After the pioneers of rockabilly made their initial impact on the music scene
in the '50s and early '60, many performers have followed in their footsteps to
"carry the torch." This section of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame is devoted to that
"2nd Generation." In an ongoing effort, we will list the artists and individuals that
we feel have made a significant contribution to rockabilly music in recent years.

Rockabilly Hall of Fame¨

Adler, Ben
Angel, Eddie
Dominique "Imperial" ANGLARES
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Alvin, Dave
Bacon, Billy
Barnshakers, The
Barrett, Bucky
Baymore, Jack
Belmont Playboys
Big Bopper, Jr.
Big Sandy
Big Six
Blue Moon Boys
Boorer, Boz
Bristol, Marc
Brom, Marti
Burke, Ken Author
Burnette, Billy
Burnette, Rocky
Cadillac Angels
Carson, Rip
Casey Sisters
Cavanaugh, Jerry
Cave Catt Sammy
Chris Casello
Chrysler, Eugene
Clark, Alan
Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers
Curran, Nick
Davies, Phil Reviewer & Historical Research
Davis, Jimmy
Dempseys, The
Dexter, Levi
Dickerson, Deke
Di Maggio, Marco
Dual, Al
Edmunds, Dave
Feathers, Bubba
Fenton, Graham & Matchbox
Flores, Rosie
Friendly, Phil
Gatton, Danny
Go Cat Go
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Terry Historian!!
Hancock, Billy
Hepcat, Harry
Higham, Darrel
High Noon
Hillbilly Hellcats
Hobbs, Becky
Homer, Sheree Author
Horton Brothers, The
Hot Rod Trio
Ike & The Capers
Intveld, James
Jets, The
Jones, Quentin
Kirchen, Bill
Klein, Barry Reviewer & Historical Research
Kreuzer, Josie
Lenz, Kim
Lewis, John
Loehr, David Show Host / James Dean Gallery
London, Billy
Los Straitjackets
Luster Kings
Mather, Shaun Reviewer & Historical Researcher
Imelda, May
Merritt, Larry
Nelson, Gunnar
Nelson, Matthew
Newscaster, Bob
Number 9
Pancratz, Lisa
Perkins, Stan
Phantom, Slim Jim
Phillips, Knox
Phillips, Jerry
Polecats, The
Pyke, Rod UK Co-Founder & Historical Research
Ranch Girls, The
Rev. Horton Heat
Rimshots, The
Roberts, Brandy
Rock, Bob E.
Rocker, Lee
Rocker, Phil
Roe, Dave
Rockats, The
Rubinowitz, Ted
Seaton, Skeet
Self, Roman
Setzer, Brian
Scott, Russell & Red Hots
Shakin' Stevens
Shackshakers, The
Stray Cats
The Stumbleweeds
Those Legendary Shackshakers
Toini & The Tomcats
Tuscan, Jesse Al
Twistin' Tarantulas
Vallis, Johnny Artist & Historical Research
Vee, Robby
Vees, The
Watkins, Geraint
Wilkinson, Tony Reviews & Research
Wildfire Willie
Willett, Nick
Williams, Jason D.
Zoom, Billy

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