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Eddy Arnold
There's Been A Change In Me

Bear Family Records - BCD 16538 GI

        This superlative Eddy Arnold 7 CD, 166 song set takes up where the 1944-1950 compilation (The Tennessee Plowboy - BCD 15726 EI) left off. Smartly packaged and remastered the accompanying booklet features country music author Michael Streissguth's in-depth research on Arnold's career between 1951 and 1955.
        Longtime fans are treated to many number ones including the title track "I Wanna Play House With You, " "Kentucky Waltz," "Easy On The Eyes," "A Full Time Job," "Eddy's Song," "I Really Don't Want To Know," "That Do Make It Nice" and a re-recording of "The Cattle Call" with Hugo Winterhalter's string accompaniment. Further, this collection contains 44 previously unissued tracks. One of many highlights is the demo of "I Really Don't Want To Know." Besides alternate versions of Arnold's staples, but songs such as "Live Fast, Love Hard Die Young," "No One To Cry To," "If She Will," "I Was Foolish When I Fell In Love With You," "Through A Stranger's Eyes" and many more are released for the first time.
        Like many classic country artists, Arnold recorded material for a vast array of listeners. The Gospel recordings are top shelf and include "Open Thy Merciful Arms," the Thomas A. Dorsey classics "When I've Done My Best," and the previously unissued "Today (Evening Song)." The touching "His Hands," "Robe Of Calvary" and Have Thine Own Way, Lord" was recorded three times between two sessions! The kiddies were treated to such jaunty sides as "Smokey The Bear" and "Horace The Horse." Arnold's 8-year-old daughter joins him on "A Present For Santa Claus," "The Horse In The Striped Pajamas" and "Why Daddy." Christmas is in full swing with the serious "Christmas Can't Be Far Away" the sly "I'm Your Private Santa Claus" and the ever-so cute "Sittin' On Santa Claus' Lap."
        Arnold's work influenced many artists, particularly Elvis Presley, who covered many of Arnold's songs including "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again," "Take My Hand Precious Lord," "How's The World Treating You" - covered recently by Alison Krauss and James Taylor - "Crying The Chapel," Rex Griffin's "Just Call Me Lonesome" and "A Fool Such As I." Arnold's solid vocals even graced bluesy-type material such as "Trouble In Mind" and "You Gotta Be Mine" to the folky string supported "Lonesome Road." The dramatic rendition of "Condemned Without Trial" written by the team of Don Robertson and Hal Blair leaves no prisoners. Also included is Arnold's masterpiece, co-written with Cindy Walker, "You Don't Know Me."
        From rural beginnings to the start of his Countrypolitan sound. Eddy Arnold's music was ever changing, seeming never afraid to take chances and try new sounds. That ability to experiment and subtly transform his style is what makes this collection a genuine thrill for fans of classic country music.
- Johnny Vallis

Disc: 1
1. Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost
2. Rollin' and Tossin
3. I Wanna Play House with You
4. Call Her Your Sweetheart
5. He Knows
6. Puppy Love 7. I Wish I Knew
8. Heart Strings
9. Bundle of Southern Sunshine
10. When You and I Were Young, Maggie
11. Sinner's Prayer
12. I Wanna Play House with You
13. Roll Along Kentucky Moon
14. Trouble in Mind
15. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
16. No One Will Ever Know
17. Wild Flower
18. White Azaleas
19. I'll Still Belong to You
20. Somebody's Been Beating My Time
21. That Little Boy of Mine
22. Open Thy Merciful Arms
23. Old Rugged Cross
24. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
25. Take My Hand, Precious Lord

Disc: 2
1. Anything That's Part of You
2. Easy on the Eyes
3. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
4. That's What Love Is All About
5. Someone Calls Me Daddy
6. (Don't Ever Take The) Ribbons from Your Hair
7. Full Time Job
8. Shepherd of My Heart
9. You Gotta Be Mine
10. Puppy Love
11. I'll Do as Much for You Someday
12. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
13. My Desire
14. When I've Done My Best
15. I Want to Thank You Lord
16. Smokey the Bear
17. Horace the Horse
18. I'd Trade All of My Tomorrows
19. Older and Bolder
20. Lovin' Up a Storm
21. Missouri Waltz
22. Condemned Without Trial
23. You Always Hurt the One You Love
24. Moonlight and Roses
25. I'm Waiting for Ships That Never Come In
26. Old Rugged Cross
27. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
28. Someday, Somewhere
29. Today (Evening Song)

Disc: 3
1. Angry
2. I Got Bad News for You
3. When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver
4. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away the Key)
5. Ready, Willing and Able
6. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
7. Eddy's Song
8. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
9. If I Never Get to Heaven
10. Your Left Over Kisses
11. How's the World Treating You
12. Free Home Demonstration
13. Second Fling
14. Mama, Come Get Your Baby Boy
15. I Really Don't Want to Know
16. I'll Never Get Over You
17. My Everything
18. Unfaithful Love
19. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
20. Crying in the Chapel
21. Beyond the Sunset
22. I Really Don't Want to Know
23. Whispering Hope
24. Chapel on the Hill
25. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
26. I Was Foolish When I Fell in Love with You
27. Through a Stranger's Eyes
28. My Everything

Disc: 4
1. Chapel on the Hill
2. Robe of Calvary
3. Prayer
4. I Called on the Master
5. 'Twas the Dawn of a Beautiful Day
6. When It's Round-Up Time in Heaven
7. Touch of God's Hand
8. Just Call Me Lonesome
9. Hep Cat Baby
10. Mills of the Gods
11. Dozen Hearts
12. When You Said Goodbye
13. Hep Cat Baby
14. If She Will
15. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
16. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
17. When You Said Goodbye
18. No One to Cry To
19. Shame on You
20. Cold Cold Heart
21. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed
22. I Love You So Much It Hurts
23. Christmas Can't Be Far Away
24. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)
25. Sittin' on Santa Claus' Lap
26. Slow Poke

Disc: 5
1. You Can't Be True Dear
2. (Now and Then, There's) A Fool Such as I
3. Tennessee Waltz
4. Do You Miss Me
5. Don't Forget
6. I've Been Thinking
7. I Always Have Someone to Turn To
8. I Wouldn't Know Where to Begin
9. I'm Your Private Santa Claus
10. I Don't Hurt Anymore
11. (Gonna Get Myself A) Brand New Sandman
12. Two Kinds of Love
13. In Time
14. Each Time You Leave
15. It Took a Miracle
16. Present for Santa Claus
17. Horse in Striped Pajamas
18. Why Daddy?
19. Unchained Melody
20. His Hands
21. Silver Moon
22. Making Believe

Disc: 6
1. Cattle Call
2. Richest Man
3. Kentuckian Song
4. I Walked Alone Last Night
5. Home on the Range
6. Wanderin'
7. On Top of Old Smokey
8. Sweet Betsy from Pike
9. Lonesome Road
10. Wayfaring Stranger
11. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
12. Barbara Allen
13. Across the Wide Missouri
14. Down in the Valley
15. Red River Valley
16. I Gave My Love a Cherry
17. Careless Love
18. Rovin' Gambler
19. If She Will
20. That Do Make It Nice
21. I'll Be Satisfied
22. I'll Be Satisfied
23. Do You Know Where God Lives?
24. Bayou Lullaby
25. You Don't Know Me

Disc: 7
1. Puppy Love
2. Heart Strings
3. Bundle of Southern Sunshine
4. Trouble in Mind
5. Trouble in Mind
6. Wild Flower
7. I'll Still Belong to You
8. Somebody's Been Beating My Time
9. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
10. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
11. This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)

Buck Owens -
Act Naturally - 1953-1964

Bear Family Records - BCD 16850EK

        The vocals and top-notch songwriting of the late Buck Owens mixed with the steller musicianship of his Buckaroos resulted in the most memorable - and commercially successful - country music ever produced in California. This remarkable 5-CD box provides the first Buck Owens set on Bear Family and includes his complete recordings from 1953-1964 along with his work as a studio session musician, demos, the singles, full length LPs and a slew of great alternate takes. All of the Bakersfield legend's recordings for Audium, MGM (backing up Bud Hobbs with his Trail Herders), Chesterfield, La Brea and PEP (billed as rockabilly Corky Jones) have been painstakingly compiled.
        All the great hits are here, "Under Your Spell Again," "Above and Beyond,'" and his classic chart-toppers, "Love's Gonna Live Here," "Act Naturally," (both studio and live versions) "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail," "I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)," "Together Again," and "My Heart Skips A Beat." Also, fans of studio chatter will delight in hearing the humorous exchanges between Owens and legendary producer Ken Nelson.
        Listeners are treated to everything from the self-penned Polka's "Buck's Polka," "Mexican Polka," and "Country Polka" to Gospel Songs "Bring It To Jesus," "All The Way With Jesus," the latter written by Buck and Maicie Owens. Other notable highlights include Owens's renditions of "Ain't It Amazin' Gracie," Wanda Jackson's "Kickin' Our Heart's Around", and the great Orville Couch/Eddie McDuff's "Hello Trouble, and the great 45 with Rose Maddox performing Freddie Hart's "Loose Talk" backed with the divorce pledging "Mental Cruelty." Owens's long-playing albums often featured solo performances by Doyle Holly and the great Don Rich recordings and the singles include duets with Rose Maddox, first wife Bonnie Owens which are collected here in glorious remastered sound. Rich Kienzle's research on Owens is second to none in the 84-page hardcover booklet which boasts a treasure trove of rare and vintage photographs. How good is this? After listening to this comprehensive and highly entertaining set, discerning fans will be clamoring for a compilation of Owens's next great era of music.
- Johnny Vallis

        Disc 1: Down On The Corner Of Love - It Don't Show On Me - The House Down The Block - Right After The Dance - Hot Dog - Rhythm And Booze - There Goes My Love - Sweethearts In Heaven - Honeysuckle - Country Girl (Leavin' Dirty Tracks) - You're Fer Me - Blue Love - Please Don't Take Her From Me - Three Dimension Love - Why Don't My Mommy Stay With My Daddy And Me? - I'm Gonna Blow - I Found You Out - You're Just What The Doctor Ordered - Rightfully Mine - Goose Rock - Louisiana Swing - I'm Gonna Set You Free - Mean, Mean, Mean - Last Dance Tonight - Down On The Corner Of Love - It Don't Show On Me - The House Down The Block - Right After The Dance - Blue Love
        Disc 2: I Only Know That I Love You - Sweet Thing - I Know What It Means - Come Back - Walk The Floors - My Everlasting Love - Second Fiddle - I'll Take A Chance On Loving You - Tired Of Livin' - Under Your Spell Again - I'll Give My Heart To You - I Gotta A Right To Know - Above And Beyond - Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) - Take Me Back Again - 'Til These Dreams Come True - Think It Over - Foolin' Around - Nobody's Fool But Yours - High As The Mountains - Loose Talk - Mental Cruelty - I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down - Let's Agree To Disagree - The Keeper Of The Key - Lyin' Again - Heartaches For A Dime - Heartaches By The Number - The One You Slip Around With - The Key's In The Mailbox - I'll Catch You When You Fall - Save The Last Dance For Me
        Disc 3: Under The Influence Of Love - Nobody's Fool But Yours - Goin' Down To The River - Bad Bad Dream - Down On The Corner Of Love - The House Down The Block - Fool Me Again - You're For Me - Blues For Life - The King Of Fools - Bring It To Jesus - All The Way With Jesus - Mexican Polka - Country Polka - Mirror, Mirror On The Wall - Storm Of Love - One Way Love - Kickin' Our Hearts Around - Save The Last Dance For Me - King Of Fools - I Can't Stop (My Lovin' You) - Act Naturally - Over And Over Again - My Heart Skips A Beat - There's Gonna Come A Day - Diggy Liggy Lo - Orange Blossom Special - Cotton Fields - Touch Me - Saw Mill - Sweethearts In Heaven - Sally Was A Good Old Girl - Release Me
        Disc 4: Sweethearts In Heaven - We're The Talk Of The Town - Back Street Affair - No Fool Like An Old Fool - Love's Gonna Live Here - Getting Used To Losing You - Smooth Sailin' - But I Do - If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin' - My Last Chance With You - Down, Down, Down - You Gotta Have A License - High On A Hilltop - It Tickles - Whatcha Gonna Do Now - I Always Get A Souvenir - There'll Be No Other - No Love Have I - Louisiana Man - Abilene - A Maiden's Prayer - Bud's Bounce - Ain't It Amazing Gracie? - My Heart Skips A Beat - Together Again - Close Up The Honky Tonks (Remake) - Truck Drivin' Man - I Don't Hear You - Hello Trouble - A-11 - Act Naturally
        Disc 5: I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me) - Don't Let Her Know - Dang Me - This Ol' Heart - Understand Your Man - You're Welcome Anytime - Buck's Polka - Playboy - We're Gonna Let The Good Times Roll - Cryin' Time - I've Got A Tiger By The Tail - Trouble And Me - If You Fall Out Of Love With Me - Fallin' For You - The Band Keeps Playin' On - Memphis - Streets Of Laredo - Gonna Have Love - Let The Sad Times Roll On - Wham Bam - Above And Beyond - I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today - Lyin' Again - Heartaches For A Dime - Heartaches By The Number - The One You Slip Around With - The Key's In The Mailbox - I'll Catch You When You Fall - Bring It To Jesus - All The Way With Jesus - Save The Last Dance For Me - The King Of Fools - All The Way With Jesus

Rick Nelson - For You -
The Decca Years 1963-1969

Bear Family Records - BCD 16512 FL

        A requisite follow-up to the 2001 set Ricky Nelson - The American Dream, which covered his Verve, Challenge and Imperial sides, this 6-CD set covers Nelson's 1963-1969 stint with Decca. This period yielded such Top 40 hits as "String Along," a cover of a 1940's hit for Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Tony Martin "Fool's Rush In," (which Elvis Presley copied during the 1970's), "For You," originally a Top 10 hit for Baritone John Boles in 1930. The former rockabilly also revived a song both Ray Noble and Bing Crosby had as hits in 1934 "The Very Thought Of You."
        During his Decca years, Nelson stayed busy recording 11 full-length albums, one soundtrack and singles. Displaying his usual good taste during the song selection process, the singer cut some memorable sides including a cover of Baker Knight's "Just Relax," a smooth version of Sonny Curtis' "Don't Breathe A Word," and Johnny Burnette and Joe Osborn's "Gypsy Woman," which is a real mover. Then for the rockers the first version of Chuck Berry's "I'm Talking About You," "Mean Old World" written by Billy Vera shows Nelson's more soulful side. Better still, "Since I Don't Have You," offers the former sitcom star's most unique blasting vocal approach of his career.
        In the midst of all this activity, Nelson's sound began to mature, getting rootsier in the process. Some of the set's highlights include Country Fever and Bright Lights & Country Music. These stellar LPs paved the way for the mainstream acceptance of the California Country Rock sound.The Rick Nelson In Concert LP from the Troubadour in Hollywood was an interesting project spotlighting his new sound and material and including countrified arrangements of his teen hits. The set includes unreleased performances of "Travelin' Man," "It's Late," "Poor Little Fool," Randy Newman's "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today," Tim Hardin's "Lady Came From Baltimore," Bob Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You." Nelson's last top 40 hit during this period was Bob Dylan's "She Belongs To Me" charting in 1970. Dylan himself thought it was a great cover version.
        Smartly researched notes from Todd Everett within the 140 page hardcover book provide a clear understanding of Nelson's life and times and are bolstered with many amazing unseen photos, a great collection of picture sleeves, labels album covers and sheet music from all over the world. Along with the full session and discography there are also six promo spots for his Universal Movie (Produced and directed by father Ozzie Nelson) Love and Kisses. More importantly, diligent efforts have been taken to remastered this set which showcases the oft underrated Rick Nelson as the brilliant recording artists he was.
- Johnny Vallis

CD 1
1. You Don't Love Me Anymore 2. I Got A Woman 3. What Comes Next? 4. Everytime I See You Smiling 5. Everytime I Think About You 6. For Your Sweet Love 7. Gypsy Woman 8. I Will Follow You 9. Let's Talk The Whole Thing Over 10. One Boy Too Late 11. Pick Up The Pieces 12. String Along 13. You're Free To Go 14. Hello Mister Happiness 15. That Same Old Feeling 16. Down Home 17. I Rise, I Fall 18. (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time 19. Fools Rush In 20. Just Take A Moment 21. That's All She Wrote 22. For You 23. Hey There, Little Miss Tease 24. The Nearness Of You 25. My Old Flame 26. Love Is The Sweetest Thing 27. I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me) 28. Be My Love 29. The Very Thought Of You

CD 2
1. Dinah 2. I'll Get You Yet 3. I Don't Wanna Love You 4. Just A Little Bit Sweet 5. I Love You More Than You Know 6. The Loneliest Sound 7. You'll Never Fall In Love Again 8. Lonely Corner 9. Just Relax 10. There's Nothing I Can Say 11. I've Been Lookin' 12. That's Why I Love You Like I Do 13. A Happy Guy 14. In My Dreams 15. Don't Breathe A Word 16. I'm Talking About You 17. Yesterday's Love 18. Live And Learn 19. Liz 20. I Tried 21. I'm A Fool 22. Stop, Look, And Listen 23. From A Distance 24. When The Chips Are Down 25. Ladies Choice 26. Only The Young 27. Mean Old World 28. Since I Don't Have You 29. Say You Love Me 30. Love And Kisses 31. Love And Kisses Movie Promo 1 32. Love And Kisses Movie Promo 2 33. Love And Kisses Movie Promo 3 34. Love And Kisses Movie Promo 4 35. Love And Kisses Movie Promo 5 36. Love And Kisses Movie Promo 6

CD 3
1. I'm Not Ready For You Yet 2. It's Beginning To Hurt 3. My Blue Heaven 4. How Does It Go? 5. You Don't Know Me 6. Come Out Dancin' 7. I Know A Place 8. Love Is Where You Find It 9. I Should Have Loved You More 10. I Paid For Loving You 11. Raincoat In The River 12. I Catch Myself Crying 13. Our Own Funny Way 14. I Need You 15. Try To Remember 16. More 17. Stop The World (And Let Me Off) 18. Your Kind Of Lovin' 19. Freedom And Liberty 20. Fire Breathin' Dragon 21. Louisiana Man 22. Congratulations 23. Truck Drivin' Man 24. No Vacancy 25. Hello Walls 26. Night Train To Memphis 27. I'm A Fool To Care 28. You Just Can't Quit 29. Here I Am 30. Bright Lights And Country Music 31. Kentucky Means Paradise 32. Welcome To My World

CD 4
1. Alone 2. Big Chief Buffalo Nickel (The Desert Blues) 3. Peddler Man 4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 5. Mystery Train 6. You Win Again 7. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle Blow 8. The Bridge Washed Out 9. Take These Chains From My Heart 10. Things You Gave Me 11. (Standing) On The Outside Lookin' In 12. Helpless (with backing vocals) 13. Funny How Time Slips Away 14. Take A City Bride 15. Salty Dog 16. Walkin' Down The Line 17. It Doesn't Matter Anymore 18. They Don't Give Medals (To Yesterday's Heroes) 19. Take A Broken Heart 20. Try To See It My Way 21. Freedom And Liberty 22. I'm Called Lonely 23. Suzanne On A Sunday Morning 24. Moonshine 25. Helpless (without backing vocals)

CD 5
1. Reason To Believe 2. Marshmallow Skies 3. I Wonder If Louise Is Home 4. Georgia On My Mind 5. Barefoot Boy 6. Dream Weaver 7. Baby Close Its Eyes 8. Don't Make Promises 9. Daydream 10. Don't Blame It On Your Wife 11. Promenade In Green 12. Three Day Eternity 13. The Lady Stayed With Me 14. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today 15. When The Sun Shined Its Face On Me 16. So Long Dad / Love Story (Reprise) 17. Wait Till Next Year 18. For Emily Wherever I Find Her 19. Without Her 20. Stop By My Window 21. Hello To The Wind (Bonjour le vent) (& Kris Nelson) 22. Love Story 23. Lady Came From Baltimore 24. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today 25. She Belongs To Me 26. Promises 27. Easy To Be Free 28. If You Gotta Go, Go Now 29. Promises

CD 6
1. Believe What You Say 2. Bye-Bye Love (& Don Everly) 3. Come On In 4. Easy To Be Free 5. Hello Mary Lou 6. If You Gotta Go, Go Now 7. I'm Walkin' 8. I Shall Be Released 9. It's Late 10. I Think It's Going To Rain Today 11. Lady Came From Baltimore 12. Louisiana Man 13. My Bucket's Got a Hole In It 14. Poor Little Fool 15. Red Balloon 16. She Belongs To Me 17. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You 18. Travelin' Man 19. Violets Of Dawn 20. Who Cares About Tomorrow/Promises

Hayden Thompson -
Rockabilly Gal: The Sun Years Plus

BCD 16131 AH - Bear Family Records

       Featuring blues-drenched rockabilly and honky-tonk heartache, this exciting 35-song collection spotlights the first 10 years of Hayden Thompson's career. Collectors will be delighted to learn that Thompson's only single for the Von label in 1954 "Act Like You Love Me" and "I Feel The Blues Coming On" is also included along with sides recorded for Phillips International / Sun Records, Beat, Profile, and Arlen. Of special interest, the Profile single debuted two songs Thompson penned himself, the Del Shannon styled "What'cha Gonna Do," and "Summers Almost Over." A pretty fair songwriter in his own right, Thompson crafted such fine country ditties as "Pardon Me," "Don't You Worry," and the stellar "Train From Chicago (16:88)."
        However, it is Thompson's work for Sun that still garners the most interest and this comprehensive collection includes eight unissued versions of such cult favorites as "Fairlane Rock," "One Broken Heart," "Oh Mama (Mama Mama Mama)," "Blues Blues Blues," two versions of the title track "Rockabilly Gal" and his immortal remake of Junior Parker's "Love My Baby." Amongst the musicians that played on these legendary Sun sides are Roland Janes, Marvin Pepper, J.M. Van Eaton, Jack Clement and Jerry Lee Lewis. Both masters and alternate takes alike still cook with blusey ferocity and rockabilly drive galore.
        The package is rounded out by excellent notes by noted Sun historian Martin Hawkins and nicely illustrated with photos from the era. Still very active, Thompson is highly acclaimed on the rockabilly revival scene and still producing top notch music. This remarkable compilation provides the best introduction to his work as a country singer and is a real treat for fans who want to hear how it all started.
- Johnny Vallis

1. Love My Baby 2. Rock-A-Billy Gal 3. Fairlane Rock 4. One Broken Heart 5. Blues Blues Blues 6. Oh Mama (Mama Mama Mama) 7. You Are My Sunshine 8. Don't You Worry 9. Congratulations To You, Joe 10. Call Me Shorty 11. I'll Hold You In My Heart 12. Goin' Steady 13. Kansas City 14. Frankie And Johnny 15. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 16. The Key To My Kingdom 17. Your True Love 18. Kansas City 19. I Guess I'd Better Be Moving Along 20. This Old Windy City 21. Lonely For My Baby 22. I Wanna Get Home 23. Train From Chicago (16:88) 24. Act Like You Love Me 25. I Feel The Blues Coming On 26. Love My Baby 27. One Broken Heart 28. Dream Love 29. Tom Thumb 30. Whatcha Gonna Do 31. Summers Almost Over 32. Queen Bee 33. Pardon Me 34. Love My Baby 35. Rock-A-Billy Gal

Frankie Miller - Blackland Farmer
(The Complete Starday Recordings, and more - 3 CD set)
BCD 16566 CH

        One of country music's unsung heroes, Frankie Miller's 1996 Bear Family compilation, Sugar Coated Baby, showcased his complete Columbia and Gilt Edge/4 Star recordings. This long anticipated package of recordings has been culled from the Texas singer-songwriter's stints with Cowtown Hoedown, Stop, United Artists and Starday. Sung with genuine sawdust-on-the-floor feeling, this is some of the best honky-tonk music money can buy.
        Among many fine performances on the 96 track set, "It's Not Easy" provides a solid example of how Miller's songwriting and vocal phrasing worked together to comprise his unique style. Miller truly is a 'singer's singer' and listening to his artistry is a real treasure to behold. Further, he shared writer's credit with producer Tommy Hill. Lawton Williams co-wrote the three songs drawn from Miller's fantastic Gospel EP. Of course, the wonderfully primitive "Blackland Farmer," later covered by Sleepy LaBeef, is included.
        A collector's delight, the compilation features every master release (sprinkled with false starts and unissued alternate takes), and Miller's demo recordings make their debut here. Live recordings from the Big D Jamboree include a little parody of Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line" and an amusing Lefty Frizzell impersonation.
        The gate fold digi-pack comes with a 100 page booklet with many photos and an abundance of information from historian Hank Davis, which includes recollections from Miller himself about his career, recording, how "Blackland Farmer" came to be and meeting Elvis Presley.
- Johnny Vallis

CD 1
Blackland Farmer, True Blue, Poppin' Johnny, Family Man, The Money Side Of Life, Reunion, Baby Rocked Her Dolly, Rain, Rain, Strictly Nuthin', Young Widow Brown, Two Lips Away, Out Of Bounds, I'll Write To You, Richest Poor Boy, Lookin' Around Downtown, A Little Bit's Better (Then Nothing At All), The Cat And The Mouse, It's Not Easy, Losing Again, If I'd Known Then, Just For You, Prison Grey, Tornado, Big Talk Of The Town (LP version), Reunion (w/o harmony), Baby Rocked Her Dolly (w/o harmony, Rain, Rain (w/o harmony), The Cat And The Mouse (alt), Faded Bible, Who Do You Think, Trust The Saviour, Valley Of Death, Family Bible

CD 2
Gotta Win My Baby Back, The Picture At St. Helene, Losing By A Hair, I Miss Her Every Way, One Excuse Is As Good As Another, The Party's Over, Too Hot To Handle, A Little South Of Memphis, Fifteen Acres Of Peanut Land, Out Of This World, Mean Old Greyhound Bus, It Took A Lot Of Love To Let Her Go, Starving For Love, I Can Almost Forget, Big Talk Of The Town (Single version), Truck Driving Buddy, Bringing Mary Home, Country Music Who's Who, A Tough Row To Hoe, Charlie's Got A Good Thing Going, She's My Antibiotic (In White), Fickle Hand Of Fate, True Love Stays, Starving For Love (alt), Maybe You Would Love Me Then, It Took A Lot Of Love To Let Her Go (alt), Pain, I Put The Blue In Her Eyes, Wrong Side Of The Tracks, World War III

CD 3
Just For Spite, Give A Purpose To My Love, I Should Be, Don't Make Me Miss You, Impersonations (live) Always Late/Lord Gave Me Help/I Walk The Line, Katy Malone, It's Not Easy, Peppermint Candy, Family Man, Blues Of Yesterday, I Remember Dad, House Down The Road, A Little South Of Memphis, I'd Rather Have You, Tears Of Time, Funny Way Of Lovin', Let's Forget It, Fall Of The Alamo, I'll Get Over You (Still Keep Hoping), A Tough Row To Hoe, The Wagon Yard, Out Of This World, She Put The Misery On Me, Lonesome Time, Keeping Up With The Jones, Nothing At All, Two Lips Away, Blackland Farmer (live)

Conversations with Hank Davis:
Meeting Elvis at the Hayride
Memories of Tommy Hill
Creating Hoofbeats
The Blackland Farmer Tape
Headlining a Rock Show

George Jones -
She Thinks I Still Care

(The Complete United Artists Recordings 1962-1964)
Bear Family Records BCD 16818 EK - 5 CD

        After scoring hits on Starday and Mercury, George Jones moved to United Artists where he averaged a studio session every 3 - 4 months and produced 150 songs including 19 chart hits. Supported by great material, performed with only the best musicians and imbued with the unmistakable Jones touch, this sizzling five-disc boxed set collects them all for the first time.
        Jones' first release on United Artists was the Dickey Lee composition "She Thinks I Still Care," a classic weeper, it was a number 1 country hit for an astonishing for 23 weeks. Another classic is the superb "The Race Is On," an up-tempo heartache ditty that still defines his style for fans today. Jones other hits are here in all their digitally remastered glory, including "Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was On The Right)," "Where Does A Little Tear Come From" "Not What I Had In Mind" "A Girl I Used To Know" and "You Comb Her Hair."
        Boxed sets give devoted listeners a chance to hear material that has been unavailable for decades. In this case, tracks that wound up on such albums as "Homecoming In Heaven" from his tribute album to Little Jimmy Dickens's "George Jones Sings Like The Dickens," "My Favorites Of Hank Williams," and "George Jones Sings Bob Wills" movingly showcase the Texas born singer-songwriter's peerless ability as a stylist. Further, the comprehensive collection puts a welcome spotlight on the singer's penchant for seasonal novelties such as "My Mom and Santa Claus (Twistin' Santa Claus)."
        Six recordings make their debut here: "Alabama," "Is This How A Broken Heart Dies," "Let's Go Home," "Wouldn't It Be Something," an earlier attempt of his #29 hit "I Saw Me" and "Will There Ever Be Another" with frequent singing partner Melba Montgomery. Both singers blend well together, especially on their 1963 #3 smash "We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds." Rich Kienzle obtained interviews with George Jones, Melba Montgomery and Buck Owens for his excellent booklet notes in this classy and informative package. The result is a milestone set essential to any serious country music collection. Now if only they would do something similar with Ol' Possum's Musicor era.
- Johnny Vallis

CD 1: She Thinks I Still Care - Root Beer - Three's A Crowd - Poor Little Rich Boy - Sometimes You Just Can't Win - Running Bear - She Once Lived Here - Open Pit Mine - Imitation Of Love - Beggar To A King - Best Guitar Picker - What Am I Worth - There's No Justice - I Saw Me - Geronimo - Peace In The Valley - Bubbles In My Beer - Faded Love - Roly Poly - Trouble In Mind - Take Me Back To Tulsa - The Warm Red Wine - Time Changes Everything - Worried Mind - Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight - San Antonio Rose - Homecoming In Heaven - My Cup Runneth Over - Wandering Soul - He's So Good To Me - Magic Valley - Kneel At The Feet Of Jesus

CD 2: It's A Sin - The Precious Jewel - I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You - Yes I Know Why - Give My Love To Rose - The Same Sweet Girl - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes - Wings Of A Dove - A Little Bitty Tear - Beacon In The Night - Matthew Twenty Four - He Made Me Free - Someone's Watching Over You - Mansion On The Hill - Take These Chains From My Heart - Wedding Bells - I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep - I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' - You Win Again - You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) - Lonesome Whistle - A House Without Love - Your Cheatin' Heart - They'll Never Take Her Love From Me - Steel Guitar Rag - Big Beaver - A Girl I Used To Know - Lonesome Life - Big Fool Of The Year - Not What I Had In Mind

CD 3: Lonely Christmas Call - My Mom And Santa Claus (Twistin' Santa Claus) - Not What I Had In Mind - I Saw Me - Wrong Number - The Old Old House - I Can't Change Overnight - World's Worst Loser - Every Time I Look At You - Seasons Of My Heart - Ain't It Funny What A Fool Will Do - You Comb Her Hair - I Wish Tonight Would Never End - In The Shadow Of A Lie - She's Lonesome Again - Your Kind Of Loving Won't Do - Lonesome Old Town - I'll Never Let Go Of You - Jonesy (instrumental) - Forgive Me Now - You Done Me Wrong - Color Of The Blues - Cuttin' A Rug (instrumental) - A Real Close Friend - I Won't Love You Anymore - Ragged But Right - It Scares Me Half To Death - A Rose From A Bride's Bouquet - When Your House Is Not A Home - I'm Just Blue Enough - Just When I Needed You - My Heart's Bouquet

CD 4: We Could - Take Me As I Am - Where Did The Sunshine Go - Making The Rounds - I've Just Got To See You Once More - Lovin' Lies - Let's Invite Them Over (& Melba Montgomery) - What's In Our Hearts (& Melba Montgomery) - Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last (& Melba Montgomery) - I Let You Go (& Melba Montgomery) - Afraid (& Melba Montgomery) - Multiply The Heartaches - Don't Go - There's A Friend In The Way - She's My Mother - Alabama - The Race Is On - Flame In My Heart (& Melba Montgomery) - We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds (& Melba Montgomery) - Now Tell Me (& Melba Montgomery) - Until Then (& Melba Montgomery) - Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was On The Right) - Something I Dreamed - My Tears Are Overdue - I Get Lonely In A Hurry

CD 5: Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus (& Melba Montgomery) - I'll Be There To Welcome You Home (& Melba Montgomery) - Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms (& Melba Montgomery) - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (& Melba Montgomery) - House Of Gold (& Melba Montgomery) - I Can't Get Over You (& Melba Montgomery) - Dixieland For Me (& Melba Montgomery) - Once More (& Melba Montgomery) - Will There Ever Be Another (& Melba Montgomery) - Will There Ever Be Another (& Melba Montgomery) - I'd Jump The Mississippi (& Melba Montgomery) - Please Be My Love (& Melba Montgomery) - I'd Dreamed My Baby Came Home (& Melba Montgomery) - Brown To Blue - Without A Reason - Where Does A Little Tear Come From - What's Money - Wouldn't It Be Something - Let's Go Home - Please Talk To My Heart - Gonna Have A Little Talk With You Friend - I've Been Known To Cry - A Good Old Fashion Cry - Book Of Memories - Is This How A Broken Heart Dies - Holiday For Love - Gold And Silver - Love's Gonna Live Here - She's Mine - I'm Gonna Change Everything - Least Of All

Benny Barnes - Poor Man's Riches -
The Complete 1950s Recordings

48-page booklet - Bear Family Records BCD 16517 AH

        Benny Barnes was on the cusp of country stardom, but couldn't seem to find the right mix between the current market, label and the right song. This enjoyable CD includes all the sides he cut for the Starday, Mercury, Dixie, Faith, and D labels. Bolstered by Andrew Brown's superbly researched liner notes and many rare photos, this 33-song set provides a strong introduction to an unjustly forgotten artist.
        The Texas-born singer was introduced to Starday label owner H.W. "Pappy" Daily by George Jones. Signed to the label, Barnes recorded two songs penned by Jones "Once Again" and "No Fault of Mine," at his very first session. Included is an earlier attempt of "No Fault of Mine" along with a rockin' demo of Little Walter's R&B hit "My Babe." A couple of years later Barnes recorded the rockabilly classic "You Gotta Pay" showing that Barnes should have jumped on the bandwagon with other such material.
        Barnes' second single, "Poor Man's Riches," hit the #2 spot, ultimately the biggest chart success of his career. Jim Shell and Barnes wrote the follow-up, "King for A Day," a decent song that didn't chart. One of sweetest songs Barnes recorded remains "From a Beggar to King" written and originally recorded by his Mercury label-mate Jape Richardson - better known as The Big Bopper - who also penned "Fastest Gun Alive." Barnes's version inspired Hank Snow's hit rendition in 1961. George Jones recorded it on United Artists in 1962. Among other rarities are the previously unreleased "I Got It Made," and "The Last Message."
        Often uncredited, Barnes also re-recorded hits of the day on the Dixie label's Hillbilly Hit Parade series, all of which are included here. He recorded Johnny Cash's "Train of Love," "I Walk the Line," "There You Go" and "Give My Love to Rose." Further, he copied his hero Hank Snow's "Tangled Mind." Also featured are recordings made under similar circumstances for the Faith Label, where Barnes penned two gospel songs "Take the World (But Give Me Jesus)" and "Talking to The Lord."
        Inspired by the fateful day that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper, Barnes and Gordon Baxter wrote a tribute song entitled "Gold Records in the Snow." Released less than a month after "the day the music died," the song was listed as a #45 country charter by Cashbox. Yet this odd song about rock and roll performers, recorded to suit the country market, forged a profound metaphor about this fine artist's puzzling lack of sustained commercial success.
- Johnny Vallis

Track Listing:
You Gotta Pay, Poor Man's Riches, King For A Day, No Fault Of Mine, Train of Love, Your Old Standby, My Babe (demo), Last Message, A Nickel's Worth Of Dreams, I Walk the Line, Tangled Mind, No Fault Of Mine (demo), Penalty, Heads You Win (Tails I Lose), Mine All Mine, Conscience I'm Guilty, Happy Little Bluebird, Beggar To A King, I Got It Made, Once Again, Those Who Know, Poor Old Me, My Arms Are A House, Lonely Street, Moon Over My Shoulder, There You Go, Fastest Gun Alive, Gold Records In The Snow, Give My Love to Rose, Stolen Moments, These Hands, Take The World (But Give Me Jesus), Talking To The Lord

Tibby Edwards -
Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool

24-page booklet - Bear Family Records - BCD 16557 AH

        Tibby Edwards is a name you don't often hear. Primally a country singer, the Cajun-born singer recorded rockabilly and pop influenced sides for Mercury, 'D', Jin and Todd. He never enjoyed a single hit record, yet forged a stack of great recordings from 1953 to 1961 and this fine set includes them all.
        Befriended by his idol Lefty Frizzell, Edwards appeared on the famed Louisiana Hayride and was an established act by the time Elvis Presley made his first groundbreaking appearance on that show. After seeing Presley perform, Edwards laid down some of his best rocking sides including the George Jones-penned "Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool." (Reportedly, Edwards heard the song a few years before Jones recorded his version.) His rendition of Charles Calhoun's "Flip Flop and Fly" made Joe Turner's R&B hit palatable for country crowds. By contrast, the flip side "There Ain't No Better Time" was solid mainstream country.
        Edwards wrote a number of decent songs, such as "Shift Gears," "C'est Si Tout," "If You Love Me, Let Me Know It" and the lyrically clever "Mine Forever." Further highlights include stellar vocals on Al Terry's "Walkin' And Cryin' With The Blues" and Jimmy Newman's "Cry, Cry Darlin'." His one-off single for Floyd Soileau's JIN label evoked a Cajun influenced sound. A year later, the Todd label's attempt to move Edwards into pop music yielded one single, "Day Dreaming" and the amusing novelty "Teenage Troubles." Two previously unissued Todd masters "Big Mamou" and "Promises" are here for the first time. Cleanly remastered and supplemented by a well-researched booklet, this 34-song collection provides a through update of the 1985 LP. Fans of obscure rockabilly cult heroes will deem it exceedingly rewarding.
- Johnny Vallis

Track Listing:
Flip, Flop And Fly, Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool, There Ain't No Better Time, Long Time Gone, Shift Gears, You Made A Believer Out Of Me, C'est Si Tout, It'll Be A Long Long Time, Fool That I Was (I Asked For More), (I Don't Want To Say I Love You) But I Do, I'd Come Running, Walkin' And Cryin' With The Blues, Why Can't You Be Mine, I'm Still In Love With You, Come On Chere (Let's Have Fun), Mine Forever, Too Proud To Wear My Name, If You Love Me Let Me Know It, I Can't Face The Future, If You Lose, You'll Understand, That's How I Was Lost, Cry, Cry Darlin', What Has Become Of You, Try To Understand, Just A Few More Tears, Uninvited, Big Mamou, Teenage Troubles, Day Dreaming, Promises, Memory Of A Lie, One More Night, Forever Is A Long Long Time, Congratulations To You

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Busy Body Boogie

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
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Blue Suede Shoes

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
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I'm Little, But I'm Loud

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
BCD 16198 AH

Sugarfoot Rag

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
BCD 16578 AH

Ugly And Slouchy

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
BCD 16796 AH

Hi-Tone Poppa

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
BCD 16801 AH

Put Me To Bed

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
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The Goldrush Is Over

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
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The Hot Guitar

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
BCD 16860 AH

Thirty Days

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
BCD 16866 AH

(RCA Label Artists)

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
BCD 16864 AH

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The Outtakes

6-CD digibox with 76-page booklet BCD 16842 FR

        An intriguing follow-up to the 8-CD set Gene Vincent - The Road Is Rocky (Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971), this 6-CD set, comprised of every known outtake, false start and dialogue, is a completist's dream. Featuring superb sound quality, the listener can actually hear how the various bands worked it out with Vincent in the studio. According to re-issue producer Derek Henderson, the singer's 1956-1957 sessions tapes have yet to be located, but a wealth of great material exists from his later era at Capitol Records. Previously unreleased takes culled from October 13-20, 1958 supervised by Ken Nelson include the last sessions with the Blue Caps comprising such fine tracks as "Lonesome Boy," "Rip It Up," "Gone Gone Gone," "High Blood Pressure" and the classic ballad "Important Words." The Hollywood sessions produced by Jimmie Haskell - best remembered for his work with Ricky Nelson - include "Crazy Beat," "I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat," "Good Lovin'" and the Doc Pomus - Mort Shuman song "It's Been Nice (Goodnight)." The same year Vincent recorded with producer Norrie Paramor at Abbey Road Studio for the extra terrestrial rocker "Spaceship To Mars," along with "There I Go Again (Whoops)," "Held For Questioning," "King Of Fools" and "Be-Bop-A-Lula ' 62." The equally legendary Joe Meek produced "Temptation Baby" for the soundtrack of Live It Up, the alternate is featured here. Another treat, great outtakes of the Bill Shepherd produced "The Beginning Of The End" and the Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil song "Where Have You Been All My Life." 1966 and 1967 found Vincent in the studio with such session greats as Glen Campbell, Al Casey, David Gates, and Jerry Cole. Creating a more contemporary sound with Joe Johnson and Dave Burgess for the Challenge label in Hollywood, he waxed "Bird Doggin'," "Love Is A Bird," "I'm A Lonesome Fugitive," "Hurtin For You Baby" and the Jerry Lee Merritt-penned "Born To Be A Rolling Stone." Few of these performances are substantially different from one another - Vincent was trying to perfect a specific version - yet it is fascinating to hear the subtle variations he employs while making each song conform to his personal vision. Packaged in a digibox set that includes a 76-page booklet with liner notes by Steve Aynsley, this remarkable collection features dozens of alternates that have never been released before. This painstakingly remastered set bring us closer to the people that created the music while showcasing the creative genius of the late Gene Vincent.
- Johnny Vallis

Lonesome Boy ( Takes 1-7)
You Are The One For Me ( Takes 1-9)
Beautiful Brown Eyes (Takes 1-12, 14, 15)
Rip It Up (Takes 1-11)
Maybelline (Takes 1-8)
High Blood Pressure (Takes 1-9)
Who's Pushing Your Swing (Takes 1-9)

Anna Annabelle (Takes 1-9)
Gone Gone Gone (Takes 1-10)
I Might Have Known (Takes 1-10)
Important Words (Takes 1-12)
Crazy Beat (Takes 1-8)
I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat (Takes 1-12, 14? Tag 1)
It's Been Nice (Goodnight) (Takes 1-5)

It's Been Nice (Goodnight) (Takes 6-12)
That's the Trouble With Love (Stereo - Takes 1-6; Mono - Takes 1-13)
Good Lovin' (Stereo - Takes 1-13; Stereo Tags 1-4; Mono - Takes 1-13; Mono Tags 1-4)

Mister Loneliness (Stereo - Takes 1-6; Mono - Takes 1-5)
Teardrops (Stereo - Takes 1-8; Mono - Takes 1-17)
If You Want My Lovin' (Stereo - Takes 1-4; Mono - Takes 1-14)

Spaceship To Mars (Stereo - Takes 1-8)
There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming) (Mono - Takes 1-7, 9-11)
Spaceship To Mars (Mono - Takes 27-30, 32-34)
King Of Fools (Stereo - Takes 1-6)
You're Still In My Heart (Stereo - Takes 1-9)
Held For Questioning (Stereo - Take 1)
Be-Bop-A-Lula '62 (Stereo - Take 1)
Temptation Baby (Joe Meek recording alt)
Temptation Baby (Stereo - Takes 1-3)
Where Have You Been All My Life (Stereo - Takes 1-5, 7-12)
The Beginning Of The End (Stereo - Takes 1-3; Binaural - Takes 4-6)

Bird Doggin' (Mono - Takes 1-2, 3 intro; 3 backing vocals overdub excerpt)
Lonely Street (Mono alt take; Mono master without backing vocals overdub)
Love Is A Bird (Mono - Takes 1-4; Stereo master without backing vocals overdub)
Born To Be A Rolling Stone (Stereo - Takes 1-5)
Hurtin' For You Baby (Stereo - Takes 4, 6?)
Hi Lili Hi Lo (Stereo - Takes 1-5)
Poor Man's Prison (Stereo - Takes 1-6)
I'm A Lonesome Fugitive (Stereo - Takes 1-2; Mono - Take 1; Stereo - Take 3)

Nashville Stars On Tour

4-CD/1 DVD boxed set with 112-page hardcover book - BCD 16821 EL

        Featuring an all-star cast that included Chet Atkins, Bobby Bare, Jim Reeves, and the Anita Kerr Singers, during a groundbreaking tour. The performace on DVD in Oslo, Norway c. April, 1964, provides a good example of how RCA marketed the Nashville Sound in Europe. On CD, Bare does a string of convincing yet playful impersonations, which include Johnny Cash, Tex Ritter, Gene Autry, Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb and Elvis Presley. Bare also performs solid versions of "Detroit City" and "500 Miles Away From Home."
        Gracefully entertaining, Chet Atkins plays "Show Me The Way To Go Home," saying it is what his guitar would sound like if someone spilled a drink on it. The label's greatest country star, Reeves admits to being woken up only 15 minute prior to the Stockholm show. His drowsiness just helped Reeves's always rich tone sound even sweeter on songs such as "Four Walls," "I Love You Because," and his biggest seller "He'll Have To Go." Further, Reeves is quite candid on a six and a half-minute interview with Kitty Prins.
        Many different sources have come together to recall personal accounts of the tour, including many photos, even a few of Bear Family honcho Richard Weize, who was surprisingly handsome in his youth. Klas Burling whom produced the Stockholm recordings shares insights with L-P Anderson, while concertgoers share their memories of the tour. The boxed set also includes RCA"s complete German language recordings aimed at the German market.
        The rare look at these cream-of-the-crop artists live on tour show they are all as outstanding in-person as they are in the studio. This bedrock vital 4 CD and 1 DVD boxed set, supported by a 112-page hardback book, will leave you true country music fans clamoring for more.
- Johnny Vallis

JIM REEVES' BLUE BOYS: Steel Guitar Rag / Introduction
THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Night Train To Memphis
BOBBY BARE: 500 Miles Away From Home
BOBBY BARE: Medley Of Impersonations
BOBBY BARE: Detroit City
BOBBY BARE: Jambalaya
THE BLUE BOYS: San Antonio Rose
CHET ATKINS: Alabama Jubilee
CHET ATKINS: Windy And Warm
CHET ATKINS: Drown In My Own Tears
CHET ATKINS: Wildwood Flower
CHET ATKINS: Medley: Greensleeves / Streets Of Laredo
CHET ATKINS: Chets chats
CHET ATKINS: Show Me The Way To Go Home
CHET ATKINS: Yankee Doodle Dixie CHET ATKINS: The Peanut Vendor
CHET ATKINS: Gravy Waltz

JIM REEVES: Billy Bayou
JIM REEVES: I Love You Because
JIM REEVES: Four Walls
JIM REEVES: Yonder Comes A Sucker
JIM REEVES: He'll Have To Go
JIM REEVES: Adios Amigo
JIM REEVES: I Can't Stop Loving You
JIM REEVES: Mexican Joe

THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Night Train To Memphis
BOBBY BARE: 500 Miles Away From Home
CHET ATKINS: Windy And Warm
JIM REEVES: Billy Bayou
CHET ATKINS: The Peanut Vendor
JIM REEVES: Welcome To My World
BOBBY BARE: Detroit City
CHET ATKINS: Wildwood Flower
JIM REEVES: Four Walls
JIM REEVES: He'll Have To Go
CHET ATKINS: Greensleeves
CHET ATKINS: Streets Of Laredo
GROUP: Auf Wiedersehn
THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Night Train To Memphis
CHET ATKINS: Steel Guitar Rag
JIM REEVES: Adios Amigo
GROUP with GUS BACHUS : Deep In The Heart Of Texas
BOBBY BARE: 500 Miles Away From Home
BOBBY BARE: Tennessee Waltz
BILL RAMSEY: Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wind, Wild Woman
JIM REEVES: Mexican Joe
THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Tumbling Tumble Weeds
GROUP with GUS BACHUS: Deep In The Heart Of Texas
BOBBY BARE: Detroit City
CHET ATKINS: Alabama Jubilee (Leevee Walking)
JIM REEVES: San Antonio Rose
GROUP with VICO TORRIANI: Deep In The Heart Of Texas
INTERVIEW by Kitty Prins with JIM REEVES

THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Jenny Darling THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Singapur(La-Di-Da-Songs) THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Bye, Bye Baby (Bye Bye Blackbird) THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Cowboy's Heimweh (Home On The Range) BOBBY BARE: Rosalie
BOBBY BARE: Alle glauben dass ich gl cklich bin
WILLIE NELSON: Whisky Walzer
WILLIE NELSON: Little Darling (Pretty Paper)
JIM ED BROWN: I Heard From A Memory Last Night
BOBBY BARE: Good Old Tennessee
BOBBY BARE: Das Haus auf der Sierra
BOBBY BARE: Wilder Wolf und Brauner Br (So ist das Leben)
BOBBY BARE: Molly Brown
THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: Sentimental Cowboy
JIM ED BROWN: Renate und Karin
JIM ED BROWN: Golden Girl
JIM ED BROWN: Sch'ne M'dchen, die k'nnen nicht treu sein
STU PHILLIPS: Irgendwann sagt man Goodbye
STU PHILLIPS: Ol' Kentucky

The arrival at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Holland on Friday April 17, 1964 Jim Reeves sings I Love You Because in the Airport Lounge with his guitar The Njardhallen Sportshall, Oslo, Norway on Wednesday April 15, 1964:
THE BLUE BOYS: Steel Guitar Rag
BOBBY BARE: 500 Miles Away From Home
BOBBY BARE: Jambalaya
BOBBY BARE: Detroit City
CHET ATKINS: Alabama Jubilee
CHET ATKINS: Wildwood Flower CHET ATKINS: Yes Ma'am
CHET ATKINS: Malaguena
CHET ATKINS: Greensleeves / The Streets Of Laredo
JIM REEVES: I Love You Because
JIM REEVES: Four Walls / The Blue Canadian Rockies / Four Walls
JIM REEVES: Yonder Comes A Sucker
JIM REEVES: Adios Amigo

Gene Simmons - Drinkin Wine
The Sun Years, plus

Bear Family - BCD 16758

        For the first time, every song Jumpin' Gene Simmons recorded at Sun is included along with essential alternate takes and some choice sides from his days at HI, Checker and Argo. [Simmons 1964 smash hit "Haunted House" is included on: Complete Gene Simmons on HI - Cream HEXD 53] The intriguing story of Simmons's involvement with Sun Records, The Bill Black Combo and Elvis Presley is told in full detail by Sun historian Hank Davis within the 36-page booklet. The first session at Sun, Simmons recorded a song he penned "Down On The Border", now both versions appear, never released it made an appearance on the 12 LP set Sunbox 106. Also from the same set was "Money Money Money" was never released at the time and stayed in the can. Both get full attention here. It's fascinating to read how Simmons music influenced Brian Setzer enough to take the one minute and thirty five second song "Peroxide Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford" and have Simmons supply the 'rest' of the lyrics 50 years later. "If I'm Not Wanted" was a song that Simmons wrote with Elvis in mind, it appears here for the first time. In 1955 Simmons recorded the original Lyrics of "Drinkin' Wine" which was "Drinkin Scotch." Released on Sun as Sun 299 "Drinkin' Wine" b/w "I Done Told You." A doubled sided rockabilly gem. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of two extremely rare sides that were released on the Chess subsidiary label Argo "You Love Me Too" and "Out of This World." As a special bonus there is an almost 10 minute interview from July 2006 with Simmons at the end of the CD. This is the last interview recorded before the singers untimely passing on August 28, 2006. Simmons knew of the project, yet never saw the finished product.
- Johnny Vallis

I Don't Love You Baby, I Done Told You (alt), Drinkin' Wine (alt), Juicy Fruit (alt-2), If I'm Not Wanted (alt-2), Peroxide Blond And Hopped Up Model Ford, Mom And Pop (alt-1), Blues At Midnight, Down On The Border (alt-1), Crazy Woman (alt-1), You Can't Break The Chains Of Love, Shake, Rattle And Roll, Drinkin' Wine (Sun 299), Money, Money, Money (alt-1), I Done Told You (Sun 299), Juicy Fruit (alt-1), If I'm Not Wanted (alt-1), Guitar Boogie, Mom And Pop (alt-2), Drinkin' Scotch, I Done Told You (false start), Money, Money, Money (alt-2), Down On The Border (alt-2), Crazy Woman (alt-2), Juicy Fruit (alt-3), The Shape You Left Me In, Bad Boy Willie, Going Back To Memphis, Out Of This World, You Love Me Too, Prowlin', Boo Doo, Gene Simmons Interview with Hank Davis.

Mack Self
Easy To Love, The Sun Years, Plus

Bear Family / CD BCD 16519 AH

        This comprehensive collection covers all of Mack Self's Sun and Phillips International recordings, and compiles rare tracks for the Zone label including "That Mexican Limbo," and the bittersweet "You Put These Tears in My Eyes." Like the other entries in the Sun Years series, listeners are treated to interesting outtakes that bring us closer to the music and its makers. Many songs were not released originally and while better-known recordings are represented by fresh alternate takes. Example: Two versions - including an outtake - of Self's still exciting rocker "Vibrate." The flipside - "Easy to Love" - may have been Self's best country side at Sun. Further, "Everyday," produced by the inimitable Jack Clement, proves to be one of Self's most interesting songs as the small combo forged creative ideas for the bass and drums. First issued on the 10 LP set Sun Records, The Country Years (BFX 15211) in 1986, "Little One" echoes Buddy Holly's "An Empty Cup (A Broken Date)," is a nice waltz. Subsequently, former Elvis Presley sideman, Bill Black produced Self at Hi Records. There, the versatile artist penned some fine tunes, most notably, the catchy trucker song "Bridges," the introspective "Yesterday's Gone," and the previously unreleased "Goin' Crazy." We are treated to three versions of the latter, which features such humorous cow-poke lyrics as "You got me barkin' like a dog, rootin like a hog - Goin' Crazy!" The disc closes with Sun historian Hank Davis' telephone interview with Self, wherein the friendly singer-songwriter sings an unreleased song over the phone. This proves an apt finale for an enjoyable compilation that provides definitive evidence why Mack Self was vital to the Sun story. - Johnny Vallis

Goin' Crazy, Everyday, Vibrate, Easy To Love, Lovin' Memories (false start), Lovin' Memories, Mad At You, Willie Brown, Little One (false start), Little One, Goin' Crazy, Everyday, Vibrate, Easy To Love, Lovin' Memories (false start), Lovin' Memories, Mad At You, Willie Brown, Goin' Crazy, Everyday, Easy To Love, Got You On My Mind, Lovin' Memories, Jody McClain, Folsom Prison Blues, Yesterday's Gone, That Mexican Limbo, Breaking New Ground, You Put Those Tears In My Eyes, Bridges.

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Malcolm Yelvington -
It's Me Baby - The Sun Years, plus

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Laughin' & Jokin' - The Sun Years

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Tommy Blake -
Koolit - The Sun Years, plus

BCD 16979 AH

BOB LUMAN - Let's Think About Living

BCD 16259 DL

        This four CD boxed set contains all of Bob Luman's recordings from 1955-1967. The Texas-native graced many labels during this period including Abbott, Imperial, Capitol, Warner Brothers, and Hickory Records. The 117 tracks includes 8 unissued masters - many in stereo for the first time - and all of his quintessential rockabilly staples.
        Luman's story is told in a remarkably well-researched 104-page hardcover book that features amazing unpublished photos. The essay, written by the incomparable Hank Davis, augments articles published during the singer's life and interviews with the man himself with previously unpublished interviews with key players in Luman's personal life and career. Fresh insights are provided by Luman's widow Barbara, daughter Melissa, close friends Bobby and Jeannie Bare, rockabilly legend Mac Curtis, guitar god James Burton, singer-songwriter Troy Shondell, songwriter Glenn Sutton, along with producers Shelby Singleton and Jim Vienneau. More importantly, the music still holds up, and thanks to Bear Family's digital remastering, sounds better than ever.
        One of rock and country's great underrated performers, Bob Luman enjoyed a special vocal gift that allowed him to alternately convey a sense of comfort as well as excitement. Eventually, Boudleaux Bryant penned Luman's 1960 Top 10 hit "Let's Think About Living." Prior to that both Felice and Boudleaux - best known for their string of hits as sung by the Every Brothers - wrote some of the versatile solo artist's best material from that era including "You've Got Everything," "Private Eye" and "Big River Rose" and a well thought out duet with the adorable Sue Thompson "Too Hot To Dance." Luman also recorded songs by such top writers as John D. Loudermilk ("The Great Snowman," "The File"), Don Gibson ("Bad Bad Day"), Doug Kershaw ("Louisiana Man"), Bobby Bare ("I'm Gonna Write A Song About You"), Roy Orbison ("A Lonely Room," "I Get So Sentimental"), Mickey Newbury ("If You Don't Love Me"), Carl Perkins ("Poor Boy Blues") and Troy Shondell ("Still Loving You").
        Despite this abundance of great songwriting, few of Luman's early tunes were commercially successful and wouldn't find an audience until years later. Before his death in 1978, he recorded a string of Top 40 country hits for Epic and Polydor which can be found on the Bob Luman 1968-1977 (BCD 15898), which was released in 2000. Both boxed sets are worthwhile, but rockabilly fans will consider this one absolutely essential.
- Johnny Vallis

CD 1 Stranger Than Fiction - You're The Cause Of It All - That's Alright - Hello Baby - In The Deep Dark Jungle - Let Her Go - Let It Happen - No Use in Lying - That's Alright - Hello Baby - Shadow Rock - Jumping With The Shadows - The Creep - All Night Long - Amarillo Blues - Wild Eyed Woman - Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache - Blue Days, Black Nights - This Is The Night - The Creep - All Night Long - Whenever You're Ready - Your Love - Make Up Your Mind Baby - Make Up Your Mind Baby (wild version) - Red Hot - Guitar Picker - Your Love - Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache - Your Love - Make Up Your Mind Baby

CD 2 Everybody's Talkin' - Chain Of Love - I Know My Baby Cares - Try Me - A Lover's Prayer - Precious - Svengali - My Baby Walks All Over Me - Class of '59 - Loretta - Loretta - Class of '59 - You're Like A Stranger In My Arms - Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya - Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya (alt) - My Baby Walks All Over Me - Dreamy Doll - Lonely Road - Buttercup - Love Creator - Let's Think About Living - You've Got Everything - Meet Mr. Mud - Throwin' Kisses - Oh Lonesome Me - Everytime The World Goes 'Round - Why, Why, Bye, Bye - You Win Again - Jealous Heart

CD 3 Bad Bad Day - I Love You So Much It Hurts - I Love You Because - The Great Snowman - The Pig Latin Song - You Turned Down The Lights - Boston Rocker - Old Friends - Private Eye - Lousiana Man - Rocks Of Reno - Big River Rose - Belonging To You - You're Everything - The Fool - Envy - Hey Joe - You're Welcome - I'm Gonna Write A Song About You - (Can't Get You) Off My Mind - Interstate Forty - Too Hot To Dance (& Sue Thompson) - I Like Your Kind Of Love (& Sue Thompson) - The File - Can't Take The Country From The Boy - (Empty Walls) A Lonely Room - Run On Home Baby Brother - Bigger Men Than I (Have Cried) - (I Get So) Sentimental

CD 4 Old George Dickel - Tears From Out Of Nowhere - Fire Engine Red - Go On Home Boy - Freedom Of Living - Freedom Of Living (overdub) - Love Worked A Miracle - Poor Boy Blues - Poor Boy Blues (instrumental overdub) - Poor Boy Blues (alternate vocal) - Five Miles Away From Home (Soon I'll See Mary) - The Best Years Of My Wife - So Happy For You - Hardly Anymore - Yes Dear, There Is A Virginia - Come On And Sing - Come On And Sing (alt) - Something Special - Love Stay Away From Me - It's A Sin - It's A Sin (alt) - Almost Persuaded - Saving It For You - Night Without End - Running Scared - It's All Over (But The Shouting) - Still Loving You - If You Don't Love Me (Then Why Don't You Leave Me Alone)

Eddie Cletro - Flying Saucer Boogie

Bear Family Records BCD 16510 AH

           The easy-on-the-ear stylings of Eddie Cletro has seemingly slipped through the cracks of country music history. All the more reason for discerning listeners to herald the release of such gems as "First Class Second Hand Woman" and "Flying Saucer Boogie" on CD. Other than Cletro's complete solo recordings on Lariat, Imperial, Sage and Sand, this first-rate collection includes the work he did with Eddie Dean ("Rock 'n Roll Cowboy," "Banks of The Ole Rio Grande"), Rose Maddox ("Wild Wild Young Men," "When The Sun Goes Down," "Hey Little Dreamboat") and with Rose and Retta Maddox ("I'm Gonna Be Loved Tonight"), Canadian Yodeler Donn Reynolds ("Now Is The Hour," "The Night-In-Gale Song," "Let The Rest Of The World Go Away," and the Cletro penned "Don't Talk About Me").
           Further, this 26 song compilation even includes a charming duet with Cletros eight-year-old daughter Diane performing such seasonal ditties as "Santa Claus Jr." and the sweet "Give Me An Old Fashioned Christmas." Details concerning Cletro's life and career are told in an intriguing manner by Kevin Coffey in a photo-packed 36-page booklet. Born in 1918, Cletro is reportedly content with life, quoted in the booklet as saying, "I feel fortunate, I was never out of work." There was a reason he was always working - he made great records. Now, thanks to Bear Family, the best ones co-exist on one scintillating retrospective.
- Johnny Vallis

Track Listing:
First Class, Second Hand Woman, Flying Saucer Boogie, No Time For Lovin' (2), Lonesome Train Boogie, Don't Talk About Me (1), Single Again, The Old Brown Jug (She Threw At Me), Stallin' For Time (2), No Time For Lovin' (Anyone But You) (1), Springtime In The Rockies, Love's More Than Gold, Stallin' For Time (1), Daniel Boone, Sittin' And A-Rockin', Santa Claus, Jr. (& Diane Cletro: vocal), Give Me An Old Fashioned Christmas, Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy (Eddie Dean: vocal), Banks Of The Ole Rio Grande (Eddie Dean: vocal), I'm Gonna Be Loved Tonight (Rose & Retta Maddox: vocal), Wild, Wild Young Men (Rose Maddox: vocal), When The Sun Goes Down (Rose Maddox: vocal), Hey Little Dreamboat (Rose Maddox: vocal Now Is The Hour (Donn Reynolds: vocal), The Night-In-Gale Song (Donn Reynolds: vocal), Don't Talk About Me (Donn Reynolds: vocal), Let The Rest Of The World Go Away (Donn Reynolds: vocal)

Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her

BCD 15880 AR - Playing time: 74:56
The late Ray Peterson was the ultimate accomplished vocalist of teenage longing and heartbreak. During his early '60s peak, the four and a half octave range, the dramatic flair, and the naked empathy were all unique. Re-mastered for the first time on CD, all of Peterson's highest charted recordings for RCA and Dunes including his smash hit Tell Laura I Love Her, the Baker Knight penned The Wonder Of You (a hit later for Elvis Presley) and the Phil Spector produced Corinna Corinna are here. "It was a real thrill hearing 'Tell Laura I Love Her' as sung by Ray, with such heart, like it happened to him, or Tommy was his brother," marvels songwriter Jeff Barry. "Ray was an artist who sang the words - he let his innate talent take care of the notes."
           Peterson's story, along with newly discovered information, is told by entertainer/essayist Johnny Vallis in a remarkably informative booklet that boasts both a detailed discography and a generous selection of rare photos. The digi-pac is jam packed with 31 stellar recordings, many fan favorites are re-released for the first time, all with the famous Bear Family sound. More than just a hits collection; this superior package provides a fitting retrospective to an often overlooked talent.


Corrina, Corrina
The Wonder Of You
Tell Laura I Love Her
I'm Tired
Shirley Purly
Is It Wrong
Come And Get It (remake)
Teenage Heartache
Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)
We're Old Enough To Cry
What Do You Want To Make Eyes At Me For
You Thrill Me
I Forgot What It Was Like
Wedding Day
Missing You
My Blue Angel
Give Us Your Blessings
I'm Gone
Sweet Little Kathy
I'm Not Jimmy
You Didn't Care
Answer Me, My Love
I Could Have Loved You So Well
Be My Girl
Till Then
Richer Than I

Everly Brothers Outtakes BCD15931

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Janis Martin - Outtakes - BCD16154

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Bill Haley - Rock and Roll Arrives ...
The REAL Birth Of Rock and Roll
1946-1954 - BCD16509

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Bill Haley - Bill Rocks - BCD16807

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The Road Is Rocky

(Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971) 8CD Set
Bear Family BCD16257 HL Tracks: 223 Playing Time: 551:16

           Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps influenced generations of rock artists with their rockabilly recordings on Capitol. Yet, those classics sides were not the end of Vincent's story as a recording artist. This smartly documented set includes 223 of the Virginia-born rock pioneer's studio work from every label he was associated with over his 16 year career.
           Vincent's star rose at Capitol Records in 1956 where he and his band the Blue Caps laid down such classics as "Be Bop A Lula," "Bluejean Bop," "Woman Love," "Race With The Devil," "Lotta Lovin" and "Dance To The Bop." After his career waned stateside, Vincent was reinvented by TV producer Jack Good as "The Black Leather Rebel," the ultimate Teddy Boy. Ironically, most of the sides he recorded for Great Britain's Columbia label during that era highlighted his soft, expressive style such as "Temptation Baby" and the sweet "Lavender Blue." Producer Joe Johnson at Challenge tried to re-establish Vincent's chart clout during the mid-60s folk-rock era with the soulfully sung "Bird Doggin," "Ain't That Too Much," "Born To Be A Rolling Stone" and nine other exciting sides. Dandelion fell short of providing a true comeback album for the tortured singer, but such exciting sides as 'White Lightin' and "Sexy Ways" proved he still possessed remarkable interpretive powers. Vincent's 1968 release on Forever/Playground contained the catchy, name-dropping "Story Of The Rockers". Kama Sutra released the album whose title would become his epitaph "The Day The World Turned Blue". His last two-song session at B&C 'Say Mama "71" and "I'm Movin On" paints an portrait of a wounded wild man, still desperately rocking in the days before his death.
           Beautifully packaged, this set boasts a 130 page hardcover book featuring previously unpublished photographs. Renowned Vincent researcher Derek Henderson helped put together with great knowledge and care. Ian Wallis wrote the biography and Deke Dickerson contributed a technical appreciation of Vincent's recordings. Recording logs and contracts from Capitol producer Ken Nelson supplement the complete discography information in the book. More importantly, the sound quality tops any previous release of these tracks (some are previously unissued stereo versions). By tackling this artist's complete recording career in such high style, Bear Family has crafted a box set as compelling as Gene Vincent himself. - Johnny Vallis www.bear-family.de

CD1: Race With The Devil - Be-Bop-A-Lula - Woman Love - I Sure Miss You - Jezebel - Crazy Legs - Peg O' My Heart - Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine) - Waltz Of The Wind - Up A Lazy River - Ain't She Sweet - Gonna Back Up Baby - Who Slapped John - Jumps, Giggles And Shouts - Bluejean Bop - I Flipped - Bop Street - Well, I Knocked Bim Barn - You Told A Fib - Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back - Teenage Partner (version 1) - Blues Stay Away From Me - Five Feet Of Lovin' (version 1) - Cat Man - Double Talkin' Baby - Hold Me. Hug Me, Rock Me - Unchained Melody

CD 2: B-i-Bickey-Bi Bo Bo Go - Pink Thunderbird - Pretty Pretty Baby - Cruisin' - Important Words (version 1) - You Better Believe - Red Bluejeans And A Ponytail - Five Days, Five Days - In My Dreams - I Got It - Wear My Ring - Lotta Lovin' - Rollin' Danny - Time Will Bring You Everything - True To You - In My Dreams - Dance To The Bop - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon - Right Now - You'll Never Walk Alone - I Got A Baby - Your Cheatin' Heart - Baby Blue (version 1) - Walkin' Home From School - It's No Lie - Should I Ever Love Again - Flea Brain - Brand New Beat - Frankie And Johnnie.

CD3: You Belong To Me - Keep It A Secret - Yes, I Love You Baby - Dance In The Street - Git It - I Love You - Teenage Partner (version 2) - Peace Of Mind - Lovely Loretta - Little Lover - Rocky Road Blues - Somebody Help Me - Five Feet Of Lovin' (version 2) - Look What You Gone And Done To Me - Hey, Good Lookin' - Summertime - I Can't Help It (if I'm Still In Love With You) - The Wayward Wind - Now Is The Hour - In Love Again - Say Mama (Hey Mama) - The Night Is So Lonely (version 1) - The Night Is So Lonely (version 2) - Lonesome Boy - Lady Bug - Lonesome Boy - You Are The One For Me - Maybe.

CD4: In Love Again - Say Mama - Be Bop Boogie Boy - I Can't Believe You Want To Leave - I Got To Get To You Yet - My Heart - The Night Is So Lonely - Beautiful Brown Eyes - Rip It Up - Maybelline - High Blood Pressure - Who's Pushing Your Swing - Anna Annabelle - Gone, Gone, Gone - I Might Have Known - Important Words - My Baby Don't 'Low - Over The Rainbow - Ready Teddy - Vincent's Blues - Pretty Pearly (Mono) - Accentuate The Positive (Mono) - She She Little Sheila (Mono) - Darlene (version 1) (Mono) - Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive (Mono) - Crazy Times (Mono) - Greenback Dollar (Mono) - Big Fat Saturday Night (Mono) - Wild Cat (Mono) - Hot Dollar (Mono) - Right Here On Earth (version 1) (Mono) - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Mono) - Everybody's Got A Date But Me (Mono) - Mitchiko From Tokyo (Mono).

CD 5: Pretty Pearly (Stereo) - Accentuate The Positive (Stereo) - She She Little Sheila (Stereo) - Darlene (version 2) (Stereo) - Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive (Stereo) - Crazy Times (6tereo) - Greenback Dollar (Stereo) - Big Fat Saturday Night (Stereo) - Wild Cat (Stereo) - Hot Dollar (Stereo) - Right Here On Earth (version 2) (Stereo) - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Stereo) - Everybody's Got A Date But Me (Stereo) - Mitchiko From Tokyo (Stereo) - Pistol Packin' Mama - Weeping Willow - Crazy Beat - I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat - It's Been Nice - That's The Trouble With Love - Good Lovin' - Mister Loneliness - Teardrops - If You Want My Lovin' - I'm Goin' Home (To See My Baby) - Love Of A Man - Baby Don't Believe Him - Lucky Star.

CD 6: Spaceship To Mars - There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming) - King Of Fools - You're Still In My Heart - Held For Questioning - Be-Bop-A-Lu!a '62 - Temptation Baby - Where Have You Been All My Life - The Beginning Of The End - La Den Da Den Da Da - Humpity Dumpity - A Love 'Em And Leave 'Em Kind Of A Guy - Love Love Love - Lavender Blue - You Are My Sunshine - SIippin' And Slidin' - Private Detective - Shimmy Shammy Shingle - Long Tall Sally - Good Golly Miss Molly - Send Me Some Lovin' - Hey Hey Hey Hey - Another Saturday Night - Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) - Baby Blue - Suzie-Q.

CD7: Bird Doggin' - Ain't That Too Much - Lonely Street - I've Got My Eyes On You - Love Is A Bird - Born To Be A Rolling Stone - Hurtin' For You Baby - Hi-Lili Hi Lo - Poor Man's Prison - Lonesome Fugitive - Words And Music - Am I That Easy To Forget - Pickin' Poppies - Story Of The Rockers - In The Pines - White Lightnin' - Lotta Lovin' '69 - Circle Never Broken - Black Letter - Rainbow At Midnight - (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle - Scarlet Ribbons - Rockin' Robin - Ruby Baby - Sexy Ways - Be Bop A Lula '69 - Pickin' Poppies (different mix) - Story Of The Rockers (different mix).

CD 8: Sunshine - I Need Woman's Love - Slow Times Comin' - Dans Colinda - Geese - 500 Miles Away From Home - Listen To The Music - If Only You Could See Me Today - A Million Shades Of Blue - Tush Hog - How I Love Them Old Songs - High On Life - You Can Make It If You Try - There Is Something On Your Mind - North Carolina Line - Our Souls - Oh Lonesome Me - Boppin' The Blues - The Day The World Turned Blue - The Woman In Black - Looking Back - Say Mama 71 - I'm Movin' On.
Tom Tall & Ginny Wright
"Are You Mine"

Tom Tall and Ginny Wright recorded together and separately for Fabor Robinson's Fabor and Abbot labels in the mid-'50s, scoring exactly two hits: a Tall and Wright duet titled "Are You Mine" and "I Love You," which paired Wright with labelmate Jim Reeves. Bear Family's 31-cut anthology Are You Mine collects most of the duet and solo recordings of Tall and Wright, but oddly omits "I Love You," a major country hit that is hard to find on CD.

Wright may have been considered a bigger star at the time, but Tom Tall is better remembered today because of his rock & roll recordings, which have been reissued on rockabilly compilations such as That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 8 and Talk About a Party: The Crest Records Story. Aside from the handful of rock & roll recordings, much of Are You Mine consists of second-rate country music made interesting by its relationship to other, more successful Fabor and Abbot artists.

For example, Jim Reeves was clearly a strong influence on Tall; "Boom Boom Boomerang" is a country version of a pop hit by another Abbott act, the De Castro Sisters; and songs such as "I Saw Esau" (later a hit for the Ames Brothers) and "If You Know What I Know" echo the wordplay of Jim Ed & Maxine Brown's 1954 Fabor hit "Looking Back to See."

A newly discovered, previously unreleased Tom Tall duet with Bonnie Guitar is another point of interest. The booklet exhibits Bear Family's typical high quality, with copious photos and quotations from original interviews conducted by the essayist, Canadian performer Johnny Vallis. Despite the inconsistency of the music itself, Are You Mine is exemplary of Bear Family's willingness to lavish attention on extremely niche-oriented packages and reissue music that otherwise might never be heard again. - Greg Adams

CD info

Freddie Hart
Juke Joint Boogie

Bear Family BCD 16727
33 tracks - 79 minutes

Freddie Hart had been recording for almost twenty years before his 1971 hit "Easy Loving" limbed the charts to number one and gave him Song Of The Year in 1971 and "72. This collection brings together his very early catalog of Capitol and Columbia recordings from 1953-1961 including his first major hit "The Wall" from 1959. Also included is Freddie's composition "Loose Talk" that was a hit for Carl Smith in 1955 and was also recorded in 1961 by Buck Owens and Rose Maddox. Among Freddie's country material are two rockabilly sides "Dig Boy Dig" and "Snatch It And Grab It" recorded in 1956. Sadly they didn't catch on at the time, but highly praised by collectors making them rockabilly classics. This is the same year that he recorded "Blue" & "Drink Up And Go Home" a great catchy classic honky-tonk. The bluesy "Baby Don"t Leave" has such a unique guitar solo, would have been a great song for Elvis. Freddie's version of Harlan Howard"s "Chain Gang" is fantastic and was recorded a few years before Johnny Cash's version from his 'Blood Sweat And Tears' LP. Freddie's songs were recorded by Patsy Cline, Lefty Frizzell, George Jones, Bob Luman, and Kenny Rodgers just to many to mention here.

Many previously un-issued songs like "Dance And Sing", "From A Boy To A Man", "Loving In Vain", "I"m Gonna Live For Today", "Do My Hear A Favor". The title track "Juke Joint Boogie" and "Heart Trouble" were released prior on LP, but they were in electronic stereo in the 1970"s. Here we have them straight from the excellent original mono masters. Why "Careful" was left in the vaults is beyond me, such a tender performance. The un-issued tracks have the same high quality of the released material.

There is star power in the musicianship on this release which includes Wesley Tuttle, Cliffe Stone, Joe Maphis, Jimmy Byrant, Merle Travis, Johnny Bond, Floyd Cramer, Grady Martin, Hank Garland, Bob Moore and Hargus 'Pig' Robbins!

Freddie Hart is a legendary Country writer and recording artist with an amazing story. This is a great example of the classic releases that Bear Family Records put out there for the fans. It"s wonderful that they recognize Freddie early talents.
- Johnny Vallis


Juke Joint Boogie, Whole Hog Or None, Loose Talk, From Canada To Tennessee, Please Don't Tell Her, Heart Trouble, Caught At Last, Snatch It And Grab It, Dig Boy Dig, Drink Up And Go Home, Extra!, On The Prowl, Dance And Sing, Blue, Baby Don't Leave, Heaven Only Knows, Say No More, From A Boy To A Man, Loving In Vain, I'm No Angel, Farther Than My Eyes Can See, I'm Gonna Live For Today, Chain Gang, Mr. Fool, The Key's In The Mailbox, My Last Dime, Careful, Do My Heart A Favor, Lyin' Again, Some Do, Some Don't Some Will Some Won't, Heart Attack, Midnight Date, The Wall
Wooden Heart

Bear Family Records - BCD 16647 AH
34 tracks - Playing time: 78:27

When a recording artist records a song that has been done prior, it's considered a cover version. Such was the case with Joe Dowell's 1961 hit version of "Wooden Heart". Along with his cover, Joe Dowell brought many great sides along with it. The story of Joe Dowell and Wooden Heart is interesting one. Now with the long awaited release of Bear Family's CD on Joe we have the story and the music.

In 1961 Joe was looking over songs to record at his first session at Smash Records and someone suggested he record "Wooden Heart" off the fairly recent release of Elvis' "G.I. Blues" soundtrack. It was a hit for Elvis in the United Kingdom (RCA 1226), but RCA hadn't released it as a single in the U.S.A. Overseas Elvis hit it number one for one week. RCA had negotiated an arrangement with Col. Tom Parker which would guarantee he and Elvis royalties for the sales of one million European sales if they allowed them to release "Wooden Heart" as a single. RCA didn't release Elvis' version until 1964, which it only made it to #102 on the charts.

Other songs by Elvis had been covered from his album and made into singles. A couple includes Terry Stafford's version of "Suspicion" and Ral Donner's version of "Girl Of My Best Friend".

There were a few other versions of "Wooden Heart". Including Gus Backus (Fono-Graf 1234) which peaked at #102, Dave Kennedy had a version on Jim Kirchstein's Cuca label (Kennedy also covered Dowell's song "Little Red Rented Rowboat") and Bobbi Martin on Coral. Bobby Vinton recorded his version in 1975 (ABC 12100). Even though Elvis didn't chart with the song in the U.S.A., he'd still sold a million copies. The oddest place you'll find the song is in the 1965 film "Situation Hopeless - But Not Serious" where Robert Redford sings a few lines of the song.

Another popular thing was to create what are called "answer songs". In the early sixties when Jim Reeves had the hit "He'll Have To Go" Capitol released Jeanne Black's recording of "He'll have to Stay". The answer songs often sold quite well and kept the interest of the song they were answering. There are two answer songs on the Joe Dowell CD. Linda Hall's I Don't Have A Wooden Heart" and "I Too, Have a Wooden Heart" by Rhea Renee. Both songs lent themselves to the music of Wooden Heart. It helps to complete the "Wooden Heart" story nicely.

Joe's version of "Wooden Heart" entered the charts June 26, 1961 and took nine weeks to climb the charts to end at the #1 spot! That drew a lot of attention on this new artist.

With all this talk about "Wooden Heart", let's not forget why this review it being written. Joe Dowell is more then just a cover recording. The flipside of his #1 record was "Little Bo Peep" a great rocker with a wild sax solo by Boots Randolph. If "Wooden Heart" hadn't taken off, this would have been the side they would have plugged for radio. I wouldn't consider "Little Bo Peep" as a B-Side, this was a double A side for sure. Along with many released songs, Bear Family includes some very exciting un-issued sides. It's great to hear another arrangement on "The One I Left For You" and the un-issued "Dancing Doll" and "Absent With A Broken Heart". Joe's vocals are top notch on the very beautiful "When You Fall In Love" written by Hank Davis. It would have been a crime to think of these un-issued songs to just be left in the vaults. The singles are still fresh sounding after forty plus years. Some favorites include "The Sound Of Sadness", "My Darling Wears White Today", "Poor Little Cupid". Included are two Christmas songs "A Kiss For Christmas (O Tannenbaum) and "(I Wonder) Who's Spending Christmas With You".

Joe had other chart success with "Little Red Rented Rowboat" #23 and "Bridge Of Love" #50.

The production on Joe's records is first rate and the songs that Joe wrote were great. It's a shame the label didn't plug his songs harder. His song "Just Love Me" shows he is an extremely talented writer. His vocals are very solid and clear. Pat Boone says "If you enjoyed 'Wooden Heart,' Joe Dowell's #1 hit record from the '60s, you'll really like his other, nostalgic-era songs now featured on Bear Family Records."

It is disappointing that Joe is often overlooked and highly under-rated. I'm glad there is finally a respectable release to honor his talents. This is the first time all Joe Dowell hits and classic recordings are available on one CD. A must!

Wooden Heart (English version) - The One I Left For You - Little Bo Beep - Our School Days - The Bridge Of Love - Just Love Me - The Thorn And The Rose - The Sound Of Sadness - Bobby Blue Loves A Linda Lou - My Darling Wears White Today - Absent With A Broken Heart - Bringa-Branga Brought - No Secret - Poor Little Cupid - When You Fall In Love - Dancing Doll - The One I Left For You - Little Red Rented Rowboat - Lilli Marlene (Lady Of The Lamplight) - Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart - Underneath A Linden Tree - Nur einmal (Only Once) - Morgen - Wooden Heart (German version) - The Happy Wanderer - Wonderland By Night - Oh! My Papa (O mein Papa) - Gift Of Love - Little Dolly - Fraulein - A Kiss For Christmas (O Tannenbaum) - (I Wonder) Who's Spending Christmas With You
BONUS: Rhea Renee: I, Too Have No Wooden Heart - Linda Hall: You Don't Have A Wooden Heart
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and Loud Loud Music

Bear Family / BCD 16719 AS

A revealing, genre-significant companion to Bear Family's surprisingly successful rockabilly compilation Glen Rocks - which contains his two best-known songs "Everybody's Movin'" and "One Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette" - this 36-song collection mainly concentrates on the singer-songwriter Glen Glenn's rare demos and live performances from the hallowed '50s.

Although hampered by scratchy sound quality, the early small combo country sides exhibit undeniable charm. Whether wailing traditional heartache ("It Rains Rain," "A Hundred Years From Now") or bouncing through up tempo barroom numbers ("Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and Loud Loud Music," "Alone With You," "Company's Comin'," "Hey Ma, Hey Pa.") Glenn displays the emotional range of a powerhouse country singer.

However, inspired by Elvis Presley's early work, Glenn and guitarist Gary Lambert subsequently crafted some of the catchiest sides in West Coast rockabilly. Heard here are several Presley cover songs recorded live off the Ozark Jubilee and Cal's Corral TV shows. A few renditions sound flat-out country ("Shake, Rattle, and Roll," "Mean Woman Blues") but on some tunes one can hear Glenn's own spirited style take hold ("Blue Suede Shoes," "I Got a Woman").

Naturally, this was not meant to be an introduction to this fine cult artist, but modern day appreciation of rockabilly is based on odds'n ends collections like this. As such, this well-documented set, featuring rare period photos bolstered with informative notes from rockabilly historians Deke Dickerson and Johnny Vallis, is absolutely essential for Glen Glenn fans.


Rusty Rocks

CD D-PAC - BCD 16543 AR
Tracks: 28 - Playing time: 62:42

Bear Family Records has really out done themselves with the "Rocks" series. It includes Connie Francis, Wanda Jackson, Conway Twitty and Sonny James and Glen Glenn. All of them include thick books, lots of photos and great music.

Rusty York came from Kentucky, but moved to Cincinnati when he was young. He had records on King, Fraternity, Dot and Chess, Sage & Sand Records. Probably best known among the Rock and Roll fans for his version of "Sugaree". He shouldn't be dismissed after that because his story is very interesting and his musical talent is very broad.

Bear Family had released one of Rusty's songs on the "Flat Git Series"; I was delighted to see that they took the efforts to release a full compact disc on Rusty. Finally the songs are compiled together from all the different labels that he recorded for and remastered from the original master tapes. Very detailed notes by Grammy award-winning writer Colin Escott and photos from Rusty's archives.

One of my favorite sessions of Rusty's includes Hank Ballard's band, they recorded "Tremblin'", "Lovestruck", and Hank's "Tore Up Over You". We are treated to some previously unreleased alternate takes of a few of these tracks. Along with the fun and powerful rocker "Sadie Mae" to the teen ballad "La Dee Dah" with guest vocals by King recording artist the great Bonnie Lou. Rusty shows his musicianship on a few instrumentals that are nicely included throughout the disc. The Rockabilly fans will really 'dig' the Rite studio recording of "Sweet Love" and "The Girl Can't Help It" recorded in 1957. They used a small group, but true Rock and Roll indeed. Same as the next session at King studio in late 1957 with "Mean Woman Blues". At King Rusty was asked if he knew anyone that could sing like Buddy Holly, he was joking when he said he could. They recorded "Peggy Sue". It's neat to hear him record the cover as Holly's version was recorded July 1, 1957 (Released September 20, 1957) and Rusty's was recorded November 15, 1957. Truly cutting edge.

The greatest thing about Rusty's music is he tried different things and they worked very well. He quit performing live to produce and was very successful with that. Sadly often forgotten, we're lucky that Bear Family works hard to remember such great music. Put the CD on, sit back and give your ears a real treat.

Sugaree - Sweet Love - The Girl Can't Help It - Mean Woman Blues - Peggy Sue - Great Balls Of Fire - Shake 'em Up Baby - Red Rooster (instrumental) - Sweet Talk - Peggy Sue (2) - Sadie Mae - Tore Up Over You - Tremblin' - Love Struck - La Dee Dah (& Bonnie Lou) - Cajun Blues / Frosty (instrumental) - Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee - Sweet Love (2) - You'd Better Leave My Baby Alone - Baby What You Want Me To Do - Don't Do It - One, One, One, Wonderful (instrumental) - Molly Darlin' - Tremblin' (alt) - Tore Up Over You (alt) - The Girl Can't Help It (2) - A Fallen Star - Margaret Ann
Glen Rocks

Bear Family BCD 1667
BCD 16543 AR
Digipack with 68 page-book
56 minutes

Bear Family Records has really out done themselves with the "Rocks" series. It includes Connie Francis, Wanda Jackson, Conway Twitty and Sonny James.

This CD is long overdue. Glen is an incredible rockabilly roots artist. He started doing country-western music, but soon found that he had the elements to do Rock and Roll and Rockabilly. Doesn't take too long to figure out why Glen's ERA label sides are hailed by Rockabilly Fans and many newer rockabilly bands. The feel on the music is so clean cut. Glen was blessed with some of the most talented musicians including Ralph Mooney, Connie 'Guybo' Smith, Wynn Stewart, Ernie Freeman, Carol Kaye and the signature guitar work by Gary Lambert.

All the songs have been remastered from the original master tapes. Turn it up and you're right there in the studio. Very nicely done indeed! Most of the original ERA sides have never seen a release to CD, nor in this quality. The selection of Alt takes makes it for very interesting listening as they often tried different tempos or a different feel. Glen's sides on Dore label see the first release to CD. I have a vinyl release on "I'll Never Stop Loving You". The sound on here brings new life to the song. The vocal is one of my personal favourites of Glen's. So many great classic songs on here. It does mention that they will release a follow up with live tracks and more alt versions. I'll be awaiting that release as I did this one.

They have carefully released the essential on this package but the CD "Missouri Rockabilly 1955-1965" on Dave Travis' Stompertime Records is still a highly needed item in your Glen Glenn collection. Many did not see this issue, and I feel many will be missed on the next. The "Glen Glenn Story / Everybody's Movin' Again" on ACE CDCH403 has 14 cuts from 1984 that Bear Family won't release and the first part of the CD has false starts and great alt takes that aren't available anywhere else. If you are a big vinyl fan, again Stompertime Records has a great 10 inch release called "Missouri Rockabilly 1954-1959", some of those songs are only on that release as well. So you as you can see, the new CD is the definitive release. But I wouldn't discard your older reissues by any means.

Glen Rocks includes the best collection of photos, not just for a Glen Glenn release but for almost anyone. Glen has a photo with pretty much everyone from back in the late 1950's including Johnny Cash, Ferlin Husky, Marty Robbins, Carl Smith, Chet Atkins and Elvis Presley backstage in 1956! Also included are many live stage shots and personal photos as well. Liner notes are by Deke Dickerson. He even wrote an extra piece on Glen and Gary's guitars, very informative. The discography is very complete.

This has to be one of the best vintage reissues of the year. If you don't have Glen Glenn in your collection, I'm sure you'd like this. If you are like me and have all Glen's releases to date, this still has so many reasons to include it in your collection. I'm awaiting the second part of this, just as I did this one. Way to go Bear Family! Guaranteed to get "Everybody Movin"

Everybody's Movin' (Era 1061) - If I Had Me A Woman - Don't You Love Me - I'm Glad My Baby's Gone Away (Era 1061) - Baby, Let's Play House - One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette (Era 1074) - Hold Me Baby - Laurie Ann (Era 1074) - Kitty Cat - Blue Jeans And A Boys Shirt (Era 1086) - Be-Bop-A-Lula
Jack And Jill Boogie - Would Ya (Era 1086) - It Rains, Rain - That's All Right - Kathaleen - John Henry - One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette (alt) - Would Ya (alt) - Everybody's Movin' (alt) - Blue Jeans And A Boys Shirt (alt) - Goofin' Around (Dore 523) - Suzie Green From Abilene (Dore 523) - I Didn't Have The Sense To Go (Dore 717) - I'll Never Stop Loving You (Dore 717)

The Fool


The great baritone voice of Sanford Clark is presented on this CD with all his DOT and some of his Jamie recordings. Included is the guitar playing of Al Casey and Lee Hazlewood as the Producer. The three men were cutting edge. Sanford's music is very unique. (Recorded 1956-1960)

Track Listing:
The Fool, Lonesome For A Letter, Don't Care, Usta Be My Baby, Nine Pound Hammer, Darling Dear, Ooo Baby, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chicken, A Cheat (master), Every Minute Of The Day, Promise Me Baby, A Cross Eyed Alley Cat, The Glory Of Love, Lou Be Dou, Love Charms, Don't Cry, Modern Romance, That's The Way I Feel, The Man Who Made An Angel Cry, Till My Baby Comes Home, Why Did I Choose You, Swanee River Rock, Travelin' Man, A Cheat (with snare overdub, Sing 'Em Some Blues, Still As The Night, Sun Of A Gun, I Can't Help It, Bad Luck, Run Boy Run, My Jealousy, New Kind Of Fool, Go On Home, Pledging My Love



As a part two to "The Fool" CD we keeping moving forward in Sanford's recording career. On this CD we have Sanford's Jamie, Ramco and Desert Sun recordings. We are treated to mostly country, but again with the thick and solid voice of Sanford Clark. Even his friend Walyon Jennings produced a few on here. The production value is amazing on this CD. If you have considered Sanford as just one recording (The Fool) then you are cheating yourself on some very good recordings for your collection.
(Recorded 1960-1982)

Track Listing:
Better Go Home (Throw That Blade Away), Pledging My Love, The Girl On Death Row, Step Aside, (They Call Me) Country, Shades, The Fool, Climbin' The Walls, Once Upon A Time, It's Nothing To Me, Where's The Door, The Big Lie, Calling All Hearts, Black Jack County Chain, Big, Big Day Tomorrow, Bad Case Of You, Wind Will Blow (Demo), Streets Of San Francisco (Demo), Oh Julie, Kung Fu U, Mother Texas (You've Been A Mother To Me), A Taste Of You, Movin' On, Wind Will Blow, Feathers, Now I Know I'm Not In Kansas, Nine Pound Hammer

Bluebirds Over The Mountain

BCD 15676

Alot of people remember Ersel for a famous posed photograph. His music is dramatic and rocking. You would have to locate 10 original singles to get all these songs. Try finding them in good shape. It's great when Bear Family can include out-takes of the same song. Those you can only find on this set. Photographs of Ersel in the studio give you a vision into the past and make you feel like you are there. This CD includes all the Epic and Kapp recordings. Exciting all the way through.
(Recorded 1957 to 1960)

Bluebirds Over The Mountain (US version), Hangin' Around, You Never Can Tell, The Wedding, Goin' Down That Road, Love In Bloom, Another Wasted Day, You Threw A Dart, Shame On Me, What Do You Want?, Stardust Brought Me You (2), Due Time (incomplete), A Mighty Square Love Affair, Teardrops At Dawn, Magical Love, I Guess You Could Call It Love, Lips Of Roses, What Have You Done To Me?, Stardust Brought Me You (1), Roll On Little River (unknown), Don't Be Afraid Of Love, People Gotta Talk, I Can't Love Another, Bluebirds Over The Mountain (CAN version)
Check out: www.rockabillyhall.com/ErselHickey.html

The Worryin' Kind

BCD 15643-AH

Tommy Sands is not just a talented actor. His story is very interesting and would make a good movie. Nobody has ever released a "Best Of" of his recordings, yet this has a lot of his big recordings and then some. Songs such as "The Worryin' Kind", "Teenage Crush" and "Blue Ribbon Baby" prove he had what it took. They did a great job selecting the songs. Good example of great music from the late 50's and early 60's that if not for Bear Family, they would be left in the vaults or we'd have to find mint records to hear it.
(Recorded 1957-1961)

The Worryin' Kind - Ring My Phone - Blue Ribbon Baby - Man Like Wow! - One Day Later - I Ain't Gettin' Rid Of You - Every Little Once In A While - I Love You Because - Ring A Ding A Ding - Rock Light - Maybelline - Hearts Of Stone - Oop Shoop - Hey Miss Fannie - Tweedlee Dee - Such A Night - Honey Love - Little Mama - Chicken And The Hawk - Big Date - Soda Pop Pop - Sing Boy Sing - Teen Age Crush - Wicked Woman - Is It Ever Gonna Happen - Goin' Steady - Bigger Than Texas - Hawaiian Rock - Jimmy's Song - The Wrong Side Of Love

Running Bear

BCD 15473-AH

Johnny Preston is best remembered for his big 1959/60 hit Running Bear which was also his first recording. He enjoyed subsequent hits like Cradle Of Love and Feel So Good. He is a talented and versatile singer with a broad range, as well as an innate feel for R&B and an equal facility with ballads. His covers of classics, like his very early recording on The Twist, to his sensitive readings of classic ballads like Dream and Danny Boy, hold up well almost forty years later.
(Recorded 1958-1961)

Track Listing:
Charming Billy - Running Bear - Cradle Of Love - Chief Heartbreak - My Heart Knows - That's All I Want - Just Little Boy Blue - Leave My Kitten Alone - Sitting Here Crying - I Want A Rock And Roll Guitar - Hearts Of Stone - Do What You Did - I Played Around With My Love - Chosen Few - Up In The Air - Kissin' Tree (1) - Four Letter Word - Feel So Good - She Once Belonged To Me - A New Baby For Christmas - City Of Tears - I'm Startin' To Go Steady With The Blues - Dream - Madre De Dios - You'll Never Walk Alone - Danny Boy - Broken Heart Anonymous

Charming Billy

BCD 16234 -AH

In 1989, Bear Family released 'Running Bear', a collection of Preston's Mercury recordings remastered from Mono tapes. Now "Charming Billy'" collects many of those sides, as well as others not previously issued or re-issued, remastered from newly recovered Stereo tapes. Included are the title tune and hits like Cradle Of Love, Feel So Good, and Leave My Kitten Alone, as well as other Preston classics like I Want A Rock And Roll Guitar, Do What You Did, and Chief Heartbreak among others.
(Recorded 1960-1961)

Track Listing:
Charming Billy - Feel So Good - Leave My Kitten Alone - The Angels Gave You To Me - That's All I Want - Just Little Boy Blue - Hearts Of Stone - Chosen Few - Chief Heartbreak - The Twist - Up In The Air - Four Letter Word - Do What You Did - Over And Over - Sitting Here Cryin' - (I Want A) Rock And Roll Guitar - Dream - I Feel Good - Let Them Talk - Lucky In Love - I Played Around With My Love - A New Baby For Christmas - She Once Belonged To Me - I'm Startin' To Get Steady With The Blues - Madre De Dios (Mother Of God) - Pretend - You'll Never Walk Alone - What Am I Living For - Please Believe Me - My Imagination - Earth Angel - Token Of Love - Guardian Angel - Danny Boy

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