"Hubba Hubba Ding Ding"


I made my first record in 1957 for the Web Record label. "Honey Baby" b/w "Wine Bop Bop." I first met Link Ray and Doug Wray around this time. In fact Ray helped set up the studio mikes for the Web Records sessions. Link and Doug played on a demo session with me around this time also. We cut a song called "Flying Love." It was not released and I can't find the acetate. My kids into my records and tapes when they were little and I lost about half of them. The Wray Brothers and I were good pals. We played shows and ran around together.

My next single was cut for the Angletone label. Actually I got on the label very easy. I just looked up the label in the phone book and called them, etc. This is also how I got on the Web label. I recorded "Indeed I Do" b.w "Fly Love" (not to be confused with "Flying Love") at the Edgewood Studio in Washington, D.C.

I recorded "Hubba Hubba Ding Ding" & "Crazy About You" in 1958 at the U.S. Recording Studio. Again, luck was on my side. I met a guy walking down a street in New York City. He saw I had some demo records in my hand and he asked me what I had on them and I told him. We got to talking about music and he said he would like to hear my demos. So he took me up to End Records and the rest is history. I was on my way back to Maryland from seeing Frank Slay and Bob Crew, who were going to produce me.

My back up players during this time were Kenny Wathen, Teddy Wathen and Tommy Rice. The only time they did not did not record with me was when I recorded "Do Your Best" b/w "Soda Pop." I released these on my own, Tait label in 1958. I used U.S. Studio musicians for this particular session.

I made my last rockabilly record for Fred Foster's Felsted label. This was mid-1959. The songs were "Dragging All Night" b/w "Soda Pop" (not the Tait version). i met Fred when I was doing the Milt Grant TV Show in Washington, DC and negotiated a contract with him.

I made over 50 appearances on this TV show. I also appeared on the Buddy Deane and Felix Grant TV Shows in Baltimore a few times. This also brings me to one of my most memorable shows. It was a TV Show (I can't recall for who). It was at an amusement park and I was singing by a swimming pool and a girl pushed me into the water at the end of my songs.

I was an Police Officer with the North Beach Police Dept., N.B., M.D. and rose to Chief of Police. I left and went to work for the Federal Government as a Criminal Investigator and retired in 1977.

My wife Shirley and I started dancing competition in 1993 and won the Gold Division West Coast Swing World Championship in Nashville, TN 1994. We also did a spotlight dance of the West Coast Swing on Club Dance TNN TV and a show called Danceline on TNN TV.

My wife passed away 8/7/00. I now have a successful antique business in Leonardtown, Maryland.

Vince Maloy, Southern Maryland Rockabilly Cat!

Posted December 22, 2001

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