectibles and celebrity guest appearances. Headliner acts from around the country will perform plus some of the most exciting local bands. No acts have yet been booked. To discuss bands you represent please contact us at LeeSobel@aol.com or call 212.691.7731

    Local Virginia RockerHonored

    By Veronica Butts - The Virginian-Pilot
    NORFOLK - It's time for Granby Street to be more than a place to hit the mall, pay a parking ticket or conduct some downtown business. City officials want the thoroughfare to bring to mind the rhythms of Ruth Brown, Gene Vincent, Tommy Facenda and other music legends. Introducing the "Granby Street Rock 'n' Roll Walk of Fame." Mayor Paul Fraim announced plans for the walk on Thursday at Granby Streets Backstage Caf, where the first marker will be laid and unveiled on Nov. 17. "This walk will pay tribute to the rock 'n' roll legends of Hampton Roads," Fraim said. No one was more excited about the venture than rock pioneer Gary U.S. bonds, the walks first inductee. It will be the entertainer's first time being part of a legends walk. "To be honored, that's very special," said Bonds, whose real name is Gary Anderson. It's fitting for Norfolk to be first in paying Bonds such homage. Bonds is best known for his 1961 hit "Quarter To Three," which soared to the top of charts in America and the United Kingdom.

    City officials also said the walk will enhance Granby Street's reputation as a an entertainment and dining hot spot, not just the retail destination it became years ago. As new names are added, the walk will stretch down the east side of Granby. Bonds concert will coincide with the Nov. 17 unveiling. Tickets go on sale today at the NorVa. A modest Bonds didn't have much else to say about the tribute. He just belted out a few bars of "Quarter To Three."

    Rockabilly Supporters Release Benefit CD

    CHICAGO, IL - WGN-AM 720 radio's Steve King and Johnnie Putman have been promoting the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website for three years. To aid one of the country's charity causes, "The Needest Kids Fund," Steve and Johnny have just released a unique CD filled with a variety of talent including BR5-59, Delbert McClinton, Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, John Mueller, Robbie Fulks, Rick Danko and others. All tracks were recorded "live" on-the-air in one take. To help support the efforts of folks who support rockabilly music, order your copy from www.nationrecords.com or call 1-888-895-1845 toll-free. The disc is available now at Best Buy retail outlets. Border Books & Music will stock it soon.

    NASHVILLE - November 4, 2000 - CRAIG MICHAELS, recording artists, has just released his CD single, "One in a Billion," recorded at Burns Station Sounds (Nashville), to every country music station in the U.S. This particular song was co-written by Jim Hurt, who received a Grammy for "Love in the First Degree" recorded by Alabama. Jim & Craig wrote songs together for five years and the song itself was brought to the attention of Clive Davis who signed Jim to Evolution Records Clives Co. between Columbia & Jive Records, Clive's current company. Evolution went bancrupt and the song remained hidden in the archives of Eddy Krammers Masters. Ironically, here years after the song was written, Craig comes forward to release this monster ballad ... "One in a Billion." Call your local traditional country station and request: "One in a Billion" by Craig Michaels. To order Craig's full CD, please send $15 to Remuda Records, 10110 Castner Drive, Berrien Springs, MI 49103.

    Marco Di Maggio Reports in from Florence, Italy:

    Play rockabilly it's not so easy, you know it? The biggest diffcult on it, it's to make three chords sounding like twenty!! For play this way you need to listen and learn many styles: Blues, Country, Western Swing, Hillbilly, Swing, Rhythm'n'blues and of course, Rock and roll. When I formed the band "THE DI MAGGIO BROS." with Massimo and Sasso Battaglia, I thought was really nice to play and write songs within many influences and you can hear it on the album "ROCKABILLY FROM THE BOOTS UP". I remember the time when I sent a copy of our first demo to BOB TIMMERS (PRESIDENT OF THE ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME). He called me at home and he said: "Wonderful job, i wanna produce it!! From that moment, the Di Maggio Bros. Started to get populair in the U.S. and many magazines reviews our album with great comments. From '98 my career made a great step into the international rockabilly scene and permit me to meet and playing together my rockin' idols. Actually, I released four albums, more then twenty appearences on international compilations, two didactic videos and a book coming up soon. I write monthly for a big magazine called "GUITAR CLUB" and in a good rockin' tradition I introduced my nephew SIMONE DI MAGGIO on the rockabilly scene, in fact, he'll record his first album this year (only 14 years old) and he's performing in some clubs! At the moment I'm playing with three different bands:
    The trio has composed by my friend MATTEO GIANNETTI on Double Bass and by MARCO BARSANTI on Drums; The DI MAGGIO BROS. are riched by the wonderful vocal style of MASSIMO DI MAGGIO and MATTEO too, while the ORCHESTRA, just formed it's the new project regarding a seven pieces orchestra, rockin', swingin' and thrilling the audience with a various set, ranging from old style swing, rockabilly and a sort of "Hillbilly Lounge". I'm here pleased to answer to any question you'd like to mail me.
    Bookings: MARCO DI MAGGIO: phone & fax 0039 055 482245
    E-MAIL : marcodimaggio@libero.it
    KEEP ON ROCKIN'!! - Marco

    Dave Crimmen Songs in TV Movie

    Dave had two of his songs from the CD, Where He Left Off, featured in a CBS TV movie "Songs in Ordinary Time," starring Beau Bridges and Sissy Spacek, the songs were "It was Love" and "A Girl Like You." Good work son!! Dave will again be performing at VLV for 2001, in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame's West Show Lounge.

    Ripsaw's 17 Tracks: Billy Hancock & Tennessee Rockets

    Adriaan Sturm reports ... RIPSAW announces that Finland's BLUELIGHT RECORDS has licensed 17 songs by BILLY HANCOCK & THE TENNESSEE ROCKETS for a CD release entitled "Shakin' That Rockabilly Fever" (BLR 33722). The CD's expected release date is November 15th. HANCOCK & THE TENNESSEE ROCKETS were a critically acclaimed rockabilly band active between 1978 and 1982. The songs, recorded from 1978 to 1981, include all eight that Ripsaw released on four 45s in those years and all 14 included on the 1981 LP "Shakin' That Rockabilly Fever" LP (Solid Smoke 8015). The NATIONAL ASS'N. of INDEPENDENT RECORD DISTRIBUTORS ("NAIRD") awarded the Solid Smoke album an Honorable Mention at its 1982 annual convention. The CD will include a cut released only in France, another released in 1994 on a compilation CD, and one unreleased cut. The CD will contain extensive liner notes by co-producer LITTLE NELSON, a complete recording history compiled by co-producer THE SPIDER, and an analysis of HANCOCK's music and style by roots rock scholar TAPIO VAISANEN. RIPSAW is predominantly a roots rock 'n' roll and rockabilly label. It has released critically acclaimed recordings, not only by HANCOCK, but also by THE UPTOWN RHYTHM KINGS, TEX RUBINOWITZ, MARTHA HULL, BOBBY SMITH, and KID TATER. HANCOCK has been a frequent WASHINGTON AREA MUSIC ASS'N. nominee for best vocalist in its Roots Rock 'n' Roll category.

    Most of the tracks were recorded at BIAS RECORDING, then in Falls Church, VA (BOB DAWSON, eng'r.). Others were recorded at LOFT STUDIO in Great Falls, VA (CHAS. BOGDONOFF, eng'r.) and NO EVIL STUDIO in Washington, DC (Paul Wolfe, eng'r.

    BLUELIGHT is a predominantly roots rock 'n' roll label that has released several hot rocking CDs, including one last year by first generation rockabilly artist MAC CURTIS. BLUELIGHT's contact person is MIKA MYYRYLAINEN. He can be reached by email at bluelight.records@co.inet.fi BLUELIGHT's address is Box 153, 00171 Helsinki, Finland. Its phone and fax numbers are 011 358 9 757 1728 and 011 358 9 777 2127. Reviewers, radio stations, and distributors wishing further information or promo copies of BLR 33722 should contact BLUELIGHT's Myyrylainen.

    RIPSAW, JONATHAN STRONG, 4545 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008 - (202) 362-2286

    Australian Rockabilly Temptress Returns

    Rockabilly Temptress from Down Under returns to the U.S. for a limited number of shows in New York and Los Angeles.

    The Rockabilly Hall of Fame's WEST LOUNGE Show

    "Fireballs" to be Featured on the
    RHOF West Lounge VLV 2001 Stage

    Hailing from Raton, New Mexico in the late 50's, The Fireballs were New Mexico's first Rock & Roll recording band to become internationally known. The group was christened the FIREBALLS after their standing ovation performance of "Great Balls of Fire" at the Raton High School PTA talent contest in New Mexico, USA...January 1958. By the year's end they had auditioned for the late Norman Petty at his already internationally famous recording studio at 1313 W. 7th Street, Clovis, New Mexico, where it stands today - a monumental contribution to the birth of early Southwest style Rock & Roll.
         Current performing members - color photo above, left to right standing:
         George Tomsco; guitar, vocals
         Stan Lark; vocals, bass
         Ron Cardenas; vocals, keyboard, guitar
         sitting: Daniel Aguilar; drums, percussion