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May, 2006 -
I get up every morning at 5am and go to RHOF. I cannot get enought of this. I try to read all of the sites. Reading about the other artist's experiences is really great, because i can relate to a lot of it. Thank you Bob Timmers and everyone at RHOF, you are doing a great job. YOU can count on my support.
Bobby Lawson

March, 2006 -
The greatest feeling in the world is to sing, or write your first song, or play your first notes on an instrument. The road from there is sometimes happy, and sometimes hard. But no matter what, its the road of some off the greatest artists the world of music has ever seen or heard of. And because of the dream and dedication of a man and his staff the dreams of manny artists are a reality. I'm proud to be a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, thanks Bob Timmers. I will always be greatfull and will never forget the honor you bestowed on me by my induction. It will be the greatest feeling to carry the rockabilly hall of fame honor with me. In 1956 I was there at the birth of rock and roll, and thanks to you I will be there forever.
Ronnie Sando
Beaver Meadows Pa. 18216

March, 2006 -
Bob, thank you for all you done for me and all my peers. Bless you,
Joe Clay
Gretna, Louisiana

January, 2006 -
HELLO. It's been a while since I have said anything about the Hall of Fame that I feel very honored and grateful to be a part of today. This Hall of FAME for early Rockers of music, rockabillies, country and rock and roll, blues, and all in-between has shown everyone in the world where music of today has came from and will always be the roots of great music, kill the roots and the flowers dies never blooming again. The Rockabilly Hall of Fame has made a flower garden that every person from every walk of life can visit and smell the roses. Visit the garden and have a party learning about the music of America. Keep it going for yesterday,today,tomorrow, and always.
Al Vance - www.alvance.com come and visit my site. THANKS FOR All OF YOUR HARD WORK from the ones who care like me. alvance4000@aol.com

September, 2005 -
Well, Bob Timmers, I don't think I can add much more to what has already been said about you and your efforts to showcase Rockabilly Music to today's music fans. I am amazed at the fan base that seems to continue to grow all over the world, thanks to you. I am very greatful for what the RHOF has done for me by allowing me to be a small part of the Rockabilly Story.
Pat Cupp
Texarkana, Arkansas USA

June, 2005 -
Sure glad I found this web site been a rockabilly fan from the beginning. The sad part is that most of the great ones have passed on and the radio stations never play there songs anymore. Most of them became more famous in Europe than here. It's hard to even find there recordings and if it weren't for Bear Family Records in Germany you would never hear artists like Charlie Feathers or Mac Curtis and many others again. Thanks for starting this website.
Roger Braunlin
Bradenton, Florada Manatee

February, 2005 -
I just wanted to say another big thank you and to let you know what a great job I think you did on your new "50th anniversary" page for Bo Diddley. Thanks again for all that you do.
David Blakey, Webmaster,
BO DIDDLEY - The Originator

February, 2005 -
In the 40's we only had Country and POP music. Then came the 50's and things begin to get "Jumpin and Movin". Elvis got better known for his "Hillbilly Cat Ways". He by no means was the only one out there. Bill Haley was one of the first to get "Jumpin and Movin" with "Rock Around The Clock". No one seems to remember when the song was written, one thing is sure the song got recorded, and we all heard it. It was a great time to be a teenager every day a different song was being played on the radio. You could hear Country Blues, POP, and what did they call what is now referred to as Rockabilly ?
         It didn't have a name it was included along with Country music. Then day Alan Freed started calling those "Jumpin and Movin" songs Rock N Roll. He had the "BIG" show in Cleveland. He said here's Carl Perkins with his rockin' release on Sun records "Blue Suede Shoes". Freed moved down to New York and went to work for "WINS" and there was no turning back.
         What we all refer to these days as Rockabilly was gone by 1959. Replaced by Frankie Avalon, Del Shannon, Fabian, Frankie Ford, Bobby Vee, Bobby Rydell, Neal Sediaka and Paul Anka. Nice people to be sure, they made nice songs to be sure. But they were not in the same league, with Elvis, Carl Perkins, Sanford Clark, Bob Luman, Billy Lee Riley, Buddy Holly, Buddy Knox, The Johnny Burnette Trio and Bobby Lee Trammell, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Summers and Dale Hawkins.
         Then in 1997 Bob Timmers brought the whole deal back to life with the Rock A Billy Hall of Fame. Had it not been for Bob Timmers all we would have today is memories of those thrilling day of yesteryear. Bob Timmers is the Sam Phillips of Today. Bob Timmers means as much to the Revivial of Rockabilly music as Sam Phillips did helping invent it. Both Bob Timmers and Sam Phillips are "Legends". No one deserves to be in the so called Rock N Roll Hall of Fame than Bob Timmers.
         The Good part is all of us Rockabilly's have Bob Timmers and we owe him a great deal of "THANKS" for bring Rockabilly back so we can enjoy it as we once did. The next you see Bob Timmers at a Rockabilly show go up and tell him how much you appreciate him. Hail Hail Rockabilly Music.
Widmarc Clark / Widmarc's Rock A Billy Saturday Nite /
Widmarc's Honky Tonk Saturday Nite /
The Southern Legends Association
Cantonment, Fla. - sjmorris850@aol.com

January, 2005 -
Thanks Bob, for having the vision and the perseverance for crating and maintaining the Rockabilly Hall of Fame! Why should anyone care? Because Rockabilly is one of the few cultural arts that is truly American in origin! We took pieces from other cultures and created a uniquely American art form, which of course was the percursor to the music of today. I am certainly honored to be a small part of it.
Keith Murphy - murphy@eclipse.net
King and Stacy
Recording artist and songwriter

December, 2004 -
I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to become a member of your Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and also today, another great surprise, a certificate in the mail to prove it. I was really blown away when Bob Hayden wrote to me and said for me to click on your link and then find not only a photo of myself on the cover but a featured article as well. I really do appreciate and thank you sincerely for what you have done for me. My daughter was also blown away and made sure everyone and anyone we know was sent the link to your site. Thanks for making an ole rocker feel important again, your a gem. Have a great day / night, Beverley Dick, Australia

October 29, 2004 -
I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Not only for what it has done for me, but the amazing fact that more and more Rockabilly Bands are being formed all over the world. The music that I helped start, back in the mid-fifties is still alive ... and I am so grateful for that. I am convinced that your efforts to promote, and preserve, Rockabilly music is the reason.
         As a result of being inducted into the Hall of Fame July 1, 2003, I have friends that I now communicate with all over the world. They are all music fans, and they are hungry to hear the music, and hear the stories from old men who were there at the beginning. I guess I fall into that category. My page on the Hall of Fame website has become the center of my life. As you know, I am disabled and unable to preform on stage anymore. But thanks to the staff at the Hall of Fame I am able to take part in many music related activities. For the first time in years...I have reason to get up in the morning. Please continue your efforts to keep the music alive, and well. Respectfully Yours,
Bill Morrison, TNT Records

My thanks to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame... Since my induction in July of 1999 l have had the pleasure of meeting and keeping in touch with many fans of our music that l otherwise would have never known existed. l salute the Hall for giving the fans a knowledge of a part of our music history that they dearly love...
Red Moore (artist - REDRIDGE2@webtv.net)

As a musician of some 45 years standing, and a music historian I have found The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame an invaluable resource. I have discovered facts & information , plus unique photographs which cannot be found anywhere else. Along with Jazz, The Blues & Country Music this is a neglected but equally important (in many ways more important) facet of American culture that has to be preserved & honoured. The Hall's "group" exchange of messages also enables me to make contact with musicians, experts, and fans of Rock,n,roll/Rockabilly music world wide. As a result I have made many new friends, and have been able to share so much knowledge & information.
Mike Tobin, Bristol
United Kingdom

Being a Inductee in the (RABHOF) has been good for me, it has allowed me to increase my fan base. Fans have been able to find me thru the Hall! I have been able to showcase my CD'S. Promoters have been able to find me thru the Hall, I have been able to locate old friends and fellow musicians as well as to meet new friends and musicians. All in all the (RBHOF) has been great for me, many of us guys that recorded in the 50's and 60's would be left unknown without being a member of the hall.

I have loved traditional music all my life. In the mid 1950's I started loving the rockabilly type music even better than the others. Dewey Phillips started playing it. He was fired for format radio while he was still the #1 DJ in 1959. After that very little rockabilly  could get media exposure. There was a vacuum. Original releases, past compilations and personal contact was the only way to continue enjoying the fun art form.
         When I found www.rockabillyhall.com I was so happy that someone was helping give recognition to this great music and the musicians. In foreign countries it had always been loved. In the U.S. it was blocked from media. Now with the website and discussion forum, many others are learning about this great music. This is fun. Younger groups who love it and are creating new songs are able to reach out to a segment of the public. The work of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Burns, Tn. is very historically important. Many of us love being able to benefit from this valuable resource. The art of rockabilly music is recognized by the Smithsonian.
J.D. Cooper, Memphis

Bob Timmers is the cat that makes famous people known! Without him Rockabilly would still be underground. He has introduced thousands to Rockabilly, and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. (Who of us hasn't met one of our Rockabilly heros because of this site, and the shows Bob puts on?) I am very proud to call Bob my friend. Bob, Ya Da Man!!!
Col. Robert "Rockabilly Cat" Morris

Many thanks go out from me to Bob Timmers. Five years ago he dragged me out of the basement and retirement from music to get involved with the RHOF. Before he moved to Nashville, we put together "Dave & The Bad Cats, and started playing once a week at Ryans Ballroom (in NE Wisconsin). Since then I have done more things in the music field and with known famous musicians then the preceding 40 yrs. Thanks Bob for making my life exciting again.
RHOF Rules.
Dave Hermsen - DHermsen@aol.com

The RHOF is the best thing happenend to me after, my woman, our four son's and meeting Ronnie Haig.
Music is ... artists, fans, love, friends ...
Artist are ... music, fans, beautiful people ... The RHOF!
The RHOF is ... music, artists, fans, friends ... Bob Timmers.
Bob Timmers is ... music, artists,friends, great people, Rockabilly ... and a great guy. Thank you mister for all you did and do for the music I love so dearly keep up the Spirit. Ronnie Haig, Roger "Roc" Larue. Gene Maltais, Sonny West, Roman Self, Billy Lee Riley, Jack Earls, Charlie Feathers, Johnny Vallis, Bobby Lowell, Joe The Shaker, Gene Summers, Johnny Olenn, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Mike Vincent, The Bop Kings, Wanda Jackson, Kitty Houston, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Bill Mack, Dickie Harrell, Jack Neal and many. manymore. Thank God I have met you and learn about you. RHOF, Sheree, Rod Pyke - thank's for giving me the chance to learn about them. Lisa, Barb, Ken ... and all thanks for be such a great fans. I may have forgot a name ... but the list would be to long. Keep this site going and support the guy who works for it, stick together. This site is the greatest on this globe ... help make it grow.
Nol Voorst - wildboppinnol@hotmail.com
Maastricht, the Netherlands

I been priveledge in the last two years to be a part of the RHOF e-mail list which certainly has open my eyes and ears of all the happenings surrounding the world of rockabilly music. I hadn't gotten to meet some of the people on the list, but one of these days I may get my chance to do so one day. Thanks to people like Mr Timmers that certainly made the list a special list where can hear about some of the happenings of rockabilly music across globe. Keep it up.
Max Brand

The first thing I ever did when I bought my first computer back in April 1998 was to look for rock n roll artists and then I found The Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Many thanks for the greatest site on the web.
Ake Roos

2003 - Always Rollin' The Rock,
Rockin' Ronny Wesier

2003 -
My heartfelt congratulations go to Mr. Bob Timmers, his team, and The RaB-HoF for the idea, the purpose, and the continued success of a salute that never before has been done, by anyone, anywhere, anytime. We have seen recognition of those who have gone before us, those of us who are still here, and opened a door to those who choose to come aboard, regardless of their closeness to the original sound, or their creative efforts of still a new sound. We have all witnessed conversations between artists, who until now have never met or talked before. We have been able to talk to artists on many an occasion, that before now was unheard of. All this is because of a dream of one man. Robert Timmers had a dream. Not to bring attention to himself as a great picker like he is; but to instead bring attention to those who he felt needed to be set asside and recognized as the foot soldiers of Rock and Roll / Rockabilly. He has been successful in his attempts. This RaB-HoF has received the attention of the world for it's content, it's acurate reporting of news, and for finally telling the truth about the way it was, and is in ROCKABILLY!
With much respect,
Ronnie Haig

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