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      As leader of my band called 'The Country Rhythm Makers' we have been involved with many aspects of the music business here in the Central Valley of California. I have had a country band for 31 years, and have had the privelege of playing with a few stars like, Rose Maddox, David Frizell, Johnny Western, Red Simpson, Billy Mize.
      I have released four singles out of Nashville on Caprice label, also recently two songs on a compilation cd with Triplestrand Productions, also two of my own material with Stardust Records with Mrs. Buster Doss. I was voted into the Sacramento Western Swing Society's Hall of Fame in 2008 for keeping traditional country alive in California. I finished my new cd which includes songs I've written called "Bakersfield A Workin' Man's Country" its listed at ... cdbaby/Jerry D. Hobbs
      I worked twenty-five years in Lemoore, Calif for Leprino Foods and played music on the weekends. Since retirement I've spent more time doing what I enjoy and that's playing music and writing songs. I played twenty-five years for the Fresno Moose Lodge, twenty two years for the Fresno American legion, twenty years for the Clovis Dance Club, twenty-five years for the Bakersfield Maverick's Dance Club, and have played for the Trout's night club for Rockwell, I won the Rising Star Award in Las Vegas for the California Music Organization.
      I have three videos of my band at ... Jerry D. Hobbs/YouTube we did these for a tv show that was broadcast in Fresno, California, these are songs I have written. THANK YOU.
Jerry D. Hobbs
(661) 834-4453
(cell) 559-816-1082
6601 Bridgeport Ln
Bakersfield, California 93309

Growing up in music, Mike Headrick was heavily influenced by the Bakersfield Sound (and still is). Mike plays several instruments professionally, but has become best know as a steel guitarist, now having 16 instrumental CDs featuring the instrument. Mike has recorded duet CDs with such legendary steel guitarist as Ralph Mooney and John Hughey. He has also played on thousands of recordings for other artists over the years. He has produced and recorded pure country records for more than 30 years in his south eastern Tennessee recording studio, Mikron Recording.
Mike did his tenure in Nashville in the 70's and early 80's where he played the road with many of the country stars of the day. He came off the road to start his studio where he quickly became known as a warrior for keeping country music purely traditional. He recognizes the art in it's pure country form, and has championed the cause for keeping the genre alive and well. He is known internationally as producer, label owner (Country Discovery Records), and qualified musician. He is still very active in all those areas of music, and remains enthusiastic about the west coast style of country he grew up on. He believes the Bakersfield Sound will always be a major influence upon country music artists of any and all generations.
Mike Headrick
Mike Headrick Productions
955 Burns Island Rd
South Pittsburg, TN 37380

Biography On Mr. Virgil Essex
My music days started in 1945 during the second war when a friend of mine played a five string banjo like Lester Flatt's. He taught me a lot of the open cords on my Silvertone guitar I only had to pay $12.00 for back in those days, today I own and play a D-35 Martin flat top made in 2005. I've had two Martins stolen from me out in California they were D-28's. While in the Navy from 1950 to 1954 I played music with different bands while on Liberty from my ship in Long Beach, CA. I first met Bobby Bare on The Hollywood on The Pike where he was doing solo's on the stage. He and Charlie Williams were good friend's back in those days. Charlie was a DJ on KFOX radio in LA and also a song writer. Billy Grammer a good friend of mine and member of the Grand ole Opry in Nashville knew Mel Tills who wrote Detroit City and called Bobby and told him about the song which made Bobby a big Country Star. Bobby use to come by George's Roundup in Long Beach,CA where I was a guest star for George Underwood from Memphis, Tennessee. This was back in 1956. I also played music with The Dixie Rambler's at a place in Wilmington,Ca called The Sundown Club owned by George also.While playing Country & Rock-a-Billy music there I met the one and only Hank Cochran & his Buddie Don Deal whom Hank was living with Don's Mother and his self. Don got on Era Records and had a hit with Unfaithful Diane. Don worked the road with Johnny Cash and ended up in Hendersonville,TN where Johnny & June lived on Hickory Lake. Wynn Stewart was a good friend of mine and he and Ralph Mooney would back me up when Wynny would get me up to sing with his band. I always wanted to record in Bakersfield,CA because I use to go with Wynny to The Blackboard Club where Buck Owens and Bonnie Owens worked as a Cocktail Waitress. They both were married to each other back in those days. I met Merle Haggard in 1969 at The Bonnie Price's Foothill Club when Billy Mize and his band played 6 nights a week. Merle let me on his old bus and said that in two weeks he would have his recording studio out on the Kern River and Hag's Place and I could use The Stranger's to record my Country Heart Records that Donna Fargo was on at the time. Merle told me that he would help me all he could to get started if I would bring him some promo's up to Bakersfield and he would take them on the road and give the DJ's a copy to play,but the record was never released by Mark Green the owner of the record company, so I missed my calling and never,ever tried to get in the recording business again except for going to Jasper,Tennessee and recording three more of my songs with Mike Headrick a weel known session musician out of Nashville,TN. You can contact Mike at who does a wonderful job of recording an artist. I sent Don Deal down there and Mike recorded him. I also want to mention that Lefty Frizzell back in 1958 gave me a white fringed jacket he had on that cost him $5,000.00 from Nudie of Hollywood. Wild Bill Cody had one just like it Lefty told me when the West was Wild & Woolie. I would like to take some of my time to mention a good friend of mine; Glenn J. Pogatchnik The Ambassador of That Bakersfield Sound for all of his support that he has given me and so many other Country Artist's from Kern County. Glenn you are an angel from Heaven. As Ever,Virgil Essex PKA: JERRY DALLAS

Herb Henson
From 1953 to 1963 there was a very popular live TV show in Bakersfield called The Cousin Herb Henson Trading Post starring Herb Henson. Herb is recognized as one of the early very important architects of the Bakersfield Sound. The show featured then unknown artists such as Bonnie Owens, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Jean Shepard, Tommy Collins, Dallas Frazier, Ferlin Husky, Red Simpson, Jelly Sanders, Del and Sue Smart, Delbi Smart, Wanda Jackson, Ronnie Sessions, Lewis Talley, Fuzzy Owen, Joe and Rose Lee Maphis and many many more over the years.
Thru the exposure of the TV show, many of these artists got gigs in Bakersfield and the surrounding towns in the San Joaquin Valley and the central coast of California. Many owe their careers to Herb Henson and his partners in the show Mr. Billy Mize and "The father of the "Bakersfield Sound" Mr. Bill Woods. This song "Y'all Come" was the show's theme song. Dedicated To the Memory of Mr. Herb Henson. His sons Michael and Rick Henson live in Oklahoma and Michael recently told me he is performing with his band at many of the Casinos in Oklahoma playing that good ol' Bakersfield Sound music...GJP

Paul Thorn
11/5/2012 - The other day I received from Paul Thorn's manager Billy Maddox. Paul's new CD called "What the Hell Is Goin' On". Paul, Billy and I have been friends for over 10 yrs and I consider Paul and his music to be some of the best of what I like to call "Southern Fried Boogie/Soul". Paul Thorn hails from Tupelo, MS and Billy Maddox hails from Sulligent, AL. Paul is also a great painter/artist. You can learn more about Paul and his music/artwork at

Letter to the Country Music Hall of Fame
Michael, I recently learned that the CMHOF halted sales of Eileen Sisk's book "Buck's Biography."That goes against everything I stand for especially Freedom of Speech ... Good, Bad or Ugly.

I will not and cannot be associated with an organization that implements and condones censorship.It is my specific demand you remove anything I sent you that you are displaying at the Bakersfield Sound Exhibit. If you have my name in the exhibit remove it immediately.

Michael I am particularly displeased with you if you are intentially associated with such disgusting and dishonorable practices. I gave you my friendship and fellowship and you work for such people knowing full well they censored the sale of Eileen's book of Buck's Biography in the gift shoppe. If I was in your shoes when I found out at the very onset such a heinous act was implemented I would have resigned and lived on a tent by the Cumberland River in poverty rather than condone and partake in such goings on than to taint my own self respect. You are no better than those who ramrod and bully for the love of money. Shame on you.People such as you and the CMHOF become zeroes to me.Bad behavior has dire consequences.Shame on you.As Lefty Frizzell used to say "You Are Plum Pitiful"
Glenn J. Pogatchnik
Virgil Essex & Merle Haggard - THE STEEL GUITAR NETWORK
Merle and I talked about our health Glenn, we never mention anything about our music days together back in 1969 when I came up to Bakersfield to Merle's recording studio out on the Kern River at Hag's Place and recorded for Country Heart Records. Donna Fargo was on there with me a the girl singer then she went to Dot Records. Norm played steel and Roy Nichols played lead for me and Merle brought me out a guart of Cutty Shark Scotch to drink.Ha Ha ....Virgil Essex PS: I'm a good friend of Mike Headrick too Glenn.:-)

  • Click here: Dr Jim Marshall OBE - The Father Of Loud
    Sad news from England. My friend Jim Marshall passed away Thursday April 5,2012 at the age of 88. I first met Jim Marshall at the Namm Show in Anaheim. He was there to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marshall Amplification. He was kind enough to autograph a poster they were giving out celebrating the 25th anniversary. He also signed an a Marshall tee shirt for me which I still have as well as the poster. Quickly I asked him if he would be producing a mosfet type amp in the near future. He said "Glenn actually the amp is presently in production and it was called Model 3315 with 150 watts of power. A few months later I purchased that model at Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.
    Later that year I called Jim in England to tell him how pleased I was with the amp.He talked to me for over 15 minutes professing his interest in the music of the Bakersfield Sound. I told him I had been to England on vacation three times. He told me if I came over again to drop by the factory in Bletchley and he would personally give me a tour. I thought that was a kind gesture on his part. Jim was one of those few individuals on this planet that changed the world thru his innovation and brilliance creating the Marshall Wall of Sound.
    I will miss my dear friend but I know he is rockin' up in Heaven with all those musicians that used his amps. Jim told me he would forever be grateful to Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend for endorsing and using his amps when he was first getting into the music business. Adios Amigo...Till We Meet Again.
    Glenn J. "The Beloved Ambassador of the Bakersfield Sound" Pogatchnik

  • Request
    Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for your site about the Bakersfield Sound. It is fabulous.
    I am curious about a family that was on the radio in the valley in the forties. Lige Mcnew and his sons June (James) and Leslie had a radio show during the mid to late forties. They were transplanted Texans who often played for barn dances in the north Texas area. They moved to California in the early forties and continued to play.
    I do not know which radio station was theirs, or if it was in Salinas or Bakersfield. I only remember talk about the show. Have you come across anything about them? I would appreciate any information.
    Jim Fitch