Athens' (GA) own Weyman Parham has recently been inducted into the "Rockabilly Hall of Fame," has won the Emmy award, and has an entry for the Academy A wards, but, when asked about himself, Parham says," I'm just an 'ole sinner saved by Grace."

Born Weyman Parham to Mr. Joe and Mrs. Inez Parham, the family was soon to move to Athens. "It's the love of my life," says Parham of the Classic Qiry.

Parham took guitar lessons from Vernon Goetz when he was 14 years old. Weyman is now called the World's Best Guitar Player by Ludlow Porch (the famed Radio Talk Show Host, Author and Humorist). He, Ludlow, is "my best friend," says Parham. Step-brother of Ludlow, Lewis Grizzard called Weyman (Wayne) Parham the Best Guitar Player in Atlanta (in the Atlanta newspaper).

Parham graduated from high school in Athens then graduated from Truit-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia. Weyman (Wayne) graduated from the Umversity of Georgia with his degree in Journalism (Radio and TV production). He is a lifetime member of Di Gamma Kappa, the honorary journalism fraternity.

Country music star Bill Anderson asked Weyman if he was interested in becoming a Kappa Sigma and Parham was interested but he was traveling on weekends and attending the University and active in church. In order to honor Kappa Sigma, Weyman found too little time to devote to fraternity life as should be done, and be hung around the Kappa Sig house when free. He was most honored and today still wishes he could have some connection with the Great Fraternity Kappa Sig.

Univ. of Georgia classmate, county music superstar Bill Anderson and Weyman did many concerts and shows around the area. Parham played guitar on a demo record of Bill Anderson's first hit "City Lights." Weyman also accompanied Bill Anderson on a first Nashville, Tennessee performance on WSM Radio's Ernest Tubb Record Shop program following the Grand Ole Opry.

Following graduation from the University, Weyman went to school at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky where he majored in Sacred Church Music (voice/instruments/conducting/composition and various affiliated subjects).

The US Army had a recall and Parham was ordered to active duty where he served as a sergeant.

Wayne was Kenny Rogers' stand-in (photo-double) in the movie "6Pak." People say they look so much alike with graybeard and hair that they sought Parham's autograph. He was chased down the road from the movie set and forced to sign and he signed as "Kenny Poger" for his safety. Parham says he has always been a huge Kenny Rogers' fan and continues to be so. He says, like the song, "I could have acted better, I didn't mean to be unkind, It was the last thing on my mind." Parham was called on by the movie company during the latter part of shooting and he did free work by answering the request of the film company to send a racing pit crew to Talladega Alabama for filming. film company asked Parham. Parham did not ask the film company.

RCA Victor Recording Artist Weyman (Wayne) Parham operates Tryangle Records, Weyman (Wayne) Parham Productions and is a partner with Dick Dickerson of MCA Records (Hollywood, California). Dickerson and Parham both are now headquartered in the Great Athens, Georgia, "the love of my life."

Parham helps out with the music for the singles ministry at Prince Avenue Baptist Church and is a charter member of Oconee Heights Baptist Church in Athens. He does many singing engagements at churches as well as concerts.

Please watch for Parham's Presentations on Tryangle Records. Charlie Garrett, Becky Ward, 2nd String Band, Overjoyed Gospel Quartetygo Comedy, and Roselyn. Soon to be recorded: Weyman (Wayne) Parham, Album Live.

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